Shotgun Uschi Did It Again – EU Buys 1.8 Billion Doses From BioNtech/Pfizer For €19.50 Per Dose

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EU boss Ursula von der Leyen's Covid humiliation was an Oscar-winning  bombshell - 247 News Around The World

Shotgun Uschi did it again:

The European Union is paying €15.50 per dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine, according to the first contract it signed with the two companies which was leaked and is published on this website one week ago.

The price confirms what Reuters has reported in past months. Many media reported instead a lower number based on a document with partial prices briefly published on Twitter by a Belgian politician, who later deleted the tweet.

The Belgian document, which included prices also for other jabs booked by the EU, fuelled the theory that the EU was facing delays in its vaccine supplies because it had paid too little.

That was despite the AstraZeneca contract leaked in February that showed the price for that shot was higher than what was reported in the Belgian document.

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World War 3 threat: Hawaii ‘prepares for North Korea nuclear attack’

World War 3 threat: Hawaii ‘prepares for North Korea nuclear attack’

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Authorities held a secret meeting last week to discuss contingency plans in the event of Pyongyang launching a deadly missile at the US islands.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has threatened to drop a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean amid fears Pyongyang has developed a nuclear missile capable of reaching Hawaii.

A document shared at the private talks, and obtained by local paper Honolulu Civil Beat, featured chapter headings such as “Enhance missile launch notification process between U.S. Pacific Command and the State Warning Point.”

The US state, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, will also begin testing a warning siren system in November, giving residents between 12 and 15 minutes to take refuge.

Resident wil then be advised to stay indoors for 72 hours after an attack.

State representative Gene Ward told the Washington Post: “Now it’s time to take it seriously.”

He said the plan was “not to be an alarmist but to be informing people.”

Mr Ward said the meeting last week was held in private because officials did not want to worry residents.

He also said talk of bunkers and fallout shelters was “probably more surreal for younger generations” with no experience of a realistic nuclear threat.

But Hawaiians are apparently taking the news in their stride, and carrying on with their daily lives.

Residents are used to disaster warnings, living in an area prone to hurricanes and tsunamis.

Survival guidelines for those scenarios are similar to the ones being issued for a nuclear attack – instead of seven days worth of food, water and medical supplies, residents are advised to double it.

The document distrubted at last week’s meeting suggested that around 90 per cent of the Hawaiian population would survive a nuclear attack by North Korea, based on the estimated yield of North Korea’s missile capability, which suggests an explosion less than eight miles in diameter.

It comes as America’s top military officer said despite an escalation in rhetoric between the US and North Korea, he had not seen Pyongyang change it’s military posture.

Marine General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing for his reappointment: “While the political space is clearly very charged right now, we haven’t seen a change in the posture of North Korean forces and we watch that very closely.

“What we haven’t seen is military activity that would be reflective of the charged political environment.”

North Korea has boosted defences on its east coast, a South Korean lawmaker said on Tuesday, after Pyongyang said US President Donald Trump had declared war and that it would shoot down US bombers flying near the peninsula.

Tensions have escalated since reclusive North Korea conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test on Sept. 3. Bellicose rhetoric has reached a new level in recent days with leaders on both sides exchanging threats and insults.

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho said on Monday that Mr Trump’s Twitter comments that leader Kim Jong Un and Ri “won’t be around much longer” if they acted on their threats amounted to a declaration of war and that Pyongyang had the right to take countermeasures.

Exposed – WW3 ALERT ~ North Korea war about to break out triggering military invasion

Exposed – WW3 ALERT ~ North Korea war about to break out triggering military invasion

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The highest tensions have been in decades. North Korea and the United States are at an entirely new level of conflict. At any minute something could trigger an all out invasion of North Korea and multiple nuclear missile launches at the United States, South Korea and Japan.

Shocking – California Preparing for Nuclear War Attack

Shocking – California Preparing for Nuclear War Attack

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[ATS] Last month a bulletin was issued by the Joint Regional Intelligence Center, regarding preparing California for a nuclear attack from N. Korea. I know Kim would be insane to start a war with the U.S. and unfortunately we all know he is insane.

