Anonymous and New York Times E-mail Leak Part 1

Anonymous declared war on the New York Times this week, launching “OpNYT” on Wednesday. Unlike most actions by the crippled hacktivist collective these days, their attack on the Times doesn’t just consist of writing boring, unreadable manifestos (though there is a lot of that). Anonymous has leaked ‘secret’ correspondences between New York Times reporters and Anonymous members, meant to expose the Times’ “incompetence.” Unfortunately for Anonymous, the documents reveal the exact opposite.

Last night, Anonymous fameball Barrett Brown promised on Twitter that Anonymous would “release correspondence with NYT showing incompetence on [national security] reporting.” The correspondences were published soon after on the hacker document-sharing site Pastebin under the heading “The Secret History of the New York Times’s National Security Failure.”

But anyone looking for evidence of anything other than journalists doing their job will be sorely disappointed. The leak amounts to Anonymous whining that the Times has not breathlessly hyped all of the groups’ crackpot schemes and conspiracy theories.

One correspondence from 2011 consists of an Anonymous representative tipping off a Times reporter about the hack of the security firm HBGary, and the leak of a huge cache of their emails. The reporter responds:

“I told [redacted] that I don’t think this is an NYT story right now, but that I want to try and do something longer on all of this in the next week or two.”

The Times eventually did publish an in-depth article about the HBGary hack and revelations that the firm had proposed a plan to disrupt Wikileaks. But that was not enough for whoever wrote the press release accompanying yesterday’s leak. They complain that the Times didn’t see “fit to cover” every single boring detail in the leaked email cache.

The second supposedly incriminating leaked correspondence actually reveals how full of shit Anonymous is. It’s a long chat with a Times reporter during this year’s fake “Operation Cartel.” If you remember, OpCartel was a campaign against Mexico’s notorious Zetas drug cartel, supposedly launched in retaliation for the Zetas kidnapping an Anonymous member. There was never any proof that the kidnapping occurred, and the Zetas conveniently “released” their prisoner before the operation even started. This was the “Canadian girlfriend” of Anonymous campaigns.

In the leaked chat, the reporter asks, “What evidence have you seen that the kidnap really happened?”

“None,” responded the Anonymous rep. “Nor would I have expected to as we have no intention of providing a chance that the person could be identified.”

The reporter continues to press the Anon for even a shred of evidence:

[redacted]: I’m going to ask a stupid question.
If no one has any evidence a person was kidnapped, how do you know a person was kidnapped?
5:29 PM me: I’m relying on the account of someone I’ve known and worked with in the past and whom I believe to be telling the truth based on the nature of her responses as well as other details I can’t go into due to the present situation
5:30 PM Obviously if I were functioning as a journalist, that wouldn’t be sufficient. But in this case…
5:31 PM We already have journalists looking too fucking closely into who the person is, including a review of Mexican records, and as such we’re very reluctant to assist them in finding out more.
[redacted]: But a responsible journalist won’t run the name.
So what difference does it make?
5:32 PM me: If you take a few minutes to think about the process by which such a name would come up and the nature of the situation in Mexico, and concede that mistakes occur in journalism, you can probably guess.

Good job, New York Times, for not running with this particularly unbelievable Anonymous fairytale.

All signs point to OpNYT being a stunt by Barrett Brown, the former Anonymous spokesperson who recently scored a six-figure deal for a book about Anonymous. Brown reappears whenever there’s an opportunity for free publicity, and has recently appeared in the press stoking the overblown hysteria over the Trapwire surveillance system that appeared in some leaked Wikileaks emails earlier this month. The press release announcing OpNYT was written in the same insufferable prose as Brown’s—The Times is described as “a filthy, poorly-composed whore.” And Brown was the press’ main point of contact during both the HBGary hack and Operation Cartel; I’d bet he was the Anonymous representative in at least one of those correspondences.

OpNYT is another reminder of Anonymous’ sad decline: the once-feared hacktivist group reduced to a brand stamped on a huckster’s latest package of premium bullshit.


Source: Gawker


TOP-SECRET – NSA Cybercom Running Anonymous Operations

A sends:”NSA Cybercom Running Anonymous Operations”

reads very… confusing. especially with Anonymous being capitalized. could you maybe rephrase, “operations run anonymously” or alike?

Cryptome: NSA Cybercom is cloaking its anonymous covert operations with Anonymous spoofing, a common practice of multiple TLAs, to hide, to divert, to smear, to create suspicion and paranoia, and to justify attacks and counter attacks. The purpose of the file title is to call attention to the practice. The FBI has been doing it more openly and with sockpuppetry. As has France, Great Britain, Israel, Iran, China, NATO, and a slew of other anonymizing entities, governmental, commercial, educational, NGOs, individuals and … umm, your ideas are likely better than mine.

Please share them for the debate about Anonymous and other forms of online and offline spoofing and exposure has hardly begun.

27 July 2012

NSA Cybercom Running Anonymous Operations

General Alexander, who rarely speaks publicly, did not say how many attacks had occurred in that period. But he said that he thought the increase was unrelated to the release two years ago of a computer worm known as Stuxet, which was aimed at taking down Iran’s uranium enrichment plant at Natanz.

When the worm inadvertently became public, many United States officials and outside experts expressed concern that it could be reverse-engineered and used against American targets. General Alexander said he saw no evidence of that.

General Alexander, as head of the N.S.A., was a crucial player in a covert American program called Olympic Games that targeted the Iranian program. But under questioning from Pete Williams of NBC News at a security conference here, he declined to say whether Stuxnet was American in origin; the Obama administration has never acknowledged using cyberweapons. …

General Alexander spoke in a 75-minute interview at the Aspen Security Forum at the Aspen Institute here. The New York Times is a media sponsor of the four-day conference.


Cryptome: Alexander, contrary to previous DIRNSAs, is speaking quite often to gin cyber-aggression as dual-use head of NSA and Cybercom, first for defense second for offense, both now ordered to expound open cyber-threat propaganda to parallel long-standing covert information operations.

Among a slew of commercial initiatives drumming cyber conflict, the Aspen Security Forum aims to be the premier war-bloviation platform, heavily empaneled by former USG officials now shilling for the national security industry. NY Times sponsorship is indicative of the perdurable wartime financial benefits for the media in conjunction with financial markets. Bloviation blows ill winds, the storm front gaining force during presidential campaigns.

Cyber attacks on the US, do not forget them, they are legion, expect them, thanks to NSA/Cyber Command Anonymous operations.


SECRET – Disclosures Anonymous

Disclosures Anonymous


Step 1

Anybody — individual, government or institution can and should disclose — there are no requirements, no restrictions, using true or false identity, press officers or all the iterations of anonymous sources — commonplace or never before used.

Step 2

Call it what you like, The Truth, disclosure, leak, whistleblow, propaganda, lies, spy operation, official secrets, false flag, taking the king’s coin — best to create new, alluring and mesmerizing locutions.

Step 3

Disclose quietly with inscrutable understatement to be impossibly noticed then dramatically discovered through a strategic disclosure to select outlets, or with maximum exaggeration, publicity stunts, hired agencies, sock puppets, spookily covert or ostenatiously overt.

Step 4

Disclose from the inside or the outside or offside the rules of the game; don’t hesitate to preach, fabricate, prevaricate, embellish, distort, bombast, editorialize, repeat, hector, condemn, laud, headline, blare, bumper sticker, or stupefyingly frank and earnest.

Step 5

Calibrate with the topical or risk being overlooked; board bandwagons; ridicule and pretend to ignore competitors; declare highest and mightiest of principles with deepest grievance; advertise your pain and threats from gargantuan opposition; be ever ready to give media interviews with easy to understand quotes; offer pity to those who fail to grasp the importance of your disclosures; rue those who misquote you; say you forgive the ignorant who misunderstand you.

Step 6

Conspire, co-conspire, multi-conspire, mega-conspire; mimic the master conspiracists in major sources of public disclosure of invaluable information required to save nations and faiths against barbarous atheism — hyperbole without restraint.

Step 7

Join with those who bestow awards and recognition on the best of the disclosure championship breed, and condemn the mongrels, the nobodies, the fakers, the publicists, the apostates, with highest scorn for those who mock noble, selfless, high-risk disclosure.

Step 8

Form splinters to attack, demean and debunk main stream disclosers, in particular the recipients and grantors of awards for disclosure.

Step 9

Disclose insider secrets of disclosers, splinters, other insiders, leaders and spies, covert and overt funders, boosters and informants, their neglected families and jilted lovers.

Step 10

Originate a group (declare confidentiality for security its funding source, leaders or membership) to console former disclosers and those who believe they have been exploited by trusted, high-profile disclosers — target families, lovers and investors — invite and flatter documentarians and media profilers to get inside early to record the casualties’ disclosures.

Step 11

Disclose that the originated console group was a fraudulent sting to ensnare the disaffected as evidence disclosure is forever corrupt, dishonest, self-serving and under the sway and in the pay of sinister, unknown, powerful, ancient and new-ly camouflaged fronts for amoral manipulators. Up ratchet the disclosure deception, critique and historicize it with other confidence exploits ancient and modern.

Step 12

Prepare and distribute a prospectus and contract terms for a Disclosures Anonymous series for the bottomless pocketed NGOs and vulture capitalists; for entertainment and cyberwar industries; for the UN, foreign ministries, spy agencies, foreign and military aid agencies, and propagandists; the educational and conferencing industries; for aggregators, siphons and SM; for persistant advertising attackers; for hacktivists, FOI and cellphone warriors; above all for the flocks of all ages and places being educated, intimidated and counseled to be law abiding, keep quiet, be obedient. patriotic and trust authority. Tip Disclosures Anonymous to the grandiloquizers and anonymous sources combine.

Expect a brief publicity spark but no overt takers of the prospectus with a few of the usual criminally covert,  but that the series will be stolen, plagiarized, given away or blackmarketed until expropriated for authoritarian makeover and certified as officially tax-worthy.

Within the amply fertilized Disclosures Anonymous series plant a sub-rosa disclosure exploit to bare secrets of disclosure manipulations.

Like this: Unauthorized disclosures of secrets are essential for democracy.

TOP-SECRET – Open Source Center Status of Syrian Uprising, Regime Cohesion May 2012

Conflict between government and opposition forces continued during the week, generally following the established pattern of government military attacks and security raids against centers of opposition, on the one hand, and ambushes and bombings by opposition forces on the other. The Syrian conflict also continued to spark clashes in neighboring Lebanon. Further turmoil among the top leadership of the opposition Syrian National Council (SNC) reflected the opposition’s continued difficulty in unifying ranks. Syria and the United Nations traded accusations on the subject of human-rights violations.

Update on Clashes

Reports from opposition sources transmitted via Arab media — such as the influential, London-based, pan-Arab daily Al-Sharq al-Awsat — described widespread clashes between government and opposition in and around several major population centers. Opposition sources typically claimed that government forces killed dozens of individuals in various daily assaults, though such claims remain impossible to verify.

  • Government forces reportedly used artillery and helicopters during bombardments in Al-Rastan, Homs, Idlib Province, and villages near Aleppo.
  • Clashes were also reported in a southwestern district of Damascus and specifically on 23 May in the city of Aleppo, the scene of antigovernment demonstrations. Various opposition sources described the Aleppo protests as comprising “1,500,” “tens,” or “hundreds” of thousands of demonstrators.
  • A large car bomb, apparently targeting military intelligence facilities, exploded in the eastern town of Dayr al-Zawr on 19 May, resulting in several deaths. Another deadly bomb attack occurred in the Damascus neighborhood of Qabun during the night of 21-22 May.

Reports of clashes transmitted by the state-run SANA news agency followed a familiar pattern of branding opposition attacks as terrorist in nature and hinting of foreign support.

  • SANA reported several deadly attacks by “armed terrorist groups,” typically against isolated security forces, such as border guards.
  • It also reported military engineers’ success in disarming a number of “terrorist” bombs.
  • According to SANA, security forces discovered a “terrorist” weapons-manufacturing warehouse in Homs and intercepted several “Tunisian terrorists” attempting to infiltrate into Syria from Turkey.

More Clashes in Lebanon

Clashes between pro-Syrian Government and pro-Syrian opposition factions continued in
Lebanon, and a number of Lebanese Shiites were abducted in Syria under unclear

  • Following a week of clashes in Tripoli between Sunnis hostile to the Syrian regime and Alawite regime supporters, fighting broke out in Beirut during the night of 21-22 May, reportedly resulting in two deaths.
  • Ahmad Abd-al-Wahib, a Sunni cleric belonging to the pro-Syria 14 March alliance, was killed under disputed circumstances by Lebanese Army troops at a security checkpoint in northern Lebanon on 20 May.
  • Approximately one dozen Lebanese Shiites, said to be pilgrims returning to Lebanon via Syria from Iran, were seized at gunpoint in Aleppo on 22 May. Family members and Syrian state media blamed the assault on the Free Syrian Army (FSA), but the FSA denied all responsibility and accused the Syrian Government of staging the incident.

Crisis Within SNC

The SNC formally accepted the resignation of Burhan Ghalyun, who had been reelected president on 15 May, and announced a new presidential election on 9-10 June. Ghalyun resigned under pressure from critics within the SNC who accused him of monopolizing power and failing to support properly the uprising.

Mutual Accusations Regarding Human-Rights Violations

In a report addressed to the UN Human Rights Council on 20 May, the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry charged that Syria is the victim of human-rights violations, both through “direct killing operations” by “armed terrorist groups” and through “the sanctions imposed by the countries, which are funding, backing, and hosting these groups.”

In a report released on 24 May, the UN’s Independent Commission of Inquiry on Syria charged that the Syrian Army and security services were responsible for most of the human-rights violations documented by the commission, both in the form of direct attacks against individuals and the “systematic denial” of food, water, and medical care.


Cryptome – Anonymous Battles Media Gorgons

Anonymous Battles Media Gorgons, May 26, 2012

By John Young “Cryptome” (New York, NY)

This review is from: We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of LulzSec, Anonymous, and the Global Cyber Insurgency (Hardcover)

We Are Anonymous portrays the battle unfolding for control of the Internet era as insurgent skills and techniques for cyber and real world challenges are invented, shared and applied in a struggle with armies of governments, commerce and institutions accustomed to collusive domination.

Parmy Olson’s highly informative account based on extensive interviews, IRC chats, emails of celebrated nics of Anonymous, LulzSec and other subversive inititatives demonstrates that these well-publicized skirmishes are only a small part of a much greater conflict underway between agile, swarming, anarchic, proficient dissidents and heirarchical, sclerotic, bloated and inept authorities worldwide.

This is a amply resourced book to learn about a rapidly spreading under-culture undermining the over-culture, to enjoy its Encyclopedia Dramatica humor, to be infected by its gutsy courage, for appreciating its generous, bountiful, defiant lulz.

Above all, though, this rollicking narrative of misbehavior and disobedience can inspire opposition to the pretentious, ponderous, manipulative ideology of using the Internet to enforce knowledge consumption manufactured by gov, com, edu and org.

This volume shows that the prime force working both sides of the contest is opportunistic multi-headed media gorgon of journalism, film, documentaries, scholarship and personal data aggregating — social engineering, egging on, flattering, seducing, lying, betraying, cheating, double-crossing, promising fame, notoriety and gratification — deploying the traditional means and methods of uniquely privileged spies operating outside the rules of engagement, claiming the high ground above the battleground from their own protected overlook to broadcast beguiling events as they fabricate and churn opinion, news and knowledge.

Succumb to the allure of publicity gorgons and be packaged for sale to your enemies.

The gorgons are legion. Expect them to promote suspicion. This should make U mad.



From a New York Times review of Buzz Bissinger’s latest book:

In a line that’s as slashing as anything in Janet Malcolm’s book “The Journalist and the Murderer,” he says: “All writers silently soak up despair for our own advantage; like dogs rolling in the guts of dead animals, the stink of others makes us giddy. We deny it but we lie in denying it.”

The Journalist and the Murderer is an examination of the professional choices that shape a work of non-fiction, as well as a rumination on the morality that underpins the journalistic enterprise. The journalist in question is the author Joe McGinniss; the murderer is the former Special Forces Captain Jeffery MacDonald, who became the subject of McGinniss’ 1983 book Fatal Vision.

When Malcolm’s work first appeared in March 1989, as a two-part serialization in The New Yorker magazine, it caused a sensation, becoming the occasion for wide-ranging debate within the news industry.

Malcolm’s thesis, and the most widely quoted passage from The Journalist and the Murderer, is presented in the book’s opening paragraph: “Every journalist who is not too stupid or too full of himself to notice what is going on knows that what he does is morally indefensible.” She continues:

He is a kind of confidence man, preying on people’s vanity, ignorance or loneliness, gaining their trust and betraying them without remorse. Like the credulous widow who wakes up one day to find the charming young man and all her savings gone, so the consenting subject of a piece of nonfiction learns—when the article or book appears—his hard lesson. Journalists justify their treachery in various ways according to their temperaments. The more pompous talk about freedom of speech and “the public’s right to know”; the least talented talk about Art; the seemliest murmur about earning a living.”Anonymous Battles Media Gorgons, May 26, 2012

By John Young “Cryptome” (New York, NY)

This review is from: We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of LulzSec, Anonymous, and the Global Cyber Insurgency (Hardcover)

We Are Anonymous portrays the battle unfolding for control of the Internet era as insurgent skills and techniques for cyber and real world challenges are invented, shared and applied in a struggle with armies of governments, commerce and institutions accustomed to collusive domination.

Parmy Olson’s highly informative account based on extensive interviews, IRC chats, emails of celebrated nics of Anonymous, LulzSec and other subversive inititatives demonstrates that these well-publicized skirmishes are only a small part of a much greater conflict underway between agile, swarming, anarchic, proficient dissidents and heirarchical, sclerotic, bloated and inept authorities worldwide.

