Gambling With Souls – Full Movie

Mae Miller wants the finer things in life, luxuries that she feels her husband, a doctor, cannot provide for her. She begins to gamble in order to ring in spending money for herself, but winds up deep in debt. To pay her dues, she is reduced to the shame of selling herself.

“Suggested” by the notorious trial of gangster Lucky Luciano, this typical low-budget sexploitation-melodrama came complete with the promise to rip “the lid from a vicious phase of American life.” In reality, the sordid little film, which was instantly banned by New York censors, depicted little more than a standard tale of illicit gambling augmented by shots of starlets in their underwear. Mae Miller (Martha Chapin), the bleach blond wife of an aging medical student (Robert Frazer), is arrested for shooting Lucky Wilder (Wheeler Oakman) during a raid on Wilder’s gambling den. The events leading up to the killing are then told in flashback. At a society garden party, Mae befriended Molly Murdock (Gay Sheridan), who promptly lured the young innocent into Lucky Wilder’s den of inequity. Mae eventually accrued 9,000 dollars in gambling debts was forced into prostitution by Wilder and Mrs. Murdock. Lucky’s seduction of Mae’s kid sister Carolyn (Janet Eastman) and the latter’s death following a back alley abortion finally drove Mae to shoot and kill her tormentor. Produced by J.D. Kendis, a well-known procurer of exploitation-thrillers, Gambling With Souls was directed by Elmer Clifton, a former protegée of D.W. Griffith who had fallen on hard times. The film was not screened in New York City until May of 1937, when it was re-released under the title Vice Racket. Like most exploitation films of the 1930s, Gambling With Souls was cast with a combination of unknown starlets and down-on-their-luck silent screen players, all of whom either overacted hilariously or didn’t act at all. Florence Dudley, however, provided a bit of intentional comedy relief as a rather zoftig call girl. Footage from Gambling With Souls later found its way into Teen Age (1944).

Unveiled – How Iran Spies on Internet Users and Counterspy

How Iran Spies on Internet Users and Counterspy


A sends:

Refer to If you go to the site from Iran, it resolves to an IP in the 
famous Iranian "national internet" with IPs starting with 10.10.X.X. The IP and 
website belong to the Ministry of Islamic Guidance. Therefore, not only Police and 
Intelligence can monitor online behavior, through this trick, another entity that is
involved in Iran's internet infrastructure can monitor and learn who goes to filtered 
websites or make attempts to communicate with those sites. 

More interestingly is below. The stupid staff who registered the IP and domain are 
using Gmail and Yahoo accounts to maintain their access to the domain. Since I happen 
to know getting into someone's Yahoo account is easier than drinking water (no need 
for showing the tech here), there is opportunity for rogue elements to monitor Iranian 
user's behavior, partially and ironically, the people who are forcing people to use 
"local national" email systems such as, are using Gmail and Yahoo 
themselves. :)

root# whois

remarks: (Domain Holder) Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance
remarks: (Domain Holder Address) No. 229, Ministry of Culture and Islamic, Kamalolmoke 
St., Baharestan Sq.,, Tehran, Tehran, IR
holder-c: mi151-irnic
admin-c: mi151-irnic
tech-c: mk168-irnic
last-updated: 2011-02-23
expire-date: 2016-04-06
source: IRNIC # Filtered
nic-hdl: mi151-irnic
org: Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance
address: No. 229, Ministry of Culture and Islamic, Kamalolmoke St., Baharestan Sq.,, 
Tehran, Tehran, IR
phone: +98 21 38513104
fax-no: +98 21 33966068
source: IRNIC # Filtered
nic-hdl: mk168-irnic
person: Mostafa Khademolmele
source: IRNIC # Filtered





Serial Killer – Paul Denyer – Full Documentary Movie

Paul Charles Denyer (born 14 April 1972) is an Australian serial killer and sex maniac, currently serving three consecutive sentences of life imprisonment with a non-parole period 30 years at HM Prison Barwon for the murders of Elizabeth Stevens, 18, Debbie Fream, 22, and Natalie Russell, 17, in Frankston, Victoria in 1993.
Denyer is known as the “Frankston Killer” as his crimes occurred in Frankston and neighbouring suburbs. Denyer was featured in the pilot episode of Seven Network crime series Forensic Investigators.

>Cryptome unveils AntiLeaks Questions

AntiLeaks Questions


A sends:


Several questions:

1. What do you hope to gain by your recent attack upon WL?

2. Are you affiliated officially or unofficially with any US
governmental organization? Meaning, are you acting on "orders" or

3. If (2) is a positive, or even as allegedly US citizens, how do you
reconcile your actions with the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights?

4. What would you say to other American Citizens who have viewed your
cyber actions in a negative light?

5. Would you like to comment on the logistics of your attacks? It was
reported that several thousands of computers were taken over for the
attack. Do you confirm these reports?

6. Do you view your actions as: criminal acts, acts of vigilantes or

7. Does antileaks view WL as a "online publisher", a terrorist group
or otherwise?

8. Is antileaks opposed to all "leaks"? Is there any situation when a
leak is justified in the minds of "antileaks" by governmental or
non-governmental actors (and in the realm of any historical context)?


Exposed – Topless protest in -25C: Femen fights Russian ‘gas terror

Ready to stand up and stand out for justice despite severe frosts, FEMEN activists have staged a new provocative stunt against the yoke of Russia’s gas giant Gazprom. Fearless and topless, the Ukrainian girls took off their clothes in front of the Gazprom building in Moscow, holding banners saying “Stop gas racket!” and “Snub Gazprom!” One of the activists even managed to climb the roof of the Gazprom’s checkpoint, waving the Ukrainian flag before security guards brought her down. The girl was detained and is now in a local police office.