List Of PMC «Wagner» Mercenaries (4000 items) – Original Document

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Hypersonic Missile Race I Russia Starts Mass Production Of Zircon, Putin’s ‘Weapon Of Choice’

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Russia Strikes Alarming Pact With China As Pair ‘Cement Corporation’ After Missile Test

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Star Historian Ferguson On Merkel: “Putin’s Best Agent”

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The British star historian Niall Ferguson is presenting his book on the greatest catastrophes in world history in the press – and time and again it is about the Merkel catastrophe. How will history judge her?

Ferguson takes us through all the major catastrophes through which mankind has passed – epidemics, the Battle of the Somme (1916 – 1.1 million dead), influenza, crashes, Chernobyl, derailed trains and derailed states. Each case is meticulously analyzed and dissected with a precision that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end; almost with relish, Ferguson wallows in casualty figures and hair-raising reasons for failures, bankruptcies, misfortunes, and mishaps that brought down even great empires.

It is a monumental work: not a history of acute epidemics, and not a history of pandemics in general. It is a history of catastrophes – of every conceivable doom, be they geological or geopolitical, biological or technological. How else should we properly understand our current catastrophe – or any other?

In talking to editors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland about his new book, recently published in German, Ferguson keeps landing on Angela Merkel – just as if she were one of the great catastrophes.

“Her mistakes will be avenged,” he warns on t-online. He lists her mistakes in great detail and emphasizes that the crisis chancellor did not manage any crises – but only created them, e.g. the refugee crisis, which after 2015 now threatens to repeat itself at the end of her term in office: “A huge influx of refugees will come to Europe.” Merkel, he said, is completely wrongly seen as a strong leader. “This is an invention of the media. What is supposed to have been her great achievement?”

Most of the crises, such as the Greek currency crisis, had, after all, passed Germany by. If anything, she created the ground for new ones – for example, through her energy policy. While others regret Merkel’s departure, he adds: “Merkel is Putin’s best agent. By building the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline, Germany has agreed to become completely dependent on Russia for its energy supply.”

Her successor also finds no mercy in his eyes: “Olaf Scholz is a male version of Angela Merkel. I don’t see any desire for change in German society either. Germany wants stagnation – and will pay dearly for it.”
And in the Vienna Profil, he mocks Merkel and EU leaders, saying, “I wonder why so few in Europe ask themselves what they have in common with the fledging Afghan government, whose system collapsed when U.S. troops left. The answer is that without NATO support, the Europeans would be in no stronger position than the Afghan government.”

And while Merkel allows herself to be styled as a strong leader through the pandemic, Ferguson responds in Die Welt, “Covid-19 is historically a rather minor disaster.” He himself came through the crisis well – unlike Germany, he reveals to the FAZ: “I do the kind of work that can easily be done at home. I live in a place that wasn’t particularly hard hit. And I even benefited from the pandemic, because it forced me to stop traveling, so I saw my kids and wife much more often.” Most, however, are not as well off as an outgoing chancellor who can eat her lavish pension despite her failures, which were exacerbated by actions initiated too late and then exacerbated by actions that were too hectic, over-bureaucratized, and mostly blind – completely oblivious to the devastating consequences.

“The economic consequences resemble those of a world war,” Ferguson tells Handelsblatt. For the health consequences are one thing – the administrative handling of catastrophes is another – in many cases they only become really dangerous when the wrong actions are taken, and politics becomes an amplifier rather than a savior. The greatest failure in the fight against the pandemic, however, was not to push testing and contact tracing at the very beginning, when only a few people had been infected.

His voluminous work makes exciting reading. Even the left-wing Frankfurter Rundschau states: “The author is the ‘right-wing’ economic historian Niall Ferguson, a man who can write in a not uninteresting way. The book has 713 pages. The notes begin on page 542, and they too are a source of pleasure. One watches the author with what delight he plunges into even the most remote literature, comics, art, and essays in journals of various disciplines.”

Again and again he is asked about Merkel’s assessment; but he refuses the favor of finding her as great as the German media. He admits she would have been re-elected if only she had run. But that, he says, is entirely due to the German electorate’s refusal to look the truth in the face, because, “Germany is not as good at any discipline as it is at self-deception.”


Putin In Line With WEF – Russia Wants To TRANSFORM Into Digital State

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President Putins anförande den 27 januari på World ...

The Government of the Russian Federation and the World Economic Forum (WEF, Davos) recently signed a memorandum on the creation of a “Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution”, it has already been opened. The center is intended to facilitate the implementation of WEF global projects in Russia. Russia today is proactively building a digital economy that encompasses all industrial sectors, the social sphere and public administration, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko, who signed the memorandum with WEF President Borge Brende.

Russia thus becomes part of the global network of the Centers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which was established by the WEF in 2018. It is an international cooperation platform for managing new technologies and digital transformation. President Vladimir Putin declared the latter to be one of the most important national goals for Russia. In general, cooperation with the WEF will take place in data policy, urban mobility, export support and promotion of Russian IT technologies in foreign markets, Chernyshenko said.

In the coming year, Russia, together with the WEF, plans to launch projects on experimental legal frameworks, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things, he said. The first projects will be launched this year and include autonomous transport, medicine and data processing. Particularly visible, and watched with concern by many citizens, is the already active payment by facial recognition when entering many subway stations or shopping malls. The system is also already being used on some buses in Kazakhstan.

Russia has been actively implementing AI technology in recent years, he said. He said, there are more than 800 projects of this kind, and some have already become visible on international markets. Another goal is to move public services to the Internet and switch to an electronic document flow – to “make life easier” for people. This is because rapid technological development is “disrupting our economic and social systems,” Chernyshenko said. Therefore, “coordinated and effective measures are needed” so that “no one is left behind.”

The cooperation with the WEF should not come as a surprise: Vladimir Putin was once a member of the WEF’s apron organization of “Young Global Leaders,” a cadre school where many of today’s heads of government, captains of industry and acting greats grew up. It was founded in 2004 by the gray WEF eminence Klaus Schwab. In an interview, Schwab himself listed prominent former members such as Putin, Tony Blair and Angela Merkel.


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Hypersonic Showdown – Putin Tests Terrifying New Weapon – Days After US Missile Launch

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RUSSIA said on Monday it had successfully test-launched a hypersonic cruise missile from a submarine for the first time – days after the USA confirmed it had tested a weapon of its own. The Zircon, or Tsirkon, missile has been touted by Russian President Vladimir Putin as part of his arsenal of supposedly unrivalled arms systems.

Russia Responsible For Litvinenko Killing – European Court Rules

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The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that Russian agents were tasked with the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko in the UK. Kremlin critic Litvinenko died in 2006 in the UK after drinking green tea laced with poison at London’s Millennium Hotel. The substance in question was found to be Polonium-210, a rare radioactive material. Litvinenko had worked for the Russian security services before he defected and was granted asylum in the UK. Along with his now widowed wife, Marina Litvinenko, he was granted UK nationality before his assassination. Russia has always denied its involvement in the death of Litvinenko, who became a prominent critic of the Kremlin’s intelligence services and involved in exposing corruption.

Putin’s KGB German Telephone Documents Unveiled – Original Documents

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Page 1 of Putin Telefonanschluss
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Revealed – The Mysterious Death Of Putin’s Trusted General

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An unfortunate accident was supposed to be the cause of death of the Minister of Emergency Situations, General Yevgeny Zinichev, official statements say. For many years, Zinichev was a trusted man of Vladimir Putin, who guided his career. Zinichev was a personal security officer, the Governor of Kaliningrad Oblast, the Deputy Director of the Federal Security Service, and the Head of one of the important state power ministries.

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Leaked – Proof For Putin’s Plan To Fake Russian Election Results

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Novaya Gazeta handed over to the CEC a recording of a secret training session, during which it was decided who would win the elections in the Moscow region and with what result: AUDIO

At the disposal of “Novaya” was an audio recording of a meeting on “falsification of elections” in Korolev, near Moscow. Tatyana Yurasova talks about what we learned from the recording: the falsification curator sets a task for the heads of election commissions and explains the technology of stealing votes.

On September 2, the recording and the official request of the editorial staff were sent to the Central Election Commission – we are waiting for the official response of Ella Pamfilova.

  • Will we have an understanding that the sites are being watched? – the chairman of one of the electoral commissions asked with alarm in his voice, having heard that the video broadcast from the polling stations of the Queen will be conducted constantly, day and night.

Someone expressed a doubt: how do you know about it – in the area of ​​a thousand plots. The skeptic was interrupted by the briefing woman. “I think they will call us and tell us,” she confidently told the heads of the PECs of the Moscow Region Korolyov who had gathered for the training.

She talked about innovations during the three-day voting in the elections to the State Duma and the Moscow Regional Duma, about the organization of work and, among other things, about the methods of falsification and actions that exclude the risk of getting caught for forgery. “The main thing is composure and calmness,” the woman repeated several times, instilling confidence in those present that she had everything under control.

One of those present made an audio recording of the briefing and gave it to Novaya Gazeta with a small annotation. Three people independently listened to the anonymous recording and, in terms of timbre, manner of speaking and a number of characteristic turns, made an assumption: the voice of the “instructor” seemed to them very similar to the voice of the adviser to the head of the “Queen” Zhanna Prokofieva.

Zhanna Prokofieva at one of the meetings of the working group at the Electoral Commission of the Moscow Region

The latter arrived in the city “in the train” of the former mayor of Reutov, Alexander Khodyrev, when he set his sights on the post of head of the “space capital”. And she began to engage in elections: first as the chairman of the territorial election commission, and then unofficially, as the deputy mayor, when in January 2017 she was “left” due to scandals in the elections to the State Duma. It was the user under the nickname “Zhanna Prokofieva” who directed the telegram chat “September 2019”, where the chairmen of precinct commissions discussed falsifications in the elections to the city council in the fall of 2019.

On the audio recording, a woman with a voice, as one might assume, similar to that of Zhanna Prokofieva, described how election commissions, with the support of the administration, would falsify elections in favor of United Russia and what result they should get. To achieve it she proposed a technology against which even “smart voting” is powerless.


  • No, – several voices of the seminar participants were heard at once. Apparently, people from other cities were present. On the eve of the elections in September 2019, several dozen residents from other cities of the Moscow region were brought into the composition of the royal election commissions – primarily Reutov, Balashikha and Mytishchi. All of them worked in housing and communal services companies controlled by people from the inner circle of Mayor Khodyrev. But if Korolev, along with Pushkino and Sergiev Posad, were included in the 125th constituency for the elections to the State Duma, then Reutov, Balashikha and Mytishchi constituted the 117th constituency. Districts also differed in the elections to the Regional Duma.
  • [Sergei] Pakhomov – to the State Duma, Sergei Aykovich Kerselyan – to the Mosoblduma, – named the “instructor” the names of the candidates from the “United Russia”, campaigning and whose portraits the whole Korolev was pasted over. According to her, for single-mandate candidates, it is not the percentages that are important, but the number of votes.

A minute earlier, “Zhanna Prokofieva” announced the result that the election commissions need to ensure according to party lists: “We are interested in a specific figure and a specific party – 42–45% according to the party list”. She did not mention the name of the party, but during the seminar more than once they talked about the “services” that should be provided to this particular party – for example, on election day, not only the TEC, but also United Russia should be informed about the turnout for a certain hour.

The audio recording says that this task – to provide “United Russia” with 45% – was set allegedly by the Main Directorate of Territorial Policy of the Government of the Moscow Region,

held in Korolyov a meeting of the headquarters for elections in the 125th constituency. The meeting, according to Zhanna Prokofieva, was also attended by the heads of Pushkino and Sergiev Posad. Mayor of the Queen Alexander Khodyrev made a report and informed about the measures to achieve the desired result. I liked the report.

“But after the end of the speech of Alexander Nikolaevich [Khodyrev] there was a big request (and you yourself understand that any request from the government is a law, an order), […] that everything would go like a blank sheet: cleanly, without comments, without statements, without complaints , without violating the electoral legislation “, – the” instructor “conveyed the” wish “of the higher authorities.

“We ourselves want to do this, we ourselves do not want to justify ourselves, answer, testify, talk with representatives of law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and higher commissions,” the woman motivated the chairmen.

In 2019, after the release of the investigation of the falsifications in Korolev, Zhanna Prokofieva had to give explanations to the working group of the Moscow Regional Electoral Commission. At the very first meeting, the members of the working group discovered that the bales of documents in the storage of the royal TEC looked very different than the packages on the site, as evidenced by photographs of the observers. Zhanna Prokofieva was invited to the second meeting, and she gave an explanation: they say that at night the chairman found forgotten documents in the safe, so they had to open the bale and pack it again. Several PEC chairpersons were also summoned to the meeting, and although the attempt to figure it out was more like a performance, they also had to endure several unpleasant minutes. It is unlikely that the secretary of the TEC Ekaterina Tseplyaeva also enjoyed the inspection and visits to the court.

Two men took an active part in the briefing. The “instructor” introduced them as deputy heads in charge of the elections. One was named Sergei Viktorovich, the other – Pavel Vladimirovich. According to “Zhanna Prokofieva”, the head asked them to also be present to understand the specifics of voting and the mechanisms for implementing the task.

On the official website of the Queen’s administration, among the deputy heads there are

Sergey Viktorovich Ivanov

Pavel Vladimirovich Kotov.

Sergei Ivanov and Pavel Kotov. Photo from the site of the “Queen’s administration”

Having designated the problem, “Zhanna Prokofieva” suggested tried-and-tested methods for solving it.

Submitting fake observers

“I hope THEM will not have enough strength to catch us like that, – we see how everything is going now,” the woman “instructor” was busily analyzing possible threats. They, in her opinion, came mainly from observers.

The main parties did not arouse alarm among the administration: “we have no problems with the Liberal Democratic Party,” “the party of Rost, we are not worried,” and everything is in order with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

  • We should be fine with the communists – whatever they are, but they are ours, royal, and not pro-American. “Zhanna Prokofieva” confirmed what ordinary communists and active citizens had long guessed about. The local Communist Party of the Russian Federation did not conduct an active campaign, kept campaigning on a meager ration, the recruitment of observers was carried out almost in secret from the party members. Many of them did not rule out that they would watch for the sake of appearance, as it was in the elections in 2019. Then, from the correspondence in the chat of the falsifiers, everyone learned about a large number of “our Communist Party of the Russian Federation” – those who became observers from the Communist Party on behalf of the administration.
Panel with video broadcasts from polling stations during voting in 2020. Photo: RIA Novosti

Only the observers of the candidate for the Moscow Regional Duma from the “Fair Russia” Olga Privalova instilled some alarm in “Zhanna Prokofieva”. The latter promised to close the polling stations with observers, to whom she was ready to pay money for three days of work. The recruitment took place on the VKontakte social network, it was reported by the local media, followed by Zhanna Prokofieva.