This is a amply resourced book to learn about a rapidly spreading under-culture undermining the over-culture, to enjoy its Encyclopedia Dramatica humor, to be infected by its gutsy courage, for appreciating its generous, bountiful, defiant lulz.

Above all, though, this rollicking narrative of misbehavior and disobedience can inspire opposition to the pretentious, ponderous, manipulative ideology of using the Internet to enforce knowledge consumption manufactured by gov, com, edu and org.

This volume shows that the prime force working both sides of the contest is opportunistic multi-headed media gorgon of journalism, film, documentaries, scholarship and personal data aggregating — social engineering, egging on, flattering, seducing, lying, betraying, cheating, double-crossing, promising fame, notoriety and gratification — deploying the traditional means and methods of uniquely privileged spies operating outside the rules of engagement, claiming the high ground above the battleground from their own protected overlook to broadcast beguiling events as they fabricate and churn opinion, news and knowledge.

Succumb to the allure of publicity gorgons and be packaged for sale to your enemies.

The gorgons are legion. Expect them to promote suspicion. This should make U mad.



From a New York Times review of Buzz Bissinger’s latest book:

In a line that’s as slashing as anything in Janet Malcolm’s book “The Journalist and the Murderer,” he says: “All writers silently soak up despair for our own advantage; like dogs rolling in the guts of dead animals, the stink of others makes us giddy. We deny it but we lie in denying it.”

The Journalist and the Murderer is an examination of the professional choices that shape a work of non-fiction, as well as a rumination on the morality that underpins the journalistic enterprise. The journalist in question is the author Joe McGinniss; the murderer is the former Special Forces Captain Jeffery MacDonald, who became the subject of McGinniss’ 1983 book Fatal Vision.

When Malcolm’s work first appeared in March 1989, as a two-part serialization in The New Yorker magazine, it caused a sensation, becoming the occasion for wide-ranging debate within the news industry.

Malcolm’s thesis, and the most widely quoted passage from The Journalist and the Murderer, is presented in the book’s opening paragraph: “Every journalist who is not too stupid or too full of himself to notice what is going on knows that what he does is morally indefensible.” She continues:

He is a kind of confidence man, preying on people’s vanity, ignorance or loneliness, gaining their trust and betraying them without remorse. Like the credulous widow who wakes up one day to find the charming young man and all her savings gone, so the consenting subject of a piece of nonfiction learns—when the article or book appears—his hard lesson. Journalists justify their treachery in various ways according to their temperaments. The more pompous talk about freedom of speech and “the public’s right to know”; the least talented talk about Art; the seemliest murmur about earning a living.”


Cryptome – STRATFOR Hacked Update 7

Anonymous allegedly releases “5 million” (not substantiated) Stratfor emails through WikiLeaks:

John Young @Cryptomeorg

@AnonymousIRC @wikileaks Great show! Will the full raw emails be released as promised by Anonymous to legitimate media-ized spoon-feeding?


Summary of releases of STRATFOR documents, subscribers’ firm names and personal information (including addresses, telephone numbers, credit card numbers and passwords), latest release at top:

STRATFOR Hacked Update 6

30 December 2011. A writes that five Pastebin posts of recovered STRATFOR passwords have been removed as indicated below. In addition, four files from sources have been removed from Rapid Share (1) and Wikisend (3).

29 December 2011.

Lulzxmas Dumps 860,000 STRATFOR Accounts:

28 December 2011.

Prepping for the Stratfor 5M Email Release

27 December 2011. [Now removed]

These are 28517 of 53281 (54%) passwords from the list of STRATFOR customer accounts cracked.Part 1/3: [Now removed]

Part 2/3: [Now removed]

Part 3/3: [Now removed]

26 December 2011. Firms and personal first names beginning with “D” through “My” (~ 30,000).!download|44tl6|2444489251|STRATFOR_full_d_m.txt.gz|3255|
[Now removed]

And 25,000 IT work tickets:

26 December 2011. Sample email:“just a small preview of the mayhem to come. 1 out of 2.7 million”

26 December 2011. STRATFOR leaked accounts (10257 passwords recovered) [Now removed]

25 December 2011. Firms and personal miscellaneous names not in alphabetical order (~13,000):[Now removed] [Now removed]

25 December 2011. Firms and personal first names beginning with “B-By” through “C-Cz” (~4,000) : [Now removed]

25 December 2011. Firms and personal first names beginning with “A” through “Az” (~ 4,000). [Now removed]


25 December 2011. A message allegedly to subscribers from George Friedman, Stratfor, was posted to Facebook and Pastebin (below).

25 December 2011. A paste today denying Anonymous role:

And, Stratfor’s A client list of passwords:


24 December 2011




A sends:

Subject: Important Announcement from STRATFOR
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2011 19:49:58 -0500
From: STRATFOR <mail[at]>

Dear Stratfor Member,

We have learned that Stratfor’s web site was hacked by an unauthorized party. As a result of this incident the operation of Stratfor’s servers and email have been suspended.

We have reason to believe that the names of our corporate subscribers have been posed [sic] on other web sites. We are diligently investigating the extent to which subscriber information may have been obtained.

Stratfor and I take this incident very seriously. Stratfor’s relationship with its members and, in particular, the confidentiality of their subscriber information, are very important to Stratfor and me. We are working closely with law enforcement in their investigation and will assist them with the identification of the individual(s) who are responsible.

Although we are still learning more and the law enforcement investigation is active and ongoing, we wanted to provide you with notice of this incident as quickly as possible. We will keep you updated regarding these matters.


George Friedman

221 W. 6th Street, Suite 400
Austin, TX 78701 US

Dec 25th, 2011

On December 24th an unauthorized party disclosed personally identifiable information and related credit card data of some of our members. We have reason to believe that your personal and credit card data could have been included in the information that was illegally obtained and disclosed.

Also publicly released was a list of our members which the unauthorized party claimed to be Stratfor’s “private clients.” Contrary to this assertion the disclosure was merely a list of some of the members that have purchased our publications and does not comprise a list of individuals or entities that have a relationship with Stratfor beyond their purchase of our subscription-based publications.

We have also retained the services of a leading identity theft protection and monitoring service on behalf of the Stratfor members that have been impacted by these events. Details regarding the services to be provided will be forwarded in a subsequent email that is to be delivered to the impacted members no later than Wednesday, December 28th.

In the interim, precautions that can be taken by you to minimize and prevent the misuse of information which may have been disclosed include the following:

– contact your financial institution and inform them of this incident;

– if you see any unauthorized activity on your accounts promptly notify your financial institution;

– submit a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) by calling 1-877-ID-THEFT (1-877- 438-4338) or online at; and

– contact the three U.S. credit reporting agencies: Equifax ( or (800) 685-1111), Experian ( or (888) 397-3742), and TransUnion ( or (800) 888-4213), to obtain a free credit report from each.

Even if you do not find any suspicious activity on your initial credit reports, the FTC recommends that you check your credit reports periodically. Checking your credit reports can help you spot problems and address them quickly.

To ease any concerns you may have about your personal information going forward, we have also retained an experienced outside consultant that specializes in such security matters to bolster our existing efforts on these issues as we work to better serve you. We are on top of the situation and will continue to be vigilant in our implementation of the latest, and most comprehensive, data security measures.

We are also working to restore access to our website and continuing to work closely with law enforcement regarding these matters. We will continue to update you regarding the status of these matters.

Again, my sincerest apologies for this unfortunate incident.


George Friedman

Video -The leaked FBI conversation hacked by Anonymous

Comment by supporters:

ANONYMOUS Intercept FBI & Scotland Yard Conference Call #FFF

Hacking network Anonymous has released a recording of a conference call between the FBI and UK police in which they discuss efforts against hacking.

The conversation covers the tracking of Anonymous and other splinter groups, dates of planned arrests and details of evidence held by police.

Anonymous also published an email, apparently from the FBI, showing the email addresses of call participants.

The FBI confirmed the intercept and said it was hunting those responsible.

“The information was intended for law enforcement officers only and was illegally obtained. A criminal investigation is under way to identify and hold accountable those responsible,” it said in a statement.

British police at Scotland Yard said they were working on a statement.

A comment on one of the Twitter accounts linked to Anonymous, AnonymousIRC, said: “The FBI might be curious how we’re able to continuously read their internal comms for some time now.”

Correspondents say the release of the phone call and email addresses will be highly embarrassing for the authorities.

Listen along, and laugh out loud at the law enforcement agents bumbling away.
Pastebin :
Download mp3 –
The Inquirer
Naked Security




Media – Anonymous publishes FBI call on hacking

Internet activist group Anonymous published a recording on Friday of a confidential call between FBI agents and London detectives in which the law-enforcement agents discuss action they are taking against hacking.

British police said they were investigating reports of the illegally recorded call, and the FBI said a criminal investigation was under way into the incident.

Anonymous also published an email inviting participants to the call, with dial-in details, in which an FBI agent wrote that investigations relating to Anonymous, LulzSec, Antisec and associated splinter groups would be discussed on the call. (

Anonymous and fellow group LulzSec have carried out a number of high-profile hacking actions against companies and institutions across the globe including the Central Intelligence Agency, Britain’s Serious Organized Crime Agency, Japan’s Sony Corp and Mexican government websites.

On the 16-minute-long call, one British detective is heard discussing an alleged 15-year-old hacker who they described as “a bit of an idiot” who was doing it for attention. (here)

He also tells his U.S. counterpart hosting the call that “we cocked things up in the past” when he is thanked for the help they are providing.

In other fairly unremarkable exchanges, they also discuss at length the merits of the northern English town of Sheffield where a cyber security conference was to be held.

Britons Ryan Cleary and Jake Davis, who have both been charged with hacking-related offences, are discussed on the call. The names of other alleged hackers are bleeped out.

Peter Donald, a spokesman for the FBI in New York, said on Friday: “The information obtained on the call was intended for law enforcement only. It was illegally obtained and a FBI criminal investigation is under way.”

An FBI official said the FBI’s systems were not hacked into, and the discussion did not include classified material.

The official said the conference call dial-in details were sent in an email to officials and someone forwarded it to a private, non-government email account which was compromised at some point.

London’s Metropolitan Police (MPS) said in a statement: “We are aware of the video, which relates to an FBI conference call involving a PCeU (Police Central e-crime Unit) representative.”

“The matter is being investigated by the FBI. At this stage no operational risks to the MPS have been identified; however, we continue to carry out a full assessment,” the MPS said.

An official involved in coordinating international efforts to crack down on cyber crime said that law enforcement agencies sometimes do not carefully authenticate the identity of people who dial in to participate on conference calls.

The email released by the hackers that appears to be the one the FBI sent out to organize the teleconference asked all participants to use a single code to gain entry to the call.

That official, who declined to be identified by name because he was not authorized to publicly comment on the matter, said that the call would have been more secure if attendees had each been assigned unique access codes and been required to identify themselves by name upon dialing in.

If a hacker had dialed in using somebody’s unique access code and somehow made it past initial screening, the organizers may have possibly identified a breach when it became clear that two parties were using the same dial-in credentials, said the official.

Revealed – Anonymous Hacks Public Intelligence in “Friendly Audit”

On January 16, 2012 an unauthorized party associated with the hacktivist collective Anonymous gained access to this site’s web server. The attacker gained root access and posted a number of versions of a photo of a naked man. These images were used to deface the front of the site in multiple locations and contained the message “WAS HERE WITH 0DAY, ONLY SHIT I FOUND BAD WAS U LOGGING IN FROM A DSL CONNECTION… THEN AGAIN U BOUGHT THIS SERVER WITH UR PERSONAL CARD SO U CAN BE DOX’D… LEFT U THESE COX AS A FRIENDLY REMINDER THAT YOUR BOX CAN BE PWNED AT ALL TIMES…” The attackers then manipulated configuration files for the server which caused an error message to appear to visitors of the site. This state persisted for approximately eight hours blocking access to the site before it was later fixed by the attacker, who left a longer explanation for the hack in the server’s root directory.

Though the hackers were fairly polite and we do not believe that there is any current threat to our users, we have disabled our submissions form and will not be accepting new information at the moment. We have also disabled some of the user features on the site, which were more a remnant of a previous phase of this site’s operation and served little practical value. If you, at any point, have had an account on this site with a password that is also used elsewhere, you should change it. The hackers claim that they did not look into our database to retrieve this information. However, you would be wise to protect against that possibility.

We feel that this action by Anonymous was misguided. While we understand their desire to demonstrate their ability to “penetrate” anything, their defacement of this platform was unnecessary. This site has functioned for several years now as a vital source of information that is concealed and restricted from the general public. Large amounts of people in all walks of life utilize its resources. At the time of the defacement, this site was serving several files as source material for articles in publications around the world, including information on the automated scanning of license plates and other forms of public surveillance in Germany, the Department of Defense’s Non-Lethal Weapons Reference Book which received a large amount of coverage in Russia and Eastern Europe after it was reported on by the BBC, and a particularly frank Marine Corps handbook that describes the CIA’s history of funding the Mujahideen via the Pakistani ISI. Because of the defacement, many people visiting the site were then confronted with pictures of naked men which may have dissuaded them from accessing the extremely important information contained in these documents.

We’ve never professed to be extremely adept technologically, nor have we ever claimed to be creating a massively secure system for the submission of high-profile leaks. In fact, we hate “leaks” in general and we try to avoid using the word as much as possible. Leaking implies an accident, like something that escaped through a crack or water passing through a sieve. How can you leak something that should never have been secret in the first place? We are simply average, humble people who are trying to inform ourselves and others about the world in which we live. Nearly every piece of information on this site is something that was obtained from a publicly-accessible source using means available to any member of the public. We have published this material using open-source software in an attempt to inform others and demonstrate the potential for public action in the sphere of intelligence and media.

And so, if we are to create anything lasting, we must work together towards a society where everyone can express themselves freely and share information openly. We must not attack one another, for this only undermines the legitimacy of our cause. If we are to live in a world where knowledge truly is free, we must act with the gravity that this freedom demands. Anarchy is not chaos, it is self-governance.

A message left by the hacker:

sorry for this but we consider u friendly so i just left a message and
wiped /var/log

there was nothing u could do against this breach, this was just to
remind you that we can breach anything and so can the enemy :)

be careful what u do, improve ur OPSEC

maybe buy the server/hosting with a temp card and access is via Tor

try and remove links from ur personal life from this service :)

keep up the good work and hope u enjoy the cox :D



PS: i didnt steal any of ur credentials neither i even look into the mysql
db, i  dont know any of ur passwords though u should change them of course.
this was a direct root via a 0day we have :) it was not ur fault... i just
thought that i should leave u this message apart from the cox so u get a feel
what penetration looks like... our enemies dont leave messages ;)

Anonymous Lists Their Demands regarding SOPA

The Internet is angry at SOPA and Anonymous is at, or at least near, the front of it all.

Just a few minutes ago, the “official” Anonymous twitter feed linked to the group’s list of demands. The document is titled, “Bright, and Clear: The Future of Free Speech.” In it, the group details their list of demands for the future of the Internet that they believe SOPA and PIPA want to dismantle.

As we watch the web go dark today in protest against the SOPA/PIPA censorship bills, let’s take a moment and reflect on why this fight is so important. We may have learned that free speech is what makes America great, or instinctively resist attempts at silencing our voices. But these are abstract principles, divorced from the real world and our daily lives.

We believe a healthy society doesn’t allow its artists, musicians and other creators to starve. The copyright industry has been justly criticized for abusing the political process in a desperate attempt to maintain its role as a cultural gatekeeper, a business model made obsolete by a digital age of free copies. But the RIAA, MPAA & IFPI deserve our opprobrium for making enormous profits while often leaving the very artists it claims to represent *poorer* than they would be as independents. While the public may have greater access to the few artists deemed sufficiently marketable to gain mass media promotion, fewer and fewer of us are making art and music in our own lives.

From there, the group lists their demands starting with the call for the WIPO to be disbanded. They also demand the elimination of the DMCA’s registration requirement for qualification under the “safe harbor” provision.

They move onto more court-related with their expectation that courts apply penalties just as severe to rightsholders who issue abusive takedown notices as those applied to copyright violators. They also demand that any penalties for copyright infringement must be sane and reasonable and not to be based on “unsubstantiated, outlandish claims of harm.”

They demand that the Department of Justice begin an anti-trust investigation into the copyright industry, with a specific focus on collusion between rightsholders and ISPs in monitoring Internet users.

They demand an end to sales of radio frequencies into private hands. They believe that the radio waves are a form of speech and should belong to the people.

A big one that most would not agree with is their demand that ISPs stop interfering with file sharing via BitTorrent or any other protocol.

They want recognition of total ownership, not merely licensing, of products purchased. They feel that they have a right to tinker and modify devices as they see fit. The Library of Congress should not be in charge of determining acceptable use.

They reject the principle of contributory infringement under the pretense that “while there may be bad uses, there is no bad code.”

One that I think everybody can get behind is their expectation that legislators and judges make efforts to educate themselves about the technologies they oversee, and to call on and respect the opinions of technical experts when necessary.

All research receiving any public funding must be placed in the public domain upon publication. Likewise, the US Patent and Trade Office must immediately cease issuing software and business patents, and declare all such existing patents null and void. They also call on the rejection of any patents on mathematical formulas and genes or other naturally-occurring substances.

They demand that copyright and patent terms be reduced to reasonable lengths (two and five years from the time of creation, respectively). Works should only be eligible for the length of protection when created.

They recognize a broad right of “fair use” that would allow anybody to remix, sample, mash up, translate, perform or make parodies of any work as they see fit.

