CRYPTOME REVEALS – Wholeaked – A New Open Source Program To Catch Whistle Blowers

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Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2022 04:52:54 -0800
Subject: [cryptome] wholeaked - a new open source program to catch whistle blowers

this post is an attempt to get this list back to the roots of what
cryptome is based on: leaked files. I attempt to share an interesting
coder, the coders shared work in his github and what is his most
interesting creation yet called wholeaked in hopes of drumming up
interesting discussions on leakers and related software, and hopefully
we can leave behind some of the insane and inane discussions of recent
history on this list.

Ill first go over his github and the various projects he created and
the skills/languages he used to create the tools and then go onto
wholeaked, what it does, a brief explanation on how it does what it
does, its uses, its shortfalls and why its an interesting and
important addition to those who are for and/or against leaks and/or
leakers (it helps and works against both leakers and anti-leakers
both). Lets begin.

the original Developer of this code quote about the project he named
"a file-sharing tool that allows you to find the responsible person in
case of a leakage"

The github project page has 19 forks, uses the BSD-3-Clause License
and was created on January 26th, 2022 appears to be made by a talented
hacker named Utku Sen who's written other pro-privacy and published
them on github such as his "house party" emergency data locker tool
that encrypts every file in your home directory via remote command in
an attempt to block a thief's access to your documents, as well as
several anti-ransomware tools that detect when encrypting of files has
begun and stops the process and warns you as soon as it sees it
happening. A re-write of the program was done to have the code
available in python.

His other open source tools include:
-several DoS tools,
-a url-shortener reversal tool,
-a fork of "empire" windows exploit toolkit for automated pwning of
windows domain controllers,
-an IRC based botnet/bot tool,
-a second fork of Empire with modifications to timing and order of
loading is functions for IDS evasion,
-a stresstester
-a program called jeopardize; a threat intelligence&response tool
against phishing domains
-and a mass-security-auditing toolkit
-a blackjack analyzer
-other interesting hack tools.

The languages he uses to create these tools spans across various major
languages from C to python to visual basic to c# and finally Go. His
repos can be found here:

While the method this program uses is not brand new the program itself
is and it is more than a simple single functioning binary with only
one function..., it crosses platforms to every major 64 bit OS (linux
x64, macOSX  x64and windows  x64) which makes this program all the
more versatile to use

Classification of program type:
The program might be whats known as a type of "traitor tracing"
software (see here: )
..and uses a canary trap to finger the leaker (see here: )..

..... some might be offended by such strong labels such as 'traitor'
to describe this software, as the word "traitor" could be replaced
with "brave unwavering ethical bar-setting/bar-raising whistleblower
hero" and the functionality of the software would be the exact same
even if the intent is different.

...., the program helps you keep track of everyone who gets a copy of
the file that you suspect will be leaked (or you might do this as a
form of anti-copying enforcement in hopes of distributing the book
with consequences of getting fired from their job, fined or
imprisoned. Each copy that gets sent out gets its own unique invisible
watermark which is essentially just metadata that ties that particular
copy to the email address (or person) who you sent it too.

When the file or files get leaked (or if it gets leaked) then you can
check the metadata in the copy of the now public file and see which
person the watermarks show that it was tied to, and then you've just
found your leaker.

Here are the several ways you are able to tag the file (copied
directly from the github here: )

"wholeaked can add the unique signature to different sections of a
file. Available detection modes are given below:

File Hash: SHA256 hash of the file. All file types are supported.

Binary: The signature is directly added to the binary. Almost all file
types are supported.

Metadata: The signature is added to a metadata section of a file.
Supported file types: PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, MOV, JPG, PNG, GIF, EPS,

Watermark: An invisible signature is inserted into the text. Only PDF
files are supported."

A note of caution: Of course this tool will only reveal the most
inexperienced and/or over confident of leakers, as anyone with half a
brain will realize, 19th attempt to strip all metadata from the file
before leaking, if not altogether re-creating the document with
screenshotting each page of data one at a time with something like the
good old printscreen button and pasting and saving in ms paint or
something similar, One should consider using a brand new VM that was
spun up for this single purpose or a live linux distro like ubuntu
live or tails will also work (those who work in digital forensics are
much better to discuss this part of the topic!)

 This is but one way to by-pass someone using a
unique-injection-of-watermark-per-file leak-detection technique (try
saying that 5x fast!). among other methods,

The _actual_ common term of this technique is called the canary trap
for the laymen, It is actually used in many different contexts that
are much different than someone breaching national security with PDF
files or whatever, like for example, some AV programs use canary files
that are placed in your documents folder and if the AV detects that
they are no longer accessible (yet still remain in your documents
folder) or if they appear to be modified, then the AV might cause all
processes to stop and block any processes from writing to disk until
the user either lets the processes  continue after confirming that it
was not ransomware that modified, encrypted or changed the file.