According to her, very few people were registered as observers. On the eve of the movement “Golos” was declared a foreign agent, and the “instructor” feared that the observers would be drawn to Privalovaya. Therefore, she suggested that the leadership of the election commissions step up in this direction.

“I think your fellow observers don’t care where to sit and do nothing, and even for a small salary,” she hinted transparently, avoiding words such as “zaslanets” and “fake observers”. At that time, there were about 60 people in the observer chat of the SR candidate.

“Only your own people, no one else,” shared “Zhanna Prokofieva” with a grin in her voice.

And nevertheless, despite all the efforts to make agreements and send fake observers, the “instructor” urged the participants of the seminar not to relax. Elections in the Queen rarely did without scandals, but here they asked to do everything cleanly and quietly. “Zhanna Prokofieva”, apparently, came up with a way to get the desired result and at the same time reduce the risks of failure to zero.

Voter and Observer Lists

“If you do everything competently, then even a smart, even stupid, even some kind of vote will not work,” Zhanna Prokofieva summed up, having finished answering the question from the audience about the turnout expectations.

In addition to home voting, which should account for 20% of the turnout, duplicate electoral lists should become the main mechanism for solving the problem. “One is for observers, the other is for voters,” said a woman with a voice that could be assumed to be similar to the mayor’s advisor, avoiding pronouncing the numbers out loud.

Judging by the reaction of the audience, everyone understood her perfectly.

The lists “for voters” are real; the voter signs on them upon receipt of the ballot. By counting the number of signatures, it is easy to find out the real turnout.

The lists “for observers” are fake, they will be pre-filled with the number of signatures required to get the “ER” result of 45%.

At some point, the “voter lists” will be replaced with fake ones. And “charging” ballots is not a problem, it is easier to manipulate them than to forge signatures on the go. Especially if there are observers at the site.

It is dangerous to work with a ready-made list – the voter can see what kind of a neighbor has signed.

“The [list] that will surrender, it turns out to be quite voluminous, by 45%. I advise you to start producing it immediately after receiving the sheets of the voter list, ”says Zhanna Prokofieva. It will take a lot of time to enter the data and sign for several hundred voters, so the “instructor” promises that the commissions will receive lists no later than 10 days before the start of voting.

List of voters assigned to the site. Photo: Svetlana Vidanova / Novaya Gazeta

The audience took the prospect of falsifying the lists calmly – after 15 minutes it turned out that this trick was used by the royal PECs at the all-Russian vote on the Constitution.

But the question of the timing of the change aroused keen interest because of the incident at the site number 1086 in the recreation center “Kostino”. During the voting on the amendments, the voter discovered that they had already signed for her and her relatives. Soon more than 40 people found fake signatures for themselves. One woman went to file a complaint with the prosecutor’s office, and the observer, Inna Karezina, called the police.

The commission urgently announced the disinfection of the premises, everyone was removed from the site. Upon their return, people suddenly found completely new books with voter lists on the PEC members – not the already worn and filled with fake signatures, but clean and almost without signatures. “It became clear that the commission had a duplicate list,” Karezina said later.

In the elections for amendments to the Constitution, observers at PEC No. 1086 Korolyov discovered fake signatures for voters. After the disinfection was suddenly announced at the site, the observers looked again at the lists – they were new and without violations.

To avoid a scandal escalation, the Moscow Regional Electoral Commission put pressure on the TEC, and as a result, voting at the polling station from June 25 to June 30, which is 1140 ballots, was invalidated.

According to independent analyst Sergei Shpilkin, an additional 41,000 votes were drawn in Korolev.

Apparently, that failure caused a lot of stress among the fraudsters, so at the seminar they arranged a detailed “debriefing”, trying to understand what was done wrong and where. According to “Zhanna Prokofieva” and “deputy head” Pavel Vladimirovich, the main mistake of the chairman of PEC No. 1086 Sergei Tarbin was that, being confused, he allowed outsiders to get acquainted with the list – observers, “people who failed, did not know and did not understand the legislation”, who came to the polling station in order to “assert themselves” at the expense of the PEC members.

“It is impossible to allow someone to get hold of the voter list until evening, this is nonsense,” the “instructor” instilled in the heads of election commissions.

And she prompted them to countermeasures: a preparation with references to articles of the law and strict observance of social distance.

She also instructed on the moment when it is best to replace the lists: “much after 20:00”: “At 20:00 on September 19, the last voter left, and you start: someone extinguishes unused ballots, and those who sat on the books [of the voter list ], – to work with books. And sit with them until the moment comes to replace them. At least sit until the carrot’s plot! “

In the 2019 local elections, observers were kept at polling stations until late at night. On the double federal and regional “carrot spell”, apparently, will stretch until the morning.

Returning to the story with the cancellation of the early deadline at PEC No. 1086, Zhanna Prokofieva, in fact, admits that the entire vote on the amendments was falsified: elections, and that this man [Inna Karezin] needed to be left at the polling station. To give, roughly speaking, this site as a sacrifice, so that she does not go further. “

According to the “instructor”, there was a lot of noise, people from a higher commission came to the recreation center “Kostino”, they called her herself from the CEC. “Well, nothing, we went through it,” said “Zhanna Prokofieva”.

On July 27, the Moscow Regional Electoral Commission made a decision on a petition to the Central Election Commission to award members of the Moscow Region electoral commissions with the honorary badge of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation “For merits in organizing elections”. Korolev is represented by one of the largest “delegations” – 12 people. The surnames for the most part coincide with the surnames of the participants in the “chat of forgers”.

At the polling station. Photo: Victoria Odissonova / Novaya Gazeta

Fraud scandals in Korolyov became an integral part of the electoral landscape with the accession of Mayor Khodyrev and his team to the city. And every time they invariably sounded the name of Zhanna Prokofieva. After the scandal with the removal of observers at the elections to the State Duma in 2016, she had to resign in order to then go for a promotion and continue to steer the elections.

At the end of October 2019, the CEC held a meeting at which they heard the report of the Moscow Regional Electoral Commission on checking the publication of Novaya Gazeta on falsification in Korolev. The head of the IKMO showed a presentation with a photograph of the working group and cheerfully reported to the CEC that then the case went downhill.

The head of the “chat of falsifiers” and its participants got away with it then. However, the diagnosis of “khodyrevshchina” was made, with which the CEC chairman identified the “remnants” of that most difficult negative phenomenon, reflecting flagrant violations in the electoral process of the Moscow region. The briefing made it clear to everyone that these “remnants” have long turned into metastases, and “Khodyrevschina” as a phenomenon is much broader, since, as one might assume, the government of the Moscow Region and patrons from the CEC are involved in it.


On September 2, the recording and the official request of the editorial staff were sent to the Central Election Commission – we are waiting for the official response of Ella Pamfilova.

Source: Novaya Gazeta

Dossier Center – Putin’s Moscow Mafia – Possible Organizers –Alexander Ivanovich Bastrykin

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Bastrykin and Vladimir Putin in working meeting, 21 February 2013

Александр Иванович Бастрыкин

On April 6, 2018, the US Treasury Department introduced new sanctions against 24 Russians, including entrepreneurs and government officials from Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. We believe that it would be wrong to rely solely on the opinion of a foreign government. The Dossier Center publishes its own list of possible organizers of the Kremlin organized criminal group and their likely accomplices with short profiles.
Possible organizers
Probable accomplices
Ilya Eliseev
Evgeny Prigozhin
Vladimir Yakunin
Gennady Petrov
Gennady Timchenko
Alexander Bortnikov
Yuri Vorobyov
Andrey Skoch
Andrey Vorobyov
Andrey Akimov
Victor Vekselberg
Alexander Bastry

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Dossier Center – Putin’s Moscow Mafia – Possible Organizers – Putin’s Cook Jewgeni Wiktorowitsch Prigoschin

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Dossier Center List

On April 6, 2018, the US Treasury Department introduced new sanctions against 24 Russians, including entrepreneurs and government officials from Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. We believe that it would be wrong to rely solely on the opinion of a foreign government. The Dossier Center publishes its own list of possible organizers of the Kremlin organized criminal group and their likely accomplices with short profiles.
Possible organizers
Probable accomplices
Ilya Eliseev
Evgeny Prigozhin
Vladimir Yakunin
Gennady Petrov
Gennady Timchenko
Alexander Bortnikov
Yuri Vorobyov
Andrey Skoch
Andrey Vorobyov
Andrey Akimov
Victor Vekselberg
Alexander Bastrykin
Igor Rotenberg
Oleg Feoktistov
Eduard Khudainatov
Evgeny Shkolov
Vladimir Ustinov
Sergei Shoigu
Viacheslav Volodin
Nikolay Patrushev
Georgy Poltavchenko
Yuri Chaika
Victor Zolotov
Alexey Miller
Igor Sechin
Andrey Kostin
Oleg Deripaska
Suleiman Kerimov
Yuri Kovalchuk
Alexey Mordashov
Iskandar Makhmudov
Arkady Rotenberg
Boris Rotenberg
Kirill Shamalov

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Dossier Center – Putin’s Moscow Mafia – Possible Organizers – Ilya Vladimirovich Eliseev

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Vladimir Putin's mafia summary

On April 6, 2018, the US Treasury Department introduced new sanctions against 24 Russians, including entrepreneurs and government officials from Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. We believe it would be wrong to rely solely on the opinion of a foreign government. The Dossier Center publishes its own list of possible organizers of the criminal organization organized by the Kremlin and their likely accomplices with short profiles.

Ilya Vladimirovich Eliseev
Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gazprombank

Date and place of birth
12/19/1965, Leningrad, USSR
Why on the list
involvement and complicity in the activities of an organized criminal community aimed at was founded to systematically commit particularly dangerous crimes against the foundations of the constitutional order and security of the state, state power and the interests of the public service, the judiciary and against peace.
Based on previously published materials in the media, Eliseev Ilya Vladimirovich suspects that he has concealed the corruption activities of the Russian authorities, the embezzlement of state property and tax evasion.

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Dossier Center – Putins Moskau Mafia – Mögliche Organisatoren – Ilya Vladimirovich Eliseev

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Am 6. April 2018 führte das US-Finanzministerium neue Sanktionen gegen 24 Russen ein, darunter Unternehmer und Regierungsbeamte aus dem inneren Kreis von Wladimir Putin. Wir glauben, dass es falsch wäre, sich nur auf die Meinung einer ausländischen Regierung zu verlassen. Das Dossier Center veröffentlicht eine eigene Liste möglicher Organisatoren der von Kreml organisierten kriminellen Vereinigung und ihrer wahrscheinlichen Komplizen mit kurzen Profilen.

Ilya Vladimirovich Eliseev
Stellvertretender Vorstandsvorsitzender der Gazprombank

Geburtsdatum und-ort
19.12.1965, Leningrad, UdSSR
Warum auf der Liste
Beteiligung und Mitschuld an den Aktivitäten einer organisierten kriminellen Gemeinschaft, die mit dem Ziel gegründet wurde, systematisch besonders gefährliche Verbrechen gegen die Grundlagen der verfassungsmäßigen Ordnung und Sicherheit des Staates, die Staatsmacht und die Interessen des öffentlichen Dienstes, der Justiz sowie gegen den Frieden zu begehen.
Basierend auf zuvor veröffentlichten Materialien in den Medien wird Eliseev Ilja Wladimirowitsch verdächtigt, die Korruptionsaktivitäten der russischen Behörden, die Unterschlagung von Staatseigentum und Steuerhinterziehung verschwiegen zu haben.

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Video – Putins Private Armies Exposed

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Edit Putins Private Armies Exposed

Check out this video:

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Revealed – Dossier Center List Of Kremlin Organized Criminal Association

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Quote: “On April 6, 2018, the US Treasury Department introduced new sanctions against 24 Russians, including entrepreneurs and government officials from Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. We believe it would be wrong to rely solely on the opinion of a foreign government. The Dossier Center publishes its own list of possible organizers of the Kremlin organized criminal organization and their likely accomplices with short profiles. “

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Enthüllt – Dossier Center Liste Der Von Kreml Organisierten Kriminellen Vereinigung

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Zitat:”Am 6. April 2018 führte das US-Finanzministerium neue Sanktionen gegen 24 Russen ein, darunter Unternehmer und Regierungsbeamte aus dem inneren Kreis von Wladimir Putin. Wir glauben, dass es falsch wäre, sich nur auf die Meinung einer ausländischen Regierung zu verlassen. Das Dossier Center veröffentlicht eine eigene Liste möglicher Organisatoren der von Kreml organisierten kriminellen Vereinigung und ihrer wahrscheinlichen Komplizen mit kurzen Profilen.”

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Exil-Russen-Tycoon Chodorkowski Sagt Aus: “KGB / FSB Drangen in Merkels „Inneren Kreis“ Ein.”

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Russland hat Agenten in den „internen Kreis“ der deutschen Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel und in die österreichischen Geheimdienste aufgenommen, hat der im Exil lebende russische Tycoon Michail Chodorkowski enthüllt.

Sie seien jedoch nur Teil eines umfassenderen kremlfreundlichen Netzwerks in EU-Staaten, darunter die Tschechische Republik, Zypern, Frankreich, Griechenland, Lettland, Litauen und Polen.

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KGB/FSB Penetrated Merkel’s ‘Inner Circle’, Khodorkovsky Says

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Treffen im Kreml: Merkel sucht in Moskau Putins Unterstützung
Merkel & Putin

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Russia has enrolled agents in German chancellor Angela Merkel’s “internal circle” and in Austrian intelligence administrations, exiled Russian tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky has revealed.

But they are just part of a wider pro-Kremlin network in EU states, including the Czech Republic, Cyprus, France, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, he said.

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Cry For Rescue – “Save Meduza Our Continued Existence Now Depends On You”

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Sultan Suleimanov / Meduza

The Russian authorities are trying to kill Meduza. The Justice Ministry has labeled us a “foreign agent,” chasing away our advertisers. This means we will run out of money. We are already running out of money.

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Russian Court Forbids Activities of Navalny’s Organizations

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Arbeitsverbot für Nawalnys Organisation: Putin will die totale Kontrolle -  Politik - Tagesspiegel

A court in Moscow suspended the exercises of a few associations established by the detained top Kremlin pundit Alexei Navalny, until it settles on a solicitation by investigators to pronounce these associations “fanatic.”

The Moscow City Court “has chosen to utilize the break proportions of security through disallowing certain demonstrations with respect to the Anti-Corruption Foundation and the Citizens’ Rights Protection Foundation non-business associations,” the court said, as indicated by the Russian news office Tass.