Their final demand is that courts give bloggers the same freedoms that journalists enjoy.

“The right to a free press originally meant a literal, physical printing press – not membership in some government sanctioned elite. Blogs are the modern day digital equivalent.”

They end their list of demands with a final call to action to their fellow “Internauts.” They end their message with “either stand with us or get out of the way.”

Revealed – SOPA Blackout JS Utility

Earlier this week, announced that they would be blacking out their site on January 18th. Likewise, many of us should take similar action versus this bill. The damage it would cause to our internet infrastructure would be irreparable. What we propose is a simple, but effective message for any webmasters to use on their site on this date.

How to use

The following will present a blackout banner when users visit your site, which can be circumvented by clicking anywhere:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”//”></script>

The following will blackout an element of a specific id:

<script type=”text/javascript”>sopablackout_id = ‘sopa’;</script>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”//”></script>

WordPress Plugin

Sasha Gerrand kindly created a wordpress plugin to easily implement this. Check it out on github.

Created by @sirpengi and Jacob Miller


What is SOPA?

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA, H.R. 3261) is on the surface a bill that attempts to curb online piracy. Sadly, the proposed way it goes about doing this would devastate the online economy and the overall freedom of the web. It would particularly affect sites with heavy user generated content. Sites like Youtube, Reddit, Twitter, and others may cease to exist in their current form if this bill is passed.

What is PIPA?

The Protect IP Act (PIPA, S. 968) is SOPA’s twin in the Senate. Under current DMCA law, if a user uploads a copyrighted movie to sites like Youtube, the site isn’t held accountable so long as they provide a way to report user infringement. The user who uploaded the movie is held accountable for their actions, not the site. PIPA would change that – it would place the blame on the site itself, and would also provide a way for copyright holders to seize the site’s domain in extreme circumstances.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation laid out four excellent points as to why the bills are not only dangerous, but are also not effective for what they are trying to accomplish:

  • The blacklist bills are expensive. The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that PIPA alone would cost the taxpayers at least $47 million over 5 years, and could cost the private sector many times more. Those costs would be carried mostly by the tech industry, hampering growth and innovation.
  • The blacklist bills silence legitimate speech. Rightsholders, ISPs, or the government could shut down sites with accusations of infringement, and without real due process.
  • The blacklist bills are bad for the architecture of the Internet. But don’t take our word for it: see the open letters that dozens of the Internet’s concerned creators have submitted to Congress about the impact the bills would have on the security of the web.
  • The blacklist bills won’t stop online piracy. The tools these bills would grant rightsholders are like chainsaws in an operating room: they do a lot of damage, and they aren’t very effective in the first place. The filtering methods might dissuade casual users, but they would be trivial for dedicated and technically savvy users to circumvent.

ANONYMOUS and Stratfor’s “private client list

Could this be Stratfor’s “private client list”? And what kind of info do you think we have on them?


anonymous targets – one in a series of targets they say will last all week – a private security firm called STRATFOR. from news site RT:
Anonymous hacks and discredits STRATFOR intelligence company

­The global intelligence company Strategic Forecasting, Inc has been hacked by Anonymous group. Anonymous claim to have dumped a heap of information from the server, including internal correspondence and credit card data. AnonymouSabu tweeted “Over 90,000 Credit cards from LEA, journalists, intelligence community and whitehats leaked and used for over a million dollars in donations.” Hackers also defaced Stratfor’s website, forcing the administrators to shut down the web server for some 40 minutes. Stratfor has released a statement to its clients about the security breach, saying that they are “diligently investigating the extent to which the subscriber information may have been obtained.” A number of large corporations and government agencies are among the clients of Strategic Forecasting, which provides strategic intelligence on global business, economic, security and geopolitical affairs. Anonymous have not released the complete list of Stratfor’s clients yet, but mentioned that the United States Air Force, Goldman Sachs investment bank, and financial broker MF Global were on the list.

