Full List Of WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” Exposed – Volle Liste Der WEF “Jungen Globalen Führer” Enthüllt – W-Z

Hitesh Wadhwa

Vice-President, Strategic Initiatives, Tech Mahindra, USA

Wai Wai Nu

Founder and Executive Director, Women Peace Network, Myanmar

David Alexander Walcott

Founder and Managing Partner, Novamed, Jamaica

Andrew Wales

Chief Digital Impact and Sustainability Officer, BT Group, United Kingdom

Jimmy Wales

Founder, Wikipedia.org, United Kingdom

Lisa Walker

Chief Executive Officer, Ecosphere+, United Kingdom

Richard Walker

Managing Director, Iceland Foods, United Kingdom

Siobhan Walsh

Strategy Advisor, CyArk, Ireland

Wang Guan

News Anchor and Host, China Global Television Network, People’s Republic of China

Harry Wang Huai

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Linear Capital, People’s Republic of China

Wang Wen

Food Scientist, Nestlé R&D Centre Singapore, Singapore

James Wanjohi

Managing Partner, Alpha Strategy Consultants, South Africa

Wan Nadiah Wan Mohd Abdullah Yaakob

Executive Director and Group Chief Executive Officer, TMC Life Sciences Berhad, Malaysia

Pooja Warier Hamilton

Managing Partner, The Conduit, United Kingdom

Caroline Watson

Director and Founder, Hua Dan, France

Nolan Watson

President and Chief Executive Officer, Sandstorm Gold Ltd, Canada

David M. Webb

Editor, Webb-site.com, Hong Kong SAR, China

Scott Weber

President, Interpeace – International Organization for Peacebuilding, Switzerland

Ricardo Weder

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, JUSTO, INC., Mexico

Beatrice Weder di Mauro

President, Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), United Kingdom

Leana Wen

Visiting Professor of Health Policy and Management, George Washington University, USA

Wen Bo

Member, Scientific Committee, Air and Water Conservation Fund, National Geographic Society, People’s Republic of China

Christian Wenk

Senior Physician, Emergency Ward, Clinic St Anna, Switzerland

Adam Werbach

Global Lead, Sustainable Shopping, Amazon, USA

Lea Wermelin

Minister for Environment, Ministry of the Environment of Denmark, Denmark

Gregorio Werthein

Co-Chief Executive Officer, Replay Acquisition Corp, Argentina

Christian Wessels

Chief Executive Officer, Sunray Ventures, Nigeria

Silvia Wiesner

General Manager, Belgium & Luxembourg, Unilever, Belgium

Ted Wiley

Co-Founder and President, Form Energy Inc, USA

Brian A. Wong

Chairman, RADII Media, Hong Kong SAR, China

Gareth Wong

Chief Executive Officer, Mitbana Pte Ltd, Singapore

Douglas C K Woo

Chairman and Managing Director, Wheelock and Company Ltd, Hong Kong SAR, China

Chen Wu

Professor at the National Cancer Center, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, People’s Republic of China

Cynthia Wu

Executive Director, Shin Kong Life Foundation, Taiwan, China

Michele Wucker

Chief Executive Officer, Gray Rhino & Company, USA

Peter Würtenberger

Chief Executive Officer, upday, Axel Springer, Germany

Werner Wutscher

Managing Director, St. Paul GmbH – New Venture Scouting, Austria

Weiwei Xing

Partner, Bain & Company Inc., Hong Kong SAR, China

Xue Peng

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Beijing Tongcheng Biying Technology Ltd, People’s Republic of China

Arzuhan Dogan Yalçindag

Member of the Board, Dogan Group of Companies, Turkey

Lin Yang

President, Innovation Ideas Institute, USA

Yang Luhan

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Qihan Biotech, People’s Republic of China

Yan E. Yanovskiy

Co-Founder, Friends Foundation, Russian Federation

Yap Kwong Weng

Principal Adviser; Executive Director, Joint Lab, Singapore, KPMG Asia Pacific Limited, Singapore

Farzana Yaqoob

Chief Executive Officer, MANTAQ Center for Research, Pakistan

Yeo Bee Yin

Member, Parliament for Bakri, Johor, Malaysia

Hannah Yeoh

Member of Parliament, Segambut, Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development of Malaysia, Malaysia

Yeoh Pei Lou

Executive Director, FrogAsia Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Melike Yetken

Head, International Organizations, Google, USA

Yin Qi

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Megvii Technology, People’s Republic of China

