Leaked – Proof For Putin’s Plan To Fake Russian Election Results

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Novaya Gazeta handed over to the CEC a recording of a secret training session, during which it was decided who would win the elections in the Moscow region and with what result: AUDIO

At the disposal of “Novaya” was an audio recording of a meeting on “falsification of elections” in Korolev, near Moscow. Tatyana Yurasova talks about what we learned from the recording: the falsification curator sets a task for the heads of election commissions and explains the technology of stealing votes.

On September 2, the recording and the official request of the editorial staff were sent to the Central Election Commission – we are waiting for the official response of Ella Pamfilova.

  • Will we have an understanding that the sites are being watched? – the chairman of one of the electoral commissions asked with alarm in his voice, having heard that the video broadcast from the polling stations of the Queen will be conducted constantly, day and night.

Someone expressed a doubt: how do you know about it – in the area of ​​a thousand plots. The skeptic was interrupted by the briefing woman. “I think they will call us and tell us,” she confidently told the heads of the PECs of the Moscow Region Korolyov who had gathered for the training.

She talked about innovations during the three-day voting in the elections to the State Duma and the Moscow Regional Duma, about the organization of work and, among other things, about the methods of falsification and actions that exclude the risk of getting caught for forgery. “The main thing is composure and calmness,” the woman repeated several times, instilling confidence in those present that she had everything under control.

One of those present made an audio recording of the briefing and gave it to Novaya Gazeta with a small annotation. Three people independently listened to the anonymous recording and, in terms of timbre, manner of speaking and a number of characteristic turns, made an assumption: the voice of the “instructor” seemed to them very similar to the voice of the adviser to the head of the “Queen” Zhanna Prokofieva.

Zhanna Prokofieva at one of the meetings of the working group at the Electoral Commission of the Moscow Region

The latter arrived in the city “in the train” of the former mayor of Reutov, Alexander Khodyrev, when he set his sights on the post of head of the “space capital”. And she began to engage in elections: first as the chairman of the territorial election commission, and then unofficially, as the deputy mayor, when in January 2017 she was “left” due to scandals in the elections to the State Duma. It was the user under the nickname “Zhanna Prokofieva” who directed the telegram chat “September 2019”, where the chairmen of precinct commissions discussed falsifications in the elections to the city council in the fall of 2019.

On the audio recording, a woman with a voice, as one might assume, similar to that of Zhanna Prokofieva, described how election commissions, with the support of the administration, would falsify elections in favor of United Russia and what result they should get. To achieve it she proposed a technology against which even “smart voting” is powerless.

Source: https://novayagazeta.ru/articles/2021/09/02/fokus-gruppa

  • No, – several voices of the seminar participants were heard at once. Apparently, people from other cities were present. On the eve of the elections in September 2019, several dozen residents from other cities of the Moscow region were brought into the composition of the royal election commissions – primarily Reutov, Balashikha and Mytishchi. All of them worked in housing and communal services companies controlled by people from the inner circle of Mayor Khodyrev. But if Korolev, along with Pushkino and Sergiev Posad, were included in the 125th constituency for the elections to the State Duma, then Reutov, Balashikha and Mytishchi constituted the 117th constituency. Districts also differed in the elections to the Regional Duma.
  • [Sergei] Pakhomov – to the State Duma, Sergei Aykovich Kerselyan – to the Mosoblduma, – named the “instructor” the names of the candidates from the “United Russia”, campaigning and whose portraits the whole Korolev was pasted over. According to her, for single-mandate candidates, it is not the percentages that are important, but the number of votes.

A minute earlier, “Zhanna Prokofieva” announced the result that the election commissions need to ensure according to party lists: “We are interested in a specific figure and a specific party – 42–45% according to the party list”. She did not mention the name of the party, but during the seminar more than once they talked about the “services” that should be provided to this particular party – for example, on election day, not only the TEC, but also United Russia should be informed about the turnout for a certain hour.

The audio recording says that this task – to provide “United Russia” with 45% – was set allegedly by the Main Directorate of Territorial Policy of the Government of the Moscow Region,

held in Korolyov a meeting of the headquarters for elections in the 125th constituency. The meeting, according to Zhanna Prokofieva, was also attended by the heads of Pushkino and Sergiev Posad. Mayor of the Queen Alexander Khodyrev made a report and informed about the measures to achieve the desired result. I liked the report.

“But after the end of the speech of Alexander Nikolaevich [Khodyrev] there was a big request (and you yourself understand that any request from the government is a law, an order), […] that everything would go like a blank sheet: cleanly, without comments, without statements, without complaints , without violating the electoral legislation “, – the” instructor “conveyed the” wish “of the higher authorities.

“We ourselves want to do this, we ourselves do not want to justify ourselves, answer, testify, talk with representatives of law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and higher commissions,” the woman motivated the chairmen.