Investigators accept that these associations “are setting conditions for destabilizing the socio-political circumstance, and that they will probably arrange affections for changing the establishment of the protected request, to be specific by utilizing a ‘shading transformation’ situation,” the organization said, alluding to a rush of favorable to vote based system fights in post-Soviet nations and the Middle East 10 years prior. In those insurgencies, non-administrative associations assumed a critical part.

“The indictment likewise believes that these constructions are completing the movement of unfamiliar and global associations thought about unfortunate on Russian soil,” read the organization report.

Russian specialists have effectively denoted Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) as a “unfamiliar specialist” in October 2019.

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Putin Wants To Forbid Alexey Navalny’s Political & Anti-Corruption Network As ‘Extremist.’

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Putin Wants To Forbid Alexey Navalny’s Political & Anti-Corruption Network As ‘Extremist.’

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Russische Behörden warnen Nawalny-Anhänger vor Protesten

State investigators in Moscow have documented a claim to assign Alexey Navalny’s whole enemy of debasement and political framework as “fanatic” associations, successfully prohibiting these gatherings. In particular, authorities are focusing on the Anti-Corruption Foundation and the Citizens’ Rights Protection Foundation (the two of which Russia’s Justice Ministry has effectively assigned as “unfamiliar specialists”), just as Navalny’s cross country organization of mission workplaces. Meduza asked Valeriya Vetoshkina, a basic freedoms attorney at Team 29, what may befall everybody currently working and chipping in at Navalny’s associations, and how the specialists could deal with allies.

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Berlin Murder – New Intel On FSB Involvement Exposed

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  • In a series of investigations in 2019 and 2020, Bellingcat, along with its investigative partners The Insider and Der Spiegel, identified the person suspected in the August 2019 assassination of Georgian asylum seeker Zelimkhan Khangoshvili in Berlin. The suspected assassin, who traveled to Berlin under the name of Vadim Sokolov, a Russian citizen, was arrested by Berlin police shortly after the killing and is currently on trial at the Berlin appellate court (Kammergericht).
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Putin’s Secret Private Armies Exposed

In Berlin Putin’s Deputy Kadyrov Terrorizes Chechen Refugees

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Germany has a populace of a huge number of Chechens. The greater part of them have shown up in the course of recent years looking for refuge. Meduza has distributed a report on how Chechens endeavor getting to the European Union by intersection the line among Belarus and Poland. At Meduza’s solicitation, Dmitry Vachedin, a columnist presently dwelling in Germany, has examined the existence of Berlin’s Chechen people group and learned of an outfitted posse, the individuals from which undermine their comrades with death for indecent lead.

On a late September evening in 2016, bare photos of twenty-year-old Madina* were messaged as once huge mob from her taken cellphone to each individual on her contact list. After an hour, the telephone rang in her loft in a calm private piece of Berlin.

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How Russia Goes After Its Critics & Citizens Abroad

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When it comes to carrying out repressions, the Russian government’s reach isn’t limited by its own borders. The Kremlin is known for going after perceived enemies abroad — especially former “insiders” and members of the political opposition. In recent years, high-profile assassinations linked to Russian agents have made headlines around the world, and Moscow has developed a reputation for abusing the Interpol notice system.

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The Oil Deal Funding Ukraine’s Top Pro-Kremlin Politician

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President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with Viktor Medvedchuk

Ukrainian legislator Viktor Medvedchuk is a nearby partner of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and a solid Kremlin partner. Another examination uncovers how a deal energy bargain in Russia has gotten him and an accomplice a huge number of dollars.

Through an organization of shell organizations, Viktor Medvedchuk and a long-lasting colleague acquired a rewarding stake in a Russian petroleum processing plant for simply more than $40,000.

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Alexey Navalny’s Wellbeing Is Breaking Down In Jail, His Legal Counselor Says

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The state of Alexey Navalny’s health is deteriorating in prison, his lawyer Olga Mikhailova told on Wednesday, March 24.

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Putin Will Receive Coronavirus Vaccine Off Camera

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to receive his first dose of a coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday, March 23, but the Kremlin has no plans to disclose which one. Putin’s immunization will also be taking place off camera, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists on Tuesday.

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Navalny’s Partners Launch New Mission Requiring His Freedom

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Moscow court rejects Kremlin critic Navalny's appeal against prison sentence

Alexey Navalny’s allies have reported the beginning of another “Freedom for Navalny!” crusade, which incorporates plans to hold another convention requiring his delivery from jail.

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U.S. National Intelligence Council – Report About Russian Influence In The U.S. Elections 2020 Revealed

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Ramzan Kadyrov – The Golden Gun – A Witness On The Run Out Of Chechnya

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Must See – Randy Newman – Putin (Official Video)

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Putin puttin’ his pants on
One leg at a time
You mean he’s just like a regular fella, huh?
He ain’t nothing like a regular fella

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How Russian Cops Utilize Compromised Informers To Imprison Innocent Individuals

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K.G.B. Museum Closes; Lipstick Gun and Other Spy Relics Go on Sale - The  New York Times
A KGB Office in the KGB Museum, New York City, NYC, USA

Correspondents from iStories and Meduza inspected Moscow court archives and discovered more than 140 “proficient observers” — individuals who consistently affirm in legal disputes identified with drug charges. The training is unmitigatedly illicit, however judges send individuals to jail for quite a long time dependent on these observers’ declarations.

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Putin and his bossom friend Randy Gerd from Germany

Very rich person and long-lasting Putin partner Arkady Rotenberg has approached as the authority proprietor of the Russian president’s “castle.” soon, another enormous development adventure will start close to the home — 119 hectares (around 294 sections of land) has been dispensed for a chasing lodge. The “Divnomorskoye” domain is found close by — a 323-hectare (798-section of land) property that incorporates a spa unpredictable, a winery, and a “tasting house.”



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Bildergebnis für Louiza Rozova

Elon Musk may have failed to get Vladimir Putin into a chat room on Clubhouse, but one of the Russian president’s alleged daughters has joined the new social network. Late on Tuesday, Louiza Rozova spoke briefly to Andrey Zakharov, one of the journalists who recently outed her as Putin’s supposedly illegitimate daughter. In November 2020, Zakharov and others at Proekt released an investigative report revealing that a minority stake in the enormous Rossiya Bank belongs to a woman named Svetlana Krivonogikh, apparently received thanks to her intimate association with Russia’s president. Proekt also reported that Krivonogikh has a daughter named Louiza Rozova who “looks remarkably” like Putin. Based on a transcript reported by The Village, Meduza summarizes Rozova’s Clubhouse broadcast on Tuesday night.

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Bildergebnis für putin nawalny

Putin’s henchman has asked Moscow’s Babushinsky District Court to fine opposition politician Alexey Navalny 950,000 rubles (nearly $13,000) for slandering a World War II veteran, Meduza’s correspondent reported from the courtroom on Tuesday, February 16.

Navalny’s defense team, in turn, has asked the court for his acquittal.


Putin’s Castle’ Connected To Financier Yuri Kovalchuk And Khrushchev

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Bildergebnis für Putin's castle

Most recently, investigative reporters at Sobesednik, Proekt, The Bell, and other outlets have linked the infamous “palace” to Yuri Kovalchuk, the principal shareholder of Rossiya Bank and one of Vladimir Putin’s oldest friends.

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Corrupt To The Bone – Kirill Shamalov – Putin’s Son In Law

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Putin's billionaire son-in-law replaces Russian leader's daughter for  glamorous new socialite wife | Daily Mail Online

Thousands of emails sent and received by Kirill Shamalov — Vladimir Putin’s former son-in-law — showcase the fantastic wealth and personal power that come with access to Russia’s first family.

Key Findings

  • Shamalov and Putin’s daughter spent millions setting up luxurious households in Russia and France even as Putin banned Russian elites from owning foreign assets.
  • Soon after marrying Putin’s daughter, Shamalov spent an astonishing $100 to acquire a share in Russia’s largest petrochemical company that was worth $380 million.
  • Shamalov later acquired an additional, much larger stake in the company in a well-known deal that made him a billionaire. His emails reveal that this acquisition was just one of the lucrative opportunities with which he was presented — and contain a hint about how it may have been structured.
  • Shamalov’s proximity to political power made him a highly desired partner. In one case, he was offered a free share in a large company in exchange for his ability to wield “administrative resources,” exemplifying the corrupt nexus of power and business that characterizes modern Russia.
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Marching For Navalny Defying Demonstrators Across Russia Live

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EU Parliament wants Sanctions Against Putin’s Inner Circle And Russian Oligarchs

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Nawalny veröffentlicht Video zu angeblichem Luxus-Palast von Putin |

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution calling on EU member states to “significantly strengthen” sanctions against Russia and stop work on completing the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in response to the arrest of opposition figure Alexey Navalny. 

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Nawalny Veröffentlicht Investigatives Video Über Putin | Machtkampf In Russland

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Putin´s berühmtester Kritiker Nawalny veröffentlichte vor einigen Stunden ein investigatives Antikorruptionsvideo gegen den russischen Präsidenten. Innerhalb weniger Stunden wurde das Video bereits 18 Millionen mal angeklickt. Studio Berlin veröffentlicht das fast 2 Stunden lange Video ungekürzt.

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Borat At Putin’s Palace From The Investigation Of Alexei Navalny

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Freedom for Alexei Navalny. Wikipedia: Putin’s Palace(Residence at Cape Idokopas). On 19 January 2021, two days after Navalny was detained by Russian authorities upon his return to Russia, a video investigation by him and the Anti-Corruption Foundation FBK was published accusing President Vladimir Putin of using fraudulently obtained funds to build the estate for himself in what he called “the world’s biggest bribe”. In the investigation.

Navalny said that the estate is 39 times the size of Monaco and cost over 100 billion rubles $1.35 billion to construct. It also showed aerial footage of the estate via a drone and a detailed floorplan of the palace that Navalny said was given by a contractor, which he compared to photographs from inside the palace that were leaked onto the Internet in 2011. He also detailed an elaborate corruption scheme allegedly involving Putin’s inner circle that allowed Putin to hide billions of dollars to build the estate. World community Alexey Navalny needs your help. The Residence at Cape Idokopas Russian: Резиденция на мысе Идокопас, also known as Putin’s Palace is a large Italianate palace complex located on the Black Sea coast near the village of Praskoveevka in Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Krai, Russia. The palace was claimed to have been built for President Vladimir Putin.

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“Where Injustice Becomes Right, Resistance Becomes A Duty!”

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Alexej Nawalny: Wie der Anti-Putin wirklich tickt und was ihn antreibt

“Where injustice becomes right, resistance becomes a duty!”

This motto does not only apply to the Hitler era, but also to Russia under Putin.

Alexey Navalny lives this resistance, setting an example for all of us – as do Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.

This becomes all the more important as the mainstream media of all countries are often corrupt and use the above-mentioned lone fighters as an alibi.

Allow me to remind you that even in Germany former Chancellors and active Prime Ministers still actively support Putin and his system of injustice.

A murderous system of injustice to which former Stasi employees and their IMs will still be subject to in 2021.

The federal German legislature, judiciary and executive are also disintegrated by these figures.

As is well known, the fish stinks from the head.

Sincerely you

Bernd Pulch

“Wo Unrecht Zu Recht Wird, Wird Widerstand Zur Pflicht !”

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Gemeinsam gegen Putin: Chodorkowski unterstützt Nawalny -

“Wo Unrecht zu Recht wird, wird Widerstand zur Pflicht !”

Dieses Motto gilt nicht nur für die Hitler-Zeit, sondern ebenso für das Russland unter Putin.

Alexey Nawalny lebt diesen Widerstand, beispiel gebend für uns alle – ebenso wie Julian Assange und Edward Snowden.

Dies wird um so wichtiger als die Mainstream-Medien aller Länder oft korrupt sind und die oben genannten Einzelkämpfer als Alibi nutzen.

Es sei mir erlaubt daran zu erinnern, dass auch in Deutschland noch ehemalige Bundeskanzler und aktive Ministerpräsidentinnen Putin und sein Unrechtssystem aktiv unterstützen.

Ein mörderisches Unrechtssystem, dem weiter ehemalige Stasi-Mitarbeiter und deren IM auch in 2021 noch untertan sind.

Auch die bundesdeutsche Legislative, Judikative und Exekutive ist von diesen Gestalten zersetzt.

Der Fisch stinkt bekanntlich vom Kopf her.

Herzlichst Ihr

Bernd Pulch


List Of Crimes For Which Medvedev And Putin Cannot Be Tried

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A bill on guarantees of the immunity of the former president was submitted to the State Duma. It will bring the federal law into line with the latest version of the Russian Constitution (adopted by a vote in the summer of 2020). The document not only complicates the procedure for depriving the former president of immunity, but also actually allows the former head of state to commit some crimes after his resignation.

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Russian Private Military Companies In Operations, Competition, And Conflict

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The Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG) supported the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL) to break down the wonder of Russian private military organizations (PMCs), the situations under which they would matter to U.S. Armed force move commandants, and whether they comprise a one of a kind danger to U.S. furthermore, accomplice powers.

The essential crowd for this investigation is U.S. Armed force move administrators and their staffs, yet the discoveries and experiences ought to likewise be valuable for anybody in the U.S. public security and protection networks worried about deviated activities of the Russian Federation around the globe. To begin with, this examination presents key discoveries from profound jump exploration and investigation on Russian PMCs introduced in the supplement. It tends to their utilizations, hardware, preparing, faculty, state contribution, legitimate issues, and other related subjects. Second, these discoveries are utilized to advise a scientific model to investigate the operational difficulties and contemplations Russian PMCs could present to U.S. Armed force move officers.

Key Findings

Primary concern Up Front: Russian PMCs are utilized as a power multiplier to accomplish targets for both government and Russia-adjusted private interests while limiting both political and military expenses. While Moscow keeps on considering the to be of Russian PMCs as helpful, their utilization likewise presents a few weaknesses that present both operational and key dangers to Russian Federation targets.

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Doctor At Omsk Clinic Who Treated Navalny Has Surrendered

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The appointee head doctor at the Omsk clinic that quickly treated resistance figure Alexey Navalny in August has surrendered “for individual reasons,” as per the news office RIA Novosti. Anatoly Kalinichenko told the site that his choice to take an occupation somewhere else is unopinionated and due basically to the way that he’d developed worn out on managerial work. He simply needs to re-visitation of medical procedure, he says.

Navalny was hospitalized at Kalinichenko’s office on August 20 after his departure from Tomsk to Moscow made a crisis arrival in Omsk. While he stayed at the Omsk clinic until the night of August 21, Kalinichenko was the essential wellspring of data for writers giving an account of Navalny’s ailment.