Things have ramped up since this was issued, and I’m concerned that our President is pushing Kims buttons. Kim has painted himself in a corner on this, and saving face could cause him to do something radically stupid.

It contains some advice that I think everyone might want to know. Readers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with nuclear response emergency procedures. How to lessen the exposure to nuclear radiation, and what to expect from the Govt.

According to

With U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un trading insults and threatening war, California officials are taking the threat of nuclear exchange seriously.

Noting the heightened North Korean threat, the Los Angeles-area Joint Regional Intelligence Center issued a bulletin last month warning that a nuclear attack on Southern California would be “catastrophic” and urged officials in the region to shore up their nuclear attack response plans.

The report cites North Korea’s late July test of an intercontinental ballistic missile that could, in theory, reach the West Coast of the United States. “North Korea’s propaganda videos feature ruins of San Francisco and Washington,” the document says.“North Korea’s propaganda videos feature ruins of San Francisco and Washington,” the document says.

The 16-page “Nuclear Attack Response Considerations” bulletin is dated Aug. 16 and marked for “official use only.” It was circulated last month to Los Angeles-area local, state, and federal agency personnel and also throughout the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies across the country.

The idea behind the unclassified report was to share planning and guidance with as wide a distribution as possible, according to two officials involved in responding to a nuclear strike and who received the bulletin. Many agencies are involved in responding to an attack and are often staffed with personnel without access to classified information.

DHS did not respond to requests for comment.

Much of the information in the report is based on well-known facts about the effects of a nuclear blast, including the effects of radiation, the possibly of an electromagnetic pulse disabling communications, and the destructive effects of the initial blast on human life and infrastructure.

Citing figures from the Rand Corp., the report says a nuclear blast at the Long Beach Port could cause more than $1 trillion in damage, including loss of life and destruction of homes and infrastructure.

In a section on “radiation protection basics,” the report offers a primer on what to do during a nuclear attack. “Lie face down and place hands under the body to protect exposed skin,” it recommends. “Remain flat until the heat and shock waves have passed.”

There are also sections explaining the basic mechanisms of a nuclear blast as it occurs and discussion of specific things expected to happen in the event of a nuclear attack that should be considered and prepared for in advance.

It also warns of the difficulties government authorities would likely encounter in dealing with the aftermath of a blast. The public will need to evacuate, the report says, but with “limited understanding of radiation risks, they will experience high anxiety and may be non-compliant.”

Challenges with contamination spread by pets and through clothing are among the many public health and logistical coordination issues spelled out for potential emergency responders.

“The consequences of a nuclear attack in Southern California would be catastrophic,” the report says. “Nonetheless, government entities and first responders are expected to remain operational to preserve human life, maintain order, and aid in the recovery process.”

The report, which is largely directed at local, state, and federal agencies and first responders located in the Los Angeles region, notes that the federal government will likely be of limited help immediately after a nuclear blast.

“[T]here will be no significant federal assistance at the scene for 24-72 hours following the attack,” the bulletin says.

“Preparation for War With USA is Complete”, North Korea Confirms (5 Pics)

“Preparation for War With USA is Complete”, North Korea Confirms (5 Pics)

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After the latter sent the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier with its battle group to the waters off the Korean peninsula, North Korea has made a decision to stand against any further moves by the US. Amongst the other things, this issue seems to be taking up even more heat and tensions between the two nations.


The consequences will be catastrophic if further provoked by the US following their step of sending the navy battle group, said Pyongyang.

Donald Trump said to solve the problem of North Korea if China doesn’t help to put pressure on its neighbor to stop all missile and nuclear weapons programs they developed.

Tensions increase

The actual decision to send the aircraft carrier and battleships to the Korean peninsula came after tensions increased over previous military drills involving American and South Korean forces, which Pyongyang terms as a performance test for an invasion.

A state-run Korean Central News Agency quoted, “We will hold the US wholly accountable for the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by its outrageous actions.”

Donald Trump’s tweet

Donald Trump used his Twitter to communicate his latest warning aimed at the Pyongyang.

