China’s Rise Is Built On Lies – They Will Soon Be Xi Jinping’s Undoing

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The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been getting a great deal of positive press lately on the organisation’s 100th anniversary. The coverage of President for Life Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party has been “70 percent good; 30 percent bad”.

The “good” is widely seen as China’s re-emergence on the World Stage, after four decades of growth.

Daniel Andrews’ Continued Restrictions Have ‘Killed A Mouse With A Missile’

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Restaurant owner Luke Stepsys says Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has “killed a mouse with a missile” as Victoria exits lockdown but enforces strict density limits for businesses. Mr Stepsys said the five lockdowns Melbourne has endured have been “shattering” for the hospitality industry.

“The mood down here in the industry tonight is just … bewilderment,” Mr Stepsys told Sky News host Peta Credlin. “We’re back to where we were potentially 17 months ago and nothing’s changed.” “The restrictions to re-open are unworkable,” according to Mr Stepsys, who said both his employees and small business as a whole were struggling as a result of the restrictions.

“We’re just a piggy in the middle of political games, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.”

Video – ‘Desperate’ Merkel Departure To Have ‘Major Impact’ As EU Wakes Up To China Threat

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Angela Merkel’s departure as German Chancellor has been tipped to have a “major impact” on how the EU faces up to the rise of China. Angela Merkel has been blasted for having “lost contact” with the “dire reality” that is China’s growing threat to European Union interests.

Video – Why is China Buying US Farmland?

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Former State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus explains why China might want to purchase U.S. farmland. #FoxNews #FoxAndFriendsWeekend

Biden’s Exexutive Order On Promoting Competition In The American Economy – Original Document

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Xi Jinping: China’s President And His Quest For World Power Nr 1

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China’s President Xi Jinping is a force to be reckoned with. As leader of the Communist colossus, he commands the world’s attention, but who is China’s strongman and what is his agenda?

Born into the privileged life of a princeling, banished to poverty in the countryside during a political purge, his early life formed and framed his views on power and control. His rise up the political ladder was propelled by party connections and an advantageous celebrity marriage.

As he rose through the party ranks, he carefully crafted his image. Today it’s a full-blown cult of personality featuring compulsory lessons in “Xi Jinping Thought”. China specialists say that the country has already fundamentally re-written the international rule book.

The question is, how will the rest of the world respond?

In The Midst Of A Worldwide COVID-19 Resurgence, Oil Costs Are Ready To Slow Down

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Worldwide oil price drop to curb Turkey's gas import costs by 30 ...

The resurgence of COVID-19 diseases in numerous nations around the globe has sabotaged the oil market’s thought that the recuperation in oil based commodity request will proceed with upward without an immunization. Desires for a quick interest recuperation as of late have additionally been hampered by worries about new compulsory lockdowns in places where financial action had continued, just as more slow monetary recuperations somewhere else.

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UK Yellowhammer No-Deal Brexit – Worst Case Scenario Revealed

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When the UK ceases to be a member of the EU in October 2019 all rights and reciprocal arrangements with the EU end.

The UK reverts fully to ‘third country’ status. The relationship between the UK and the EU as a whole is unsympathetic, with many MS (under pressure from the Commission) unwilling to engage bilaterally and implementing protections unilaterally, though some MS may be more understanding.

No bilateral deals have been concluded with individual member states with the exception of the reciprocal agreement on social security coordination with Ireland. EU Citizens living in the UK can retain broadly all rights and status that they were entitled to prior to exit from the EU, at the point of exit.

Public and business readiness for a no-deal will remain at a low level, and will decrease to lower levels, because the absence of a clear decision on the form of EU Exit (customs union, no deal etc) does not provide a concrete situation for third parties to prepare for. Readiness will be further limited by increasing EU Exit fatigue, due to the second extension of Article 50, which will limit the effective impact of current preparedness communication. [To be reviewed]

Business readiness will not be uniform – in general larger businesses across sectors are more likely to have better developed contingency plans than small and medium sized businesses. Business readiness will be compounded by seasonal effects, impacting on factors such as warehouse availability.

Concurrent risks associated with autumn and winter such as severe weather, flooding and seasonal flu could exacerbate a number of impacts and stretch resources of partners and responders.

Private sector companies’ behaviour will be governed by commercial considerations, unless influenced otherwise.

HMG will act lawfully and in accordance with the rule of law, including by identifying the powers it is using to take specific actions.