In 2019, after the release of the investigation of the falsifications in Korolev, Zhanna Prokofieva had to give explanations to the working group of the Moscow Regional Electoral Commission. At the very first meeting, the members of the working group discovered that the bales of documents in the storage of the royal TEC looked very different than the packages on the site, as evidenced by photographs of the observers. Zhanna Prokofieva was invited to the second meeting, and she gave an explanation: they say that at night the chairman found forgotten documents in the safe, so they had to open the bale and pack it again. Several PEC chairpersons were also summoned to the meeting, and although the attempt to figure it out was more like a performance, they also had to endure several unpleasant minutes. It is unlikely that the secretary of the TEC Ekaterina Tseplyaeva also enjoyed the inspection and visits to the court.

Two men took an active part in the briefing. The “instructor” introduced them as deputy heads in charge of the elections. One was named Sergei Viktorovich, the other – Pavel Vladimirovich. According to “Zhanna Prokofieva”, the head asked them to also be present to understand the specifics of voting and the mechanisms for implementing the task.

On the official website of the Queen’s administration, among the deputy heads there are

Sergey Viktorovich Ivanov

Pavel Vladimirovich Kotov.

Sergei Ivanov and Pavel Kotov. Photo from the site of the “Queen’s administration”

Having designated the problem, “Zhanna Prokofieva” suggested tried-and-tested methods for solving it.

Submitting fake observers

“I hope THEM will not have enough strength to catch us like that, – we see how everything is going now,” the woman “instructor” was busily analyzing possible threats. They, in her opinion, came mainly from observers.

The main parties did not arouse alarm among the administration: “we have no problems with the Liberal Democratic Party,” “the party of Rost, we are not worried,” and everything is in order with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

  • We should be fine with the communists – whatever they are, but they are ours, royal, and not pro-American. “Zhanna Prokofieva” confirmed what ordinary communists and active citizens had long guessed about. The local Communist Party of the Russian Federation did not conduct an active campaign, kept campaigning on a meager ration, the recruitment of observers was carried out almost in secret from the party members. Many of them did not rule out that they would watch for the sake of appearance, as it was in the elections in 2019. Then, from the correspondence in the chat of the falsifiers, everyone learned about a large number of “our Communist Party of the Russian Federation” – those who became observers from the Communist Party on behalf of the administration.
Panel with video broadcasts from polling stations during voting in 2020. Photo: RIA Novosti

Only the observers of the candidate for the Moscow Regional Duma from the “Fair Russia” Olga Privalova instilled some alarm in “Zhanna Prokofieva”. The latter promised to close the polling stations with observers, to whom she was ready to pay money for three days of work. The recruitment took place on the VKontakte social network, it was reported by the local media, followed by Zhanna Prokofieva.

According to her, very few people were registered as observers. On the eve of the movement “Golos” was declared a foreign agent, and the “instructor” feared that the observers would be drawn to Privalovaya. Therefore, she suggested that the leadership of the election commissions step up in this direction.

“I think your fellow observers don’t care where to sit and do nothing, and even for a small salary,” she hinted transparently, avoiding words such as “zaslanets” and “fake observers”. At that time, there were about 60 people in the observer chat of the SR candidate.

“Only your own people, no one else,” shared “Zhanna Prokofieva” with a grin in her voice.

And nevertheless, despite all the efforts to make agreements and send fake observers, the “instructor” urged the participants of the seminar not to relax. Elections in the Queen rarely did without scandals, but here they asked to do everything cleanly and quietly. “Zhanna Prokofieva”, apparently, came up with a way to get the desired result and at the same time reduce the risks of failure to zero.

Voter and Observer Lists

“If you do everything competently, then even a smart, even stupid, even some kind of vote will not work,” Zhanna Prokofieva summed up, having finished answering the question from the audience about the turnout expectations.

In addition to home voting, which should account for 20% of the turnout, duplicate electoral lists should become the main mechanism for solving the problem. “One is for observers, the other is for voters,” said a woman with a voice that could be assumed to be similar to the mayor’s advisor, avoiding pronouncing the numbers out loud.

Judging by the reaction of the audience, everyone understood her perfectly.

The lists “for voters” are real; the voter signs on them upon receipt of the ballot. By counting the number of signatures, it is easy to find out the real turnout.

The lists “for observers” are fake, they will be pre-filled with the number of signatures required to get the “ER” result of 45%.

At some point, the “voter lists” will be replaced with fake ones. And “charging” ballots is not a problem, it is easier to manipulate them than to forge signatures on the go. Especially if there are observers at the site.

It is dangerous to work with a ready-made list – the voter can see what kind of a neighbor has signed.