Kalinichenko was one of the medical clinic authorities who asserted that specialists found no hints of toxin in Navalny’s framework and contended that the legislator’s delicate state forestalled his prompt exchange to a superior prepared facility in Berlin.

Deadly – The Chilling Way Vladimir Putin Deals With His Enemies

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“The Russian state goes after enemies, traitors, opponents, critics, journalists,” Buzzfeed News’ Heidi Blake told The results are chilling, and often deadly. Blake is the author of “From Russia, With Blood: the Kremlin’s Ruthless Assassination Program and Vladimir Putin’s Secret War on the West.” Her investigative team found Russian links to over a dozen mysterious deaths on English soil, including that of exiled oligarch Boris Berezovsky.

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Revealed – Cybersecurity And Infrastructure Security Agency Mail-In Voting In 2020

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Presidential Election Day USA 2020. Vote In USA, Banner Design.. Royalty  Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 142112824.

Page Count: 11 pages
Date: July 28, 2020
Restriction: None
Originating Organization: Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Department of Homeland Security
File Type: pdf
File Size: 577,002 bytes
File Hash (SHA-256): 4018616B3963268F457A9A294BF1A3A04EB90025898BC3C54B4785B048C873BB

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Video – Russland: Der Fall Nawalny – Opposition In Gefahr

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Die Vergiftung von Oppositionsführer Alexej Nawalny ist nicht der erste Anschlag gegen einen Putin-Kritiker. Politischer Widerstand in Russland kann lebensgefährlich sein.

Regimekritiker Michail Efremow Vor Dubiosem Moskauer Gericht – 11 Jahre Gefängnis Gefordert

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Russland: Populärer Schauspieler nach Alkoholfahrt mit tödlichem Ausgang  unter Hausarrest — RT Deutsch

Das Gericht verkündet demnächst ein Urteil über den Regimekritiker & Schauspieler Michail Efremow. Die Staatsanwaltschaft fordert, den Schauspieler wegen eines Unfalls, bei dem der 57-jährige Sergei Zakharov starb, zu 11 Jahren Gefängnis zu verurteilen.

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Nawalny Aus Koma Geweckt – Deutsch-Russisches Verhältnis Am Boden

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Sein Zustand verbessert sich und er ist wieder ansprechbar: Berliner Ärzte haben den Kremlkritiker Alexej Nawalny aus dem künstlichen Koma geholt. Sein Fall hat inzwischen hohe Wellen geschlagen.

Nawalny Vergiftet: Statement Von Maas Und Kramp-Karrenbauer Zum Vorfall

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Seit mehreren Tagen befindet sich der russische Kreml-Kritiker Alexej Nawalny in der Berliner Charité. Er war dorthin mit Symptomen einer Vergiftung gekommen. Nun gibt es laut Bundesregierung einen “zweifelsfreien Nachweis” für eine Vergiftung mit einem chemischen Nervenkampfstoff aus der Nowitschok-Gruppe. Das erklärte Regierungssprecher Steffen Seibert. Ein Speziallabor der Bundeswehr habe eine toxikologische Untersuchung anhand von Proben durchgeführt. Hierbei sei die Vergiftung nachgewiesen worden.

Mögliche Sanktionen Gegen Russland – Navalny-Ärzte Suchen Hilfe Bei Novichok-Forschern

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Hilferuf an Bundeswehr - Charité geht von Nervengift-Anschlag auf Nawalny aus - Politik Inland -
Deutschlands Außenminister Heiko Maas sagte, Berlin sei bereit, diplomatische Sanktionen gegen Russland einzuführen, wenn sich herausstellen würde, dass die russischen Behörden hinter der Vergiftung des Oppositionspolitikers Alexey Navalny stecken, berichtet Reuters.

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Video – Boris Nemzow – Tod An Der Kremlmauer

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Am 27. Februar 2015 ereignete sich der Mord an dem russischen Oppositionspolitiker Boris Nemzow. Die Welle der Empörung und Anteilnahme nach der Ermordung war sowohl in Russland als auch im Ausland hoch. Russlands Präsident Putin versprach umgehende Aufklärung. Was ist seitdem passiert, und was weiß man heute über die Drahtzieher des Mordes?

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Spur Nach Moskau – Warum Musste Litwinenko Sterben

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“2006 starb in London der ehemalige KGB-Offizier Alexander Litwinenko an einer Vergiftung durch radioaktives Polonium. Indizien deuten auf den russischen Geheimdienst als Auftraggeber. In einem öffentlichen Anhörungsverfahren in London wurden in den letzten Monaten viele Details des Polonium-Mordes bekannt.

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Todkranker Kreml-Kritiker Alexej Nawalny in Berlin eingetroffen – Video

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Der womöglich vergiftete russische Kremlkritiker Alexej Nawalny ist zur medizinischen Behandlung in Berlin eingetroffen. Ein Spezialflug mit dem im Koma liegenden Oppositionellen sei am Samstag gelandet, sagte eine Sprecherin des 44-Jährigen. Jaka Bizilj von der Organisation Cinema For Peace, die den Transport Nawalnys aus einem Krankenhaus in der sibirischen Stadt Omsk organisiert hatte, bestätigte: «Nawalny ist in Berlin».

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Daran hat sich nichts geändert. Im Gegenteil: Die STASI-Connections zu Putin und auch nach China werden intensiver genutzt denn je:

  • für Subventionsbetrug
  • Energie-Pipelines
  • Gazprom Deutschland
  • Cybercrime
  • Zersetzung der deutschen und europäischen Politik, Justiz, Medien und Wirtschaft

Wie schon immer werden die STASI-Seilschaften aus Moskau dirigiert.

Denn auch Wladimir Putin ist einer von ihnen:

Quellbild anzeigen


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Endgame – Russian PM, Government Resigns After Putin’s Annual Address

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Insider – Mutmassliche IM Erika trifft Putin – Bundesregierung fordert erneut russische Hilfe in Mordfall

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Wladimir Putin: Stasi-Ausweis von Ex-KGB-Offizier in Dresden gefunden - DER  SPIEGEL

STASI-Ausweis aus Dresdner Archiv

Vor dem Ukraine-Gipfel in Paris hat Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) mit dem russischen Präsidenten Wladimir Putin ein Einzelgespräch geführt.
Über die Inhalte machte die deutsche Seite am Montag zunächst keine Angaben. Es war erwartet worden, dass Merkel den Mord an einem Georgier in Berlin anspricht, der zu einer diplomatischen Krise zwischen Deutschland und Russland geführt hat.

Kurz vor der Abreise Merkels nach Paris hatte die Bundesregierung erneut eine “ernsthafte und unverzügliche Mitwirkung der russischen Behörden” an der Aufklärung des Verbrechens gefordert. Man sei “weiterhin bestürzt über die Tat”, sagte die stellvertretende Regierungssprecherin Ulrike Demmer.
Wegen fehlender Kooperation bei der Aufklärung des mutmaßlichen Auftragsmords am 23. August im Kleinen Tiergarten in Berlin hatte die Bundesregierung zwei russische Diplomaten ausgewiesen. Die von Moskau angekündigte Reaktion steht noch aus. Der Generalbundesanwalt hat wegen der grundsätzlichen Bedeutung des Falls die Ermittlungen übernommen.

Die deutschen Sicherheitsbehörden und die Bundesregierung hätten “verschiedene russische Stellen mit Anfragen zu dem Fall befasst”, sagte Demmer. Genauer wollte sie es nicht sagen. Russland weist die Vorwürfe zurück.

Putins STASI-Ausweis:

Von Seiten der Stasiunterlagenbehörde heißt es: “Es war übliche Praxis beim DDR-Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, die Verbindungsoffiziere des russischen Geheimdienstes KGB und die ihnen untergeordneten Offiziere wie Putin mit Hausausweisen der zuständigen MfS-Dienststelle auszustatten.”

Putin war Augenzeuge, als während der friedlichen Revolution am 5. Dezember 1989 rund 5000 Demonstranten die hermetisch abgeschirmte Dresdner Bezirksverwaltung der Staatssicherheit besetzten. Als sich die Demonstranten der Dienststelle näherten, kam es fast zu gewalttätigen Auseinandersetzungen mit sowjetischen Militärs.

Aufgrund einer Medienanfrage seien Akten der Abteilung “Kader und Schulung” der ehemaligen Stasi-Bezirksverwaltung Dresden durchforstet worden, sagte Felber. Dabei sei man auf den Ausweis gestoßen. “Es ist schon eine kleine Sensation. Putins Name war in den Akten, die die Ausgabe der Ausweise an sowjetische Militärangehörige nachweisen, nicht verzeichnet.”

Im Internet wird daraufhin gewiesen, dass Angela Merkel von zahlreichen IM’s umgeben gewesen sei. Daraus wird geschlussfolgert, dass auch sie für den Staatssicherheitsdienst gearbeitet hätte. Tatsächlich waren wenigstens drei ihrer Kollegen am Zentralinstitut beim Staatssicherheitsdienst als Informanten erfasst: Hans-Jörg Osten (IM “Einstein”), Frank Schneider (IM “Bachmann”) und Michael Schindhelm (IM “Manfred Weih”). Mit Letzterem, den PDS-Kultursenator Thomas Flierl 2005 zum Generaldirektor der Berliner Opernstiftung berief, teilte sie sich eine Zeit lang ihr Büro. Als sie 1989 zum Demokratischen Aufbruch stieß, arbeitete sie mit einem weiteren Stasi-Informanten, dem ersten Parteivorsitzenden Wolfgang Schnur (IM „Torsten“ und „Dr. Ralf Schirmer“) zusammen. Im April 1990 wurde sie schließlich stellvertretende Regierungssprecherin unter dem letzten DDR-Ministerpräsidenten Lothar de Maizière, der in MfS-Unterlagen als IM “Czerny” erfasst ist.

IM Czerny mit Merkel

IM ERIKA – Im Internet verbreitetes “Filmplakat”

“Unsere Ex-FDJ-Sekretärin Angela Merkel lebe hoch” – Stasi-Opfer-Demonstration 2016 in Berlin

Historiker Hubertus Knabe kommentiert: “Nimmt man alle diese Fakten zusammen, muss man zu folgendem Schluss kommen: Für die Behauptung, Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel hätte unter dem Decknamen “Erika” für den Staatssicherheitsdienst gearbeitet, gibt es keinerlei Belege. Sollte es einen entsprechenden IM-Vorgang gegeben haben, müssten selbst im Fall seiner Vernichtung zumindest noch Spuren davon erhalten sein – zum Beispiel Berichte aus der Quelle “Erika”, die in den Akten ausgespähter Personen abgelegt wurden. Das ist nach gegenwärtigem Kenntnisstand aber nicht der Fall. Ob die Säcke mit den zerrissenen Unterlagen darüber hinaus gehende Hinweise enthalten, bleibt Spekulation.”


GRU-KGB Mord an Putin-Feind mitten in Berlin – die Spur führt nach Moskau

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Langsam dämmert es auch den Mainstream-Medien, das GRU/KGB und Neo-STASI weiterhin aktiv sind und unbequeme Gegner überall auf der Welt ermorden – auch in BERLIN. So berichtet nunmehr auch die wachgeküsste Tagesschau:

“Zelimkhan Khangoshvili fürchtete um sein Leben. Der russische Staat sei hinter ihm her, berichtete der Tschetschene mit georgischem Pass bei seiner Asylanhörung im brandenburgischen Eisenhüttenstadt im Januar 2017. Mehrere Mordanschläge habe es in den vergangenen Jahren auf ihn gegeben, so der ehemalige Rebellenkommandeur. Er sei ein gesuchter Mann – im Kaukasus und darüber hinaus. Was er denn befürchte, wenn er nach Russland zurückkehren müsste, wollte der Mitarbeiter des Bundesamtes für Migration und Flüchtlinge (BAMF) von ihm wissen. Khangoshvilis Antwort: “Die russischen Organe werden einen Mord inszenieren.”

Am 23. August 2019, gegen 11:58 Uhr, wurde Zelimkhan Khangoshvili schließlich ermordet. Nicht in Russland oder im Kaukasus, sondern mitten in Berlin. Im Kleinen Tiergarten im Ortsteil Moabit war der 40-Jährige gerade auf dem Weg zum Freitagsgebet in der Moschee, als sich ein Mann auf einem Fahrrad näherte und ihm aus kurzer Distanz mit einer Pistole samt Schalldämpfer in den Kopf schoss. Khangoshvili war sofort tot.

Der Mord an dem Georgier gibt seitdem Rätsel auf: Wer steckt hinter dem Attentat? War es ein Auftragsmord aus dem kriminellen Milieu? Eine Fehde unter Kaukasiern? Oder gar ein Attentat im Auftrag des Kreml?

Der mutmaßliche Todesschütze hatte nach der Tat versucht mit einem E-Roller zu fliehen, war jedoch festgenommen worden: Es ist ein stämmiger Mann mit Schnauzbart und auffälligen Tätowierungen. Laut Pass handelt es sich um den russischen Staatsbürger Vadim Sokolov. Er sitzt in Berlin in Untersuchungshaft und schweigt. Einmal soll er Besuch von Diplomaten aus der russischen Botschaft bekommen haben, die ihn konsularisch betreuen.

Die Ermittlungen in dem Fall führt das Berliner Landeskriminalamt (LKA). Der Vorwurf gegen den festgenommenen Tatverdächtigen lautete bislang: Mord. Weil die Tat aber eine so große Brisanz birgt, lässt sich der Generalbundesanwalt seit Beginn an über den Stand der Ermittlungen informieren. Und auch das Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) ist beteiligt.

Jetzt könnte der Fall allerdings eine neue Dimension bekommen: Die Bundesanwaltschaft will das Verfahren nach Informationen von WDR, NDR und “Süddeutscher Zeitung” noch in dieser Woche übernehmen. Und zwar wegen eines möglichen Geheimdienst-Hintergrunds. In Karlsruhe geht man inzwischen davon aus, dass der russische Staat den Mord in Berlin-Moabit in Auftrag gegeben haben könnte. Auch der “Spiegel” hatte darüber berichtet.

Ein Abgleich der biometrischen Daten der damaligen Fahndungsbilder ergab nun eine hohe Ähnlichkeit mit dem in Berlin festgenommenen Tatverdächtigen Sokolov. Auffällig war allerdings: Russland hatte die internationale Fahndung nach Vadim K. im Jahr 2015 ganz plötzlich eingestellt. Der Verdacht der deutschen Ermittler ist nun: Russische Dienste könnten den mutmaßlichen Mörder gefunden und für ein Attentat rekrutiert haben. Und schufen daraufhin die Falschidentität Sokolov.”

In Geheimdienstkreisen ist man sich sicher, es war Putins langer Arm in Berlin.

JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF – Joint Staff Strategic Multilayer Assessment: Russian Strategic Intentions

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Understanding the fate of worldwide rivalry and struggle is presently more significant than any time in recent memory. In a powerfully evolving world, the nature and character of fighting, prevention, compellence, acceleration the executives, and influence are critical and basic in deciding how the US and its accomplices should:

• Strategize to shield their worldwide advantages against exercises that are proposed to undermine those interests over the range of rivalry;

• Shield their inclinations against dangers by provincial contenders through available resources corresponding to procedures versus China and Russia however don’t undermine different interests; and

• Get ready US and accomplice powers to react to unforeseen and lithe improvements in worldwide legislative issues and innovation by distinguishing territories for participation, moderating the danger of exercises shy of equipped clash, and preventing furnished clash over various wellsprings of national power (e.g., exchange, tact, security).

The National Security System (NSS), National Safeguard Methodology (NDS), and National Military Procedure all note that future encounters between significant forces may regularly happen underneath the degree of outfitted clash. In this condition, monetary challenge, impact crusades, paramilitary activities, digital interruptions, and political fighting will probably turn out to be increasingly pervasive. Such encounters increment the danger of misperception and miscount, between powers with huge military quality, which may then build the danger of furnished clash. In this specific situation, the US ability to impact the results of both worldwide and local occasions must be reexamined. The developing uniqueness among incredible forces (i.e., the US, China, and Russia) with respect to what comprises authentic or adequate discouragement, compellence, and acceleration the board exercises ought to be deliberately analyzed.

With that in mind, this white paper surveys Russian exercises over the globe to assemble an improved, major comprehension of the contemporary and future impact condition. Countering Russian provocative exercises requires an exhaustive technique and the NDS perceives this reality so as to effectively counter Russian provocative exercises; thus, the US should cooperatively utilize various instruments of national control in a synchronized way. As white paper supporter Brig Gen (ret) Ransack Spalding III recommends, “the US job with respect to Russia ought to be to keep on connecting with European partners to lead the pack for adjusting in Europe. The partners’ objective ought to be discouragement. Simultaneously, the US ought to reciprocally connect with Russia to strip them away from China’s circle. The US can work with Russia in manners that improve the US-Russia relationship without diminishing European endeavors to adjust and dissuade.”

The articles in this white paper give government partners—knowledge, law authorization, military, and approach organizations—with important bits of knowledge and systematic structures to help the US, its partners, and accomplices in building up a thorough methodology to contend and vanquish this Russian test. Critical perceptions include:

• Russia is receiving coercive systems that include the arranged work of military and nonmilitary intends to stop and constrain the US, its partners and accomplices before and after the flare-up of threats. These procedures must be proactively stood up to, or the risk of critical outfitted clash may increment.

• Russia displays a profound situated feeling of geopolitical uncertainty which propels it to seek after key goals that set up an uncontested range of prominence in the post-Soviet locale. However, Russians progressively can’t help contradicting the Kremlin’s statements that the US is an approaching outside risk and an incendiary power in Russian local governmental issues.

• Russia’s hazy area strategies are best when the objective is profoundly captivated or does not have the ability to oppose and react successfully to Russian animosity. As per Russian vital idea, discouragement and compellence are cut out of the same cloth.

Just with an adjusted and synchrozined entire of government approach will the US contend and win against rising powers like Russia and China. Such cooperation requires a typical comprehension of our rivals, their strategies and wanted endstates and we mean that this white paper will accomplish this basic objective.

This white paper was set up as a major aspect of the Key Multilayer Asssessment, entitled The Eventual fate of Worldwide Challenge and Struggle. Twenty-three master donors added to this white paper and gave wide-going evaluations of Russia’s worldwide advantages and targets, just as the exercises—dim or something else—that it behaviors to accomplish them. This white paper is separated into five segments and twenty-five sections, as depicted underneath. This rundown reports a portion of the white paper’s significant level discoveries, yet it is not a viable alternative for a cautious read of the individual commitments.

There is expansive agreement among the patrons that Russian President Vladimir Putin is in reality holding fast to a worldwide fantastic technique, which expects to accomplish the accompanying objectives:

• Recover and verify Russia’s impact over previous Soviet countries

• Recapture overall acknowledgment as an “incredible power”

• Depict itself as a solid entertainer, a key local powerbroker, and a fruitful middle person (Katz; Borshchevskaya) so as to increase financial, military, and political impact over countries

worldwide and to refine the radical decides and standards that at present administer the world request (Lamoreaux)

As per Dr. Robert Individual, these objectives are inspired by Russia’s profound situated geopolitical frailty. Since the breakdown of the Soviet Association, Russia has battled to discover its place in the worldwide network, which has left the administration with a waiting want to recapture the impact and power that it once had. Specifically, Russia tries to recover its impact over previous Soviet states, which it claims are in its legitimate “authoritative reach” (Lamoreaux; Individual; Swamp). Therefore, one of the US’s center objectives, to be specific advancing and securing the worldwide liberal request, comes into conflict with the objectives of Russia’s terrific system. This supports the Kremlin’s conviction that it must contain and compel US impact and exercises in Europe and somewhere else over the globe. As Ms. Anna Borshchevskaya’s commitment recommends, the Russian initiative’s perspective is lose-lose; it accepts that with the end goal for Russia to win, the US must lose. In any case, Dr. Christopher Swamp’s commitment recommends that this world view isn’t really shared by the Russian populace or its tip top.

As prove by the scope of “hazy area” exercises it takes part in, some of the master donors contend that the Russian administration considers itself to be at war with the US and the West all in all. From a Russian point of view, this war isn’t add up to, yet rather, it is basic (Goure)— a kind of “war” that is inconsistent with the general US comprehension of fighting. Russia accepts that there is no inadmissible or ill-conceived type of prevention, compellence, or heightening administration (Goure). It additionally doesn’t put stock in the continuum of contention that the US has developed. Like Russia’s view of its opposition with the US, its impression of contention is dichotomous: one is either at war or not at war. To battle and win this war, Russia accepts that the effective incorporation of all instruments of state control (Goure), just as the coordinated work of non-military and military intends to deflect and constrain (Flynn), are foremost. Moreover, Russian military ideas incorporate choices for utilizing preemptive power to incite stun and deter a foe from directing military tasks and to urge a de-heightening of threats (Flynn). The creators see that Russia’s methodologies are persistently advancing and expect that the inconsistency between the Russian and the US comprehension of “contention” and “war” will keep on developing, prompting a higher danger of acceleration in future circumstances including the two countries.

By and large, Russia’s impact abroad is developing, and the Kremlin has aced the utilization of “cross breed fighting” in driving Russia’s international strategy (Lamoreaux). Russia uses an assortment of hazy area strategies around the world. These incorporate the utilization of paramilitary powers and different intermediaries, obstruction in political procedures, financial and vitality abuse (especially in Africa), surveillance, and media and publicity control. Putin is likewise adroit at mixing military and non military personnel components for most extreme effect (Weitz).

The particular strategies of half and half fighting that Russia utilizes change by locale. In Europe, for instance, Russia has used purposeful publicity, an expanding reliance on outside vitality assets, and political control to accomplish its essential objectives (Schindler; Lamoreaux). Interestingly, in the Center East and Africa—significant wellsprings of minerals and other regular assets from a Russian perspective1—Russia has fundamentally used financial abuse devices (Katz; Borshchevskaya; Severin). In Focal Asia, Russia keeps up a significantly more constrained nearness, because of China’s geographic closeness and the present degrees of monetary and security commitment by other provincial on-screen characters (Kangas). By the by, Russia retains impact in the Focal Asia, because of its authentic, etymological, and social associations with the district (Laruelle; Dyet). In like manner, in Latin America, Russia comes up short on an adequate measure of deployable assets to completely execute its methodology or to broaden its impact far (Ellis). Be that as it may, as Dr. Barnett S. Koven and Ms. Abigail C. Kamp watch, Russia compensates for its deficiencies by taking part in long winded and receptive undertakings to upset US impact in the locale.

Stasi-Agent Putin Allzeit Bereit in Moskau & Dresden

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Bildergebnis für putin stasi

In einem Archiv wurde der Stasi-Ausweis des heutigen russischen Präsidenten Wladimir Putin gefunden. Mit dem Ausweis habe er in Stasi-Dienststellen ein- und ausgehen können. Damit zeigt sich, dass es noch etliche Stasi-Promis gibt, die bis jetzt noch nicht enttarnt wurden. Diese Stasi-“Stars” sind nicht auf der offiziellen Stasi-Liste verzeichnet, die im Hinblick auf Rentenforderungen vor dem Ende der DDR erstellt wurde.

Folgen jetzt noch mehr Enttarnungen ?

Russlands Präsident Wladimir Putin (66) hatte bis zum Mauerfall auch einen Ausweis der Staatssicherheit der DDR. Das Dokument habe jahrelang unbemerkt im Archiv gelegen, sagte der Dresdner Außenstellenleiter der Stasiunterlagenbehörde, Konrad Felber..

Der Ausweis war am 31. Dezember 1985 ausgestellt und bis Ende 1989 immer wieder verlängert worden. Putin war damals als Offizier des sowjetischen Geheimdienstes KGB in Dresden tätig.

Mit dem Dokument habe Putin ohne umfangreiche Kontrolle in den Dienststellen der Stasi ein- und ausgehen können, erläuterte Felber.

“Das heißt aber nicht automatisch, dass Putin für die Stasi gearbeitet hat.” Nein, denn die Stasi hat för Putins KGB gearbeitet und diverse Seilschaftenvor allem in Ostberlin tun dies heute noch – Mord und Cyberkrieg inklusive.

“Zu sowjetischen Zeiten waren der KGB und die Stasi befreundete Dienste. Deshalb ist nicht auszuschließen, dass es auch wechselseitige Ausweise gab”, sagte Putins Sprecher Dmitri Peskow der Agentur Tass zufolge.

Putin war Augenzeuge, als während der friedlichen Revolution am 5. Dezember 1989 rund 5.000 Demonstranten die hermetisch abgeschirmte Dresdner Bezirksverwaltung der Staatssicherheit besetzten. Als sich die Demonstranten der Dienststelle näherten, kam es fast zu gewalttätigen Auseinandersetzungen mit sowjetischen Militärs.

Aufgrund einer Medienanfrage seien Akten der Abteilung “Kader und Schulung” der ehemaligen Stasi-Bezirksverwaltung Dresden durchforstet worden, sagte Felber. Dabei sei man auf den Ausweis gestoßen.

“Es ist schon eine kleine Sensation. Putins Name war in den Akten, die die Ausgabe der Ausweise an sowjetische Militärangehörige nachweisen, nicht verzeichnet.”

Es zeigt sich wieder einmal, wie die Stasiunterlagenbehörde, die seit Beginn mit Stasi-Agenten durchsetzt war und ist, arbeitet.

Wann kommen endlich die längst überfälligen anderen Enttarnungen ?


No Joke ! How Putin and his CYBERSTASI tricked the UK into the Brexit

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We are Proud Bear. We are collective of Russia GRU agents retrained in fields of digital telephony and Myspace.

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Exposed – The Secret Steele Dossier about Trump and Putin – Original Text

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– Russian regime has been cultivating, supporting and assisting TRUMP for
at least 5 years. Aim, endorsed by PUTIN, has been to encourage splits and
divisions in western alliance

– So far TRUMP has declined various sweetener real estate business deals
offered him in Russia in order to further the Kremlin’s cultivation of him.
However he and his inner circle have accepted a regular flow of
intelligence from the Kremlin, including on his Democratic and other
political rivals

– Former top Russian intelligence officer claims FSB has compromised
TRUMP through his activities in Moscow sufficiently to be able to
blackmail him. According to several knowledgeable sources, his conduct
in Moscow has included perverted sexual acts which have been
arranged/monitored by the FSB

A dossier of compromising material on Hillary CLINTON has been collated
by the Russian Intelligence Services over many years and mainly
comprises bugged conversations she had on various visits to Russia and
intercepted phone calls rather than any embarrassing conduct. The
dossier is controlled by Kremlin spokesman, PESKOV, directly on PUTIN’S
orders. However it has not as yet been distributed abroad, including to
TRUMP. Russian intentions for its deployment still unclear


1. Speaking to a trusted compatriot in June 2016 sources A and B, a senior
Russian Foreign Ministry figure and a former top level Russian
intelligence officer still active inside the Kremlin respectively, the Russian
authorities had been cultivating and supporting US Republican
presidential candidate, Donald TRUMP for at least 5 years. Source B
asserted that the TRUMP operation was both supported and directed by
Russian President Vladimir PUTIN. Its aim was to sow discord and



Kr,t-h within the US itself, but more especially within the
d‘ SU n,ty both w hn ‘ which was viewed as inimical to Russia’s interests.

” B “s S ia„ financial -metal said th. TRUMP operation
Sould to seen in iernts of PUTIN’S desire to return to!Nineteenth
roni-nrv’Great Power politics anchored upon countries interests
rhan the ideals-based international order established after Worl a
Two. S/he had overheard PUTIN talRihg in this way in dose associates on

several occasions.

? in terms of specifics, Source A confided that the Kremlin had been feeding
TRUMP and his team valuable intelligence on his opponents, including
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary CLINTON, for several years
^more below). This was confirmed by Source D, a close associate of
TRUMP who had organized and managed Ins recent trips to os ^° ^
who reported, also in June 2016, that this Russian >n»DM» be ™
“very helpful”. The Kremlin’s cultivation operation on 1 RUMP also
comprised offering him various lucrative real estate develop me _ ^

business deals in Russia, especially in relation to the ong g
Cup soccer tournament However, so far, for reasons unknown, T R

had not taken up any of these.

3 However, there were other aspects to TRUMP’s engagement with the
Russian authorities. One which had borne fruit for them was to exploit
TRUMP’S personal obsessions and sexual perversion in order to obta
suitable ‘kompromaf (compromising material) on him. According to
Source D, where s/he had been present, TRUMP’s (perverted) conduct in
Moscow included hiring the presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton Hotel,
where he knew President and Mrs OBAMA (whom he hated) had stayed
on one of their official trips to Russia, and defiling the bed where they had
slept by employing a number of prostitutes to perform a ’golden showers
(urination) show in front of him. The hotel was known to be under FSB
control with microphones and concealed cameras in all the main rooms
to record anything they wanted to.