Key planning assumptions

1. For the purpose of freight flow and traffic· management as 31 October is a Thursday, day 1 of exit is now on a Friday rather than the weekend which is not to our advantage. Exit day may coincide with end of October half term school holidays, which vary across the UK. (CCS/DExEU)

2. In a small number of instances where the impacts of Brexit would be felt negatively in the EU as well as in the UK, Member States may act in way which could also benefit the UK (e.g. energy for Ireland). (CCS/DExEU)

3. France will impose EU mandatory controls on UK goods on Day 1 No Deal (D1 ND) and have built infrastructure and IT system to manage and process customs declarations and support a risk based control regime. On D1 ND, between 50-85% of HGVs travelling via the short Channel Straits may not be ready for French customs. The lack of trader readiness combined with 1.imited space in French ports to hold “unready” HGVs could reduce the flow rate to 40-60% of current levels within one day as unready HGVs will fill the ports and block flow. The worst disruption to the short Channel Straits might last for up to 3 months before it improves by a significant level to around 50-70% (due to more traders getting prepared), although there could continue to be some disruption for significantly longer. In the event of serious disruption, the French might act to ensure some flow through the short Channel crossings. Disruption to flow across the short Channel Straits would also cause significant queues in Kent and delays to HGVs attempting to use the routes to travel to France. In a reasonable worst case scenario, HGVs ·could face maximum delays of 1.5-2.5 days before being able to cross the border. HGVs that are caught up in congestion in the UK will be unable to return to the EU to collect another load and a proportion of logistics firms may decide to avoid the route should there be significant and prolonged disruption. Analysis to date has suggested a low risk of significant sustained queues at ports outside of Kent which have high volumes of EU traffic, but BDG will continue to work directly with stakeholders at those ports to support planning readiness (BDG/DfT)

4. UK citizens travelling to and from the EU may be subject to increased immigration checks at EU border posts. This may lead to passenger delays at St Pancras, Cheriton (Channel Tunnel) and Dover where juxtaposed controls are in place. Dependent on the plans EU Member States put in place to cope with these in.creased immigration checks it is likely that delays will occur for UK arrivals and departures at EU airports and ports. This could cause some disruption on transport services. TraveUers may decide to use alternative routes to complete their journey. (BDG/FCO/HO/DfT)

5. Demand for energy will be met and there will be no disruption to electricity or gas interconnectors. In NI there will be not be immediate disruption to electricity supply on Day 1. A rapid SEM split could occur months or years after E~ Exit. In this event, there would not be security of supply issues. However, there will likely be significant electricity price increases for consumers (business and domestic), with associated wider economic and political impacts. Some participants could exit the market, thereby exacerbating the economic and political impacts. (BEIS)

The Secret Network of Donald Trumps Financial Advisor John Alfred Paulson exposed

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Todd Wood – US Financial Analyst – Predicts Inevitable Collapse of US Economy

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Todd Wood, the author of the book “Currency,” explains why the US economy is on the verge of collapse and why Russia, which keeps increasing its gold reserves, might become the next major economic power.

The fact that Russia bought another 30 tons of gold earlier this week, bringing its total gold reserves to 1,238 metric tons should make the United States worried, said Todd Wood, the author of the book “Currency” and a contributing writer at the Washington Times.

Wood claims that the current state of the US economy is troublesome, to say the least. While both Russia and China keep increasing their gold reserves, the United States has gathered an overwhelming sovereign debt due to foolish spending habits that will inevitably bring the US economy down, the author said.

A journalist takes a picture from a TV screen while Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during a nationally televised question-and-answer session in Moscow in Moscow, Russia, Thursday, April 16, 2015

Russia is now the fifth-largest holder of gold reserves, according to the IMF. Moscow is increasing its gold reserves to strengthen the value of its own currency, the ruble. The smart move, Wood argues, adding that Russia is “preparing for the day when the tables will turn” and the world will see the decline of the Western economic power.Unlike the United States, that has foreign debt approaching to $20 trillion, Russia’s debt stood at $600 billion, as of January 1, 2015. This is 33 times less than that of the United States. Furthermore, US foreign debt keeps getting bigger and bigger; meanwhile, Russia managed to cut down its debt by 17 percent since last year.

Washington should be worried about this. Soon the US might wake up and find itself in a world, where it will be bankrupt, meanwhile Russia, which has a gold-backed currency, will then dictate the new rules of an economic realm.

“There will be serious, deadly consequences to our irresponsibility, which emanated from both party’s lack of financial discipline,” Wood said. “At some point the Federal Reserve will lose control of the bond market. Our fiat currency will only be worth the paper it is printed on. The top-heavy, Western, socialist, welfare-state societies will collapse under their own weight.”

The United States is broke. The only thing keeping the US economy afloat right now is the US Federal Reserve that intervened to keep interest rates artificially low, Wood said.

The key question that remains to be answered is how long do we have until the unsustainable US economy collapses?

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