Yasui Yoshiki

Chief Executive Officer, Yasui & Company, Japan

Kaliya Young

Director, Networks, Planetwork, USA

Yuan Jiakai

Vice-President and Chief Representative, China, United Way Worldwide, People’s Republic of China

Yuefei Qin

Founder, Serve For China, People’s Republic of China

Monica Yunus

Co-Founder, Sing for Hope, USA

Raya Yusuf-Sbitany

Chief Executive Officer, Derma Beauty Lab, Palestinian Territories

Carol Yu Ying

Producer and Host, Phoenix Satellite Television Co. Ltd, People’s Republic of China

Asif Zahir

Deputy Managing Director, Ananta Apparels Ltd, Bangladesh

Mosharraf Zaidi

Chief Executive Officer, Tabadlab, Pakistan

Achmad Zaky

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bukalapak, Indonesia

Nino Zambakhidze

Chairwoman, Georgian Farmers’ Association, Georgia

Andrey Zarur

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Greenlight Biosciences Inc, USA

Michelle Zatlyn

Co-Founder, President and Chief Operating Officer, Cloudflare, USA

Fernando Zavala

Chief Executive Officer, Intercorp, Peru

Christian Zeinler

Head, Strategy & Business Development, UBS Switzerland AG, Switzerland

Almira Zejnilagic

Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting, United Kingdom

Niklas Zennström

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Atomico, United Kingdom

Feng Zhang

James and Patricia Poitras Professor in Neuroscience, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

Zhang Longmei

Deputy Resident Representative for China, International Monetary Fund (IMF), People’s Republic of China

Zhang Lu

Founding and Managing Partner, Fusion Fund, USA

Nancie Zhu

Anchor, Phoenix Satellite Television Co. Ltd, Hong Kong SAR, China

Zhu Xiaoxuan

Deputy Director, China Science and Technology Exchange Center, Ministry of Science and Technology, People’s Republic of China

Fabio Ziemssen

Director, Food Innovation, NX-FOOD, Germany

Jonathan Zittrain

George Bemis Professor of International Law and Professor of Computer Science, Harvard University, USA

Zou Hao

Chief Executive Officer, Tsimage Technology, People’s Republic of China

Ali Zuashkiani

Chief Executive Officer, Physical Asset Management Corporation, Islamic Republic of Iran

Mark Zuckerberg

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Facebook, USA

Alix Zwane

Chief Executive Officer, Global Innovation Fund, United Kingdom

Full List Of WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” Exposed – Volle Liste Der WEF “Jungen Globalen Führer” Enthüllt – V

Ganzorig Ulziibayar

Chief Executive Officer, Golomt Bank, Mongolia

Silverius O. Unggul

President, Telapak, Indonesia

Silje Vallestad

Founder, FutureTalks, Norway

Hajo van Beijma

Executive Director, Newpeople, Netherlands

Rebecca van Bergen

Founder and Executive Director, Nest, USA

Ganzorig Vanchig

Chairman, Down Syndrome Association Mongolia, Mongolia

Andrés A. van der Horst

Secretary of State for the Competitiveness and Productive Development, National Competitiveness Council, Dominican Republic

Karien van Gennip

Chief Executive Officer, VGZ Zorgverzekeraar N.V., Netherlands

Coen van Oostrom

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, EDGE, OVG Real Estate, Netherlands

Mabel van Oranje

Chair, Girls Not Brides, United Kingdom

Paul van Zyl

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, The Conduit, United Kingdom

Leo Varadkar

Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Leader of Fine Gael, Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment of Ireland, Ireland

Ruben Vardanyan

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist, RVVZ Foundation, Russian Federation

Ivan Vatchkov

Private Investor, Singapore

Vasudha Vats

Vice-President, Pfizer, USA

Elisa Vegas

Artistic Director, Fundación Orquesta Sinfónica Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho, Venezuela

Leila Velez

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Beleza Natural, Brazil

Arnaud Ventura

Founder, Acacia.ac, France, Metropolitan

Diana Verde Nieto

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Positiveluxury.com, United Kingdom

Claudia Vergueiro Massei

Chief Executive Officer, Oman, Siemens, Oman

Martina Viarengo

Professor, International Economics, The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Switzerland