4. The Moscow Ritz

who said that s/he and several of the staff were aware of it at the time
and subsequently. S/he believed it had happened in 2013. Soui ce E
provided an introduction for a company ethnic Russian operative to
Source F, a female staffer at the hotel when TRUMP had stayed there, who
also confirmed the story. Speaking separately in June 2016, Source B (the
former top level Russian intelligence officer) asserted that TRUMP’s
unorthodox behavior in Russia over the years had provided the
authorities there with enough embarrassing material on the now
Republican presidential candidate to be able to blackmail him if they so

5. Asked about the Kremlin’s reported intelligence feed to TRUMP over
recent years and rumours about a Russian dossier of ‘kompromat’ on



milarv CLINTON fbeing circulated). Source B confirmed the file’s
ex” ttnce S/™ confided in a trusted compatriot that it had been collated
by Department K of the FSB for many years, dating back to hcr husband
Bill’s presidency, and comprised mainly eavesdropped conversations o
various sorts rather than details/evidence of unorthodox or
embarrassing behavior. Some of the conversations were
comments CLINTON had made on her various trips to Russia an
on things she had said which contradicted her current position on vano
issues. Others were most probably from phone intercepts.

6. Continuing on this theme, Source G, a senior Kremlin o ffi ci al . confided
that the CLINTON dossier was controlled exclusively by chief Krem

spokesman, Dmitriy PESKOV, who was responsible for

compiling/handling it on the explicit instructions of PUTIN himself. T
dossier however had not as yet been made available abroad, “eluding
TRUMP or his campaign team. At present it was unclear what PU s
intentions were in this regard.

20 June 2016






Russia has extensive programme of state-sponsored offensive <3*
operations. External targets include foreign governments and mg
corporations, especially banks. FSB leads on cyber «« hin R ““ ,a “
apparatus. Limited success in attacking top foreign targets like G7
governments, security services and IFIs but much more on.secondM
ones through IT back doors, using corporate and other visito

FSB often uses coercion and blackmail to recruit mostc a p a ble cyber ,
operatives in Russia into its state-sponsored programmes. Heavy
both wittingly and unwittingly, of CIS emigres working in western
corporations and ethnic Russians employed by neighbouring
governments e.g. Latvia

Example cited of successful Russian cyber operation targeting senior
Western business visitor. Provided back door into important es ern

Example given of US citizen of Russian origin approached by FSB and
offered incentive of “investment” in his business when visiting Moscow.

Problems however for Russian authorities themselves in countering local
hackers and cyber criminals, operating outside state control. Central Bank
claims there were over 20 serious attacks on correspondent accounts
held by CBR in 2015, comprising Roubles several billion in fraud

Some details given of leading non-state Russian cyber criminal groups


1. Speaking in June 2016, a number of Russian figures with a detailed

knowledge of national cyber crime, both state-sponsored and otherwise,
outlined the current situation in this area. A former senior intelligence
officer divided Russian state-sponsored offensive cyber operations into
four categories (in order of priority):- targeting foreign, especially



western governments; penetrating leading foreign business corporations,
especially banks; domestic monitoring of the elite; and attacking political
opponents both at home and abroad. The former intelligence officer
reported that the Federal Security Service (FSB) was the lead
organization within the Russian state apparatus for cyber operations.

2. In terms of the success of Russian offensive cyber operations to date, a
senior government figure reported that there had been only limited
success in penetrating the “first tier” foreign targets. These comprised
western (especially G7 and NATO) governments, security and intelligence
services and central banks, and the IFls. To compensate for this shortfall,
massive effort had been invested, with much greater success, in attacking
the “secondary targets”, particularly western private banks and the
governments of smaller states allied to the West. S/he mentioned atvia
in this regard. Hundreds of agents, either consciously cooperating with
the FSB or whose personal and professional IT systems had been
unwittingly compromised, were recruited. Many were people who had
ethnic and family ties to Russia and/or had been incentivized financially
to cooperate. Such people often would receive monetary inducements or
contractual favours from the Russian state or its agents in return. This
had created difficulties for parts of the Russian state apparatus in
obliging/indulging them e.g. the Central Bank of Russia knowingly having
to cover up for such agents’ money laundering operations through the
Russian financial system.

3. In terms of the FSB’s recruitment of capable cyber operatives to carry out
its, ideally deniable, offensive cyber operations, a Russian IT specialist
with direct knowledge reported in June 2016 that this was often done
using coercion and blackmail. In terms of‘foreign’ agents, the FSB was
approaching US citizens of Russian (Jewish) origin on business trips to
Russia. In one case a US citizen of Russian ethnicity had been visiting
Moscow to attract investors in his new information technology program.
The FSB clearly knew this and had offered to provide seed capital to this
person in return for them being able to access and modify his IP, with a
view to targeting priority foreign targets by planting a Trojan virus in the
software. The US visitor was told this was common practice. The FSB also
had implied significant operational success as a result of installing cheap
Russian IT games containing their own malware unwittingly by targets
on their PCs and other platforms.

4. In a more advanced and successful FSB operation, an IT operator inside a
leading Russian SOE, who previously had been employed on conventional
(defensive) IT work there, had been under instruction for the last year to
conduct an offensive cyber operation against a foreign director of the
company. Although the latter was apparently an infrequent visitor to
Russia, the FSB now successfully had penetrated his personal IT and
through this had managed to access various important institutions in the
West through the back door.




5. In terms of other technical IT platforms, an FSB cyber operative flagged
up the ‘Telegram’ enciphered commercial system as having been of
especial concern and therefore heavily targeted by the FSB, not least
because it was used frequently by Russian internal political activists and
oppositionists. His/her understanding was that the FSB now successfully
had cracked this communications software and therefore it was no longer
secure to use.

6. The senior Russian government figure cited above also reported that
non-state sponsored cyber crime was becoming an increasing problem
inside Russia for the government and authorities there. The Central Bank
of Russia claimed that in 2015 alone there had been more than 20
attempts at serious cyber embezzlement of money from corresponding
accounts held there, comprising several billions Roubles. More generally,
s/he understood there were circa 15 major organised crime groups in the
country involved in cyber crime, all of which continued to operate largely
outside state and FSB control. These included the so-called ‘Anunak’,
‘Buktrap’ and ‘Metel’ organisations.

26 July 2015


4 –




Further evidence of extensive conspiracy between TRUMP’s campaign
team and Kremlin, sanctioned at highest levels and involving Russian
diplomatic staff based in the US

– TRUMP associate admits Kremlin behind recent appearance of DNC e-
mails on WikiLeaks, as means of maintaining plausible deniability

Agreed exchange of information established in both directions. TRUMP s
team using moles within DNC and hackers in the US as well as outside in
Russia. PUTIN motivated by fear and hatred of Hillary CLINTON. Russians
receiving intel from TRUMP’s team on Russian oligarchs and their families
in US

Mechanism for transmitting this intelligence involves “pension”
disbursements to Russian emigres living in US as cover, using consular
officials in New York, DC and Miami

Suggestion from source close to TRUMP and MANAFORT that Republican
campaign team happy to have Russia as media bogeyman to mask more
extensive corrupt business ties to China and other emerging countries


1. Speaking in confidence to a compatriot in late July 2016, Source E, an
ethnic Russian close associate of Republican US presidential candidate
Donald TRUMP, admitted that there was a well-developed conspiracy of
co-operation between them and the Russian leadership. This was
managed on the TRUMP side by the Republican candidate’s campaign
manager, Paul MANAFORT, who was using foreign policy advisor, Carter
PAGE, and others as intermediaries. The two sides had a mutual interest
in defeating Democratic presidential candidate Hillary CLINTON, whom
President PUTIN apparently both hated and feared.

2. Inter alia, Source E, acknowledged that the Russian regime had been
behind the recent leak of embarrassing e-mail messages, emanating from
the Democratic National Committee (DNC), to the WikiLeaks platform.



The reason for using WikiLeaks was “plausible deniability” and the
operation had been conducted with the full knowledge and support of
TRUMP and senior members of his campaign team. In return the TRUMP
team had agreed to sideline Russian intervention in Ukraine as a
campaign issue and to raise US/NATO defence commitments in the
Baltics and Eastern Europe to deflect attention away from Ukraine, a
priority for PUTIN who needed to cauterise the subject.

In the wider context of TRUMP campaign/Kremlin co-operation, Source E
claimed that the intelligence network being used against CLINTON
comprised three elements. Firstly there were agents/facilitators within
the Democratic Party structure itself; secondly Russian emigre and
associated offensive cyber operators based in the US; and thirdly, state-
sponsored cyber operatives working in Russia. All three elements had
played an important role to date. On the mechanism for rewarding
relevant assets based in the US, and effecting a two-way flow of
intelligence and other useful information, Source E claimed that Russian
diplomatic staff in key cities such as New York, Washington DC and
Miami were using the emigre ‘pension’ distribution system as cover. The
operation therefore depended on key people in the US Russian emigre
community for its success. Tens of thousands of dollars were involve .

In terms of the intelligence flow from the TRUMP team to Russia, Source
E reported that much of this concerned the activities of business
oligarchs and their families’ activities and assets in the US, with which
PUTIN and the Kremlin seemed preoccupied.

Commenting on the negative media publicity surrounding alleged
Russian interference in the US election campaign in support of TRUMP,
Source E said he understood that the Republican candidate and his team
were relatively relaxed about this because it deflected media and the
Democrats’ attention away from TRUMP’s business dealings in China and
other emerging markets. Unlike in Russia, these were substantial and
involved the payment of large bribes and kickbacks which, were they to
become public, would be potentially very damaging to their campaign.

Finally, regarding TRUMP’s claimed minimal investment profile in Russia,
a separate source with direct knowledge said this had not been for want
of trying. TRUMP’s previous efforts had included exploring the real estate
sector in St Petersburg as well as Moscow but in the end TRUMP had had
to settle for the use of extensive sexual services there from local
prostitutes rather than business success.





– TRUMP advisor Carter PAGE holds secret meetings in Moscow with
SECHIN and senior Kremlin Internal Affairs official, DIVYEKIN

– SECHIN raises issues of future bilateral US-Russia energy co-operation
and associated lifting of western sanctions against Russia over Ukraine.
PAGE non-committal in response

– DIVEYKIN discusses release of Russian dossier of ‘kompromat’ on
TRUMP’s opponent, Hillary CLINTON, but also hints at Kremlin
possession of such material on TRUMP


1. Speaking in July 2016, a Russian source close to Rosneft President, PUTIN
close associate and US-sanctioned individual, Igor SECHIN, confided the
details of a recent secret meeting between him and visiting Foreign
Affairs Advisor to Republican presidential candidate Donald TRUMP,

Carter PAGE.

2. According to SECHIN’s associate, the Rosneft President [CEO) had raised
with PAGE the issues of future bilateral energy cooperation and
prospects for an associated move to lift Ukraine-related western
sanctions against Russia. PAGE had reacted positively to this demarche
by SECHIN but had been generally non-committal in response.

3. Speaking separately, also in July 2016, an official close to Presidential
Administration Head, S. IVANOV, confided in a compatriot that a senior
colleague in the Internal Political Department of the PA, DIVYEKIN (nfd)
also had met secretly with PAGE on his recent visit. Their agenda had
included DIVEYKIN raising a dossier of’kompromat’ the Kremlin
possessed on TRUMP’s Democratic presidential rival, Hillary CLINTON,
and its possible release to the Republican’s campaign team.

4. However, the Kremlin official close to S. IVANOV added that s/he believed
DIVEYKIN also had hinted (or indicated more strongly) that the Russian
leadership also had ‘kompromat’ on TRUMP which the latter should bear
in mind in his dealings with them.

19 July 2016




Kremlin concerned that political fallout from DNC e-mail hacking operation is spiralling
out of control. Extreme nervousness among TRUMP’s associates as result of negative
media attention/accusations

Russians meanwhile keen to cool situation and maintain ‘plausible deniability’ of
existing /ongoing pro-TRUMP and anti-CLINTON operations. Therefore unlikely to be
any ratcheting up offensive plays in immediate future

Source close to TRUMP campaign however confirms regular exchange with Kremlin
has existed for at least 8 years, including intelligence fed back to Russia on oligarchs’
activities in US

Russians apparently have promised not to use ‘kompromat’ they hold on TRUMP as
leverage, given high levels of voluntary co-operation forthcoming from his team


1. Speaking in confidence to a trusted associate in late July 2016, a Russian emigre figure
close to the Republican US presidential candidate Donald TRUMP’s campaign team
commented on the fallout from publicity surrounding the Democratic National
Committee (DNC) e-mail hacking scandal. The emigre said there was a high level of
anxiety within the TRUMP team as a result of various accusations levelled against
them and indications from the Kremlin that President PUTIN and others in the
leadership thought things had gone too far now and risked spiralling out of control.

2. Continuing on this theme, the emigre associate of TRUMP opined that the Kremlin
wanted the situation to calm but for ‘plausible deniability’ to be maintained
concerning its (extensive) pro-TRUMP and anti-CLINTON operations. S/he therefore
judged that it was unlikely these would be ratcheted up, at least for the time being.

3. However, in terms of established operational liaison between the TRUMP team and
the Kremlin, the emigre confirmed that an intelligence exchange had been running
between them for at least 8 years. Within this context PUTIN’S priority requirement
had been for intelligence on the activities, business and otherwise, in the US of leading
Russian oligarchs and their families. TRUMP and his associates duly had obtained and
supplied the Kremlin with this information.


Finally the emigre said s/he understood the Kremlin had more intelligence on
CLINTON and her campaign but he did not know the details or when or »it wouW be
released As far as ‘kompromat’ (compromising information) on TRUM
concerned, although there was plenty of this, he understood the Kremlin had gi^^
word that it would not be deployed against the Republican president^ ^

given how helpful and co-operative his team had been over sever y ,
particularly of late.

30 July 2016




Head of PA IVANOV laments Russian intervention in US presidential
election and black PR against CLINTON and the DNC. Vows not to supply
intelligence to Kremlin PR operatives again. Advocates now sitting tight
and denying everything

Presidential spokesman PESKOV the main protagonist in Kremlin
campaign to aid TRUMP and damage CLINTON. He is now scared and
fears being made scapegoat by leadership for backlash in US. Problem
compounded by his botched intervention in recent Turkish crisis

Premier MEDVEDEV’S office furious over DNC hacking and associated
anti-Russian publicity. Want good relations with US and ability to travel
there. Refusing to support or help cover up after PESKOV

Talk now in Kremlin of TRUMP withdrawing from presidential race
altogether, but this still largely wishful thinking by more liberal elements
in Moscow


1. Speaking in early August 2016, two well-placed and established Kremlin
sources outlined the divisions and backlash in Moscow arising from the
leaking of Democratic National Committee (DNC) e-mails and the wider
pro-TRUMP operation being conducted in the US. Head of Presidential
Administration, Sergei IVANOV, was angry at the recent turn of events.