“Most of the US national security establishment accepted that any preventative strike aimed at North Korean nuclear facilities could trigger devastating reprisals against South Korea, Seoul in particular, and US bases in the region. US strike against a Syrian base was also being seen as a warning to North Korea.”

Breaking a UN resolutions

Reports claim that the difficult situation escalated after North Korea refused to obey UN resolutions banning it from developing ballistic missile technology. After that, the Korean nation did another test-launch during Trump’s summit with Xi Jinping in Florida.

Chinese authorities report

The Chinese Foreign officials have ruled down the claims that Beijing has situated 150,000 troops to its border with North Korea. Hua Chunying told reporters that she was uniformed of any mobilization by the People’s Liberation Army along the 880-mile border with North Korea and also claimed such reports are false.

She added that China was very closely following developments on the Korean peninsula.

We only hope that all involved sides should avoid doing any activities that could escalate the tension and make it even worse.

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Video – Ukraine Today attacks Kremlin propaganda live on Russia Today

Video – Ukraine Today attacks Kremlin propaganda live on Russia Today


Ukraine Today executive producer Tetyana Pushnova called on Russia to halt its information war against Ukraine during an appearance on Russia Today live on Tuesday before the Kremlin propaganda channel pulled the plug.
“Russia Today is Kremlin financed media. It is you who are responsible for thousands of innocent deaths in Ukraine. You always lie about my country. I won’t contribute to your bloody propaganda” – she said instead of answering the presenter`s question.
She was switched off the air immediately.
In July 1+1 Media Group creative producer Oleksandr Dubinsky refused to answer questions from Russia’s LifeNews and accused the channel of fabricating information about Ukraine.

Ukraine’s troops retreat from vital airport – Video

Ukraine’s troops retreat from vital airport – Video

Ukrainian soldiers have been forced to give up their defence of a strategic airport in the east of the country, in the face of what Kiev says was a Russian tank attack.It’s yet more evidence of a dramatic shift in fortunes on the battlefield, a change which Ukraine says is the result of “direct and overt aggression” by Russia, and the arrival of Russian regular soldiers to support the pro-Russian militia.Al Jazeera’s Paul Brennan reports from eastern Ukraine.

Cryptome – Ukraine’s Leaders Seek National Socialism

Cryptome – Ukraine’s Leaders Seek National Socialism
Ukraine’s Leaders Seek National Socialism, Dictatorship: “Americanization and Liberalism are Poison”