Christophe Villemin

Operating Partner, Searchlight Capital Partners, United Kingdom

Mark Vlasic

Professor, Georgetown University, USA

Nicole Vogrin

Chief Corporate Affairs and Communications Officer, Western Union, USA

Felicitas von Peter

Founder and Managing Partner, Forum for Active Philanthropy gGmbH, Germany

David Frederik von Rosen-von Hoewel

Chief Executive Officer, Von Rosen Fashion Group AG, Germany

Jon S. von Tetzchner

Chief Executive Officer, Dvorzak Invest, Norway

Full List Of WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” Exposed – Volle Liste Der WEF “Jungen Globalen Führer” Enthüllt – U

Katsuya Uenoyama

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, PKSHA Technology Inc., Japan

Ganzorig Ulziibayar

Chief Executive Officer, Golomt Bank, Mongolia

Silverius O. Unggul

President, Telapak, Indonesia

Full List Of WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” Exposed – Volle Liste Der WEF “Jungen Globalen Führer” Enthüllt – S

Annika Saarikko

Member of Parliament, Parliament of Finland (Eduskunta), Finland

Pardis Sabeti

Professor, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, USA

Daniel Sachs

Chair of the Investment Committee, Soros Fund Management, USA

Hayley Saddington

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Halo Medical Devices, Australia

Ewa Sadowska

Secretary-General, International Network for Innovative Social Entrepreneurship, Belgium

Umar Saif

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SurveyAuto, Pakistan

Enric Sala

Explorer-in-Residence, National Geographic Society, USA

Zainab Salbi

Founder, Women for Women International, USA

Asif Saleh

Executive Director, BRAC, Bangladesh

Vivek Salgaocar

Director, Vimson Group, Singapore

Sandro Salsano

Chairman and President, Salsano Group, Panama

Phanindra Sama

Chief Innovation Officer, Government of Telangana, India

Bruno Sánchez-Andrade Nuño

Principal Scientist at “AI for Earth”, Microsoft, USA

Oyun Sanjaasuren

Director, External Affairs, Green Climate Fund, Republic of Korea

Andrea Sanke

Journalist and Senior Presenter, TRT World, Turkey

Edward Santow

Commissioner for Human Rights, Australian Human Rights Commission, Australia

Lily Sarafan

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Home Care Assistance, USA

Murat Sarayli

Chair, Sarayli AS, Norway

Prashant Sarin

Partner, Bain & Company, India

Teruhide Sato

Founder and Managing Partner, Beenext Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Arvind Satyam

Chief Commercial Officer, Pano AI, USA

Thomas Saueressig

Member of the Executive Board, Product Engineering, SAP, Germany

Kush Saxena

Executive Vice President, U.S. Merchants and Acceptance, Mastercard, USA

Marietje Schaake

Director, International Policy, Cyber Policy Center, Stanford University, USA

Eva Scherer

Chief Financial Officer, Rail Infrastructure, Siemens, Germany

Marlène Schiappa

Christopher Schläffer

Executive Chairman and Founder, NYOUM, United Kingdom

Leo Schlesinger

Chief Executive Officer, Aliat Universidades, Mexico

Raphael Schoentgen

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hydrogen Advisors, France

Anneliese Schulz

Regional President, Asia-Pacific and Japan, Software AG, Singapore

Keith Schwab

Associate Professor of Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), USA

Nicole Schwab

Co-Head, Nature-based Solutions, World Economic Forum, Switzerland

Daniel Schwartz

Chief Executive Officer, Dynamica Inc., USA

Klaus Schweinsberg

Chairman and Founder, Center for Strategy and Higher Leadership, Germany

Jennifer Zhu Scott

Executive Chairman, The Commons Project, USA

Robyn Scott

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Apolitical, United Kingdom

Geoffrey See

Founder, Re:Conneq, Singapore

Kabir Sehgal

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tiger Turn Productions, USA

Zarrar Sehgal

Deputy Chairman, Pathfinder Group, Pakistan

Noura Selim

Executive Director, Sawiris Foundation for Social Development, Egypt

Shani Senbetta

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Kidame Mart Plc, Ethiopia

Claudia Sender Ramirez

Member of the Board, LafargeHolcim, Poland

David Moinina Sengeh

Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education of Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone

Hindol Sengupta

Vice-President, Invest India, India

Gugu Sepamla

Group Executive – Corporate Affairs & Governance, Barloworld Ltd, South Africa

Andrew Serazin

President, Templeton World Charity Foundation, Inc., Bahamas

Emily Serazin

Managing Director and Partner, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), USA