He believed the Kremlin “team” involved, led by presidential spokesman
Dmitriy PESKOV, had gone too far in interfering in foreign affairs with
their “elephant in a china shop black PR”. IVANOV claimed always to have
opposed the handling and exploitation of intelligence by this PR “team”.
Following the backlash against such foreign interference in US politics,
IVANOV was advocating that the only sensible course of action now for
the Russian leadership was to “sit tight and deny everything”.

2. Continuing on this theme the source close to IVANOV reported that
PESKOV now was “scared shitless” that he would be scapegoated by
PUTIN and the Kremlin and held responsible for the backlash against
Russian political interference in the US election. IVANOV was determined


to stop PESKOV playing an independent role in relation to the US going
forward and the source fully expected the presidential spokesman now to
lay low. PESKOV s position was not helped by a botched attempt by him
also to interfere in the recent failed coup in Turkey from a government
relations (GR) perspective (no further details].

3. The extent of disquiet and division within Moscow caused by the

backlash against Russian interference in the US election was underlined
by a second source, close to premier Dmitriy MEDVEDEV (DAM]. S/he
said the Russian prime minister and his colleagues wanted to have good
relations with the US, regardless of who was in power there, and not least
so as to be able to travel there in future, either officially or privately. They
were openly refusing to cover up for PESKOV and others involved in the
DNC/TRUMP operations or to support his counter-attack of allegations
against the USG for its alleged hacking of the Russian government and
state agencies.

4. According to the first source, close to IVANOV, there had been talk in the
Kremlin of TRUMP being forced to withdraw from the presidential race
altogether as a result of recent events, ostensibly on grounds of his
psychological state and unsuitability for high office. This might not be so
bad for Russia in the circumstances but in the view of the source, it
remained largely wishful thinking on the part of those in the regime
opposed to PESKOV and his “botched” operations, at least for the time

5 August 2016




Head of PA, IVANOV assesses Kremlin intervention in US presidential election and outlines leadership
thinkingon operational wayforward

No new leaks envisaged, as too politically risky, but rather further exploitation of (WikiLeaks) material
already disseminated to exacerbate divisions

Educated US youth to be targeted as protest(againstCLINTON) and swing vote in attempt to turn them
over to TRUMP

Russian leadership, including PUTIN, celebrating perceived success to date in splitting US hawks and

Kremlin engaging with several high profile US players, including STEIN, PAGE and (former DlA Director
Michael Flynn), and funding their recent visits to Moscow


1. Speaking in confidence to a close colleague in early August 2016, Head of the Russian Presidential
Administration (PA), Sergei IVANOV, assessed the impact and results of Kremlin intervention in the US
presidential election to date. Although most commentators believed that the Kremlin was behind the
leaked DNC/CLINTON e-mails, this remained technically deniable. Therefore the Russians would not
risk their position for the time being with new leaked material, even to a third party like WikiLeaks.
Rather the tactics would be to spread rumours and misinformation about the content of what already
had been leaked and make up new content.

2. Continuing on this theme, IVANOV said that the audience to be targeted by such operations was the
educated youth in America as the PA assessed thatthere was still a chancethey could be persuaded to
vote for Republican candidate Donald TRUMP as a protest against the Washington establishment (in
the form of Democratic candidate Hillary CLINTON). The hope was that even if she won, as a resultof
this CLINTON in power would be bogged down in working for internal reconciliation in the US, rather
than being ableto focus on foreign policy which would damage Russia’s interests.This also should give
PresidentPUTIN more room for manoeuvre inthe run-upto Russia’s own presidential election in 2018.

3. IVANOV reported that although the Kremlin had underestimated the strength of US media and liberal
reaction to the DNC hackand TRUMP’s links to Russia, PUTIN was generally satisfied with the progress
of the anti-CLINTON operation to date. He recently had had a drink with PUTIN to markthis. In IVANOV’s
view,the US hadtriedto dividethe Russian elite with sanctions butfailed, whilstthey, by contrast, had
succeeded in splittingthe US hawks inimical to Russiaand the Washington elite more generally, half of
whom had refused to endorse any presidential candidateas a resultof Russian intervention.


Speaking separately, also in early August 2016, a Kremlin official involved in US relations commented
on aspects ofthe Russian operation todate. Its goals had been threefold- askingsympathetic USactors
how Moscow could help them; gathering relevant intelligence; and creating and disseminating

compromising information(‘kompromat’). This had involved the Kremlin supporting various US political

figures including funding indirectly their recent visits to Moscow. S/he named a delegation from
Lyndon UROUCHE; presidential candidateJill STEIN ofthe Green Party; TRUMP foreign policy adviser


Carter PAGE; and former DIA Director Michael Flynn, in this regard and as successful in terms of
perceived outcomes.

10 August 2016




TRUMP campaign insider reports recent DNC e-mail leaks were aimed at switching SANDERS (protest)
voters away from CLINTON and over to TRUMP

Admits Republican campaign underestimated resulting negative reaction from US liberals, elite and
media and forced to change course as result

Need now to turn tables on CLINTON’S use of PUTIN as bogeyman in election, although some
resentment at Russian president’s perceived attempt to undermine USG and system over and above
swinging presidents I election


1. Speaking in confidence on 9 August 2016, an ethnic Russian associate of Republican US presidential
candidate Donald TRUMP discussed the reaction inside his camp, and revised tactics therein resulting
from recent negative publicity concerning Moscow’s clandestine involvement in the campaign.
TRUMP’s a ssociate reported that the a i m of I ea ki ng the DNC e-ma i I s to Wi ki Lea ks during the Democratic
Convention had been to swi ng supporters of Bernie SANDERS awayfrom Hillary CLINTON and across to
TRUMP. Thesevoters were perceived as activistand anti -status quoand anti-establishment and inthat
regard sharing many features with the TRUMP campaign, including a visceral dislike of Hillary CLINTON.
This objective had been conceived and promoted, inter alia, by TRUMP’s foreign policy adviser Carter
PAGE who had discussed itdirectly with the ethnic Russian associate.

2. Continuing on thistheme, the ethnic Russian associateof TRUMP assessed that the problem wasthat
the TRUMP campaign had underestimated the strength of the negative reaction from liberals and
especially the conservative elite to Russian interference. This was forcing a rethink and a likely change
of tactics. The main objective in the shortterm was to check Democratic candidate Hillary CLINTON’S
successful exploitation of the PUTIN as bogeyman/Russian interference story to tarnish TRUMP and
bolster her own (patriotic) credentials.The TRUMP campaign was focusingon tapping into supportin
the American television media to achievethis, as they reckoned this resource had been underused by
them to date.

3. However, TRUMP’s associate also admitted that there was a fair amount of anger and resentment
within the Republican candidate’s team at what was perceived by PUTIN as going beyond the objective
of weakening CLINTON and bolstering TRUMP, by attempting to exploitthe situation to undermine the
US government and democratic system more generally. It was unclear at present how this aspect of
the situation would play out in the weeks to come.

10 August 2016




– Kremlin insider reports TRUMP lawyer COHEN’s secret meeting/s with Kremlin officials in
August 2016 was/were held in Prague

– Russian parastatal organisation Rossotrudnichestvo used as cover for this liaison and premises
in Czech capital may have been used for the meeting/s

– Pro-PUTIN leading Duma figure, KOSACHEV, reportedly involved as “plausibly deniable”
facilitator and may have participated in the August meeting/s with COHEN


1. Speaking to a compatriot and friend on 19 October 2016, a Kremlin insider provided further
details of reported clandestine meeting/s between Republican presidential candidate, Donald
TRUMP’S lawyer Michael COHEN and Kremlin representatives in August 2016. Although the
communication between them had to be cryptic for security reasons, the Kremlin insider
clearly indicated to his/her friend that the reported contact/s took place in Prague, Czech

2. Continuing on this theme, the Kremlin insider highlighted the importance of the Russian
parastatal organisation, Rossotrudnichestvo, in this contact between TRUMP campaign
representative/s and Kremlin officials. Rossotrudnichestvo was being used as cover for this
relationship and its office in Prague may well have been used to host the COHEN / Russian
Presidential Administration (PA) meeting/s. It was considered a “plausibly deniable” vehicle
for this, whilst remaining entirely under Kremlin control.

3. The Kremlin insider went on to identify leading pro-PUTIN Duma figure, Konstantin
KOSACHEV (Head of the Foreign Relations Committee) as an important figure in the TRUMP
campaign-Kremlin liaison operation. KOSACHEV, also “plausibly deniable” being part of the
Russian legislature rather than executive, had facilitated the contact in Prague and by
implication, may have attended the meeting/s with COHEN there in August.

Company Comment

We reported previously, in our Company Intelligence Report 2016/135 of 19 October 2016 from the
same source, that COHEN met officials from the PA Legal Department clandestinely in an EU
country in August 2016. This was in order to clean up the mess left behind by western media
revelations of TRUMP ex-campaign manager MANAFORT’s corrupt relationship with the former
pro-Russian YANUKOVYCH regime in Ukraine and TRUMP foreign policy advisor, Carter
PAGE’S secret meetings in Moscow with senior regime figures in July 2016. According to the
Kremlin advisor, these meeting/s were originally scheduled for COHEN in Moscow but shifted to

what was considered an operationally “soft” EU country when it was judged too compromising
for him to travel to the Russian capital.

20 October 2016




– Ex-Ukrainian President YANUKOVYCH confides directly to PUTIN that he
authorised kick-back payments to MANAFORT, as alleged in western
media. Assures Russian President however there is no documentary

PUTIN and Russian leadership remain worried however and sceptical that
YANUKOVYCH has fully covered the traces of these payments to TRUMP’s
former campaign manager

– Close associate of TRUMP explains reasoning behind MANAFORT’s recent
resignation. Ukraine revelations played part but others wanted
MANAFORT out for various reasons, especially LEWANDOWSK1 who
remains influential


1. Speaking in late August 2016, in the immediate aftermath of Paul
MANAFORT’s resignation as campaign manager for US Republican
presidential candidate Donald TRUMP, a well-placed Russian figure
reported on a recent meeting between President PUTIN and ex-President
YANUKOVYCH of Ukraine. This had been held in secret on 15 August near
Volgograd, Russia and the western media revelations about MANAFORT
and Ukraine had featured prominently on the agenda. YANUKOVYCH had
confided in PUTIN that he did authorise and order substantial kick-back
payments to MANAFORT as alleged but sought to reassure him that there
was no documentary trail left behind which could provide clear evidence
of this.

2. Given YANUKOVYCH’S (unimpressive) record in covering up his own
corrupt tracks in the past, PUTIN and others in the Russian leadership
were sceptical about the ex-Ukrainian president’s reassurances on this as
relating to MANAFORT. They therefore still feared the scandal had legs,
especially as MANAFORT had been commercially active in Ukraine right
up to the time (in March 2016) when he joined TRUMP’s campaign team.
For them it therefore remained a point of potential political vulnerability
and embarrassment.

3. Speaking separately, also in late August 2016, an American political
figure associated with Donald TRUMP and his campaign outlined the
reasons behind MANAFORT’s recent demise. S/he said it was true that
the Ukraine corruption revelations had played a part in this but also,
several senior players close to TRUMP had wanted MANAFORT out,
primarily to loosen his control on strategy and policy formulation. Of
particular importance in this regard was MANAFORT’s predecessor as
campaign manager, Corey LEWANDOWSKI, who hated MANAFORT
personally and remained close to TRUMP with whom he discussed the
presidential campaign on a regular basis.

22 August 2016




Kremlin orders senior staff to remain silent in media and private on
allegations of Russian interference in US presidential campaign

Senior figure however confirms gist of allegations and repo^ IVANOV
sacked as Head of Administration on account of giving PUTIN poor advice
on issue. VAINO selected as his replacement partly because he was no
involved in pro-TRUMP, anti-CLINTON operation/s

Russians do have further ‘kompromat’ on CLINTON (e-mails) and
considering disseminating it after Duma (legislative elections) in a e
September. Presidential spokesman PESKOV continues to lead on this

However, equally important is Kremlin objective to shift policy consensus
favourably to Russia in US post-OBAMA whoever wins. Both presidential
candidates’ opposition to TPP and TTIP viewed as a result in this respect

– Senior Russian diplomat withdrawn from Washington embassy on
account of potential exposure in US presidential election operation/s


1. Speaking in confidence to a trusted compatriot in mid-September 2016, a
senior member of the Russian Presidential Administration (PA)
commented on the political fallout from recent western media
revelations about Moscow’s intervention, in favour of Donald TRUMP and
against Hillary CLINTON, in the US presidential election. The PA official
reported that the issue had become incredibly sensitive and that
President PUTIN had issued direct orders that Kremlin and government
insiders should not discuss it in public or even in private.

2. Despite this, the PA official confirmed, from direct knowledge, that the
gist of the allegations was true. PUTIN had been receiving conflicting
advice on interfering from three separate and expert groups. On one side
had been the Russian ambassador to the US, Sergei K1SLYAK, and the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with an independent and informal
network run by presidential foreign policy advisor, Yuri USHAKOV

(KISLYAK’s predecessor in Washington) who had urged caution and the
potential negative impact on Russia from the operation/s. On the other
side was former PA Head, Sergei IVANOV, backed by Russian Foreign
Intelligence (SVR), who had advised PUTIN that the pro-TRUMP, anti-
CLINTON operation/s would be both effective and plausibly deniable
with little blowback. The first group/s had been proven right and this had
been the catalyst in PUTIN’S decision to sack IVANOV (unexpectedly) as
PA Head in August. His successor, Anton VAINO, had been selected for the
job partly because he had not been involved in the US presidential
election operation/s.

3. Continuing on this theme, the senior PA official said the situation now
was that the Kremlin had further ‘kompromat’ on candidate CLINTON
and had been considering releasing this via “plausibly deniable” channels
after the Duma (legislative) elections were out of the way in mid-
September. There was however a growing train of thought and associated
lobby, arguing that the Russians could still make candidate CLINTON look
“weak and stupid” by provoking her into railing against PUTIN and
Russia without the need to release more of her e-mails. Presidential
Spokesman, Dmitriy PESKOV remained a key figure in the operation,
although any final decision on dissemination of further material would be
taken by PUTIN himself.


The senior PA official also reported that a growing element in Moscow s
intervention in the US presidential election campaign was the objective of
shifting the US political consensus in Russia’s perceived interests
regardless of who won. It basically comprised of pushing candidate
CLINTON away from President OBAMA’s policies. The best example of
this was that both candidates now openly opposed the draft trade
agreements, TPP and TTIP, which were assessed by Moscow as
detrimental to Russian interests. Other issues where the Kremlin was
looking to shift the US policy consensus were Ukraine and Syria. Overall
however, the presidential election was considered still to be too close to

5. Finally, speaking separately to the same compatriot, a senior Russian
MFA official reported that as a prophylactic measure, a leading Russian
diplomat, Mikhail KULAGIN, had been withdrawn from Washington at
short notice because Moscow feared his heavy involvement in the US
presidential election operation, including the so-called veterans’ pensions
ruse (reported previously), would be exposed in the media there. His
replacement, Andrei BONDAREV however was clean in this regard.