by John Stanton So the US leadership is supporting the creation of One Nation Under God in Ukraine. As one of the key groups involved in the militant overthrow of an elected government has stated in its party platform, “a system of the dictatorship of the Nation with regard to the socioeconomic interests of the people” needs to be implemented (more below). Isn’t that what the military in Egypt proclaimed in its coup to oust another elected official, Morsi? The American press is fond of patting itself on the back for upholding the first amendment to the US Constitution, that being, among other things, freedom of the press. But that does not mean the freedom to obfuscate, ignore facts and curry favor with the US national security apparatus in whatever covert or overt form it takes. The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post have engaged, once again, in a classic information operations effort. This time it is to shape a national anti-Russian consensus around the legitimate concerns of the Russian government. As these three big corporate institutions are the semi-official organs of the United States’ government, they have shown the weakness of President Obama’s national security advisers and, by proxy, heavyweight financiers like George Soros (who runs the Open Society NGO). The power of the three media outlets exists in the corporate, for-profit nature of the enterprises, not any notable journalistic enterprise. They engage in pay-for-journalism beholden to advertisers, shareholders, investors and the US government. All three groups are known to collaborate on stories with state, local and federal officials so that news is not news to officialdom. But as Don Corleone said in the movie The Godfather, “It’s just business.” What else can one expect from a quasi-representative democracy? The Wall Street Journal is owned by Fox News Corporation. News Corporation’s ability to reach into and shape the opinions of tens of millions of the global watching/listening public is unprecedented. From the Wall Street Journal to National Geographic–and hundreds of media outlets local, national and global–it can carry its anti-Russian message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame. Little reported is the $600 million contract it recently won to provide the CIA with information technology products and services. Bezos had negligible presence in Washington, DC prior to his acquisition of the Washington Post, but now has a very loud voice. The Post has always been close to the CIA and other national security agencies with Katherine Graham (former owner) indicating in a speech to the CIA that there are some things Americans “don’t need to know and should not…” That might have been the case decades ago, but in the age of the Internet/WWW, hackers and independent journalists who know “it’s not about the money” and can report freely, Graham’s statement is nonsense. In short, in 2014 the playbook of the ruling class is open for all to see. And what of the dreary New York Times? Gray indeed. This just about sums up what a once great journalistic enterprise has become. “Now in its fourteenth year the Luxury Conference is one of the world’s most prestigious annual forums for the global luxury business, bringing together 500+ of the most senior business and creative leaders from the top echelons of the industry to gain insights, share ideas and expand their international networks. The 2013 conference took place in Singapore and examined the growing influence of Southeast Asia in the luxury market – as both creator and consumer. Speakers included: Ermenegildo Zegna; Domenico De Sole, President, Tom Ford International; Angelica Cheung, Editor in Chief, Vogue China; Anna Sui, Founder, Anna Sui; Bryan Grey Yambao, Blogger,; HRH Princess Marie-Chantal, Founder and Creative Director, Marie-Chantal; and Andrew Keith, President, Lane Crawford and Joyce. The award-winning 2012 conference took place in Rome and analyzed the potential of Africa and the power of the Mediterranean with contributions from major names such as Bono, Donatella Versace, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood.” But no matter. Dean Acheson once said that Americans could hold focus on international issues for about ten minutes. So maybe President Obama is doing Americans a service by cutting back on press freedom. But wait! Isn’t that something that  President Putin would do? One Nation Under God in Ukraine Party Platform of UNA-UNSO. Note the logo for the party. “Required: Terminate the current practice of destroying the education system through its Americanization and privatization…National Social Powera system of the dictatorship of the Nation with regard to the socio economic interests of the people..Our enemies: communism, cosmopolitanism, liberalism God created us in Ukrainian and Hallowed be His will for evermore. We stand for God’s will. God is with us! Our highest duty: the implementation of Ukrainian national idea – the idea of self-assertion of the Nation, the creation of the state of the Ukrainian national system…the purpose of the education system must be to develop the creative potential of the nation, the formation of highly educated personnel, education nationally conscious, active, selfless and sacrificial citizens of Ukraine.” Party Platform of Right Sector. Note the Logo for the party “The purpose of human existence is [to be] closer to God – or man, society, state degraded, degenerate and decadent. Humanists its [their] struggle with Christianity began with the denial of God and the deification of man: Man Anthem! Man, not God  (P.Tychyna). Because of Jacobinism, socialism and social democracy, they naturally came to National Socialism, which turned man into beast, and communism that worked meaningless servants and destroyed millions of oppressed peoples. The current through demoliberalizm (sic) humanists, cosmopolitanism and globalization are not only individuals but entire countries are by atheism and denationalization, homosexuality and drug addiction. Christ’s teaching comes to everyone. And the man has to take care that the grain of truth zakorenylysya and sprouted in her soul a living faith. The child must grow and protect. Faith must cultivate and protect. Bandera [Nazi collaborator] taught: “We need not distinguish the defense of the Christian faith and the Church of the national liberation struggle, just concentrate and focus the main efforts around those critical statements against which the enemy directs strongest attack..Head over to the school between young children, where the enemy is trying to fill their hearts with Moscow and Washington poison, and taught there will be love and devotion to his native land.” Party Platform of Svoboda “Svoboda’s nationalism is based on love, respect, and honour…We are Social Nationalists. We do neither belong to the old Communist nor to the new Democratic nomenclature. We have a new vision of the world and we can correctly assess the political developments in Ukraine. Set the graph “nationality” in the passport and birth certificate. Determine the nationality by birth certificate or birth certificate of the parents, considering the requests of the citizen…Implement a criminal penalty for any displays of Ukrainophobia…Implement a “Reproductive Health of the Nation” program. Disallow abortion except due to medical issues, and/or rape, which were proved in court. Align the implementation of illegal abortion to attempted murder in the criminal law.” John Stanton is a Virginia based writer. Reach him at captainkong22[at]

Chinas Ex-STASI-Chef vor Gericht: Todesstrafe in Aussicht

Chinas Ex-STASI-Chef vor Gericht: Todesstrafe in Aussicht


Offiziell ist noch nichts, doch soviel ist sicher: Mittlerweile ist der Führungskreis der Kommunistischen Partei Chinas (KPCh) auf verschiedenen Ebenen über den geplanten Prozess gegen Chinas Ex-Staatssicherheitsdienst-Chef Zhou Yongkang informiert.