Serey Chea

Assistant Governor, National Bank of Cambodia, Cambodia

Divya Seshamani

Managing Partner, Greensphere Capital Partners LLP, United Kingdom

Lara Setrakian

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Editor, News Deeply, USA

Stav Shaffir

Leader of Israeli Green Party, Israeli Green Party, Israel

Bhavin Shah

Senior Advisor, Roland Berger Middle East, United Arab Emirates

Premal Shah

Co-Founder and President, Kiva, USA

Rajiv Shah

President, Rockefeller Foundation, USA

Daniel Shapiro

Founder and Director, Harvard International Negotiation Program, Harvard University, USA

Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Chief Executive Officer, Paytm, India

Fern Shaw

President, Southern California District, UPS, USA

Nicolás Shea

Founder and Executive Chairman, Cumplo Chile S.A., Chile

Simon Sheikh

Managing Director, Future Super, Australia

Shireen Shelleh

Partner and Managing Director, Center for Engineering and Planning, Palestinian Territories

Ameer Sherif

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Wuzzuf, Egypt

Alok Shetty

Principal Architect and Founder, Bhumiputra Architecture, India

Igor Shevchenko

Leader, Successful Ukraine Party, Ukraine

Yohei Shibasaki

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation, Japan

Shruti Shibulal

Chief Executive Officer and Director, Tamara Leisure Experiences, India

Kunihiko Shimada

Chief Executive Officer, KS International Strategies, Inc., Japan

Daniel M. Shin

Managing Partner, KingsBay Capital, Republic of Korea

Sally Shin

Executive Editor, Business, Tech, and Media, NBC News, USA

Taejun Shin

Founder, Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer, Gojo & Company Inc., Japan

Dina Shoman

Founder & CEO, Nahji, Jordan

Izkia Siches

President, Medical College of Chile, Chile

Asma Siddiki

Head, Special Projects, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman College of Business and Entrepreneurship, Saudi Arabia

Lutfey Siddiqi

Managing Director, CFA Institute, USA

Ali Jehangir Siddiqui

Ambassador-at-Large for Foreign Investment, Government of Pakistan, Pakistan

Susana Sierra

Partner and Executive Director, BH Compliance, Chile

Landry Signé

Senior Fellow, Global Economy and Development Programme and Africa Growth Initiative, Brookings Institution, USA

Rohan Silva

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Second Home, USA

António Simões

Regional Head of Europe, Banco Santander, Spain

Bright Simons

President, mPedigree, Ghana

David Sin

Co-Founder, Group President and Deputy Chairman, Fullerton Health, Singapore

Bhavneet Singh

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sandbox & Co, United Kingdom

Jagmeet Singh

Leader, Canada’s New Democrats, New Democratic Party of Canada, Canada

Navrina Singh

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Credo AI, USA

Shamina Singh

President, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, Mastercard, USA

Anjhula Mya Singh Bais

Director, Amnesty International, United Kingdom

Tara Singh Vachani

Chief Executive Officer, Antara Senior Living Pvt. Ltd, India

Virginijus Sinkevicius

Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, European Commission, Belgium

Jens Martin Skibsted

Partner, Manyone A/S, Denmark

David Skilling

Founding Director, Landfall Strategy Group, Netherlands

E. Benjamin Skinner

Founder and President, Transparentem, USA

Tebogo Skwambane

YGL Alum, N/A, United Kingdom

Anthony Smaré

Chairman of the Board, Paradise Foods, Papua New Guinea

Simon Smiles

Digital Member, Switzerland

Edward Smith

Partner, DLA Piper LLP, USA

Elaine Smith Genser

Consultant, United Nations Joint SDG Fund, USA

Marie So

Managing Director and Co-Founder, MoveOhm, People’s Republic of China

Liam Sobey

Vice-President, Merchandising, Sobeys Inc., Canada

Zafar Sobhan

Editor, Dhaka Tribune, Bangladesh

Richard Socher

Chief Executive Officer, You.com, USA

Benjamin Soemartopo

Chief Executive Officer, Eureka, Indonesia

Murad Sofizade

Managing Partner, SVTL Ventures, Inc, USA

Lorna Solis

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Blue Rose Compass, USA

Marin Soljacic

Professor of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Ian Solomon

Dean, Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, USA

Otto Sonnenholzner

Digital Member, Ecuador

Jens Spahn

Federal Minister of Health, Federal Ministry of Health of Germany, Germany

Josh Spear

Founding Partner and Chairman, Undercurrent, USA

Devi Sridhar

Professor of Global Public Health, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Mirjam Staub-Bisang

