Eva Braun dans l’intimité d’Hitler – TV


Eva Braun fut la maîtresse d’Adolf Hitler de 1932 à leur suicide commun en avril 1945. De 1937 à 1944, elle tourne des films amateurs au chalet d’Hitler, le Berghof, dans les Alpes Bavaroises, véritable centre de décision du nazisme, où il aimait recevoir son entourage. Des images en couleur qui nous font entrer dans l’intimité du Führer et les coulisses du IIIème Reich. Pour la première fois, ces documents historiques ont été réunis dans un documentaire qui porte un regard unique sur la vie privée et les crimes publics du dictateur allemand…

Nuremberg Trials – Full Movie

Relive the gripping events of the tribunal that gave birth to the trial procedure paradigm for decades of state criminal cases as rare archival materials and firsthand accounts combine to offer a compelling account of the historical Nuremburg trials. When former head of the Nazi Air Force Hermann Goring and other surviving members of the Nazi elite went on trial on November 20, 1945, the world watched with bated breath to witness the outcome of the groundbreaking case. Charged with the murder of millions of innocent civilians and set before the world to face judgment, the Nuremburg Trials offered a brief glimmer of justice to those lives had been affected by Hitler’s atrocities, and in this release history buffs are afforded a closer look than ever before at the trial that held the attention of an entire planet.


TOP-SECRET from the FBI – Former BP Engineer Arrested for Obstruction of Justice in Connection with the Deepwater Horizon Criminal Investigation

WASHINGTON—Kurt Mix, a former engineer for BP plc, was arrested today on charges of intentionally destroying evidence requested by federal criminal authorities investigating the April 20, 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster, announced Attorney General Eric Holder; Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division; U.S. Attorney Jim Letten of the Eastern District of Louisiana; and Kevin Perkins, Acting Executive Assistant Director for the FBI’s Criminal Cyber Response and Services Branch.

Mix, 50, of Katy, Texas, was charged with two counts of obstruction of justice in a criminal complaint filed in the Eastern District of Louisiana and unsealed today.

“The department has filed initial charges in its investigation into the Deepwater Horizon disaster against an individual for allegedly deleting records relating to the amount of oil flowing from the Macondo well after the explosion that led to the devastating tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico,” said Attorney General Holder. “The Deepwater Horizon Task Force is continuing its investigation into the explosion and will hold accountable those who violated the law in connection with the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history.”

According to the affidavit in support of a criminal complaint and arrest warrant, on April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon rig experienced an uncontrolled blowout and related explosions while finishing the Macondo well. The catastrophe killed 11 men on board and resulted in the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history.

According to court documents, Mix was a drilling and completions project engineer for BP. Following the blowout, Mix worked on internal BP efforts to estimate the amount of oil leaking from the well and was involved in various efforts to stop the leak. Those efforts included, among others, Top Kill, the failed BP effort to pump heavy mud into the blown out wellhead to try to stop the oil flow. BP sent numerous notices to Mix requiring him to retain all information concerning Macondo, including his text messages.

On or about October 4, 2010, after Mix learned that his electronic files were to be collected by a vendor working for BP’s lawyers, Mix allegedly deleted on his iPhone a text string containing more than 200 text messages with a BP supervisor. The deleted texts, some of which were recovered forensically, included sensitive internal BP information collected in real-time as the Top Kill operation was occurring, which indicated that Top Kill was failing. Court documents allege that, among other things, Mix deleted a text he had sent on the evening of May 26, 2010, at the end of the first day of Top Kill. In the text, Mix stated, among other things, “Too much flowrate—over 15,000.” Before Top Kill commenced, Mix and other engineers had concluded internally that Top Kill was unlikely to succeed if the flow rate was greater than 15,000 barrels of oil per day (BOPD). At the time, BP’s public estimate of the flow rate was 5,000 BOPD—three times lower than the minimum flow rate indicated in Mix’s text.

In addition, on or about August 19, 2011, after learning that his iPhone was about to be imaged by a vendor working for BP’s outside counsel, Mix allegedly deleted a text string containing more than 100 text messages with a BP contractor with whom Mix had worked on various issues concerning how much oil was flowing from the Macondo well after the blowout. By the time Mix deleted those texts, he had received numerous legal hold notices requiring him to preserve such data and had been communicating with a criminal defense lawyer in connection with the pending grand jury investigation of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

A complaint is merely a charge, and a defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

If convicted, Mix faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 as to each count.‪

The Deepwater Horizon Task Force, based in New Orleans, is supervised by Assistant Attorney General Breuer and led by Deputy Assistant Attorney General John D. Buretta, who serves as the director of the task force. The task force includes prosecutors from the Criminal Division and the Environment and Natural Resources Division of the Department of Justice; the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Louisiana and other U.S. Attorneys’ Offices; and investigating agents from the FBI, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Interior, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and other federal law enforcement agencies.

The task force’s investigation of this and other matters concerning the Deepwater Horizon disaster is ongoing.

The case is being prosecuted by task force Deputy Directors Derek Cohen and Avi Gesser of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division; task force prosecutors Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Pickens, II of the Eastern District of Louisiana; and Assistant U.S. Attorney Scott Cullen of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Adolf Hitler’s Last Days – Full Movie

Adolf Hitler took up residence in the Führerbunker in January 1945 and until the last week of the war it became the epicentre of the Nazi regime. It was here during the last week of April 1945 that Hitler married Eva Braun shortly before they both committed suicide

Confidential – Caderock Missile Battery Eyeball

Caderock Missile Battery


The site is the Navy’s David Taylor Model Basin of the Naval Surface Warfare Carderock Division.
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Looking East[Image]
Looking South[Image]
Looking West[Image]


The Hunt For Hitler HD – Full Movie


History’s Secrets : The Hunt for Adolf Hitler

” At the end of World War II, Adolf Hitler faced the reality of defeat and committed suicide in a Berlin bunker beneath the Reich Chancellery. Then his body mysteriously disappeared. The FBI spent years tracking false leads and sightings of Hitler. What happened to the German leader’s remains? Without remains, can we really be sure what became of the man? “