#antisec #lulzxmas

Company:          Homeland Security Bureau of Miami Dade Police Dept
Company:         17 Concepts
Company:         1707 Corp
Company:         2 Years / $349 – Academic acct
Company:         2-377 PFAR
Company:         21st Century Technologies
Company:         23 Shillings LTD.
Company:         230th ALT, TNARNG
Company:         3 month $59 academic memberships
Company:         3 months and The Next Decade / $16
Company:         303-279-0773
Company:         308-792-4109
Company:         312-719-1711 cell
Company:         3157313 nova scotia ltd.
Company:         334-857-3857
Company:         360∞ MEDIZIN
Company:         3M
Company:         403-263-7052
Company:         4M Firearms Import Service,LLC
Company:         5096829056
Company:         51486655
Company:         646-295-4481
Company:         7Q Financial Services Ltd
Company:         805-402-9964 Cell
Company:         817-837-1901
Company:         937-255-3529
Company:         954-562-8425
Company:         972-729-7879
Company:         A G Edwards
Company:         A Montag & Assoc
Company:         A Place for Us Foundation
Company:         A. G. Edwards
Company:         A. J. Kirshen, Medicine Professional Corporation
Company:         a.g.
Company:         A.R. Consultants
Company:         A.T.&T.
Company:         A/S/M Communications
Company:         A&E Computer Services
Company:         AAA Motors, Inc.
Company:         AarhusKarlshamn Mexico SA de CV
Company:         Abacus, Inc.
Company:         Abaxon
Company:         ABB
Company:         ABB
Company:, incorporated
Company:         Abilene Christian University
Company:         ABSA Capital
Company:         Abt Inc
Company:         Abu Dhabi University
Company:         Academic /
Company:         Academic $19.95 for 1 month
Company:         Academic 2 years for $349
Company:         Academic Computing Services
Company:         Acadia Asset Management
Company:         Accendor Research, Inc.
Company:         Accendx Management, LLC
Company:         Accent Capital
Company:         Accenture
Company:         Access Insurance Holdings, Inc.
Company:         ACCTS
Company:         Acero Group International, Inc.
Company:         ACMR
Company:         ACN
Company:         ACS Industries.
Company:         Actagon AB
Company:         Acton Framers
Company:         Acuitas (London) Ltd
Company:         Adair Capital, LLC
Company:         Adelante Consulting
Company:         Adeline Companies
Company:         Adelphi University
Company:         Adexta, Inc.
Company:         ADK Wealth Management
Company:         Admins
Company:         Admiral Security Services, Inc.
Company:         Admn Staff College of India
Company:         Advisor
Company:         AECOM
Company:         AEG Partners LLC
Company:         Aegis Defence Services
Company:         AEGON Asset Management
Company:         Aegon USA
Company:         Aero Spares Int’l
Company:         Aeroquest Airborne
Company:         Aerospace Defence Italy s.r.l.
Company:         AES Corporation
Company:         AES Corporation
Company:         Aetos Capital
Company:         AF
Company:         AF Group
Company:         Affiliated Capital Resources
Company:         AFIO
Company:         AFL Private Limited
Company:         AfricaSearcher Inc.
Company:         AFROTC
Company:         afs
Company:         AG Edwards
Company:         AG Edwards
Company:         Agate Holdings, Inc.
Company:         Aggreko, LLC
Company:         AHPC Inc
Company:         AIG – American General
Company:         AIG American General
Company:         AIG Financial Products
Company:         AIM Group
Company:         Air & Marine Travel
Company:         Air Canada Pilots Association
Company:         Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Company:         Air National Guard
Company:         Air New Zealand
Company:         Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
Company:         Air Serv International
Company:         Air Serv International
Company:         AJC
Company:         Al Amin
Company:         Al Jazeera English
Company:         Al Morrell Development
Company:         Al Thuraya Consultancy Inc
Company:         ALANSA International, LLC
Company:         Alaric Advisres
Company:         Alcatel-Lucent
Company:         ALCOA
Company:         ALCOA
Company:         Aleagent, Inc.
Company:         alecorp inc
Company:         Alexander Capital
Company:         ALEXIS International Ltd.
Company:         Alfa
Company:         Alinpa AG
Company:         All-Chemie Ltd.
Company:         Allbritton Capital Management Assoc.
Company:         Alleghany Consulting
Company:         Alleghany Corp
Company:         Allegheny Medical Systems
Company:         Allen & Company LLC
Company:         Allergy and Asthma Assoc. PA
Company:         Alliant Techsystems Inc.
Company:         Alliant Techsystems, Inc.
Company:         allied beverage group
Company:         Allied Machined Products Corp
Company:         Allocation Sciences Corp
Company:         ALM First
Company:         ALPA
Company:         Alpha Baking Company
Company:         Alpha Omega Global
Company:         Alpha Scout Capital Management
Company:         Alphamax Advisors LLC
Company:         Alpi Viajes
Company:         ALSO Holding AG
Company:         Altair Advisers LLC
Company:         Altova, Inc.
Company:         Amansa Capital Pte Ltd
Company:         Amaranth
Company:         AMB Minerals & Energy Inc
Company:         Ambac Assurance Corporation
Company:         AMCHAMDR
Company:         Amco International
Company:         AMD
Company:         Amdahl
Company:         American Airlines
Company:         American Express
Company:         American Express
Company:         American Funds
Company:         American Investment Services, Inc.
Company:         American Military University
Company:         American Safe Room, Inc.
Company:         American Shipping & Logistics Group
Company:         American Textile, LLC.
Company:         American University’s Brussels Center
Company:         Ameriprise Financial
Company:         AMETEK, Inc.
Company:         AMI International
Company:         Aminoff & Co.
Company:         AMLA Consulting
Company:         AMP Capital Brookfield
Company:         AMR Consulting, Inc.
Company:         AMTEC Corporation
Company:         Anadarko Petroleum
Company:         Anadarko Petroleum
Company:         Anadarko Petroleum
Company:         Anadarko Petroleum
Company:         Anadarko Petroleum Company
Company:         Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Company:         Analytica Asia
Company:         Andean Development Bank
Company:         Andean Development Bank
Company:         Andean Development Bank
Company:         Andean Development Bank
Company:         Anderson & Strudwick, Inc.
Company:         Anderson Valuation
Company:         Andrews Capital Mgmt
Company:         Andrews International Inc.
Company:         Anesthesia Care Ltd.
Company:         Angel Alert Network Inc.
Company:         Angus Taverner Ltd
Company:         Annuitas
Company:         ANSER
Company:         Anson Consulting Inc
Company:         ansr audio
Company:         Antarctica Asset Management LLP
Company:         Antares Defense LLC
Company:         Antipodean Capital Management P/L
Company:         ANZ Bank
Company:         ANZ Bank
Company:         Aon
Company:         Aon, Inc.
Company:         AOPA
Company:         Apache Corporation
Company:         Apache Corporation
Company:         Apollo Capital Management
Company:         Apollo Company
Company:         Apollos Software, Inc.
Company:         Apple
Company:         Applegate Investment Mgmt
Company:         Appletiser
Company:         Applied Financial Planning Inc
Company:         APS Consultores Gerenciales, S.A.
Company:         AQMI Strategy Corporation
Company:         Aquamarine Fund
Company:         ARA Strategic Capital
Company:         Arab World Ministries
Company:         Aramco
Company:         ARCADIS
Company:         ArcelorMittal
Company:         Arch Insurance Co.
Company:         ARCH Venture Partners
Company:         Archangel Emergency Management Group
Company:         Archer Financial Group, LLC
Company:         Archstone Consulting
Company:         arcon partners
Company:         Argyll Investment Services Limited
Company:         ariely commodities, inc
Company:         ARINC
Company:         Armaris Group
Company:         Army
Company:         Army
Company:         Arque Advisors, LLC
Company:         ArvinMeritor, Inc.
Company:         ARX Investment Management
Company:         ARX Investment Management
Company:         AsAsalam Party
Company:         ASCG Incorporated
Company:         ASFT
Company:         Ashland Inc.
Company:         Ashley Investment
Company:         ASIA CALLING
Company:         Asia Mezzanine
Company:         ASIANZ Holdings Ltd
Company:         Asociace pro mezinarodni otazky
Company:         ASPI
Company:         Assembly of Western European Union
Company:         Asset Management Advisors
Company:         AssetMark
Company:         Associated Pathology Laboratories, Inc.
Company:         ASTEK Ltd.
Company:         Astrakhan Consulting
Company:         ASV Shipping LLC
Company:         ASWS
Company:         AT&T
Company:         AT&T Government Solutions
Company:         AT&T, Inc.
Company:         Atlantic
Company:         Atlantic Advisors
Company:         Atlantik AD
Company:         Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd
Company:         ATP
Company:         ATP Investments
Company:         Attn: Gabriele Hysong Library – Rolls Royce – S. 05
Company:         ATTrite Corp.
Company:         Attwell Interests, Inc.
Company:         ATWEL International,s.r.o.
Company:         AUB-FEA
Company:         Auchan
Company:         Auctor Savjetovanja d.o.o.
Company:         AUMS Ltd
Company:         Aurora Disaster Strategies
Company:         Austin Capital Management
Company:         Austin Energy
Company:         Austin Investment Management
Company:         Australian National University
Company:         Austria Tabak GmbH
Company:         Austrian Armed Forces
Company:         AutoAlaska LLC
Company:         Aventis (Personal Account)
Company:         Aviation Consultants Ltd.
Company:         Avion Solutions Inc.
Company:         Aviva Investors Australia
Company:         Avondale Partners
Company:         AVOW
Company:         Avra Software Lab Inc.
Company:         Avra Software Lab Inc.
Company:         AW Investor
Company:         AWG
Company:         AXA Financial
Company:         Axel Chemicals
Company:         axiom capital management
Company:         Axis Capital
Company:         Azteca Gold
Company:         Azumia
Company:         B & K International
Company:         B.A. Systems, Inc.
Company:         b’huth
Company:         B&B Tax Service
Company:         B&G Risk Strategies LLC
Company:         B&K International
Company:         Babcock & Wilcox
Company:         BAE Systems
Company:         BAE Systems Inc.
Company:         BAE Systems Inc.
Company:         BAE Systems Inc.
Company:         BAE Systems Information Technology
Company:         bahiapulp
Company:         bailey sign
Company:         Bailey Tool & Mfg. Co.
Company:         bain
Company:         Bain & Company Middle East
Company:         Bainco International Investors
Company:         Baker  McKenzie Krzyzowski i Wspolnicy
Company:         Baker & Hostetler
Company:         baker & mckenzie
Company:         Baker Brown Dixon
Company:         Baker Exploration Co.
Company:         Baker Hughes
Company:         BAKER HUGHES
Company:         Baker Hughes Incorporated
Company:         Baker Hughes Incorporated
Company:         Baker Managers
Company:         Balboa City School
Company:         Balestra Capital, Ltd.
Company:         Balfour Beatty Construction
Company:         Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
Company:         Ballwin Police Department
Company:         Bami World Sdn. Bhd.
Company:         BAML
Company:         Banco de Mexico
Company:         Banco Ita˙ S.A.
Company:         Bank Audi sal/Audi Saradar Group
Company:         Bank Julius B‰r
Company:         bank of america
Company:         Bank of America
Company:         Bank of America
Company:         Bank of America
Company:         Bank of America
Company:         Bank of America
Company:         Bank of America
Company:         Bank of America
Company:         Bank of America
Company:         Bank of New York
Company:         Bank of New Zealand
Company:         Bank of New Zealand
Company:         Bank of Tokyo-Mitrsubishi UFJ
Company:         Banner Good Samaritan Hospital
Company:         Banyan Tree Advisors Pvt Ltd
Company:         Barbay Consulting
Company:         Barbnet Investment Company
Company:         Barclays Bank
Company:         Barclays Capital c/o Prenax
Company:         Barg Capital
Company:         Barkto Zankiel Attn: John Bartko
Company:         barloworld
Company:         Barnebee Trading Group, Inc
Company:         Barnett Financial, Inc.
Company:         Barnett Waddingham Investments LLP
Company:         Barrantagh Investment Management
Company:         Barrantagh Investment Management Inc.
Company:         Barrick Gold
Company:         Barrick Gold Corp. Pueblo Viejo Project
Company:         Barrow, Hanley, Mewhinney and Strauss, Inc.
Company:         Bartlett & Co
Company:         Bartner Group LLC
Company:         Baseball Historians, Inc.
Company:         BASF
Company:         BASF Corporation
Company:         BASIL Networks
Company:         Bauhaus Construction Corp.
Company:         Bausch and Lomb
Company:         Baxter
Company:         Bay Area Medical Consulting
Company:         bay city capital
Company:         Baycraft Asset Management
Company:         BayPort Financial Services
Company:         BB&T Commercial Finance
Company:         Bear Mountain Science & Photography
Company:         Bear Stearns
Company:         Bear Stearns
Company:         Bearing Point
Company:         Bechtel
Company:         Bechtel Corporation
Company:         Bechtel Corporation
Company:         BedRock Ventures
Company:         Bee-Sting Ventures
Company:         Behr & Associates
Company:         Belier Group, LLC
Company:         Bellevue Baptist Church
Company:         Bellocchi & Co LLC
Company:         Belmont Properties
Company:         Belux
Company:         Benchmark Asset Managers
Company:         benjamin investments
Company:         BENS
Company:         Benson Inc
Company:         Benton Rutledge Properties
Company:         Berkshire Securities Inc.
Company:         BertFilm
Company:         Bessemer Trust
Company:         Best Buy
Company:         Best Buy
Company:         Bettinger Financial Advisors, Inc.
Company:         Bevmor Mgmt
Company:         BG Group
Company:         BHP Billiton
Company:         BHP Billiton
Company:         BHP Billiton
Company:         BILBROinc.
Company:         Bill Owens, LLC
Company:         BIN S.A.
Company:         BioCompsoite Solutions
Company:         BioHorizons
Company:         Birkmere Associates LLC
Company:         Birmingham International Air
Company:         BJ Services Company
Company:         Black & Veatch
Company:         Black and Veatch
Company:         Black Star
Company:         Blackbird Technologies
Company:         Blackfriars Capital Management AS
Company:         BlackRock
Company:         Blackwater Security Consulting
Company:         Blankinship & Foster, LLC
Company:         BLB
Company:         Blessing Petroleum Group, LLC
Company:         Blinn College
Company:         Blizzard Enterprises
Company:         BLOCK 4 CONSULTING
Company:         Blue Altarus, Inc
Company:         Blue Diamond CT
Company:         Blue Fox Management
Company:         Blue Mountain, Ltd.
Company:         Blue Planet Services LLC
Company:         Blue Shield of California
Company:         Blue Sky Apeiron Pty Ltd
Company:         Blue Water Intl
Company:         Blue, Johnson & Associates, Inc.
Company:         Bluebonnet Consulting, Inc.
Company:         blueshift tech
Company:         Blum Capital Partners
Company:         blurgl Inc.
Company:         BMI
Company:         BMO Capital Markets
Company:         BMO Nesbitt Burns
Company:         BMO Nesbitt Burns
Company:         BMS
Company:         BNC National Bank
Company:         BNMM & Associates Engineering, LLC
Company:         BNP Paribas
Company:         BNS
Company:         BNY Mellon
Company:         Bob Haden, Broker
Company:         Bob Lunday Consulting
Company:         Boeing
Company:         Boeing
Company:         Boeing
Company:         Boeing
Company:         Boeing
Company:         Boeing Company
Company:         Boeing Company
Company:         Boeing Company
Company:         Boeing Company
Company:         Boeing Corporation – BD Int
Company:         Boenning
Company:         Bold Marketing Partners
Company:         Bongo Woodley Consultants
Company:         Booz Allen Hamilton
Company:         Booz Allen Hamilton
Company:         Booz Allen Hamilton
Company:         Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
Company:         Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
Company:         Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
Company:         Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
Company:         Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
Company:         Borger Financial Service
Company:         Bose Corporation
Company:         Boston College
Company:         Boston Partners
Company:         Boulder Capital
Company:         Bowditch Consulting, LLC
Company:         Box Appliance Service Co.
Company:         Boyden
Company:         BP
Company:         BP
Company:         BP
Company:         BP
Company:         BP
Company:         BP
Company:         Bp Exploration (Caspian Sea) Limited
Company:         BP Plc
Company:         BP Plc
Company:         BPI Gestao de Activos
Company:         Br. Gen USAF
Company:         Bradford & Associates Ltd
Company:         Bravado Appraisal Group
Company:         Brazile and Associates, LLC
Company:         Brazillian Army Commisison
Company:         Brechnitz Group
Company:         Brencourt Advisors
Company:         Bresnahan & Associates, Inc.
Company:         Brett M. Poston, P.C.
Company:         Brian C Jensen, CPA
Company:         Brian Stableford
Company:         BriarPatch Opportunities
Company:         Brickell Motors
Company:         Brickell Motors
Company:         Bridges Family Petroleum, Inc.
Company:         Bridgespan
Company:         brinkmann roofing co
Company:         Brisbois Capital Mgmt, LLC
Company:         Bristol Myers Squibb
Company:         Brookstreet Securities
Company:         brown advirory
Company:         Brown Technical Service
Company:         Browning, Randall, Pasteur & Assoc LLC
Company:         Brownsville OEM / HS
Company:         Brummer & Partners
Company:         Bsrclays Capital
Company:         BT Ireland
Company:         Budway Enterprises
Company:         Buffalo State College (SUNY)
Company:         Bugg Properties, Inc.
Company:         bulk bag express, inc
Company:         Bull Dog Trading
Company:         Bullard, McLeod & Associates, Inc.
Company:         Burns, Taylor, et al
Company:         Burrows Paper Corporation
Company:         BUSARA
Company:         Business Health Plus
Company:         Business Technology Associates LLC
Company:         BV
Company:         BybeePower
Company:         BYC
Company:         Bytheway Limited
Company:         C R Parr & Associates, PC
Company:         C.A.P. Enterprises, Inc
Company:         C.C.I.
Company:         C.S. Crosby & Associates
Company:         C/ HQJOC
Company:         c/o Al Witzell
Company:         C/o Johns Byrne
Company:         C2I – CI/HUMINT TEAM
Company:         CA Stromberg AB
Company:         CACI
Company:         Cadent Energy Partners
Company:         CAI
Company:         Calamos Holdings
Company:         Calamos Holdings LLC.
Company:         Caldera Resources Inc.
Company:         Cales Investments, Inc.
Company:         Calgas Exploration Ltd
Company:         Calhoun High school
Company:         CALIBRE Systems, Inc.
Company:         California State University San Bernardiono Graduate Student
Company:         calpian
Company:         Caltex Australia Limited
Company:         Calvary Baptist Church
Company:         Calyon Corporate and Investment Bank
Company:         Calyon Financial Inc.
Company:         CAM International
Company:         Camber
Company:         Cambium Group
Company:         Cambria Investment Management
Company:         Campbell Fittings Inc
Company:         Campbell Soup
Company:         Canaccord Capital
Company:         Canada Pension Plan Investment Board
Company:         Canada-Israel Committee
Company:         Canadian Air Transport Security (CATSA)
Company:         Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute
Company:         Canadian Forces College
Company:         Canadian Forces College
Company:         Cancel
Company:         canceled account 01/04/2008 via call to customer service
Company:         Candlestick LLC
Company:         Canonbury Group
Company:         CAPE Legacy Fund
Company:         Capital Alpha Partners, LLC
Company:         Capital Group Companies
Company:         Capital Group Companies
Company:         Capital Group Companies
Company:         Capital Group Companies
Company:         Capital Group Companies
Company:         Capital Group Companies
Company:         Capital Growth Management
Company:         Capital Ideas, Inc.
Company:         Capital One
Company:         Capital Plan, Inc
Company:         CapitalRock Advisors
Company:         Capral
Company:         CapRock Oil Tools, Inc.
Company:         Cardframer
Company:         Cardinal Gas Partners,LLC
Company:         CARE International
Company:         Cargill
Company:         Cargill Inc & Subsid
Company:         caritas
Company:         Carlsen & Co.
Company:         Carnegie Capital
Company:         Carobu Engineering
Company:         carpeteers carpet cleaning service
Company:         Carrelton Asset Management
Company:         Carrollton
Company:         Carrow Companies, LLC
Company:         Cart-Away Concrete Systems
Company:         Cartel Consulting
Company:         Carter Concepts, Inc
Company:         Carthage College
Company:         Casablanca Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Company:         Casals & Associates, Inc
Company:         Cascadian Enterprises LLC
Company:         Casey Financial
Company:         Caspian Steppes
Company:         Castleman Group
Company:         Catalent
Company:         Catalyst
Company:         Catalyst Investment Group Limited
Company:         Caxton Associates LLC
Company:         CB Richard Ellis
Company:         CBR
Company:         CBS
Company:         CC Riders
Company:         CCG
Company:         CCM (Pty) Ltd
Company:         CCOliphant&Son,Inc.
Company:         CCS International
Company:         CDW
Company:         CECO Associates
Company:         Cedar Road Capital
Company:         CEFAM
Company:         CEL & Associates, Inc.
Company:         cell 502 905 1842
Company:         CEMEX
Company:         Center for Environmental Diplomacy
Company:         Center for European Policy Analysis
Company:         Center for Global Strategies
Company:         Center for International Security and Strategic Studies
Company:         Center of Doctrine and Strategic Development (CDSD), RTA
Company:         Central Florida Community College
Company:         Central Trust & Investment Co
Company:         Centurion
Company:         CEO, MVmax
Company:         Cerberus Capital Management
Company:         Cervantes and Associates
Company:         CESCE, S.A. –  VAT: ESA28264034
Company:         CG Maton Agency, Inc.
Company:         CH&I Technologies
Company:         CH2M HILL
Company:         CH2M HILL
Company:         Chairman & CEO / Belvoir Media Group LLC
Company:         Chamber of Deputies
Company:         Chaminade College Preparatory
Company:         Chaminade University
Company:         Chandlas Enterprises Ltd
Company:         Changsha Huir Biological-tech Co.,ltd
Company:         Chapman Consulting
Company:         Charles D. Haines, LLC
Company:         Charles F. Day & Assoc. LLC
Company:         Charles Schwab
Company:         Charles Schwab
Company:         Charles Schwab & Co, Inc
Company:         Charles Sturt University
Company:         Charlotte Pipe
Company:         Chaswil Ltd
Company:         Chemonics International
Company:         Chen and Partners
Company:         ChengChi University
Company:         ChengChi University
Company:         Chesney & Company
Company:         Chevron
Company:         Chevron
Company:         Chevron Corporation
Company:         Chevron Corporation
Company:         Chevron Corporation
Company:         Chevron Corporation
Company:         Chevron Corporation
Company:         Chevron Global Gas
Company:         Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
Company:         Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
Company:         Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
Company:         Chickasaw Capital Management
Company:         Chile Company
Company:         Chinese Embassy
Company:         Choate, Hall & Stewart
Company:         Chosunilbo
Company:         CHP
Company:         Christian Science Monitor
Company:         CHRISTUS Health
Company:         CHS, Inc
Company:         Chubb & Son
Company:         Church of the Great God
Company:         CI Investments
Company:         CI Investments
Company:         Cia. Colombiana de Inversiones S.A.
Company:         CIBC
Company:         CIBC Wood Gundy
Company:         cibc world markets
Company:         CIBC World Markets
Company:         circle financial group
Company:         Cisco
Company:         Cisco
Company:         Cisco
Company:         Cisco Systems
Company:         Cisco Systems
Company:         Citadel International
Company:         Citgo
Company:         CITGO Petroleum Corporation
Company:         Citi
Company:         Citi Investment Research
Company:         Citi Smith Barney
Company:         Citigroup
Company:         Citigroup
Company:         Citigroup
Company:         Citigroup
Company:         CITIGROUP
Company:         Citigroup Corporate & Investment Bank
Company:         Citigroup Smith Barney
Company:         Citigroup Smith Barney
Company:         Citigroup/Smith Barney
Company:         Citizens & Northern Bank
Company:         citizens natl bank
Company:         City Center Security
Company:         City Center Security
Company:         City of Miami Police Department
Company:         City of Weslaco
Company:         Cityteam
Company:         ck locke & partners
Company:         Claire Orthopaedics PA
Company:         Claren Road
Company:         Clarium Capital Management
Company:         clarkson and company
Company:         Clarsen & Associates
Company:         Clayton Consultants, Inc.
Company:         Clemens Capital
Company:         Clemson University
Company:         Cloverdale Investments Pte Ltd
Company:         Clovis Point Solutions, LLC
Company:         CMC
Company:         CMS Energy
Company:         CMSU, LLC
Company:         CNR HOLDING AS
Company:         Co / TD Waterhouse
Company:         Co-Mar Management Services
Company:         Coca-Cola
Company:         Cognitive Assets
Company:         Cognitive Investments LLC
Company:         Cogsdill Tool Prod.
Company:         Cole Papers, Inc.
Company:         Colgate Palmolive
Company:         Colgate Palmolive
Company:         Colgate Palmolive
Company:         Colgate Palmolive
Company:         Colliers International
Company:         Colliers International
Company:         Colliers International
Company:         Collins Development Co
Company:         Colorado Army National Guard
Company:         colorado player consultans
Company:         COLSA Corporation
Company:         Colton & Associates, P.C.
Company:         Columbia University
Company:         Combat Support Associates
Company:         ComitÈ Internacional de la Cruz Roja
Company:         Commonwealth North
Company:         comp
Company:         Company:
Company:         Compass Asset Management
Company:         Compass Capital AG
Company:         compass financial advisors,llc
Company:         Compass Foundation
Company:         Compensation Resource Group
Company:         Compliance Associates
Company:         Comprehensive Computer Services
Company:         ComPro Realty
Company:         Computer Sciences Corp.
Company:         Comunicaciones Nextel de Mexico SA de CV
Company:         CONCERT Advisor Services
Company:         Condortech Services, Inc.
Company:         Conductix, Inc
Company:         Conflex Consulting
Company:         Conflict Resolution, Inc.
Company:         Confluence Investment Management
Company:         Congress of  Racial Equality
Company:         Connect Consulting, Inc.
Company:         Conning & Company
Company:         ConocoPhillips
Company:         ConocoPhillips
Company:         ConocoPhillips
Company:         ConocoPhillips
Company:         ConocoPhillips Russia
Company:         Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales, A.C.
Company:         Consilium
Company:         Consolidated Water Power Co
Company:         Constellation Investment Group
Company:         Constellation Wealth Advisors
Company:         Consulant/Adjunct Professor Utah State University
Company:         consultant
Company:         consultco
Company:         Consultiera
Company:         Consultora Demison
Company:         Consultoria Estrategica Primer Circulo, S.C.
Company:         Contact name is Debbie McCoy
Company:         Contingent Macro Advisors LLC
Company:         Convio Inc
Company:         Cook Management, LLC.
Company:         Coolescence, LLC
Company:         Cooperative Consultants, Inc.
Company:         Copernio Corporation
Company:         Copymaven, Inc
Company:         Corbin Capital Partners
Company:         Corestates Capital, LLC
Company:         Coril Holdings Ltd.
Company:         Cormark
Company:         Corn Products International
Company:         Cornell University
Company:         Cornish & Co.
Company:         Cornwall Capital, Inc.
Company:         Corona Investments, LP
Company:         Corporacion REY S.A.
Company:         Corporate Intelligence Analyst Network, Pty. Ltd.
Company:         Corriente Partners
Company:         Coss Consulting Int. BDA
