Exposed – Mysterious Payments To Family Of EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides

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Feketen Feheren’s blog (black and white) has released a new video which states that 4 million euros have landed in the family account of the EU Health Commissioner. The politician tried to explain herself in all possible ways.

One of the biggest corruption scandals in EU history is taking place, said Miklos Omolnar in his video blog. The case centers on Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides, who, according to the journalist, signed the EU’s flawed and belated vaccine procurement contracts.

According to Omolnar, 4 million euros appeared in the health commissioner’s bank account, which she runs with her husband. The media in Cyprus has already launched the idea of ​​passive bribery. The money ended up in the commissioner’s family bank account through the Cyprus state-owned cooperative bank. To ward off scandals, she tried to present the amount as a kind of loan. However, the politician has no financial cover to take out such a large loan.

Since the transaction became known, Stella Kyriakides has gone out of her way to make a statement. She tried to make it clear that the amount, which certainly looks like corruption money, has nothing to do with EU vaccination agreements. She tries to divert attention from the alleged fact that the bribe was paid by vaccine companies in exchange for the cheap contracts that gave them the possibility of late and uneven delivery.

This is not the politician’s first healthcare corruption scandal. Years ago she was involved in a program in which all oncological treatments in Cyprus were privatized under the guise of banking and then – as usual – the prices for these treatments were raised.

Miklos Omolnar recalled that the matter was brought before the Cypriot parliament when the situation became unbearable. All MPs voted in favor of nationalizing cancer treatments, which reduced their costs, with the exception of one MP, the current EU health commissioner and vaccination contractor, which has been under fire from all sides.

V4NA had previously asked whether the health commissioner had signed a contract that was worse than the UK, on ​​purpose or out of sheer ignorance. In its response, the European Commission did not deny that the EU had a less favorable contract than the UK, nor did it refute that the contract contained no guarantees and assurances of correct delivery. We also asked Stella Kyriakides whether she entered into a disadvantageous contract on purpose or out of stupidity.

Stella Kyriakides was the former President of Europa Donna Cyprus (Cyprus) from 2000 to 2015 and President of the European Breast Cancer Coalition from 2004 to 2006.

Europa Donna has published its annual accounts as far back as 2006 on its website. From these it can be seen that the organization has received tens of thousands of euros in grants from Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson in recent years.

Letter from the V4NA news agency to Stella Kyriakides · Source: V4NA

V4 News Agency wrote to the organization to find out what grants were received from pharmaceutical companies prior to 2006; Stella Kyriakides was also asked how she used the personal contacts she had established during her time as President of the European Breast Cancer Coalition / Europa Donna Cyprus to buy vaccines.

Source: V4NA / Magyar Nemzet

We quote again from the renowned Hungarian daily newspaper Magyar Nemzet in a fairly literal translation:

Source: BorsOnline / Magyar Nemzet

Stella Kyriakides was the leader of Europa Donna in Cyprus for many years and also the President of the European Breast Cancer Coalition Europa Donna, which directs the European Donna Network.

Like a dog on a leash, these organizations are almost entirely financially dependent on the major vaccine manufacturers.

For example, financial reports from the European Breast Cancer Coalition and Europa Donna indicate that they have received significant grants from Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Johnson and Johnson in recent years.

Anyone who takes the trouble to study the financial reports of the European Breast Cancer Coalition, which the Commissioner presided over, can check this out. From salaries to travel expenses to conferences, everything was paid for by the vaccine manufacturers:

The EU Health Commissioner has accepted large donations from vaccine manufacturers in the past · Image source: Bors – Mediaworks
This is further evidence that the commissioner responsible for vaccine procurement, as part of a “network of interests”, has hitherto been dependent on the vaccine manufacturers for existence. It was she who was supposed to secure vaccine contracts that benefit almost exclusively the manufacturers and have proven to be detrimental to EU citizens. The contracts allow, for example, late deliveries without consequences or penalties.