“The [list] that will surrender, it turns out to be quite voluminous, by 45%. I advise you to start producing it immediately after receiving the sheets of the voter list, ”says Zhanna Prokofieva. It will take a lot of time to enter the data and sign for several hundred voters, so the “instructor” promises that the commissions will receive lists no later than 10 days before the start of voting.

List of voters assigned to the site. Photo: Svetlana Vidanova / Novaya Gazeta

The audience took the prospect of falsifying the lists calmly – after 15 minutes it turned out that this trick was used by the royal PECs at the all-Russian vote on the Constitution.

But the question of the timing of the change aroused keen interest because of the incident at the site number 1086 in the recreation center “Kostino”. During the voting on the amendments, the voter discovered that they had already signed for her and her relatives. Soon more than 40 people found fake signatures for themselves. One woman went to file a complaint with the prosecutor’s office, and the observer, Inna Karezina, called the police.

The commission urgently announced the disinfection of the premises, everyone was removed from the site. Upon their return, people suddenly found completely new books with voter lists on the PEC members – not the already worn and filled with fake signatures, but clean and almost without signatures. “It became clear that the commission had a duplicate list,” Karezina said later.

In the elections for amendments to the Constitution, observers at PEC No. 1086 Korolyov discovered fake signatures for voters. After the disinfection was suddenly announced at the site, the observers looked again at the lists – they were new and without violations.

To avoid a scandal escalation, the Moscow Regional Electoral Commission put pressure on the TEC, and as a result, voting at the polling station from June 25 to June 30, which is 1140 ballots, was invalidated.

According to independent analyst Sergei Shpilkin, an additional 41,000 votes were drawn in Korolev.

Apparently, that failure caused a lot of stress among the fraudsters, so at the seminar they arranged a detailed “debriefing”, trying to understand what was done wrong and where. According to “Zhanna Prokofieva” and “deputy head” Pavel Vladimirovich, the main mistake of the chairman of PEC No. 1086 Sergei Tarbin was that, being confused, he allowed outsiders to get acquainted with the list – observers, “people who failed, did not know and did not understand the legislation”, who came to the polling station in order to “assert themselves” at the expense of the PEC members.

“It is impossible to allow someone to get hold of the voter list until evening, this is nonsense,” the “instructor” instilled in the heads of election commissions.

And she prompted them to countermeasures: a preparation with references to articles of the law and strict observance of social distance.

She also instructed on the moment when it is best to replace the lists: “much after 20:00”: “At 20:00 on September 19, the last voter left, and you start: someone extinguishes unused ballots, and those who sat on the books [of the voter list ], – to work with books. And sit with them until the moment comes to replace them. At least sit until the carrot’s plot! “

In the 2019 local elections, observers were kept at polling stations until late at night. On the double federal and regional “carrot spell”, apparently, will stretch until the morning.

Returning to the story with the cancellation of the early deadline at PEC No. 1086, Zhanna Prokofieva, in fact, admits that the entire vote on the amendments was falsified: elections, and that this man [Inna Karezin] needed to be left at the polling station. To give, roughly speaking, this site as a sacrifice, so that she does not go further. “

According to the “instructor”, there was a lot of noise, people from a higher commission came to the recreation center “Kostino”, they called her herself from the CEC. “Well, nothing, we went through it,” said “Zhanna Prokofieva”.

On July 27, the Moscow Regional Electoral Commission made a decision on a petition to the Central Election Commission to award members of the Moscow Region electoral commissions with the honorary badge of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation “For merits in organizing elections”. Korolev is represented by one of the largest “delegations” – 12 people. The surnames for the most part coincide with the surnames of the participants in the “chat of forgers”.

At the polling station. Photo: Victoria Odissonova / Novaya Gazeta

Fraud scandals in Korolyov became an integral part of the electoral landscape with the accession of Mayor Khodyrev and his team to the city. And every time they invariably sounded the name of Zhanna Prokofieva. After the scandal with the removal of observers at the elections to the State Duma in 2016, she had to resign in order to then go for a promotion and continue to steer the elections.

At the end of October 2019, the CEC held a meeting at which they heard the report of the Moscow Regional Electoral Commission on checking the publication of Novaya Gazeta on falsification in Korolev. The head of the IKMO showed a presentation with a photograph of the working group and cheerfully reported to the CEC that then the case went downhill.

The head of the “chat of falsifiers” and its participants got away with it then. However, the diagnosis of “khodyrevshchina” was made, with which the CEC chairman identified the “remnants” of that most difficult negative phenomenon, reflecting flagrant violations in the electoral process of the Moscow region. The briefing made it clear to everyone that these “remnants” have long turned into metastases, and “Khodyrevschina” as a phenomenon is much broader, since, as one might assume, the government of the Moscow Region and patrons from the CEC are involved in it.


On September 2, the recording and the official request of the editorial staff were sent to the Central Election Commission – we are waiting for the official response of Ella Pamfilova.

Source: Novaya Gazeta