Company:         Cottage Realty LLC
Company:         Cottonfield Family Office AG
Company:         Cougar Global Investment
Company:         Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
Company:         Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
Company:         COUNTRY Trust Bank
Company:         Covenant
Company:         Covenant International
Company:         Covenant International
Company:         Coventry Realty
Company:         Covepoint Capital Advisors
Company:         Coyote Oilfield Consulting Ltd.
Company:         CR
Company:         Crain’s Detroit Business
Company:         CRANE CURRENCY
Company:         Crane Realty
Company:         Credit Libanais SAL
Company:         Credit Suisse
Company:         Credit Suisse
Company:         Credit Suisse
Company:         Credit Suisse
Company:         Credit Suisse
Company:         Credit Suisse
Company:         Creighton University
Company:         CRI
Company:         Crisis Management Initiative
Company:         Criswell Financial, Inc.
Company:         Crossinvest (Asia) Pte Ltd
Company:         crosswind partners,llc
Company:         Crown Flour Mills
Company:         Crown Point Solutions
Company:         Crown Productions
Company:         Crown Productions
Company:         Crown Productions
Company:         CRP
Company:         CSA Wealth Management
Company:         CSC
Company:         CSC
Company:         csx transportation
Company:         CTV
Company:         Cubic
Company:         Cubic Applications
Company:         CUF QI
Company:         Cumberland Advisors
Company:         Cure International
Company:         Currie Partners, Inc.
Company:         Cushman & Wakefield
Company:         Cushman & Wakefield
Company:         Cushman & Wakefield
Company:         Custom Concrete Co
Company:         Custom Direct LLC
Company:         Cyrte Investments
Company:         Cyrte Investments
Company:         d elliott
Company:         D-8 Organization
Company:         D-Link Corporation
Company:         D. J. Hall & Co
Company:         D.B. Root & Company, Inc.
Company:         D&D Securities Inc.
Company:         Dallas Federal Reserve Bank
Company:         Dan Aridor Holdings Ltd
Company:         Dandelion Digital
Company:         Daniel Defense International
Company:         Daniel I Shapiro, M.D.,P.C.
Company:         Danneberg Oil Ltd
Company:         Das Kapital Capital
Company:         DataSphere, LLC
Company:         DataView LLC
Company:         DataViz, Inc
Company:         David Anderson Financial Planning, LLC
Company:         David B. Dunbar & Associates
Company:         David F Palmer
Company:         David G. Major Associates, Inc.
Company:         Davis LLP
Company:         Davis-Ross Investment Advisers LLC
Company:         Davutoglu Avukatlik Burosu Attorneys at Law
Company:         Dawnhouse Ltd.
Company:         DCF Capital
Company:         De Lage Landen Financial Services, Inc.
Company:         DE Shaw
Company:         De Stefano Wealth Management
Company:         Deane Retirement Strategies
Company:         Debt Settlement Associates, LLC
Company:         Decipher Securities
Company:         Deere & Company
Company:         Defense $ Security  , Consulting/Training
Company:         Defense Intelligence Agency
Company:         DEFINE CREATIONS
Company:         DEIK
Company:         Del Campo
Company:         Del Oil
Company:         Dell
Company:         Dell Inc
Company:         Deloitte
Company:         Deloitte
Company:         Deloitte
Company:         Deloitte and Touche
Company:         Deloitte Consultanta SRL
Company:         Delta Air Lines
Company:         Delta Airlines
Company:         Delta Corporation Limited
Company:         Demand Lending
Company:         Demographic Wave, LLC
Company:         Dentist
Company:         Denton Record-Chronicle
Company:         Denton Record-Chronicle
Company:         DEP, PC
Company:         Department of Army
Company:         Department of Defense
Company:         Department of Defense
Company:         Department of Defense & Homeland Securtity Group
Company:         Department of Energy
Company:         Department of Justice
Company:         Department Of National Defense
Company:         Department of the Air Force
Company:         Deployment Support Command, USAR
Company:         DEPLU
Company:         Dept. of Treasury
Company:         DER SPIEGEL
Company:         Desert Palms Golf and RV Resort
Company:         DeShurko Investment Services, Inc.
Company:         deutsche bank
Company:         Deutsche bank
Company:         Deutsche Bank
Company:         Deutsche Bank
Company:         Deutsche Bank
Company:         Deutsche Bank
Company:         DEUTSCHE BANK
Company:         Deutsche Bank AG
Company:         Deutsche Bank AG Hong Kong Branch
Company:         Development Plus
Company:         Development Research Associates
Company:         Development Solutions, Inc.
Company:         Devonshire Investors
Company:         Dexter Oilfield Inc.
Company:         DFI
Company:         DGAM
Company:         DHL
Company:         DHR International
Company:         DHRC
Company:         DHS International Advisors LLC
Company:         DHS/TSA
Company:         Diablo Health Company
Company:         DIAM U.S.A., Inc.
Company:         Diamond Hill Investment Group, Inc.
Company:         DIARIO PANORAMA
Company:         Dickson Financial Group
Company:         DigiscanUSA LLC
Company:         Digital Analysis & Graphics, Inc.
Company:         Digital Bear Consulting
Company:         Digital Solutions & Video Inc
Company:         Dillon Aero Inc.
Company:         Dimension Capital Management
Company:         DINACIE
Company:         Dipartimento di Matematica
Company:         direct action medical network
Company:         direct resources
Company:         Discere Docendo, Inc
Company:         Discovery Institute for Public Policy
Company:         Diversified Mortgage
Company:         DML Associates, LLC
Company:         DO NOT RENEW
Company:         Doctors Without Borders
Company:         Doctors Without Borders
Company:         Doctors Without Borders
Company:         DoD
Company:         DOD
Company:         Domaine Clarence Dillon S.A.
Company:         Dominion Resources
Company:         Dominion Resources
Company:         dominion securities
Company:         Domus Enterprises
Company:         Don Kuykendalls Comp Accounts
Company:         Don Kuykendalls Comp Accounts
Company:         Don Kuykendalls Comp Accounts
Company:         Donald Martin Enterprises, Inc.
Company:         Dora French Designs
Company:         Doraville Police Dept
Company:         Doug Bell & Associates
Company:         Doug Whitehead Comp Accounts
Company:         Dover Consulting
Company:         Dow Chemical
Company:         Dow Corning
Company:         Downeast Rover, Inc.
Company:         Downer Grove South ISD
Company:         Doxsee Sea Clam Co,Inc
Company:         Dr. John Templeton
Company:         Dr. John Templeton
Company:         Dr. John Templeton
Company:         Dr. Wayne Peace Inc.
Company:         DRD Laboratory, LLC
Company:         Dresdner Kleinwort
Company:         DRS Defense Solutions, LLC
Company:         DRS Technologies
Company:         DRW Trading Group
Company:         DSS Engineering
Company:         DTC Communications
Company:         dte energy
Company:         DTE Energy Trading
Company:         DTI
Company:         Du Pont China Ltd.
Company:         Du Pont China Ltd.
Company:         Duarte Design, Inc.
Company:         Dudobi Limited
Company:         Duke Energy
Company:         Duke Energy
Company:         Duke Energy
Company:         Duke Energy Corporation
Company:         Duke Management Company
Company:         Duke University
Company:         Duke University
Company:         Dumas Bay Properties
Company:         Dunross & Co AB
Company:         DUOMENTIS
Company:         Dutko Worldwide
Company:         Dutko WorldWide
Company:         Duty  Tire  &  Service  Center
Company:         Dwight Asset Management
Company:         Dynamatic Technologies Limited
Company:         Dynamic Capital Holdings, LLC
Company:         Dynamic IT Solutions
Company:         Dynamiq Pty Ltd
Company:         E-B Advertising & Display
Company:         e-Ventus Corporation
Company:         E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company
Company:         eads
Company:         Ealby & Jake Group, LLC
Company:         East Asia Strategic Centre
Company:         Eastman Chemical Company
Company:         Eastman Dillon Oil & Gas Associates
Company:         easyDNS Technologies Inc.
Company:         Eaton
Company:         Eaton Vance
Company:         Eaton Vance
Company:         Echostar Purchasing
Company:         Ecocem
Company:         eCreate
Company:         Ed Kenley Investments
Company:         EDARE sprl
Company:         Edatis
Company:         Eddington Capital Management
Company:         Edengate Estate
Company:         Editora Abril
Company:         EDS
Company:         EESS
Company:         EGS
Company:         Ehanced Investment Partners LLC
Company:         EHC Global
Company:         Eidactics
Company:         Eldred Rock Associates
Company:         Electoral Office of Jamaica
Company:         Eli Lilly
Company:         Eli Lilly
Company:         Elk Creek Trading Company
Company:         Elkem AS
Company:         Elliott Cove Capital Management
Company:         Elm Income Group, Inc
Company:         ELS Riska and Security Consulting, LLC
Company:         Embassy of Angola
Company:         Embassy of Argentina
Company:         Embassy of India
Company:         Embassy of India
Company:         Embassy of Italy
Company:         Embassy of Japan
Company:         Embassy of Lithuania Defence Attache Office
Company:         Embassy of Peru, Belgium
Company:         Embassy of Romania
Company:         Embassy of Sweden
Company:         Embassy of Vietnam
Company:         Embassy Republic of Uzbekistan
Company:         Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Company:         Emerald Touch Inc
Company:         Emerson
Company:         Emertia
Company:         Emirates Investment Services (EIS)
Company:         EMO Trans Inc.
Company:         Empire Homes
Company:         Empire Royalty Co.
Company:         EN McCully Trading
Company:         Enbridge Inc.
Company:         EnCana
Company:         Endeavor Real Estate Group
Company:         Endeavour Group
Company:         Endurance
Company:         Energy & Precious Metals Capital
Company:         Energy Developments and Investments Corporation
Company:         Engel, McCarney and Kenny LLP
Company:         EnTEC
Company:         Entergy
Company:         Entergy Operations, Inc.
Company:         Enterra Solutions
Company:         Entheos Consulting
Company:         ENTRIX, Inc.
Company:         Envestnet
Company:         Environmental Chemical Corporation
Company:         EPCINT International, Inc.
Company:         EPCINT International, Inc.
Company:         EPCINT International, Inc.
Company:         EPCINT International, Inc.
Company:         Episcopal Church
Company:         EPRS Energy Co
Company:         Epson America, Inc.
Company:         EQM Inc
Company:         Equinox Partners
Company:         Equity Research Associates
Company:         ERA Coastal Properties
Company:         Ergon Refining, Inc.
Company:         Eric Haupt General Const.
Company:         Ericsson
Company:         ESCOC MoFA
Company:         Escuela de Graduados en AdministraciÛn P˙blica y PolÌtica P˙blic
Company:         ESRI
Company:         ESRI
Company:         ESRI
Company:         ESRI
Company:         ESRI
Company:         ESRI
Company:         ESRI
Company:         ESRI
Company:         ESRI
Company:         ESRI
Company:         Essential Financial Planning
Company:         Essex County Prosecutor’s Office
Company:         Eto Investmenrs Limited
Company:         EURISC Foundation
Company:         Eurizon Capital
Company:         Euro Guild
Company:         eurocology
Company:         Europacific Marketing, Inc.
Company:         European Commission – League of Arab States Liaison Office
Company:         European Commission ECHO Amman
Company:         European Parliament
Company:         Europol
Company:         euurfid
Company:         Evans Consultants
Company:         Everett Advisory Partners
Company:         Everglades Capital Management
Company:         EvoCapital Limited
Company:         EWA/IIT
Company:         Ex Cathedra
Company:         Ex3, Inc.
Company:         ExACT Mixing
Company:         Excalibur Consulting
Company:         Excel Risk Consultancy
Company:         EXECAIRE
Company:         executive insurance
Company:         Executive Search International
Company:         Exel Inc.
Company:         Exelon Nuclear
Company:         Exeter Group
Company:         Expat Money Management, Inc.
Company:         ext 113
Company:         Extek Pacific
Company:         ExxonMobil
Company:         ExxonMobil
Company:         ExxonMobil Corporation
Company:         ExxonMobil Corporation
Company:         ExxonMobil Russia Inc
Company:         F & F Conseil
Company:         F & G Ventures
Company:         F. Clark Sauls, MD
Company:         F.J. Westcott Company
Company:         F&D Advisors
Company:         Faherty Property Co. Ltd.
Company:         Fahnestock Asset Management
Company:         Fairmont State University
Company:         Falcon Private Bank Ltd
Company:         Falcon Security Group Iraq
Company:         Fallon-Countrywide Ltd
Company:         Farm Field Defense, Inc.
Company:         Farm Field Defense, Inc.
Company:         Farm Field Defense, Inc.
Company:         Faron Comps
Company:         Fat Prophets
Company:         Fayez Sarofim & Co.
Company:         Fazzari + Partners LLP
Company:         FCC
Company:         FDH Asset Mgt. Inc.
Company:         fdlnz
Company:         Fed Reserve
Company:         Federal Express
Company:         Federal Express
Company:         Federal Express / U.S. Navy
Company:         Federal Way  AFJROTC
Company:         Federated Financial Corporation of America
Company:         Federated Investors
Company:         Fedoroff Associates
Company:         Ferrell Capital Management
Company:         Ferrington Vineyards
Company:         FFM
Company:         FGV
Company:         FH International
Company:         FIB Management AG
Company:         Fick & May Law Firm
Company:         Ficogrande Pty Ltd
Company:         Fidelity
Company:         Fidelity
Company:         Fidelity International
Company:         Fidelity Investments
Company:         Fidelity Investments
Company:         Fidelity Management & Research Company
Company:         Fidelity Management & Research Company
Company:         Fidelity Management & Research Company
Company:         Fidelity State Bank and Trust Co
Company:         Fifth Street Capital, LLC
Company:         FIG Partners LLC
Company:         Finacial Design Associates
Company:         Financial Achievement Services Inc
Company:         Financial Advisory Corporation
Company:         Financial Advisory Services
Company:         Financial Leadership Group, LLC
Company:         Financial Management Advisors
Company:         Financial Stocks, Inc
Company:         Financial Strategies & Solutions Group
Company:         Financial Technologies
Company:         Financial Times
Company:         FINARC
Company:         Finch
Company:         Fine Gardens
Company:         FINTRAC
Company:         First Austin
Company:         First Baptist Concord
Company:         First Capitol Ag
Company:         First Financial Advisors
Company:         First Industries Corp
Company:         FIRVA Capital Management, LLC
Company:         FIT Group
Company:         Five Corners Consulting
Company:         Flick Confreres & Associates Pty Ltd
Company:         FlightSafety International Inc.
Company:         Flint Financial Group
Company:         Flint Hills Resources
Company:         Florida Engineering & Design Inc.
Company:         Fluent Wealth Partners
Company:         Fluid Communications
Company:         Fluor Corporation
Company:         Fluor Corporation
Company:         Fluor Corporation
Company:         fmc
Company:         Focus Financial
Company:         Focus LLC
Company:         Focus Strategies Merchant Banking, LLC
Company:         Focustar Consulting
Company:         Foliage Software Systems
Company:         Fondazione CDF
Company:         FondElec Capital ADvisors, LLC
Company:         FONINSA
Company:         Force 10 Consulting, LLC
Company:         Ford Commercial
Company:         Ford Foundation
Company:         Fore Research and Management, LP
Company:         Forecast International
Company:         Foreign Affairs
Company:         Foreign Policy Research Institute
Company:         Forensic Analytics LLC
Company:         foreseeable risk analysis center
Company:         Formula Capital
Company:         Forticom UAB
Company:         Fortis
Company:         FortisMeespierson
Company:         Forum for Comparative Correction
Company:         Forward Pass Inc
Company:         Fory Group LLC
Company:         Foster Dykema Cabot
Company:         Foster Tire Co.
Company:         Foundation for Environmental Security and Sustainability (FESS)
Company:         Fountain cosmetics pty ltd
Company:         Fourells Business Development Group
Company:         Fox Consulting
Company:         Fox News Channel
Company:         Foxhall Capital
Company:         Framestore
Company:         Frank Wilson
Company:         Franklin Templeton
Company:         Fraumann Associates LLC
Company:         freedom foundation inc
Company:         Freestyle Marketing
Company:         Fremont Group
Company:         Friday, Friday & Kazen
Company:         Fried Asset Management Inc.
Company:         Friesland Campina Middle East
Company:         Frist Capital, LLC
Company:         Frontline Systems Inc.
Company:         Ft. Richardson
Company:         Fuel For Truth
Company:         Fujisanke communications international
Company:         Fulcrumnet
Company:         Full Court Fundamentals
Company:         Full Spectrum Technologies, Inc.
Company:         FundaciÛn TelefÛnica G 8208680
Company:         Funding Blueprint, LLC
Company:         Fusion Enterprises
Company:         Future Escape Ltd
Company:         Future Pipe Industries
Company:         FX Concepts, Inc.
Company:         G3
Company:         Gaia Capital Management Inc
Company:         Gaines & Co
Company:         Galo Properties
Company:         GAM LLC
Company:         Gamma Capital LLC
Company:         Gamma Knife Center of the Pacific
Company:         Garanti Bankas?
Company:         Gardner-Webb University
Company:         Gartner Group
Company:         Gateway Consulting Group, Inc.
Company:         Gauteng Discount Consultants
Company:         gavekal
Company:         gavel capital group inc.
Company:         GBB
Company:         GCM Analys
Company:         GCResourses
Company:         GDT
Company:         GE Real Estate
Company:         Gelker Gear
Company:         Gemini Financial Services Corporation
Company:         Gemini industries
Company:         Gemmer Asset Management LLC
Company:         General Atlantic
Company:         General Dynamics
Company:         General Dynamics
Company:         General Dynamics
Company:         General Dynamics AIS
Company:         General Dynamics Land Systems
Company:         General Dynamics Land Systems
Company:         General Dynamics Land Systems
Company:         General Dynamics Land Systems
Company:         General Electric
Company:         General Electric
Company:         General Electric
Company:         General Electric
Company:         General Electric Company
Company:         General Electric Company
Company:         General Growth Properties
Company:         General Maritime Corporation
Company:         General Mills
Company:         General Steamship Corporation
Company:         Generation Investments
Company:         Geohazards Consultant
Company:         GeoPetra
Company:         George Mason U.
Company:         George Mason University
Company:         George Washington Univ
Company:         George Weiss Associates
Company:         Georgetown University
Company:         Georgetown University
Company:         Georgetown University
Company:         Georgia of Technology
Company:         Georgian Library Association
Company:         Geotechnologies
Company:         Gevo Inc
Company:         GFA
Company:         Ghent University
Company:         GIFT MEMBERSHIP
Company:         Gillespie Air Services Inc
Company:         GIPL
Company:         glencrest investment advisors
Company:         Glenmede Trust Company
Company:         Glennel Associates
Company:         Global Capital Investments, Inc.
Company:         Global Criterion Solutions Limited
Company:         Global Crop Diversity Trust
Company:         Global Exchange Trading
Company:         Global
Company:         Global Group Solutions
Company:         Global Impact Inc.
Company:         Global Industries
Company:         Global Project srl
Company:         Global Prospect
Company:         Global Security Services, LLC
Company:         Global SourceNet
Company:         Global Technonlogy Applicatons, Ltd.
Company:         Global Terrorism Consulting
Company:         GlobalBusiness Initiatives
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Company:         Lone Star Ventures
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Company:         Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Company:         Lyric Opera of Chicago
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Company:         McCormick Tribune Foundation
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Company:         McGrew Enteprises
Company:         McIntosh Enterprises
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Company:         Merrill Lynch
Company:         Merrill Lynch
Company:         Merrill Lynch
Company:         Merrill Lynch
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Company: – Military News for Canadians
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Company:         Mission of Lithuania to UN
Company:         Missouri State Employees’s Retirement System
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Company:         MSA
Company:         MSF – OCG
Company:         MSIA
Company:         msnbc
Company:         Mueller Water
Company:         Mulberry Street Family Dentistry
Company:         Murphy Companies
Company:         My Test Company
Company:         Myers Center for the Eye
Company:         N W Altemus & Co.
Company:         n. d. pitman & company, inc.
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Company:         n/a
Company:         n/a
Company:         N/A
Company:         N/A
Company:         N/A
Company:         N/A
Company:         N/A
Company:         N/A
Company:         N/A
Company:         N/A
Company:         na
Company:         na
Company:         NA
Company:         NA
Company:         NA
Company:         NA
Company:         Nagant Communications
Company:         Nancy A. Socha & Associates, LLC
Company:         Naples Council on World Affairs
Company:         NARF
Company:         NAS
Company:         NASA
Company:         Nathan Lane Associates
Company:         National Assembly of Republic of Korea
Company:         National Australia Bank
Company:         National Bank of Romania
Company:         National Bank of Romania
Company:         National Center for Intelligence & Counter-Terrorism
Company:         national chengchi university
Company:         National City Corporation
Company:         National Commercial Bank
Company:         National Democratic Institute
Company:         National Instruments
Company:         National Journal
Company:         National Oilwell varco
Company:         National Oilwell Varco
Company:         National Oilwell Varco
Company:         National Oilwell Varco
Company:         National Oilwell Varco
Company:         National Security Corresponden
Company:         National War College
Company:         Natixis Alternative Investments (US), Inc.
Company:         natl. bond &trust
Company:         NATO
Company:         Naval Criminal Investigative Service
Company:         Naval History & Heritage Command
Company:         Navigators
Company:         Navy
Company:         NBC News
Company:         nbcnews
Company:         NCH Corp.
Company:         NCMC
Company:         NCMEC
Company:         Neat Communications
Company:         Nelson Associates
Company:         Neo Dimension
Company:         nestle
Company:         Net Results Group
Company:         NetCom Solutions
Company:         Netherlands Armed Forces
Company:         NetJets International
Company:         NetJets, Inc.
Company:         Neuberger Berman
Company:         Neuberger Berman
Company:         Neuberger Berman
Company:         Neumeier Consulting, Inc
Company:         New Dominion LC
Company:         New England Financial
Company:         New Hope Partners, LLC
Company:         New Mountain Capitol
Company:         New Orleans Private Patrol
Company:         New Tribes Mission
Company:         New Tribes Mission
Company:         New West Investment Management, Inc.
Company:         New York Marriott Marquis
Company:         New York State Police
Company:         New Zealand Dept of the Prime Minister & Cabinet
Company:         New Zealand Fire Service
Company:         New Zealand Fire Service
Company:         New Zealand Police, Wellington District
Company:         Newmont Mining Corporation
Company:         Newmont Mining Corporation
Company:         Newmont South America
Company:         Nexant Inc.
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Company:         Nexstore Investments
Company:         NextChem PTY LTD
Company:         NF Wealth Management
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Company:         NI
Company:         Nigerian Agip Oil Company
Company:         Nigerian Airforce
Company:         Nike, Inc.
Company:         nil
Company:         NIL
Company:         NJ-TF1 / EAOEM
Company:         NMHG
Company:         NMKK Holdings
Company:         NMU
Company:         No Company Name
Company:         Noble Rogue Consulting
Company:         Noblegene Development
Company:         Nomads Aus Pty Ltd
Company:         Nomura
Company:         Nomura
Company:         Nomura International
Company:         Non profit Orgnization
Company:         none
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Company:         None
Company:         NONE
Company:         Noonan Trading LLC
Company:         Noram Management
Company:         Nordic American Group
Company:         Nordile Holdings Ltd.
Company:         Nordstrom
Company:         Norm Portner Consulting
Company:         North American Energy Credit and Clearing Corp
Company:         north phoenix anesthesiologists, ltd
Company:         Northern Forum
Company:         Northern Gulf institute
Company:         Northern Leasing Systems, Inc.
Company:         Northern Trust
Company:         Northern Trust, NA
Company:         Northfield Glass Group Ltd.
Company:         Northrop Grumman
Company:         Northrop Grumman
Company:         Northrop Grumman
Company:         Northrop Grumman Coroporation, Aerospace Sector
Company:         Northrop Grumman Intl.
Company:         Northrop Grumman IT
Company:         NorthStar Nuclear Medicine, LLC
Company:         Northwest Airlines
Company:         Northwestern University
Company:         Norvest,Inc
Company:         not applicable
Company:         Not Applicable
Company:         Not Applicable
Company:         notify for renewal 512-966-0299
Company:         Novero County / HIDTA
Company:         NPR
Company:         NRCan
Company:         NS Fields
Company:         NTAsset
Company:         NTMA
Company:         NTX Resources
Company:         Nucleus Global Investors
Company:         Null Pointer Solutions
Company:         Nustar Energy LP
Company:         NVS
Company:         NYCHESSKIDS
Company:         Nye Lubricants, Inc.
Company:         NYPD
Company:         NYPD
Company:         NYPSC
Company:         NYSP
Company:         O’Brien’s Response Management Inc
Company:         O’Melveny & Myers LLP
Company:         Oak Ridge Strategy Group
Company:         Oak Springs Partners
Company:         Oakhurst Consulting
Company:         OAM
Company:         Oasis Petroleum
Company:         Oasis Security Solutions
Company:         Oberrauch Advisory
Company:         Objective Consulting, Inc.
Company:         OBS24 Security Services Ltd
Company:         OC International
Company:         OC International
Company:         OC International
Company:         Occidental Oil and Gas Corporation
Company:         Occidental Oil and Gas Corporation
Company:         Occidental Petroleum
Company:         Ocean Park Advisors
Company:         Ocelot Developments Pty Ltd
Company:         Ochoco Armory
Company:         OCI
Company:         octcs
Company:         Odentrading llc
Company:         OER, Inc.
Company:         OETA – The Oklahoma Network
Company:         Off Road Equipment Parts Inc
Company:         Office of Hon Joel Fitzgibbon MP, Minister for Defence
Company:         Office of the Asia Pacific Advisor
Company:         Ogden Asset Management
Company:         Ogilvy & Mather Advertising
Company:         OI Ventures
Company:         Old Saw Mill Investments Inc
Company:         Olive International
Company:         Oliver Wyman – Delta Organization & Leadership
Company:         Omaha Public Power District
Company:         OMICRON electronics GmbH
Company:         Omniplan
Company:         Omniture
Company:         on24, Inc.
Company:         One Stone Productions, Ltd.
Company:         OneBeacon Insurance
Company:         ontourgroup
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Company:         OppenheimerFunds
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Company:         Optimal Wealth & Investments, Inc.
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Company:         Oracle
Company:         Orange Light
Company:         Orbis Capital Inc.
Company:         Orbital Research Inc.
Company:         Oregon Custom Homes
Company:         Oregon HIDTA Fusion Center
Company:         Orkla ASA
Company:         Oryx
Company:         OSET GREGOR – DETEKTIV
Company:         Ostend Tennis Club
Company:         Ottawa International Airport
Company:         Out of Office Films
Company:         Ove Arup and Partners, P.C.
Company:         Oxberr Risk Strategies
Company:         Oxford