CEO, BlackRock Asset Management Switzerland AG, Switzerland

Keely Stevenson

Chief Executive Officer, Weal Life, PBC, USA

Gunhild Anker Stordalen

Founder and Executive Chair, EAT, Norway

Laura Storm

Founder, Regenerators, Denmark

Richard Stromback

Founder, Stromback Global Advisors, USA

Tristram Stuart

Founder, Toast Ale, United Kingdom

Alexander Stubb

Director, School of Transnational Governance, European University Institute, Italy

Andrea Stürmer

Chief Executive Officer, Zurich Austria, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd, Austria

Federico Sturzenegger

Digital Member, Argentina

Ludovic Subran

Chief Economist, Allianz, Germany

Anjali Sud

Chief Executive Officer, Vimeo, USA

Shokei Suda

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Enigmo Inc., Japan

Fainy Sukenik

Founder and Chairperson, Ba’asher Telchi, Israel

Dorjee Sun

Chief Executive Officer, Perlin.net, Singapore

Paweł Surówka

Chief Executive Officer, Pawel Surowka Consulting, Poland

Christoph Sutter

Member of the Executive Board, Axpo Power Ltd, Switzerland

Sara Sutton

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, FlexJobs, USA

Eikei Suzuki

Governor, Mie Prefectural Government, Japan

Noor Sweid

General Partner, Global Ventures, United Arab Emirates

Ilona Szabó de Carvalho

Executive Director, Igarape, Inc, USA

Tom Szaky

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, TerraCycle, USA

Jacek Szwajcowski

Chief Executive Officer, Pelion, Poland

Full List Of WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” Exposed – Volle Liste Der WEF “Jungen Globalen Führer” Enthüllt – R

Rapelang Rabana

Founder and Chairperson, Rekindle Learning, South Africa

Arif P. Rachmat

Founder and Executive Chairman, PT Triputra Agro Persada, Indonesia

Kira Radinsky

Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Diagnostic Robotics, Israel

Sriram Raghavan

Managing Director, L Catterton, USA

Faisel Rahman

Chief Executive Officer, Fair Finance, United Kingdom

Sanjiv Rai

Founder and Chief Solver, Genic AI Solutions P. Ltd., India

Allon Raiz

Chief Executive Officer, Raizcorp, South Africa

Devesh Raj

Senior Vice-President and Head of Strategy, Comcast Corporation, USA

Jonathan Rake

Chief Executive Officer, Asia-Pacific, Swiss Re International SE Singapore Branch, Singapore

Rohan Ramakrishnan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, The ASEAN Post, Malaysia

Vivek Ramaswamy

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Roivant Sciences Inc., USA

Nabila Ramdani

Journalist, The Independent, United Kingdom

Austin Ramirez

President and Chief Executive Officer, Husco, USA

Aashmi Rajya Lakshmi Rana

Managing Director, RANA Global Pvt. Ltd, Nepal

Anushka Ratnayake

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, myAgro, Senegal

Byju Raveendran

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, BYJU’S, India

Hriday Ravindranath

Global Chief Technology and Information Officer, BT Group Plc, India

Catherine Raw


Nina Rawal

Founder, Emerging Health Ventures, Sweden

Kristin Rechberger

Chief Executive Officer, Dynamic Planet, USA

Sheila Redzepi

Vice-President for External and Corporate Affairs, World Bank, USA

Atika Rehman

United Kingdom Correspondent, Dawn.com, Pakistan

Marcel S. Reichart

Senior Global Advisor, Bertelsmann, United Kingdom

Stefan Reichenbach

Global Head of Platform Businesses & Commercialisation, Refinitiv, United Kingdom

Carol Reiley

Founder and Member of the Board, Drive.ai, USA

Carlos Reines

President and Co-Founder, RubiconMD, Spain

Magnus Renfrew

Founder and Managing Director, ARTHQ / Group, Hong Kong SAR, China

Bjarte Reve

Chief Executive Officer, Nansen Neuroscience Network, Norway

John Riady

Chief Executive Officer, PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk, Indonesia