Wholeaked is essentially making every distributed file its own unique
identifiable canary. If that canary is ever found anywhere by being
leaked, then at the very least you will know who was responsible for
the file becoming public (if it was their intent on spreading the file
to the public or not!).

What makes this one note-worthy is that it is now trivial to do it
easily without the need to understand concepts like unique
watermarking and metadata or how to add them correctly. Also that it
is open source with compiled binaries for windows, OSX and linux (you
can find the project, binaries and source code on github here: )

Its a reminder to those who are experienced in leaking to stay
vigilant , less they be exposed (and in some states/places this could
mean death or worse to you and your family).

Its also a wakeup call for those who leak who dont know what they are
doing , and might mean lost jobs, legal action, imprisonment and
possibly a lot more if they don't smarten up about their opsec.

On the other hand, it could also mean the capture of those who are
leaking classified documents to rogue states who routinely deny
mountains of evidence of human rights abuses (im looking at you China)
for money, in which case, it would be a good thing exposing those who
give aid to powerful unethical monsors.

No matter the use case, the tool is now in the hands of everyone and
anyone is free to add and change it for their own uses and publish
their own versions as a fork if they like.

To end this post which has gone on far too long, here is the creators home page:

kudos you, Utkusen!



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The Secret Network of Donald Trumps Financial Advisor John Alfred Paulson exposed

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Exposed ´´US War with North Korea Is No Joke At All`