Company:         Oyu Tolgoi LLC (Rio Tinto)
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Company:         Paracelsus Clinic of Washington
Company:         Paramount Strategic Advocacy, Inc
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Company:         Parliament
Company:         Parmi les retraitÈs
Company:         Parr Johnston Consultants
Company:         Parsons Corporation
Company:         Parthenon Futures Management, LLC
Company:         Pat Flynn for U. S. Senate
Company:         Pathmark
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Company:         Patronus Analytical
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Company:         Paul Davis Restoration
Company:         Paul E. Morris, M.D.
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Company:         Pay By Touch
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Company:         Periodico Reforma
Company:         Perkins Coie LLP
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Company:         Perot Systems Corporation
Company:         Personal
Company:         Personal Financial Advisors, Inc.
Company:         Personal Safety Training Group
Company:         Personal Use
Company:         Personal Use
Company:         Peruvian Defence Ministry
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Company:         Pioneer Natural Resources
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Company:         Piper Jaffray
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Company:         Plumb Performance Portfolio
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Company:         PMP Solutions
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Company:         Polar Capital Partners
Company:         Polaris Management Assistance Consultancy
Company:         POLESTAR  MGT
Company:         Polio Eradication Initiative, WHO
Company:         Porter Capital Management
Company:         Porter Orlin LLC
Company:         Portola Valley Consulting Group
Company:         Portuguese Navy
Company:         Post Advisory Group
Company:         Post Road Capital Management, LLC
Company:         Potomac Associates
Company:         Potomac Fusion, Inc.
Company:         Potomac Institute for Policy Studies
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Company:         Price Resources LLC
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Company:         Primary Action Inc
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Company:         PrimeSolutions Investment Advisors
Company:         Primet Precision Materials Inc.
Company:         Primm Investment Inc.
Company:         Primrose Drilling
Company:         Prince George’s Community College
Company:         Princeton American Corp
Company:         Principal Financial Group
Company:         Pripol Pty Ltd
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Company:         private
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Company:         Privy Council Office Canada
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Company:         Profitable Company
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Company:         Property Council of Australia
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Company:         Prudential
Company:         PSAM LLC
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Company:         PSK Management, Inc.
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Company:         Public gas Corporation of Greece
Company:         Public Sector Pension Investment Board
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Company:         Pumpkin Patch
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Company:         RHP Consultants to Management
Company:         Rice Medical Associates
Company:         RICE University
Company:         Rich Guard & Associates
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Company:         Robert Schuman Foundation
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Company:         Roberts Group
Company:         Robinson Financial
Company:         Robinson Koerner International, Inc
Company:         Roby Solutions
Company:         Rockefeller & Co., Inc.
Company:         Rockefeller Foundation
Company:         Rockingham Capital Advisors LLC
Company:         Rockwell Automation
Company:         Rockwell Automation, Inc.
Company:         Rockwell Collins
Company:         Rocky Mountain College – President’s Office
Company:         Rogue Expeditions, Inc.
Company:         Rohan LLP
Company:         Rohm and Haas Company
Company:         Rolls-Royce Corporation
Company:         Roosevelt Institute
Company:         Rose Super Fund
Company:         Rosendin Electric, Inc.
Company:         Rosewood Corporation
Company:         Ross Group, Inc.
Company:         Rothbuilt Ltd. Co
Company:         Roundtree Automotive Group
Company:         Royal Bank of Scotland
Company:         Royal LePage
Company:         Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Company:         Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Company:         Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Company:         Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Company:         Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Company:         RPM Energy
Company:         RPSA
Company:         RPX Corporation
Company:         RREEF
Company:         RTG & Associates, Inc.
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Company:         RTW LONDON LTD
Company:         Rub Music
Company:         Russell
Company:         Russell Investments
Company:         Russian Insight Ltd
Company:         rvcintl
Company:         RWTH Aachen University
Company:         Rx2000 Institute
Company:         Ryerson, Inc.
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Company:         S. T. Crone, Ltd
Company:         S.A.Baker & Associates
Company:         S.O.C.-S.M.G.
Company:         s.s.corporation
Company:         S„o Paulo School of Politics and Sociology
Company:         S&R Consulting Grioup
Company:         S2A Security Group
Company:         S3
Company:         S4 Inc
Company:         Saab North America
Company:         saachnoff &
Company:         Saber Ops
Company:         SABIS Educational Systems Inc.
Company:         Sabre International
Company:         SACHEM
Company:         Safecastle LLC
Company:         Sage Advisory Services
Company:         Sage Financial Advisors Inc.
Company:         SAHE
Company:         SAIC
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Company:         Sardonyx International Ltd
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Company:         Satyam
Company:         Saudi Arabia Embassy
Company:         Saudi Aramco
Company:         Saudi Defense Office
Company:         Saunders Norval Nichols & Atkins
Company:         Save the Children – Indonesia
Company:         Sawinsky, Inc.
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Company:         SBL
Company:         SC JOHNSON & SON, INCE
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Company:         Schafer Resources, Inc.
Company:         Schellenberg & Evers PC
Company:         Schlindwein Associates, LLC
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Company:         Schlumberger
Company:         Schlumberger
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Company:         Sharp Auto Parts
Company:         Shea Ear Clinic
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Company:         Shilpa Offshore, Inc
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Company:         Short Side Trading, LLC
Company:         Shultz Investigations
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Company:         SIDERSA
Company:         Siemens
Company:         SIG
Company:         Sigillum GmbH
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Company:         SignatureFD, LLC
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Company:         SIL International
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Company:         Simon International, LLC
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Company:         Singapore Press Holdings Library
Company:         Singleton Electric, Inc.
Company:         sip enterprise
Company:         Sitrick and Company Inc.
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Company:         SK Communications
Company:         Skadden Arp
Company:         Skoll Global Threats Fund
Company:         skram cmr
Company:         Slavic Gospel Association
Company:         SLi
Company:         SM&A
Company:         Smadja & Associates
Company:         Smardt Inc
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Company:         SMEC International Ltd.
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Company:         Smith Barney
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Company:         SNM Research, LLC
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Company:         Snohomish Dept of Emergency Mgt
Company:         SOC
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Company:         Southwest Aerotrekking Academy
Company:         Southwest Airlines
Company:         SouthWest Gas
Company:         Southwest Properties
Company:         Southwest Torque Tools, Inc.
Company:         Span-O-Matic Inc.
Company:         Sparkhill Global, LLC
Company:         SparkPeople
Company:         Spartacus Security
Company:         Spectrum Asset Management, Inc.
Company:         Spectrum Design West
Company:         Spectrum Management Group, Inc.
Company:         Spengler Trading, LLC
Company:         Spot Trading L.L.C.
Company:         Springbanc
Company:         Squire, Sanders & Dempsey (US) LLP
Company:         SRA International
Company:         SRA International, Inc.
Company:         SRC
Company:         SRD Associates
Company:         SRO Development LLC
Company:         Sronehenge
Company:         SRS Inc.
Company:         SSgA
Company:         SSI
Company:         St Jude Medical
Company:         St Jude Productions
Company:         St. Andrews University (undergraduate student)
Company:         St. Francis Hospital
Company:         St. George Marketing, L.L.C.
Company:         St. Mary’s University, School of Law
Company:         Stallion Oilfield Services
Company:         Stallion Oilfield Services
Company:         Stand Up South Pacific
Company:         Standard Bank
Company:         Standard Chartered Bank
Company:         Standish
Company:         STANLIB Asset Management
Company:         Stanton Marketing Ltd.
Company:         Staples Advantage Canada
Company:         Star Point Star
Company:         Star Quality
Company:         Starbucks
Company:         Starr Marine Agency, Inc.
Company:         Starside Security & Investigation, Inc
Company:         State Bar of California
Company:         State of New Jersey
Company:         STATOIL
Company:         Statoil ASA
Company:         STAVE Worldwide, LLC
Company:         Stealth Forex Systems
Company:         Stein Roe Investment Counsel
Company:         Steketee
Company:         STEP Artillery House  (South)
Company:         Stephen M. Robinson LLC
Company:         Sterling Energy International
Company:         Sterling Sound
Company:         Stern Fisher Edwards Inc
Company:         Sterne, Agee
Company:         Steven M Brooks
Company:         Stewart & Stevenson LLC
Company:         Stifel, Nicolaus
Company:         Stockman’s Casino
Company:         Stoltenberg & Associates
Company:         Stone Works LLP
Company:         Stonehage Limited
Company:         Stonehaven Development, Inc.
Company:         StoneRidge Capital
Company:         Stralem & Company, Inc.
Company:         Strategic Investment Solutions
Company:         Strategic Organization Design, Inc.
Company:         Strategic Underwriters Int’l
Company:         Strategic Workforce
Company:         Strategy 2100
Company:         Strategy Garden
Company:         Stratex Networks
Company:         Stratex Networks Inc
Company:         Stratfor
Company:         Stratfor Customer Service
Company:         Stratfor Customer Service
Company:         Stratfor Employee Accounts
Company:         Stratfor Interns
Company:         STRATIX LTD.
Company:         Streettalk Advisors
Company:         Streettalk Advisors, LLC
Company:         Stubborn Facts
Company:         Subrosa Consulting
Company:         sudan
Company:         Suez Energy Marketing NA
Company:         Suez Energy Marketing NA
Company:         Suez-Tractebel NV/SA
Company:         Sullivan Haave Associates, Inc.
Company:         SullivanSites LLC
Company:         Summit Creek Capital LLC
Company:         Sun Microsystem
Company:         Suncor Energy
Company:         Suncor Energy Inc.
Company:         SuNova Capital
Company:         Sunray Energy LLP
Company:         SunTrust Bank
Company:         SunTrust Bank
Company:         SUNY-Brockport
Company:         superDimension
Company:         Superior Court of New Jersey
Company:         Superior Graphite Company
Company:         Surface Treatment Technologies Inc.
Company:         Survival Educators
Company:         Surya Capital
Company:         Sushi Zushi of Texas, Inc
Company:         Sustainable Forest Systems LLC
Company:         Suttle Bros
Company:         SWF
Company:         Swift
Company:         Swift Freight Int’l
Company:         Swiss & Global Asset Management
Company:         Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Company:         Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Company:         Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Company:         Swiss Federal Chancellery
Company:         Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd
Company:         SWORD International
Company:         SWR Consulting
Company:         Sycamore Bank
Company:         Sylvan Research Inc.
Company:         Symphony Asset
Company:         Symphony Capital Partners
Company:         Synergia
Company:         Syngenta International AG
Company:         Synthesys
Company:         Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc.
Company:         T. Rowe Price
Company:         T.H. Fitzgerald & Co.
Company:         TA&MT MURRAY-PRIOR
Company:         TableTop Game & Hobby, Inc.
Company:         Taconic Capital Advisors LP
Company:         TAG Aviation
Company:         Tahoe Partners LLC
Company:         Talas es Tarsa Bt.
Company:         Talisman Energy
Company:         Talon Executive Services, Inc
Company:         Tangent Networks LLC
Company:         Tappenden Holdings Ltd
Company:         TAR Enterprises
Company:         Target Corporation
Company:         Target Corporation
Company:         Tarnbrae Distributing
Company:         Tarrier Steel
Company:         Tartan controls
Company:         Tasman Technology
Company:         TAX ADVISORS, LLC
Company:         Taylor Fresh Foods
Company:         Taylor Investment Associates
Company:         Taylor Woods Capital
Company:         TBS Shipping Services Inc
Company:         TCCM, s.r.o.
Company:         TCE Kids Inc
Company:         TCOM, LP
Company:         TD Bank
Company:         TD Bank Group
Company:         TD Securities
Company:         TD Securities
Company:         TD Securities
Company:         TD Securities
Company:         TD Securities
Company:         TD waterhouse
Company:         TD Waterhouse
Company:         tdt, inc
Company:         TE4 Capital Management, LLC
Company:         Teachers Retirements System of Texas
Company:         TECC sal
Company:         Technology Research Corp.
Company:         Technosoft, LLC
Company:         TechVerity LLC
Company:         Tecnologico de Monterrey
Company:         Tecolote Research
Company:         Tekno Books
Company:         TeleAtlas Africa
Company:         Telegraf
Company:         telekom deutschland gmbh
Company:         Terminus Global Services, Inc.
Company:         TerraConcepts, LLC
Company:         Terry McDaniel & Company
Company:         Tesco HSC
Company:         Tesoro Corporation
Company:         Tesoro Corporation
Company:         Teton Capital Management
Company:         Texas A&M University
Company:         Texas Army National Guard
Company:         texas back institute
Company:         Texas Children’s Hospital
Company:         Texas Department of Banking
Company:         Texas Permanent School Fund
Company:         Texas Realty Capital
Company:         Texas State Auditor’s Office
Company:         Texas Tech University
Company:         Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company
Company:         Texas Woman’s University
Company:         Textron Systems
Company:         The 4th Branch
Company:         The Advocatus Group
Company:         The Alchemind Group
Company:         the alden group
Company:         The Ambient Branding Company Ltd
Company:         The Andarrios Fund
Company:         The Asahi Shimbun
Company:         The Associated Press (AP)
Company:         The Atlantic Council of the United States
Company:         The Bayliss Wealth Managment Group of Wells Fargo Advisors
Company:         The Boeing Company
Company:         The Boeing Company – Long Beach
Company:         The Bollard Group, LLC
Company:         The Bright Light Group, LLC
Company:         The Bush School, Texas A&M University
Company:         The CAPROCK Group
Company:         The CAPROCK Group
Company:         The Central Group
Company:         The Chemical Company
Company:         The Church in Tacoma
Company:         The Coca-Cola Company
Company:         The Coca-Cola Company
Company:         The Concordia Electric Wire and Cable Company Ltd
Company:         The Craig Group, Inc
Company:         The Cromwell Group
Company:         The Devon Group
Company:         The Dilenschneider Group
Company:         The Dow Chemical Company
Company:         The Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Company:         The Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Company:         The Endowment Office
Company:         The F. L. Emmert Company
Company:         The Fairman Group
Company:         The Farwell Group
Company:         The fedder Company
Company:         The Flexitallic Group, Inc.
Company:         The Galaxy Organization
Company:         The Glenview Trust Company
Company:         The Hamilton Group Inc
Company:         The Happiness Realization Party
Company:         The Helix Group, Inc.
Company:         The Humphreys Group
Company:         The Inkerman Group
Company:         The Karis Group
Company:         The Kayser Group, Inc.
Company:         The Laredo National Bank
Company:         The Law Offices of Terrance W. Stone
Company:         The League Corp
Company:         The Leuthold Group
Company:         The LifeBoat Group
Company:         The Macerich Company
Company:         The Mainichi Newspapers Co.
Company:         The Mauer Group Consultancy
Company:         The McMillen Group
Company:         The McMillen Group, LLC
Company:         The Muse Company
Company:         The National Alliance For Insurance Education & Research
Company:         The Navigators
Company:         The New York Mortgage Company
Company:         The Ostrom Company
Company:         THE PEGASUS GROUP, INC.
Company:         The Ramaro Group, Ltd.
Company:         The Rapidan Group
Company:         The Sandi Group
Company:         The Scotts Company
Company:         The Scowcroft Group
Company:         The Seed Company
Company:         The Seng Company
Company:         The Show Me Group
Company:         The SIGMA Centre Ltd
Company:         The South Financial Group
Company:         The Steele Agency, Inc.
Company:         The Steelman Group, Inc.
Company:         The Stratford Company
Company:         The Stream Companies
Company:         The Thacher School
Company:         The Times
Company:         The Treadstone Group
Company:         The Turing Studio
Company:         The Walt Disney Company
Company:         The Walt Disney Company
Company:         The Warren Group
Company:         The Washington Times
Company:         The Wealth Conservancy
Company:         The Whitewind Co
Company:         The Wilhelm Group, Inc.
Company:         The Witcoff Group LLC
Company:         the womens center pllc
Company:         The Workthreat Group, LLC
Company:         The Yzaguirre Group, L.L.C.
Company:         Thermo King Calgary
Company:         Think Equitly llc
Company:         Thinkwell Development
Company:         thint
Company:         Third Hemisphere
Company:         Thomas H Lee Capital LLC
Company:         Thomas M. Smith, Ph.D.
Company:         Thomas Publishing Company
Company:         Thompson, Siegel & Walmsley
Company:         thomson reuters
Company:         Thomson Reuters
Company:         Thoughts of Faith, Inc.
Company:         three
Company:         Thrive Engineering Corporation
Company:         Thrivent Financial
Company:         Thunder Exploration, Inc.
Company:         TIAA-CREF
Company:         Ticaboo
Company:         Tierra Capital
Company:         Tilleke & Gibbins
Company:         Tillman and Co
Company:         TIMA International GmbH
Company:         Time Warner Cable
Company:         Timken Company
Company:         tinker
Company: BV
Company:         Titan
Company:         Tiverton Trading
Company:         TML Information Services, Inc
Company:         TML Solutions
Company:         TNCO Inc.
Company:         TNE Capital Management
Company:         TNK-BP
Company:         tns
Company:         To Every Tribe
Company:         To Office / 303.410.2827
Company:         Todd Hanna Biz Dev Comps
Company:         Todd Hanna Biz Dev Comps
Company:         Todd Hanna Biz Dev Comps
Company:         Toll Holdings
Company:         Tomkin Estates Limited
Company:         Tomoco LP
Company:         Tooley Investment Company
Company:         torah academy
Company:         Tortoise Capital
Company:         Total
Company:         Total
Company:         Total Defense Logistics (HKG) Ltd.
Company:         TOTSA Total Oil Trading SA
Company:         Touch Poll of Georgia
Company:         Towers Watson
Company:         Town of Corte Madera
Company:         Town Shoes
Company:         TPH Assetmanagement
Company:         Trabon
Company:         Trademark Financial Management
Company:         Tradesur
Company:         Tradewinds International
Company:         Tradewinds Investment Management
Company:         Tradition Ltd
Company:         Trans-Expedite Inc.
Company:         trans-resources inc
Company:         TRC
Company:         Treasury
Company:         Treasury Board Secretariat
Company:         Trellus Management Co., LLC
Company:         Trend Capture LLC
Company:         TREVOC WORLDWIDE
Company:         Tribalco, LLC
Company:         tribecca properties
Company:         Trident Partners
Company:         Trident Response Group
Company:         TRIM Broker
Company:         Trimmier Law Firm
Company:         Tritium Networks Consulting AB
Company:         Triune Capital Advisors
Company:         Trivandrum Capital
Company:         Tropicana Entertainment LLC
Company:         Troutman Fire and Rescue
Company:         Truffle Hound Capital, LLC
Company:         Truluck’s Restaurant Group
Company:         Tuatara Management
Company:         Tudor Pickering
Company:         Turtle Creek Management, LLC
Company:         tuscany advisors
Company:         Tutor Pickering
Company:         TVS & Associates
Company:         TWIN FEATHERS Enterprises
Company:         Two Sigma Investments, LLC
Company:         Tyco International
Company:         Tyrannet, Inc.
Company:         U of Notre Dame
Company:         U S Army
Company:         U. of Pennsylvania
Company:         U.C. San Diego
Company:         U.S Army
Company:         U.S. Air Force
Company:         u.s. army
Company:         U.S. Army
Company:         U.S. Army
Company:         U.S. Army
Company:         U.S. Army, (Ret.)
Company:         U.S. Bank
Company:         U.S. Government
Company:         U.S. House of Representatives
Company:         U.S. Navy
Company:         U.S. Navy
Company:         U.S. Office of Personnel Management
Company:         U.S. Oil Co., Inc.
Company:         U.S.-Ukraine Business Council
Company:         UAB Soft Artis
Company:         UAL Corporation
Company:         UAL Corporation
Company:         UBS
Company:         UBS
Company:         UBS
Company:         UBS
Company:         UBS
Company:         UBS
Company:         UBS
Company:         UBS Capital
Company:         UBS Financial Services
Company:         UBS Financial Services
Company:         UBS Financial Services, Inc
Company:         UBS Investment Bank
Company:         UBS OConnor Limited
Company:         UFRGS
Company:         UJA Federation of Greater Toronto
Company:         UKATCO
Company:         ULTRAM2 Sa de CV
Company:         umc trauma and burn center
Company:         UN
Company:         Unda Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
Company:         UNDP
Company:         UNDSS
Company:         UNDSS
Company:         Unicom Capital
Company:         Unicom Capital
Company:         UNIFIL – United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon
Company:         Union Bancaire Privee
Company:         Unipharm,Inc.
Company:         Unisports Sports Medicine
Company:         Unisys Corp.
Company:         Unit International
Company:         United Aerospace Co., Ltd.
Company:         United Capital Partners
Company:         United Church of God
Company:         United Group Consultants SA
Company:         United Hi-tech Preventive Systems
Company:         United Launch Alliance
Company:         United Nations
Company:         United Nations
Company:         United Nations
Company:         United Nations
Company:         UNITED NATIONS
Company:         United Nations Foundation
Company:         United Nations Relief Works Agency
Company:         United Nations, Department of Safety and Security
Company:         United Parcel Service
Company:         United Space Alliance Attn: USK-011
Company:         United States Air Force
Company:         United States Coast Guard Auxiliary
Company:         Unity Resources Group
Company:         Univ of Arizona
Company:         Universal Lighting Technologies
Company:         Universal Risks
Company:         Universidad AutÛnoma metropolitana
Company:         universidad autÛnoma metropolitana, unidad iztapalapa
Company:         Universidade Federal Fluminense
Company:         Universidade Federal Fluminense
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Company:         University of Colorado at Boulder
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Company:         University of Fribourg
Company:         University of Hawaii-Maui College
Company:         University of Houston Public Policy
Company:         University Of Illinois
Company:         University of Mich
Company:         University of Michigan
Company:         University of Michigan
Company:         University of Missouri
Company:         University of Missouri
Company:         University of Missouri
Company:         University of Missouri
Company:         University of Missouri
Company:         University of Missouri
Company:         University of Missouri
Company:         University of Missouri
Company:         University of Missouri
Company:         University of Notre Dame
Company:         University of Oklahoma
Company:         University of Ottawa
Company:         University of Rhode Island
Company:         University Of South Florida
Company:         University of Toronto
Company:         University of Winnipeg
Company:         University of Wisconsin
Company:         University of Wisconsin School of Medicine
Company:         University of Wyoming
Company:         UNOG
Company:         UNTSO
Company:         UNX Inc.
Company:         UPS
Company:         UPS
Company:         Ur Energy USA
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Company:         US – Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce
Company:         US African Development Foundation and American University
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Company:         us army
Company:         US Army
Company:         US Army
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Company:         USSTRATCOM/J722
Company:         UT International Office
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Company:         Utley Interests Inc
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Company:         Wells Fargo
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Company:         Western Union
Company:         Western Union
Company:         Westfall Surgery Center
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Company:         Weston Capital Management
Company:         Weston County
Company:         WestPac Banking Corp
Company:         WestPan Associates
Company:         Westport Petroleum, Inc
Company:         Wetherby Asset Management
Company:         WGFleming, LLC
Company:         Whatcom County, WA
Company:         White & Case LLP
Company:         White Oak Investment
Company:         White Pines Group
Company:         White Rock, Inc.
Company:         Whitney, Wetzel & Kuether, LLC
Company:         WiJo Capital LLP
Company:         Wild Cat Ranch
Company:         Wilkison Investment Services
Company:         William Blair & Company
Company:         William Fell Consultants
Company:         Williams & Co
Company:         Williams and Williams
Company:         Williamson Research & Solutions
Company:         Willkie Farr & Gallagher
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Company:         WitmarkEnteprises
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Company:         WMundell Consultores
Company:         woodgundy
Company:         Woodside Capital
Company:         Woodside Energy Ltd
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Company:         World Health Organization
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Company:         WTF
Company:         Wuethrich, Henz & Co.
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Company: Ltd
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Company:         x
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Company:         Yum!  Brand
Company:         Z.S.S. CORP.
Company:         Zad Investment Company
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Company:         Ziff Brothers Investments
Company:         Ziff Brothers Investments
Company:         Ziff Brothers Investments
Company:         Zinndevco,Inc.
Company:         Zumtobel Lighting Ltd.
Company:         Zurich State Police

