KGB method: The fake Putin biography causes dozens of dead journalists

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During World War II, when Leningrad was besieged by the Germans, Vladimir Putin’s mother fell ill. Medics wanted to take her away – not to take her to the hospital, but because they believed she would soon be dead. But Putin’s father stopped the paramedics, and he nursed his wife until she was well. “She lived until 1999. He died at the end of 1998,” the Russian president wrote in an article that appeared in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.”

A Georgian woman named Vera Putina, born in 1926, claims to be Vladimir Putin’s mother. Her “Vova,” as she called the boy, was born on October 7, 1950, illegitimately – the child’s father was already married and never met his son.

When Vera Putina married herself a few years later, the problems began: Her husband did not accept his stepson, so “Vova” grew up with his grandparents. At the age of nine, they also passed him on to a childless couple to whom they were distantly related: Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin and Maria Ivanovna Putina. Officially, these two are Putin’s biological parents. According to Vera Putina, they moved to Leningrad with the boy, registered him with the authorities, and in the process had his birth certificate changed.

This story is already 15 years old; Vera Putina told it in January 2000 to a Chechen named Rustam Daudov, who was working at the Chechen representative office in Tbilisi at the time. A Russian journalist to whom Daudov was about to hand over the video containing Putin’s testimony died on the way to Tbilisi – his plane crashed in March 2000 after taking off from Moscow. An Italian journalist to whom Daudov gave a copy of his video was murdered in October 2000. Three years later, a Rustam Daudov was shot dead in the Azerbaijani capital of Baku – another Daudov, a namesake.

As mentioned in the beginning, the Chechen Rustam Daudov contacted Vera Putina. Several times he traveled to her place and filmed her statements. Again and again he tried to get the video out to the public. Time and again, major reporting was prevented:

► In March 2000, investigative reporter Artyom Borovik mysteriously died in an airplane accident. He was on his way to Tbilisi to meet with Daudov and watch the video.

► That same month, Daudov offered the story to the major daily newspaper “Türkiye” and to a Turkish television station. His hope: if the story made it big abroad, the Russian press would finally start reporting it, too. Immediately after it was printed, Daudov recounts, the Russian Embassy in Istanbul tried to prevent the broadcast. If the news ran on television, the major project on the Blue Stream gas pipeline would be canceled, the diplomats are said to have threatened. The broadcast was not shown. Putin won the presidential election.

► On October 15, 2000, Italian war reporter Antonio Russo met Daudov, got a copy of the video from him. A day later his body was found, his death was never properly solved. His computer and the videotape were stolen from his hotel room. Two Italian investigators, with interference from Russian intelligence, were expelled shortly after arriving in Georgia. The two Georgian police officers investigating Russo’s case died under strange circumstances (suicide and poisoning).

► In September 2003, Daudov himself came into the investigators’ sights. Russian television showed his photo and reported that he had been killed in a robbery-murder. Yet Daudov was alive! Presumably, he told Time later in an interview, a namesake was murdered. After this incident, the United Nations helped him and his family to leave Georgia and get a residence permit abroad. Today Daudov lives in the West, wishing to remain anonymous for security reasons.

The murders are not the only oddities. In February, Dobbert himself went to Metechi, the village near Tbilisi where Vera Putina still lives. One of her daughters prevented the German journalist from speaking to her. “She is not allowed to tell anything anymore. She has been forbidden to talk to journalists,” said the woman, who could be Putin’s half-sister. Russian-Georgian relations are strained: the two countries went to war in 2008, and Russia also supports breakaway Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

A few years ago, two men and two women came and took blood from her mother, Vera Putina’s daughter recounted. She is sure that these people came from the Russian secret service. She never heard from them again. Even without a blood test, she is convinced that her mother’s story is true. “Nobody here doubts that Vladimir Putin is our mother’s son.”


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