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War with North Korea: No Joke By John Stanton The 20th Century Korean War from 1950-1953 pitting US-led United Nations coalition forces against the North Korean and Chinese militaries has been in pause mode for 64 years. The Korean Armistice was signed on July 27, 1953 by the United States, China and North Korea. It called for a cessation of hostilities until a lasting peace agreement between the warring parties could be negotiated and signed. That, of course, has not happened due as much to North Korea’s rationally maniacal behavior and ruthless treatment of its citizens, as to its role as a useful pawn of the Chinese and American governments. The Chinese feel compelled to let the incendiary North Korean government in Pyongyang irritate and provoke the United States and much of the world community, and the Americans don’t mind having a large military presence to deter North Korea but also to keep an eye on the China and the Southeast Asian region. China has apparently reinforced its military forces on its border with North Korea. Russia has a short land and maritime border with North Korea. In 2015 officials from the two countries signed an agreement to construct a road connection between the two neighbors during their “Year of Friendship.” According to, North Korea and Russia envisioned “closer collaboration between the two states in political, economic and humanitarian spheres.” As tensions ratchet up in the wake of North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile tests, Russia has apparently shored up its military forces near the bustling Russian port city of Vladivostok, home to Russia’s Pacific Fleet and within range of North Korean missiles. US-Led Coalition These military moves by China and Russia make sense if war breaks out between a US-led coalition including South Korea, Japan, Canada, and Australia (for starters) and North Korean forces. The extra forces would likely be used to stanch the tide of North Koreans expected to stream out of North Korea. In the unfortunate circumstance that sees North Korea’s first use of a nuclear weapon, a US retaliatory strike would ensure that the radiologically damaged would seek care in China and Russia, care that China and Russia can ill-afford to provide on a large scale. During a protracted conventional conflict, it seems likely that enterprising organizations in China and Russia would attempt to funnel weapons and aid to the North Koreans to keep the US-led coalition occupied while they ponder their strategic and tactical options. With the US bogged down in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, there are many moves that the Chinese and Russians could make contrary to US interests. The political and pundit classes in New York City and Washington, DC believe that the Trump Administration will just kick the Kim Jong-Un tin can down the road for another US president. The same elites told us all that Hillary Clinton would, with great certainty, win the 2016 presidential election. After 100 days of the Trump presidency, they still shake their heads in disbelief. Yet, they seemed to believe fully in President Trump’s punitive April cruise missile strikes in Syria undertaken after a Bashar Al Assad use of a nerve agent on his own citizens. But Trump’s people say that the time for “strategic patience” with North Korea is over. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the Perry Como of the US State Department, declared as much during a recent visit to South Korea. Has America’s new Ken and Barbie, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, been advising President Trump on the matter? As for China’s influence, it has warned North Korea not to test Trump even as it recently resumed flights to North Korea from Beijing. Time will tell if China is serious in assisting the US or not. Intellectuals? Beyond the political and pundit classes who grace the world with their intellectual acumen are those across the spectrum who think that North Korea is the way it is because of the policies and practices of the US government. Those outlandish claims should not be seriously entertained. Kim Jong-Un is seen in this video smoking a cigarette and, at one point, sitting at a desk not far from an aircraft runway watching his air force and army in action. It looks a lot like a Monty Python skit until you realize that the North Koreans really believe they are a competent military power. And then there is the North Korean Army’s recent live fire exercise. What kind of commanders and political leaders think that the alignment of this artillery on a beach? The commanders are essentially giving their troops a death sentence as US standoff weapons systems would mostly obliterate such massed artillery. North Korean military doctrine is as obsolete as much of its weaponry is. Still, war is horrible and North Korea would, initially, likely cause a lot of pain to the northern portions of Seoul, South Korea. US, South and North Korean civilian casualties would certainly follow. Pain reduction, not elimination, depends on the lethality of US preemptive missile, bomber and cyber-attacks designed to neutralize what the US-led coalition’s intelligence believes to be the targets most important to hit first. Most likely, both North Korean nuclear weapons testing and medium-long range missile sites would be targeted, simultaneously with other North Korean conventional military assets. Before such a conflict de-confliction lines with China and Russia would have to be opened. The Fight North Korea has to know that if it moves any weapons systems into the open, the heat or electronic emissions will get them killed. US intelligence services have tried hard to anticipate how quickly the North Koreans can load and reload artillery and the extent of their ammunition supplies. Then there are the diesel submarines North Korea has in operation. US military antisubmarine warfare aircraft and detection is the best in the world and the Navy would be quick to begin the search for North Korean submarines. US attack class submarines would have to eliminate the DPRK’s undersea threat very quickly, just as US air forces would be called upon to clear the airspace above North Korea as rapidly as possible. North Korean surface vessels would not do well against US anti-ship weaponry with its advanced guidance systems. On the ground and from the sea, the situation is less clear. North Korea is vulnerable to amphibious landings on both its coastlines on the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan. The US Navy and Marine Corps would not attempt such landings until many days into a conflict though. North Korea is said to have sleeper cells in South Korea that would be activated to destroy key communications nodes and other critical infrastructure. North Korean Special Forces are said to be a dangerous threat as in any conflict they would be tasked with infiltrating South Korea to engage in sabotage. It is not known how the North Korean civilian population would respond to an attack. The nation is home to 25 million people who have mostly known nothing but privation and austerity. Of course, that’s the view from the outside. There are tantalizing hints that the civilians there might stay away from the fighting to a limited degree. Books smuggled out of North Korea like The Accusation give a hint of some of the thinking of the well-educated and economically better positioned denizens. But the US experience with insurgencies from Vietnam until the present have not been pleasant, successful affairs. At any rate, the “will” of the North Korean population would play a significant role in a protracted conflict. Some argue that the US should learn from its 20th Century Korean War experience. But comparisons are invalid. The conflict took place as the US was drawing down from World War II and cold political winds were blowing. Since that time the North Koreans have spent a lot of time training to fight but have not been engaged in protracted conflicts for the last two decades as the US has been. There is no substitute for training but when military forces have experience in combat operations and maintain a training regime there is going to be a mismatch at some point favoring the US. Yet another consideration is the Joint Force capabilities of the North Korean military versus the UScoalition interoperability and joint force training. There is no evidence to suggest that North Korea has “networked” its fighting forces to wage war in the cross domains of sea, undersea, land, air, space and cyber. Nor has North Korea conducted extensive training exercises with partner or allies equivalent to Canada, Australia, Japan and South Korea. No One Knows and that Unfinished Business Thing A long term conflict in which the US-led coalition fails to bring North Korea to its knees would allow other nations to make risky moves. Would Russia invade Eastern Ukraine and move up to the Dnieper River? Would China move on Taiwan? Would Turkey move further into Syria? Would Iran move further into Syria and Iraq? Would Russia get more aggressive in Libya? Would Europe further splinter as some members of the European Union back the US while others do not (the UK would fight with the US)? Would the American public support a longer term war effort? Unfortunately, the US, North and South Korea issue is unfinished business. Not too many people on the planet want to see a video of the Kim Jong-Un of the future sitting at his portable desk smoking a cigarette while watching the North Korean “Death to America” ICBM successfully launched and carrying a nuke toward the United States. If that ICBM made in through US missile defenses, the United States nuclear retaliatory response would turn North Korea into a radiological waste-land for decades. No one in the world wants to see that happen either. John Stanton can be reached at

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The Secret Network of CIA Director Michael Richard Pompeo

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