TOP-SECRET – (U//FOUO) LulzSec Release: DHS National Socialist Movement NAZI Reference Aid


(U) Overview

(U//FOUO) The National Socialist Movement (NSM) USPER is the most active neo-Nazi group operating in the United States. It has grown from a small organization with a limited following confined to the mid-western United States to the preeminent National Socialist group in the nation. Despite having recently suffered a defection of several regional leaders, NSM remains an influential force within white supremacist circles and the only major racist group that eschews all attempts to distance its methods and objectives from those of the Third Reich. NSM has a reputation for conducting numerous public rallies that have triggered a violent response, including a riot in Toledo, Ohio, in October 2005.

(U) Description

(U//FOUO) The National Socialist Movement (NSM) is the largest neo-Nazi organization in the United States. Founded in 1974 by two former members of the American Nazi PartyUSPER, NSM claims that it is the only  “legitimate” Nazi party operating in the United States. Although active since 1974, NSM only became a major player in the white supremacist movement in the late 1990s and has had its greatest period of growth over the past three years. This growth likely resulted from the collapse of other prominent neo-Nazi groups such as the National AllianceUSPER and Aryan NationsUSPER.

(U) Ideology and Objectives

(U//FOUO) NSM promotes the ideology of traditional National Socialism, which is a mix of racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, rabid anti-communism, and white supremacy. NSM seeks to transform the United States into a National Socialist state that would deny all rights to Jews, nonwhites, and gays. NSM also advocates the mass deportation of all illegal immigrants, the militarization of the Mexican border, the end of all foreign aid, and the severing of all ties with Israel.

(U) Symbology

(U//FOUO) NSM patterns its uniforms after those of the Third Reich’s Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS. The armbands, shoulder boards, and collar insignia used by NSM are replicas of those worn by the military units and political officers of Nazi Germany. NSM also uses many forms of Nazi symbols and imagery in its propaganda.

(U) Active Membership

(U//FOUO) Although NSM has small chapters operating throughout the country, over half of its estimated active membership is based in the Midwest, primarily in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Another large concentration of NSM members operates in the Southwestern United States, centered mainly in Arizona and Nevada. There are an estimated 300 active NSM members along with a similar number of associates that are active on NSM’s various Internet forums. Online members have little direct involvement with the group.

(U) Financial Support

(U//FOUO) All active NSM members as well as new recruits are required to contribute monthly dues to help sustain the organization. NSM also generates a great deal of its revenue from sponsoring white power rock concerts and from the sale of racist music CDs, DVDs, video games, and other white power paraphernalia. NSM conducts much of their sales through its own music distributor, NSM88Records. The group uses funding to further their political ambitions, propaganda mechanisms, and various commercial enterprises that sell Nazi regalia and memorabilia.

(U) Targets of Actions

(U//FOUO) To date, NSM confines its activities primarily to conducting a series of high profile public rallies and marches targeting minority neighborhoods, illegal immigrants, and U.S. support to Israel. In several instances, these activities have triggered violent confrontations between protestors opposing NSM and law enforcement attempting to preserve public order. During an October 2005 march in Toledo, Ohio, police were unable to prevent local residents from rioting for several hours following the NSM rally. The disturbances resulted in the arrest of 120 rioters and the destruction of several local businesses. Toledo’s mayor was forced to restore order by imposing a curfew.

(U) Criminal Activity

(U//FOUO) There is little or no evidence that NSM, as an organization, is engaged in any organized criminal activity. A large number of current and former members of NSM, however, have engaged in sporadic criminal acts that are unrelated to their involvement with the group. NSM members have committed a wide range of crimes to include: murder, kidnapping, rape, domestic violence, pedophilia, burglary, trespassing, and narcotics possession.




FBI-More Than 35 Search Warrants Executed in United States, Five Arrests in Europe as Part of Ongoing Cyber Investigations

WASHINGTON—Fourteen individuals were arrested today by FBI agents on charges related to their alleged involvement in a cyber attack on PayPal’s website as part of an action claimed by the group “Anonymous,” announced the Department of Justice and the FBI. Two additional defendants were arrested today on cyber-related charges.

The 14 individuals were arrested in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, and Ohio on charges contained in an indictment unsealed today in the Northern District of California in San Jose. In addition, two individuals were arrested on similar charges in two separate complaints filed in the Middle District of Florida and the District of New Jersey. Also today, FBI agents executed more than 35 search warrants throughout the United States as part of an ongoing investigation into coordinated cyber attacks against major companies and organizations. Finally, the United Kingdom’s Metropolitan Police Service arrested one person and the Dutch National Police Agency arrested four individuals today for alleged related cyber crimes.

According to the San Jose indictment, in late November 2010, WikiLeaks released a large amount of classified U.S. State Department cables on its website. Citing violations of the PayPal terms of service, and in response to WikiLeaks’ release of the classified cables, PayPal suspended WikiLeaks’ accounts so that WikiLeaks could no longer receive donations via PayPal. WikiLeaks’ website declared that PayPal’s action “tried to economically strangle WikiLeaks.”

The San Jose indictment alleges that in retribution for PayPal’s termination of WikiLeaks’ donation account, a group calling itself Anonymous coordinated and executed distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against PayPal’s computer servers using an open source computer program the group makes available for free download on the Internet. DDoS attacks are attempts to render computers unavailable to users through a variety of means, including saturating the target computers or networks with external communications requests, thereby denying service to legitimate users. According to the indictment, Anonymous referred to the DDoS attacks on PayPal as “Operation Avenge Assange.”

The defendants charged in the San Jose indictment allegedly conspired with others to intentionally damage protected computers at PayPal from Dec. 6, 2010, to Dec. 10, 2010.