Wie die Hongkonger „South China Morning Post“ (SCMP) heute auf ihrer englischsprachigen Website berichtete, fanden partei-interne Briefings zum Fall Zhou statt. „Die Information wurde nur mündlich weitergegeben und war sehr kurz“, sagte ein Insider laut der SCMP.

Mittlerweile seien alle Beamten der ministeriellen Provinzebene informiert. Es wird vermutet, dass die offizielle Bekanntmachung der Verhaftung und der Prozessauftakt gegen Ex-Stasi-Chef Zhou kurz bevor stehen. Sie könnte nach dem chinesischen Neujahr und noch vor dem „Volkskongress“ im März erfolgen. Die Unterrichtung der hochrangigen Beamten findet gewöhnlich vor Eröffnung eines solchen politisch heiklen Verfahrens statt.

Zhou Yongkang war von 2007 bis Ende 2012 Chinas Stasi-Chef: In seiner Position als Leiter des „Komitees für Politik und Recht“ kontrollierte er die gesamte innere Sicherheit des Riesenstaates – von der Polizei bis zu Gerichtshöfen, Arbeitslagern und Gefängnissen. Zhou spielte vor allem bei der Verfolgung der buddhistischen Qigong-Praxis Falun Gong eine unheilvolle Rolle: Unter seiner Obhut fand im großen Stil Organraub und Organhandel mit Gefangenen statt, dem Zehntausende der gesundheitsbewussten Falun Gong-Anhänger zum Opfer gefallen sein sollen.

Insider sagten nun der SCMP, dass die Anklage gegen Zhou hauptsächlich finanzielle Korruption beinhalten werde, wobei es schwierig war, dem Ex-Stasi-Chef, der gleichzeitig auch Chinas Öl-Pate war, solche Vergehen nachzuweisen. Zhou Yongkang agierte geschickt durch ein Netzwerk aus Gefolgsmännern und Familienangehörigen, um mit Hilfe des Staatskonzerns China National Petroleum Milliardenbeträge zu veruntreuen. Derzeit wird hinter den Kulissen noch diskutiert, in welchem Umfang Zhous Machenschaften der Öffentlichkeit präsentiert werden und welche Summe dabei genannt wird.

Zhou wäre das erste Mitglied des Ständigen Ausschusses des Politbüros, das wegen Korruption verurteilt würde. Dass der Prozessauftakt und seine offizielle Ächtung kurz bevorstehen, deutet auch ein Hinweis an, den der Radiosender Voice of America berichtete:

Kurz vor dem chinesischen Neujahr, das dieses Jahr am 31.Januar gefeiert wird, flattert traditionell eine Routine-Meldung durch Chinas Staatsmedien: Die amtierenden Führer statten den pensionierten Vorgängern ihren Neujahrs-Besuch ab. Am 28. Januar fiel diese Meldung auf Xinhua auffällig kurz aus. „Die jetzigen zentralen Führer besuchten und plauderten mit den pensionierten alten Genossen Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintau und Etc.“, hieß es da.

Im vergangenen Jahr folgte anstelle des „Etc.“ eine Liste von 74 Funktionärs-Namen, inklusive Zhou Yongkang. „Diese Namensliste mit nur zwei Namen nährt weitere Vermutungen“, kommentierte Voice of America: Sämtliche „alten Genossen“ wurden wohl gestrichen, damit die Streichung Zhous weniger auffiel. Chinesische Auslandsmedien bemerkten sie trotzdem.

