Battle of Artemovsk-Bakmut Update

⚡️🇷🇺⚔️🇺🇦Battle of Artemovsk
Situation as of 28/03/2023, 11:00

🟥 Within the AZOM facility, despite claims of the facility not being captured, a large portion of the underground network is being cleared. Only 5% of the facility remains under Ukrainian control. Nearby to the Residential Area, PMC Wagner liberated a block of houses on a hill.

🔻In the Market Area (nearby to the now liberated Zabakhmutovka District), PMC Wagner have advanced and now only 30m from Bakhmut State and Regional Administration Building. Geolocated fighting within the area has shown that Ukrainian units defending the remaining shopping centre are being crushed by two larger PMC Wagner groups.

🔻The Avanhard Stadium is most likely liberated at this point as geolocated close combat fighting was recorded taking place 200m behind the stadium. We are awaiting official confirmation. PMC Wagner continue to push in the direction of the Bakhmut Industrial School, and have entrenched in a gas facility.