The individuals named in the San Jose indictment are: Christopher Wayne Cooper, 23, aka “Anthrophobic;” Joshua John Covelli, 26, aka “Absolem” and “Toxic;” Keith Wilson Downey, 26; Mercedes Renee Haefer, 20, aka “No” and “MMMM;” Donald Husband, 29, aka “Ananon;” Vincent Charles Kershaw, 27, aka “Trivette,” “Triv” and “Reaper;” Ethan Miles, 33; James C. Murphy, 36; Drew Alan Phillips, 26, aka “Drew010;” Jeffrey Puglisi, 28, aka “Jeffer,” “Jefferp” and “Ji;” Daniel Sullivan, 22; Tracy Ann Valenzuela, 42; and Christopher Quang Vo, 22. One individual’s name has been withheld by the court.

The defendants are charged with various counts of conspiracy and intentional damage to a protected computer. They will make initial appearances throughout the day in the districts in which they were arrested.

In addition to the activities in San Jose, Scott Matthew Arciszewski, 21, was arrested today by FBI agents on charges of intentional damage to a protected computer. Arciszewski is charged in a complaint filed in the Middle District of Florida and made his initial appearance this afternoon in federal court in Orlando, Fla.

According to the complaint, on June 21, 2011, Arciszewski allegedly accessed without authorization the Tampa Bay InfraGard website and uploaded three files. The complaint alleges that Arciszewski then tweeted about the intrusion and directed visitors to a separate website containing links with instructions on how to exploit the Tampa InfraGard website. InfraGard is a public-private partnership for critical infrastructure protection sponsored by the FBI with chapters in all 50 states.

Also today, a related complaint unsealed in the District of New Jersey charges Lance Moore, 21, of Las Cruces, N.M., with allegedly stealing confidential business information stored on AT&T’s servers and posting it on a public file sharing site. Moore was arrested this morning at his residence by FBI agents and is expected to make an initial appearance this afternoon in Las Cruces federal court. Moore is charged in with one count of accessing a protected computer without authorization.

According to the New Jersey complaint, Moore, a customer support contractor, exceeded his authorized access to AT&T’s servers and downloaded thousands of documents, applications and other files that, on the same day, he allegedly posted on a public file-hosting site that promises user anonymity. According to the complaint, on June 25, 2011, the computer hacking group LulzSec publicized that they had obtained confidential AT&T documents and made them publicly available on the Internet. The documents were the ones Moore had previously uploaded.

The charge of intentional damage to a protected computer carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Each count of conspiracy carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

An indictment and a complaint merely contain allegations. Defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

To date, more than 75 searches have taken place in the United States as part of the ongoing investigations into these attacks.

These cases are being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys in the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices for the Northern District of California, Middle District of Florida, and the District of New Jersey. The Criminal Division’s Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section also has provided assistance.

Today’s operational activities were done in coordination with the Metropolitan Police Service in the United Kingdom and the Dutch National Police Agency. The FBI thanks the multiple international, federal, and domestic law enforcement agencies who continue to support these operations.

TOP-SECRET- Anonymous’ Texas Takedown Thursday: Chinga La Migra IV – ORIGINAL LETTER

         #         ######
                      ###      ####  ##                ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;!
                     ## #   ###    ###              !!i #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED~;
             #     ##   ####      ###       ###### !;L  #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED !
            # ######               #####      ##   ;!i; #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED !
           #                                ##    !;!i; #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED !
     #######                       #       ###    !;1?: #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED !
      #  ##                 #####   #           ####1?: #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED !
    ###                           ##########      !###: #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED !
    ##        #                              #####!;1?: #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED 1
      ##### ###                         ####  #####;1?: #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED !
         ######      #                      ###  ###1?: #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED !
         ##          #####                     ####;1?: #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED +;
    ###              #######                 #### !;1?:#OWNED #OWNED #OWNED #O ~
   ##                 ########               ### ##;1?:WNED #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED
    ##          ###   #########              ##   !;1?: #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED #OW
      ####      #          ########        ##     !;1?:NED #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED
          #     #                ######  ##       !;1?:#OWNED #OWNED #OWNED #OWN
           #    ##               #########        !;1?:ED #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED #
          ##   #####                  ##          !;1?:OWNED #OWNED #OWNED #OWNE
        ######      ##               ##           !;1?:D #OWNED #OW!~NED #OWNED
      ##               ##           ##            !L1?~#OWNED #OWN! !D #OWNED #O
     ##  #####            ####   ####                      WNED #!  !+NED #OWNED
    ##        ####################             #########        #!   ! WNED #OWN
   ##   ####         ###                #####          ######        !+ED #OWNED
  ##          ####    ##           ###         !!!;Li        ###      1  #OWNED
 #############    ######       ###:::::::~::::::~~~~~  #~?1     ###    111111iiO
##                   ##    !##~WNED #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED ~?;     ###        !L+#
##     ################  ##;!1 :OWNED #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED  ?;     ##      L+ #O
#####               ## ## !;!1? ~WNED #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED #O  ;         L+WNED
##        ######   ####    !;!i?+:~#OWNED #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED +        !;#OWNED
 #              #  ##       !;L1i +;  #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED #OW ;        !1 NED #
 #   #          ###          !!;!1? +~OWNED #OWNED #OWNED #OWN !   L L   ;;ED #O
  #  ###  ####   ####          !!L!i?+;~WNED #OWNED #OWNED #O~L !!;WN  L  1 ED #
  #############   #####          !;L1i +:~OWNED #OWNED #OWNED !!: #OWNED+L;: #OW
   ##### ######        ##         !!;!1? ; NED #OWNED #OWNED  : #OWNED #O ++WNED
   ##  ##          #######          !;L1? ; #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED #
 ##   #####      ############         !L1?+ OWNED #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED #O
##    ##     ###            ##         !!i :WNED #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED #OWNED #OW
 #  ######           ########          !L1i  NED #OWNED #O :;;::~~WNED #OWNED #O
     #######         #####              ;L1?+:WNED #OWNED  ?ii?? +;   #OWNED #OW
                                        !;L1? +:NED #OWNE+!LLLL!i? +: D #OWNED #
                                         !;L!i? +;~OWNE +L!!!!!;L!1? ;~D #OWNED
                                           !;L!1i?  ;::?;!!     !;L!i ; #OWNED #
                                             !;;L!1ii1!;!         !L!i ;OWNED #O
                                                !;;LL;;!           !L1? ~WNED #O

      _  _                   __  .__
   __| || |__ _____    _____/  |_|__| ______ ____   ____        #antisec
   \   __   / \__  \  /    \   __\  |/  ___// __ \_/ ___\       #anonymous
    |  ||  |   / __ \|   |  \  | |  |\___ \\  ___/\  \___       #freeanons
   /_  ~~  _\ (____  /___|  /__| |__/____  |\___ \ \___  |      #freetopiary
     |_||_|        \/     \/             \/     \/     \/       #chingalamigra


Greetings professional hypocrites in law enforcement!

Having a slow day behind the desk, filing papers, staring at your colleague's
fine posterior? What have you been up to since our last visit? Don't answer
that. We already know.

Lewd jokes? Check. Racist chain mails? Check. You lost your radio license? Lulz.
Playing on the fears of voters? Check. But we already figured that. Our friends,
allies, and vessels are threatened with 10+ years in prison. Yet terrorists like
Luis Posada Carilles go free. This hypocritical and paranoid reaction puts us
and the citizens you are supposed to protect in the same boat. You call us a
national security risk. Yet BATFE guns go directly to drug dealers so they can
take out rivals who don't launder money through backrooms of dominant banks. Any
press can check court documents from operations like 'Fast and Furious'. Who
came up with that one? What you didn't see 'From Dusk 'til Dawn'? Better title.
Be more creative next time.

In retaliation for the arrests of dozens of alleged Anonymous suspects, we
opened fire on dozens of Texas police departments and stole boatloads of
classified police documents and police chief emails across the state. During the
San Jose courtdate we defaced and gave out live backdoor and admin access to the
website while allied ships launched ddos attacks upon and other law enforcement websites. For every defendant in the
anonymous "conspiracy" we are attacking two top Texas police chiefs, leaking 3GB
of their private emails and attachments. Mind you, we don't expect a sane
response. Even a few insults would have been better than the way you cowards
hide behind protocol, innuendo, and your badge. 

For more than a month we have been lurking their emails, law enforcement
portals, and records and reporting systems. We leaked a few teasers including
access to, several classified documents, voicemail
recordings, live passwords, and even some dirty pictures. To continue the
fighting spirit of WikiLeaks, we want to share the full Texas collection and
expose these bumbling fools and all their secrets to the world.

Thousands of documents are available on tor hidden services / bittorrent and
include several dozen FBI, Border Patrol, and counter-terrorism documents
classified as "law enforcement sensitive" and "for official use only". The
emails also included police records, internal affairs investigations, meeting
notes, training materials, officer rosters, security audits, and live password
information to government systems. The private chief emails also included
several racist and sexist chain email forwards and personal details sure to
embarrass, discredit, and incriminate several of these so-called "community

We are attacking Texas law enforcement as part of "Chinga La Migra" as they
continue to harass immigrants and use border patrol operations as a cover for
their backwards racist prejudice. The notoriously racist police state of Texas
recently passed SB 9 and "Secure Comminities" anti-immigration laws. Texas is
well known and hated for being full of Minutemen, Tea Party and KKK groups,
murdering the most amount of innocent people on death row, and giving us the
Bush and Cheney administration. Two months ago on the 1st we attacked the
Arizona DPS and defaced several Fraternal Order of Police websites. One month
ago we "Shot The Sheriff" and released 10GB of private law enforcement data
while defacing dozens of police department websites in several states in the
south. A week ago we released private emails belonging to Richard T. Garcia, VP
of Texas-based Vanguard Defense Industries, and also a former FBI agent and
current Infragard executive board member.

We are doing this in solidarity with the "Anonymous 16" PayPal LOIC defendants,
accused LulzSec member Jake Davis "Topiary", protesters arrested during #OpBart
actions, Bradley Manning, Stephen Watt, and other hackers and leakers worldwide.
We also call for the release of Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu Jamal, Oscar Lopez
Rivera, Troy Davis, the Angola 3, and all others behind bars standing up to
state repression. While many of our comrades facing charges and in prison are
innocent, there is no such thing as an innocent police officer, and we will
continue to directly attack the prison industrial complex by leaking their
private data, destroying their systems, and defacing their websites.

We might have respect for these officers if they understood their job and whom
they serve. But unlike some that left the force decades ago and rumors abound
that they may have joined our ranks, these officers hide behind their badge and
use policies to ignore their great responsibility. These officers betrayed the
trust citizens have in them by choosing be drones of the system rather than
protectors of freedom and the peace of their communities. From the lowest prison
guard to the mightiest chief, we will continue to attack the cogs of the
police state that protects the interests of the rich and powerful.

Hackers all over the world are uniting to make 2011 the year of hacks and
revolutions. Join us, comrades: open fire on governments, law enforcement
organizations, white hat, corporate and military targets!


FBI – Member of Hacking Group LulzSec Arrested for June 2011 Intrusion of Sony Pictures Computer Systems

LOS ANGELES—A member of the LulzSec hacking group was arrested this morning for his role in an extensive computer attack against the computer systems of Sony Pictures Entertainment, announced André Birotte Jr., the United States Attorney in Los Angeles; and Steven Martinez, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office.

Cody Kretsinger, 23, of Phoenix, Arizona, was arrested this morning by FBI agents without incident. On September 2, 2011, a federal grand jury returned an indictment filed under seal in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles charging Kretsinger with conspiracy and the unauthorized impairment of a protected computer. The federal indictment was unsealed this morning upon Kretsinger’s arrest.

From approximately May 27, 2011, through June 2, 2011, the computer systems of Sony Pictures Entertainment were compromised by a group known as “LulzSec,” or “Lulz Security,” whose members anonymously claimed responsibility on LulzSec’s website. Kretsinger, also known by the moniker “recursion,” is believed to be a current or former member of LulzSec. The extent of damage caused by the compromise at Sony Pictures is under investigation.

According to the indictment, Kretsinger resided in Tempe, Arizona at the time the alleged criminal activity took place. In order to carry out the attack, Kretsinger allegedly sed a proxy server in an attempt to mask or hide his Internet Protocol (IP) address. The indictment alleges that Kretsinger and other coconspirators obtained confidential information from Sony Pictures’ computer systems using an “SQL injection” attack against its website, a technique commonly used by hackers to exploit vulnerabilities and steal information.

The indictment alleges that Kretsinger and his co-conspirators distributed the stolen information, including by posting the information on LulzSec’s website, and then announced the attack via its Twitter account. The indictment further alleges that, in order to avoid detection by law enforcement, Kretsinger permanently erased the hard drive of the computer he used to conduct the attack on Sony Pictures.

LulzSec is known for its affiliation with the international group of hackers known as “Anonymous.” Anonymous, according to the indictment, is a collective of computer hackers and other individuals located throughout the world that conduct cyber attacks, including the dissemination of confidential information stolen from victims’ computers, against individuals and entities they perceive to be hostile to its interests.

In the recent past, LulzSec has been linked to the hacking or attempted hacking of numerous targets, including various websites that represent governmental or business entities, among others.

Kretsinger will make an initial appearance before a federal magistrate in U.S. District Court in Phoenix today. The government will request that Kretsinger be removed to Los Angeles, the district in which he was charged, to face prosecution. If convicted, Kretsinger faces a statutory maximum sentence of 15 years in prison. This investigation was conducted by the Electronic Crimes Task Force (ECTF) in Los Angeles. The ECTF is comprised of agents and officers from the FBI, United States Secret Service, Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, United States Attorney’s Office, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, and the California Highway Patrol.

This case is being prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles.

An indictment merely contains allegations that a defendant has committed a crime. Every defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty at trial.

Unveiled – Fuck the FBI message by Anonymous – Orginal Letter

Greetings Pirates, and welcome to another exciting #FuckFBIFriday release.

As part of our ongoing effort to expose and humiliate our white hat enemies, we
targeted a Special Agent Supervisor of the CA Department of Justice in charge of
computer crime investigations. We are leaking over 38,000 private emails which
contain detailed computer forensics techniques, investigation protocols as well
as highly embarrassing personal information. We are confident these gifts will 
bring smiles to the faces of our black hat brothers and sisters (especially 
those who have been targeted by these scurvy dogs) while also making a mockery 
of "security professionals" who whore their "skills" to law enforcement to 
protect tyrannical corporativism and the status quo we aim to destroy.

We hijacked two gmail accounts belonging to Fred Baclagan, who has been a cop
for 20 years, dumping his private email correspondence as well as several dozen 
voicemails and SMS text message logs. While just yesterday Fred was having a 
private BBQ with his CATCHTEAM high computer crime task force friends, we were 
reviewing their detailed internal operation plans and procedure documents. We 
also couldn't overlook the boatloads of embarrassing personal information about 
our cop friend Fred. We lulzed as we listened to angry voicemails from his 
estranged wives and ex-girlfriends while also reading his conversations with 
girls who responded to his "man seeking woman" craigslist ads. We turned on his 
google web history and watched him look up linux command line basics, golfing 
tutorials, and terrible youtube music videos. We also abused his google 
voice account, making sure Fred's friends and family knew how hard he was owned.

Possibly the most interesting content in his emails are the internal
email list archives (2005-2011) which detail the methods and tactics cybercrime 
units use to gather electronic evidence, conduct investigations and make 
arrests. The information in these emails will prove essential to those who want 
to protect themselves from the techniques and procedures cyber crime 
investigators use to build cases. If you have ever been busted for computer 
crimes, you should check to see if your case is being discussed here. There are 
discussions about using EnCase forensic software, attempts to crack TrueCrypt 
encrypted drives, sniffing wireless traffic in mobile surveillance vehicles, how 
to best prepare search warrants and subpoenas, and a whole lot of clueless 
people asking questions on how to use basic software like FTP. In the end, we
rickrolled the entire IACIS list, causing the administrators to panic and shut
their list and websites down.

These cybercrime investigators are supposed to be the cream of the crop, but we
reveal the totality of their ignorance of all matters related to computer
security. For months, we have owned several dozen white hat and law enforcement
targets-- getting in and out of whichever high profile government and corporate
system we please and despite all the active FBI investigations and several
billion dollars of funding, they have not been able to stop us or get anywhere
near us. Even worse, they bust a few dozen people who are allegedly part of an
"anonymous computer hacking conspiracy" but who have only used 
kindergarten-level DDOS tools-- this isn't even hacking, but a form of
electronic civil disobedience. 

We often hear these "professionals" preach about "full-disclosure," but we are
sure these people are angrily sending out DMCA takedown notices and serving
subpoenas as we speak. They call us criminals, script kiddies, and terrorists, 
but their entire livelihood depends on us, trying desperately to study our 
techniques and failing miserably at preventing future attacks. See we're cut 
from an entirely different kind of cloth. Corporate security professionals like
Thomas Ryan and Aaron Barr think they're doing something noble by "leaking" the
public email discussion lists of Occupy Wall Street and profiling the "leaders"
of Anonymous. Wannabe player haters drop shitty dox and leak partial chat logs
about other hackers, doing free work for law enforcement. Then you got people 
like Peiter "Mudge" Zatko who back in the day used to be old school l0pht/cDc 
only now to sell out to DARPA going around to hacker conventions encouraging 
others to work for the feds. Let this be a warning to aspiring white hat 
"hacker" sellouts and police collaborators: stay out the game or get owned and 
exposed. You want to keep mass arresting and brutalizing the 99%? We'll have to 
keep owning your boxes and torrenting your mail spools, plastering your personal 
information all over teh internets.

Hackers, join us and rise up against our common oppressors - the white hats, the 
1%'s 'private' police, the corrupt banks and corporations and make 2011 the year 
of leaks and revolutions! 

We are Anti-Security,
We are the 99%
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect Us!