Wie geht es in Chinas Machtkampf weiter? Beobachter vermuten, dass Chinas Staats- und Parteichef Xi Jinping weiter auf Taktik spielen wird: Nun soll auch im Fall Zhou, ähnlich wie damals beim Prozess gegen Bo Xilai, nur über Geld geredet werden – eine Erwähnung von Zhous Menschenrechtsverbrechen gegen Falun Gong ist nicht vorgesehen, was einem Zugeständnis Xis an seinen Gegner Jiang Zemin gleichkommt. Jiang ist Drahtzieher und Hauptschuldiger der Falun Gong-Verfolgung.

Allerdings hat die Jiang Zemin-Clique Xi aktuell scharf attackiert: Die Veröffentlichung der Offshore-Leaks – und mit ihnen die Bloßstellung von Xis Auslandsmilliarden – hatte zum Ziel, Xis Glaubwürdigkeit zu demontieren und seine Anti-Korruptions-Kampagne zu schwächen.

Xi Jinping versucht aktuell immer noch das Paradox zu verwirklichen, Chinas Politik menschenfreundlicher zu gestalten und gleichzeitig das KPCh-Regime zu retten. Die Trumpf-Karte gegen Jiang hat er dabei noch nicht ausgespielt: Eine Offenlegung von Jiangs Verbrechen im Zuge der Verfolgung von Falun Gong. Dies würde Xi maximale Sympathie beim Volk bringen, aber gleichzeitig dem Regime den Todesstoß versetzen, weshalb Xi Jinping bis jetzt zögert, diesen Schritt zu gehen. Falls ihn die Jiang-Bande weiterhin so scharf attackiert, wird ihm jedoch bald nichts anderes mehr übrig bleiben.

Stasi high ranks

Dem Ex-STASI-Chef droht die Todesstrafe – während die deutschen STASI-Genossen unbehelligt geblieben sind und ihr düsteres Treiben in der Gegenwart unbehelligt fortsetzen dürfen – unter Billigung und wohl auch Kooperation mit deutschen “Justizpersonen”. Wen wundert da noch, dass die “Anti-STASI-Behörde” seit 1989 zahlreiche STASI-Agenten beschäftigte UND weiter beschäftigt und demnächst geschlossen werden soll…


TMZ – Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Pregnant Weight!



In an interview last night on “Extra,” Kim Kardashian addressed all the magazine covers speculating about her pregnant weight, saying, “[they] say I am 200 pounds and I’m like, ‘You are like 60 pounds off.'” So, she weighs 260 pounds. Unless she means the other way…

TMZ – Christina Aguilera — Weight Loss Since ‘The Voice’


Since quitting her role as a judge on “The Voice,” Christina Aguilera looks like she’s dropped a few pounds… which means a sinister force may have been at work when she was working for the show. IT’S THE CHAIRS!

Prawda – X-Files of Soviet Defense Ministry exposed




X-Files of Soviet Defense Ministry exposed

Svetlana Smetanina

In Soviet times, the Ministry of Defense was working on a secret project aimed at creating a superhuman with paranormal abilities. Under this project, a group of scientists managed to get in touch with a foreign civilization. The head of this top-secret project shared some details with reporters for the first time.

On a regular winter day in Moscow, in the comfort a room with a fireplace, journalists were given a real sensation. A senior retired official of the Ministry of Defense, lieutenant-general in reserve, PhD, a fellow of the Academy of Natural Sciences Alexey Savin said that in the late 1980′s a group of researchers from the Expert Management Unit of General Staff managed to make a contact with representatives of another civilization. Interestingly, none of the journalists were particularly surprised but, rather, relieved with the “confession.”

Vasily Yeremenko, a Major General of FIB in reserve, academician of the Academy of Security, Defense and Law Enforcement, was the first to speak to the press. In Soviet times he served in the KGB and supervised the Air Force and development of aviation technology. Among his assignments was collection of information by the Air Force of the facts of appearance of unidentified flying objects. According to Vasily Yeremenko, by that time there was an ample amount of such information.