Company Comment

The substance of what was reported by the senior Russian PA official in paras 1
and 2 above, including the reasons for Sergei IVANOV’s dismissal, was
corroborated independently by a former top level Russian intelligence officer
and Kremlin insider, also in mid-September.

14 September 2016




– Top level Russian official confirms current closeness of Alpha Group-
PUT1N relationship. Significant favours continue to be done in both
directions and FRIDMAN and AVEN still giving informal advice to PUTIN,
especially on the US

Key intermediary in PUTIN-Alpha relationship identified as Oleg
GOVORUN, currently Head of a Presidential Administration department
but throughout the 1990s, the Alpha executive who delivered illicit cash
directly to PUTIN

PUTIN personally unbothered about Alpha’s current lack of investment in
Russia but under pressure from colleagues over this and able to exploit it
as lever over Alpha interlocutors


1. Speaking to a trusted compatriot in mid-September 2016, a top level
Russian government official commented on the history and current state
of relations between President PUTIN and the Alpha Group of businesses
led by oligarchs Mikhail FRIDMAN, Petr AVEN and German KHAN. The
Russian government figure reported that although they had had their ups
and downs, the leading figures in Alpha currently were on very good
terms with PUTIN. Significant favours continued to be done in both
directions, primarily political ones for PUTIN and business/legal ones for
Alpha. Also, FRIDMAN and AVEN continued to give informal advice to
PUTIN on foreign policy, and especially about the US where he distrusted
advice being given to him by officials.

2. Although FRIDMAN recently had met directly with PUTIN in Russia, much
of the dialogue and business between them was mediated through a
senior Presidential Administration official, Oleg GOVORUN, who currently
headed the department therein responsible for Social Co-operation With
the CIS. GOVORUN was trusted by PUTIN and recently had accompanied
him to Uzbekistan to pay respects at the tomb of former president
KARIMOV. However according to the top level Russian government
official, during the 1990s GOVORUN had been Head of Government
Relations at Alpha Group and in reality, the “driver” and “bag carrier”

used by FRIDMAN and AVEN to deliver large amounts of illicit cash to the
Russian president, at that time deputy Mayor of St Petersburg. Given that
and the continuing sensitivity of the PUTIN-Alpha relationship, and need
for plausible deniability, much of the contact between them was now
indirect and entrusted to the relatively low profile GOVORUN.

3. The top level Russian government official described the PUTIN-Alpha
relationship as both carrot and stick. Alpha held ‘kompromat’ on PUTIN
and his corrupt business activities from the 1990s whilst although not
personally overly bothered by Alpha’s failure to reinvest the proceeds of
its TNK oil company sale into the Russian economy since, the Russian
president was able to use pressure on this count from senior Kremlin
colleagues as a lever on FRIDMAN and AVEN to make them do his
political bidding.

14 September 2016




Two knowledgeable St Petersburg sources claim Republican candidate
TRUMP has paid bribes and engaged in sexual activities there but key
witnesses silenced and evidence hard to obtain

– Both believe Azeri business associate of TRUMP, Araz AGALAROV will
know the details


1. Speaking to a trusted compatriot in September 2016, two well-placed
sources based in St Petersburg, one in the political/business elite and the
other involved in the local services and tourist industry, commented on
Republican US presidential candidate Donald TRUMP’s prior activities in
the city.

2. Both knew TRUMP had visited St Petersburg on several occasions in the
past and had been interested in doing business deals there involving real
estate. The local business/political elite figure reported that TRUMP had
paid bribes there to further his interests but very discreetly and only
through affiliated companies, making it very hard to prove. The local
services industry source reported that TRUMP had participated in sex
parties in the city too, but that all direct witnesses to this recently had
been “silenced” i.e. bribed or coerced to disappear.

3. The two St Petersburg figures cited believed an Azeri business figure,
Araz AGALAROV (with offices in Baku and London) had been closely
involved with TRUMP in Russia and would know most of the details of
what the Republican presidential candidate had got up to there.

14 September 2016




Buyer’s remorse sets In with Kremlin over TRUMP support operation In US presidential
election. Russian leadership disappointed that leaked e-mails on CLINTON have not had
greater impact in campaign

Russians have Injected further antt-CLINTON material into Ihe ‘plausibly deniable’ leaks
pipeline which will continue to surface, hut best material already In public domain

PUTIN angry with senior officials who “overpromised 1 ‘ on TRUMP and lurther heads likely to
roll as result. Foreign Minister LAVROV may be next

TRUMP supported by Kremlm because seen as divisive, anti-establishment candidate who
would shake up current International status quo In Russia’s favor. Lead on TRUMP operation
moved from Foreign Ministry to FSB and then to presidential administration where it now sits


1. Speaking separately in confidence to a trusted compatriot in early October 2016, a senior
Russian leadership figure and a Foreign Ministry official reported on recent developments
concernmg the Kremlin’s operation to support Republican candidate Donatd TRUMP in the
US presidential election. The senior leadership figure said that a degree of buyer’s remorse
was setting in among Russian leaders concerning TRUMP. PUTIN and his colleagues were
surprised and disappointed that leaks of Democratic candidate, Hillary CLINTON’S hacked
e-mails had not had greater impact on the campaign.

2. Continuing on this theme, the senior leadership figure commented that a stream of further
hacked CLINTON material already had been injected by the Kremlin Into compliant western
media outlets like Wiki leaks, which remained at least “plausibly deniable 4 , so the stream of
these would continue through October and up to the etection. However s/he understood that
the best material the Russians had already was out and there were no real game-changers
to come.

3. The Russian Foreign Ministry official, who had direct access to the TRUMP support
operation, reported that PUTIN was angry at his subordinate’s “over-promising’’ on the
Republican presidential candidate, both in terms of hts chances and reliability and being
able to cover anchor contain the US backlash over Kremlin interference. More heads
therefore were likely to roll, with the MFA the easiest target. Ironically, despite his consistent
urging of caution on the Issue, Foreign Minister LAVROV could be the next one to go.

4. Asked to explain why PUTIN and the Kremlin had launched such an aggressive TRUMP
support operation In the first place, the MFA official said that Russia needed to upset the
liberal International status quo, including on Ukraine-related sanctions, which was seriously

2 *

disadvantaging the country. TRUMP was viewed as divisive in disrupting the whole US
political system; anti-Establishment; and a pragmatist with whom they could do business. As
the TRUMP support operation had gained momentum, control of it had passed from the mha
to the FSB and then into the presidential administration where It remained, a reflection of its
growing significance over time. There was still a view In the Kremlin that TRUMP would
continue as a (divisive) political force even If he lost the presidency and may run for and be
elected to another public ollice.

12 October 2016




■ Close associate of SECHIN confirms his secret meeting in Moscow with Carter FACE in July

– Substance included offer of large stake in Rosneft in return for lifting sanctions on Russia. PACE
confirms this is TRUMP’s intention

– SECHIN continued to think. TRUMP could win presidency up to 17 October. Now looking to

reorientate his engagement with the US

■ Kremlin insider highlights importance of TRUMP’s lawyer, Michael COHEN in covert

relationship with Russia. COHEN’s wife is of Russian descent and her father a leading property
developer in Moscow


T Speaking to a trusted compatriot in mid October 2016, a dose associate of Rosneft President
and PUTIN ally Igor” SECHIN elaborated on the reported secret meeting between the tatter
and Carter PAGE, of L T S Republican presidential candidate’s foreign policy team, in Moscow in
July 2016, The secret meeting had been confirmed to him/her by a senior member of SECHIN’s
staff, in addition to by the Rosneft President himself. It took place on either 7 or 8 July, the same
day or the one after Carter PAGE made a public speech to the Higher Economic School in

2. In terms of the substance of their discussion/ SECHIN’s assoriate said that the Rosneft
President was so keen to lift personal and corporate western sanctions imposed on the
company, that he offered PAGE/TRUMPs associates the brokerage of up to a 19 per cent
(privatised) stake in Rosneft in return, PAGE had expressed interest and confirmed that were
TRUMP elected US president, then sanctions on Russia would be lifted,

3. According to SECHIN’s dose associate, the Rosneft President had continued to believe that
TRUMP could win the US presidency right up to 17 October/ when he assessed this was no
longer possible, SECHIN was keen to re-adapt accordingly and put feelers out to other
business and political contacts in the US instead,

4. Speaking separately to the same compatriot in mid-October 2016, a Kremlin insider with direct
access to the leadership confirmed that a key role in the secret TRUMP campaign / Kremlin
relations hip was being played by the Republican candidat e’s personal lawyer Michael

Source Comment

5, SECHIN’s associate opined that although PAGE had not stated it explicitly to SECHIN, he had
dearly implied that in terms of his comment on TRUMP’s intention to lift Russian sanctions if
elected president, he was speaking with the Republican candidate’s authority.

Company Comment

18 October 2016




– Kremlin insider outlines important role played by TRUMP’s lawyer
COHEN in secret liaison with Russian leadership

– COHEN engaged with Russians in trying to cover up scandal of
MANAFORT and exposure of PAGE and meets Kremlin officials secretly in
the EU in August in pursuit of this goal

These secret contacts continue but are now farmed out to trusted agents
in Kremlin-linked institutes so as to remain “plausibly deniable for
Russian regime

Further confirmation that sacking of IVANOV and appointments of VA1N0
and KIR1YENKO linked to need to cover up Kremlin’s TRUMP support


1. Speaking in confidence to a longstanding compatriot friend in mid-
October 2016, a Kremlin insider highlighted the importance of
Republican presidential candidate Donald TRUMP’s lawyer, Michael
COHEN, in the ongoing secret liaison relationship between the New York
tycoon’s campaign and the Russian leadership. COHEN’s role had grown
following the departure of Paul MANNAFORT as TRUMP’s campaign
manager in August 2016. Prior to that MANNAFORT had led for the
TRUMP side.

2. According to the Kremlin insider, COHEN now was heavily engaged in a
cover up and damage limitation operation in the attempt to prevent the
full details of TRUMP’s relationship with Russia being exposed. In
pursuit of this aim, COHEN had met secretly with several Russian
Presidential Administration (PA) Legal Department officials in an EU
country in August 2016. The immediate issues had been to contain
further scandals involving MANNAFORT’s commercial and political role
in Russia/Ukraine and to limit the damage arising from exposure of
former TRUMP foreign policy advisor, Carter PAGE’S secret meetings
with Russian leadership figures in Moscow the previous month. The

overall objective had been to “to sweep it all under the carpet and make
sure no connections could be fully established or proven”

3. Things had become even “hotter” since August on the TRUMP-Russia
track. According to the Kremlin insider, this had meant that direct contact
between the TRUMP team and Russia had been farmed out by the
Kremlin to trusted agents of influence working in pro-government policy
institutes like that of Law and Comparative Jurisprudence. COHEN
however continued to lead for the TRUMP team.

4. Referring back to the (surprise) sacking of Sergei IVANOV as Head of PA
in August 2016, his replacement by Anton VAINO and the appointment o
former Russian premier Sergei KIRIYENKO to another senior position in
the PA, the Kremlin insider repeated that this had been directly
connected to the TRUMP support operation and the need to cover up now
that it was being exposed by the USG and in the western media.

Company Comment

The Kremlin insider was unsure of the identities of the PA officials with whom
COHEN met secretly in August, or the exact date/s and locations of the
meeting/s. There were significant internal security barriers being erected in the
PA as the TRUMP issue became more controversial and damaging. However s/he
continued to try to obtain these.

19 October 2016




– TRUMP’s representative COHEN accompanied to Prague in

August/September 2016 by 3 colleagues for secret discussions with
Kremlin representatives and associated operators/hackers

Agenda included how to process deniable cash payments to operatives;
contingency plans for covering up operations; and action in event of a
CLINTON election victory

Some further details of Russian representatives/operatives involved;
Romanian hackers employed; and use of Bulgaria as bolthole to “lie low”

– Anti-CLINTON hackers and other operatives paid by both TRUMP team
and Kremlin, but with ultimate loyalty to Head of PA, IVANOV and his


1. We reported previously (2016/135 and /136) on secret meeting/s held
in Prague, Czech Republic in August 2016 between then Republican
presidential candidate Donald TRUMP’s representative, Michael COHEN
and his interlocutors from the Kremlin working under cover of Russian
‘NGO’ Rossotrudnichestvo.

CL/NTON/Democratic Party operations. COHEN had been accompanied
to Prague by 3 colleagues and the timing of the visit was either in the last
week of August or the first week of September. One of their main Russian
interlocutors was Oleg SOLODUKHIN operating under
Rossotrudnichestvo cover. According the agenda

comprised questions on how deniable cash payments were to be made to
hackers who had worked in Europe under Kremlin direction against the
CLINTON campaign and various contingencies for covering up these
operations and Moscow’s secret liaison with the TRUMP team more

provided further details of these meeting/s and associated anti-

3. aver rhe period MarcIvSepfember 2016

^cmpan^alled^^^^^^Mand its affiliates had been using botnets
and porn traffic to transmit viruses, plant bugs, steal data and conduct
“altering operatjons*^gamsUhe Democratic Party leadership. Entities
Linked to involved and hean^mother

hackjn^xpert, both recruited under duress by the FSB,^^H
■■■■Mwere significant players in this operation, In Prague,
COHEN agreed contingency plans for various scenarios to protect the
operation, but in particular what was to be done in the event that Hillary
CLINTON won the presidency. It was important in this event that ad cash
payments owed were made quickly and discreetly and that cyher and
other operators were stood down/a hie to go effectively to ground to
cover their traces. (We reported earlier that the involvement of political
Operatives Paul MAN A FORT and Carter PAGE in the secret TRUMP-
Kremlin liaison had been exposed in the media in the run-up to Prague
and that damage limitation of these also was discussed by COHEN with
the Kremlin representatives).

4. In terms of practical measures to be taken. It was agreed by the two sides
in Prague to stand down various “Romanian hackers” (presumably based
in their homeland or neighbouring eastern Europe) and that other
operatives should head fur a bolt-hole in Plovdiv, Bulgaria where they
should “lay low”. On payments, IVANOV’S associate said that the
operatives involved had been paid by both TRUMP’S team and the
Kremlin, though their orders and ultimate loyalty lay with IVANOV, as
Head of the PA and thus ultimately responsible for the operation, and his
designated successor/s after he was dismissed by president PUTIN in
connection with iheanti-CLINTON operation in mid August,

13 December 2016

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