So wollte SJB-Bennewirtz für die fingierte STASI-”GoMoPa” Artikel bei uns löschen – So eng arbeiten SJB und “GoMoPa” zusammen


Subject: Request
From: “P. Schmitz” <>
Date: Fri, July 1, 2011 12:18 pm
Priority: Normal
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Dear madams, dear sirs,

by order of our customer SJB Fonds Skyline OHG we are kindly asking you
to remove some entries on your website The
topicality and the
correctness of these entries are no longer up to date. It is a major
concern of our customer to see them removed:

We hope you can manage the removal of these entries according to the wish
of our customer contemporarily.These entries and similar ones cause
major problems for our customer.
We wanna thank you for your appreciation, for further information
please visit our website (the english version is
still under construction).

In case you are not the right receipt for this request, it would be
very kind if you can name the correct person in charge.
If you have further questions concerning this case or our services in
general, please contact me.
It would be a great pleasure to receive a positive feedback.

With kind regards,

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

P. Schmitz

Ein Projekt der
MoveVision GmbH

Alfredstraße 341
45133 ESSEN
Tel: 0201-2489452
E-mail: p.schmitz (at)

MoveVision – GmbH - HRB 22121
Geschäftsführer: Martin Lux - Steuernummer: DE228746207



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