Missile units were even given a directive in case of detection of UFOs. The main task was not to create opportunities for reciprocal aggression. In 1983-1984 at the testing grounds of the Academy of Sciences by Vladimirovka, the Ministry of Defense and the KGB organized a large-scale study of paranormal phenomena. The military training site was not a random choice. Experts have long come to the conclusion that UFOs inevitably appear in places where military equipment and weapons are tested.

“We can say that we learned to summon UFOs in Vladimirovka. To do this, we dramatically increased the number of military flights and movement of the equipment. If the intensity on our side increased, UFOs appeared with the probability of 100 percent,” explained Yeremenko. After six months of tests the authoritative commission came to three main conclusions.

First, modern science was not yet able to identify such phenomena. Second, it could be reconnaissance equipment of the U.S. or Japan. Third, it could be an impact of an extraterrestrial civilization. “The UFO topic today is ubiquitous. Precisely because of its scandalous nature serious scientists are not willing to identify their position on this issue. Pilots often see such objects, but they have a veto on this topic, so do astronauts. In confidential conversations they talk about their experiences meeting with UFOs, but they are afraid to speak publicly about this,” said Vasily Yeremenko.

He believes that this subject requires a serious approach because it is a security issue. Yet, it is still a closed topic both in the U.S. and in Russia. Lt. Gen. Alexey Savin proceeded to reveal some aspects of the engagement of the Ministry of Defense. He headed the Expert Management Unit of the General Staff, whose task was to examine various unusual phenomena.

The main project of the unit was a state program on the discovery of intellectual human resources. The goal of the program was to identify ways to make the human brain work in a special regime of super-powers, making a person a superhuman. The Scientific Council of the program was led by an Academician Natalya Bekhtereva, who until her death served as a scientific director of the Institute of Human Brain of RAS.

Over two hundred highly skilled professionals from across the country participated in the program. “In the process of research, we came to the conclusion that a human was an energy and information system that receives information from outside. This is precisely why a human can manifest paranormal abilities,” said Alexey Savin. In order to identify this external source of information, three groups were created. One group was formed from scientists, another – from military, and the third one was composed of women.

The group of women made the most significant progress in the research. Savin explained that they “wanted to make a contact with representatives of other civilizations. And we did it.” According to him, a special method has been developed that allowed the human brain to tune into a contact. “We had to tune energy-contour of the human brain to a particular wave, like a radio,” Alexey Savin explained.

No hypnosis, drugs, or other similar methods were used in the course of the experiment. A special system of testing was also developed to separate the incoming reports from hallucinations and insanity of the experiment participants. The experimental results were impressive: six participants were given a chance of physical contact, and two of them even managed to visit an alien ship. According to Savin, representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations revealed themselves gradually, giving away the information as they saw fit.

In particular, they talked about their government structure and education system. No information on the military could be obtained. The only thing they agreed to share was a scheme of the equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. The head of the experiment explained that humans were like small children to them. “Our civilization is too young to be of interest to them as a subject for a dialogue. Because we are also a part of the universe, we may harm ourselves and other civilizations with our foolish actions, so they are looking out for us. “

The program of communication with extraterrestrial intelligence had been developed for several years until politics intervened. In 1993, the study was stopped and the unit disbanded. According to Savin, he was able to retain only a small number of documents, most of them, including photo reports, are still in the archives of the Ministry of Defense. Incidentally, the unique method for the development of the phenomenal abilities of an individual, until recently, was used in the Academy named after Gagarin until it was disbanded by the former Defense Minister Serdyukov. Yet, the core of the research team was preserved.

“Four years ago we tried to repeat the experiment, and we were successful,” said Alexey Savin. According to him, today this work continues, and the “brains and talented people are still present in the defense industry.” Answering the question of Pravda.Ru why it was decided to announce it to the media Savin replied: “Why hide something from people? Instead, they need to prepare for new challenges.”

He believes that there are two global challenges today: climate change and shortage of drinking water. Russia has a special role in this process. “When we pass the point of bifurcation, people from all over will run to us. How will we meet them, with weapons? Of course, we will have to negotiate.” Maybe all this is a puzzle from the “textbook” for young civilizations? Perhaps, aliens have arranged an experiment to see how we would handle it.