Andrew Bolt: ‘A Serious Sickness Of Self-Hatred Has Swept The West’

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Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the serious sickness of “self-hatred” has “swept the West” and is taking the world back to the past, to tribalism and to violence.

“A current of hatred for the West, for the British legacy and its freedom, is taking the world back to the past – to tribalism and to violence,” he said. “In Canada, we’re seeing right through the destructive danger of this contempt, this hatred for supposedly racist colonial countries.

“But this was all the excuse for activists to gear up their war on the west, on Canada’s British heritage particularly, with a statue of Queen Victoria torn down by a mob, and even beheaded. “Worse, church after church after church is now being burned down, a dozen so far, both Catholic ones and Anglican ones. Even a church built by Vietnamese refugees was torched.”