Luisa Ribeiro

Chief Executive Officer, Recode, Brazil

Paolo Ribotta

CEO Generali Employee Benefits & Generali Global Health, Generali, Italy

Anne Richards

Chief Executive Officer, Fidelity International, United Kingdom

Alan Ricks

Founding Principal and Chief Design Officer, MASS Design Group, USA

Ennis Rimawi

Chairman and Managing Director, Catalyst MENA Clean Energy Fund, Jordan

April Rinne

Founder and Principal, April Worldwide, USA

Viridiana Rios

Spanish Columnist, New York Times, Mexico

Maria Nelly Rivas

Director, Corporate Affairs, Cargill Incorporated, Nicaragua

Paul Rivera

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Kalibrr Technology Ventures, Philippines

Albert Rivera Díaz


Kishin RK

Chief Executive Officer, RB Capital Limited, Singapore

Kate Roberts

Founder, The Ikigai Company, USA

Susannah Rodgers

Technical Adviser, Disability Inclusion, Economic Empowerment, Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom, United Kingdom

David Rodin

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Principia Advisory, Switzerland

Alvaro Rodriguez Arregui

Managing Partner, MA2 Asociados, Mexico

James Rogers

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Apeel Sciences, USA

Shezad Rokerya

Chairman, The Interlink Group, USA

Michele Romanow

Co-founder & President, Clear Finance Technology Inc – Clearbanc, Canada

Guillermo Romo

President and Chief Executive Officer, Grupo Mega, Mexico

Daan Roosegaarde

Artist and Innovator, Studio Roosegaarde, Netherlands

Nico Rosberg

Greentech Entrepreneur and F1 2016 World Champion, Monaco

David G. Rosenberg

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, AeroFarms, USA

Carolina Rossini

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Portulans Institute, USA

Linda Rottenberg

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Endeavor, USA

Maya Roy

Chief Executive Officer, YWCA Canada, Canada

“Krating” Ruangroj Poonpol

Managing Partner, TrueNorth Venture Co. Ltd, Thailand

Nilmini Rubin

Executive Vice-President, Tetra Tech, Inc., USA

Veronica Ruiz del Vizo

CEO, Women on the Stage, USA

Hanneli Rupert

Director, Michelangelo Foundation, United Kingdom

Ivy Huq Russell

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Maya, Bangladesh

Peter Rutland

Managing Partner, CVC Capital Partners, United Kingdom

Full List Of WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” Exposed – Volle Liste Der WEF “Jungen Globalen Führer” Enthüllt – Q

Zhuang Qian

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, KnowYourself, People’s Republic of China

Qiaomei Fu

Professor at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, People’s Republic of China

Fang (Miranda) Qu

Founder, Xiaohongshu, People’s Republic of China

Maliha M. Quadir

Founding Managing Director, Shohoj Limited, Bangladesh

Full List Of WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” Exposed – Volle Liste Der WEF “Jungen Globalen Führer” Enthüllt – P

Salvador Paiz

President, FunSEPA, Guatemala

Amit Paley

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, The Trevor Project, USA

Armstrong Pame

Administrator, Government of Manipur, India

Rajiv Pant

Young Global Leader Alumnus, USA

Sarah Parcak

Director, GlobalXplorer, USA

Sandeep Parekh

Independent Director, HDFC Bank, India

Kirsten Parker

Vice-President, Product and Solutions Strategy, Mind Gym, United Kingdom

Belinda Parmar, OBE

Chief Executive Officer, The Empathy Business, United Kingdom

Eric Parrado

Chief Economist; General Manager, Research Department, Inter-American Development Bank, USA

Catherine “Kitty” Parry

Chief Executive Officer, DeepView, USA

Andrea Pasinetti

Entrepreneur-In-Residence, AI Fund, USA

Mayur Patel

Chief Commercial Officer, M-KOPA, Kenya

Roberto Patiño

Chief Executive Officer, Convive, Venezuela

Verena Pausder

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Pausder Ventures GmbH, Germany

Şafak Pavey

Senior Adviser, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Switzerland

Rolph Antoine Payet

Executive Secretary, Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions, Switzerland

Rafael Paz

Alumni, Global Shapers Community

Yana Peel

Global Head of Arts, Culture and Communications, Chanel, United Kingdom

Efrat Peled

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Arison Investments, Israel

Enrique Peña Nieto

Digital Member, Mexico

Josef Penninger

Scientific Director, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria

Aaron Pereira

Project Lead, The Wellbeing Project, France

Rodrigo Pérez-Alonso

Partner, Koalsulting, Mexico

Melanie Perkins

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Canva Pty Ltd, Australia

Ana Gabriela Pessoa

Vice-President, Strategic Partnerships, Pearson, USA

Gregoire Pictet

Chief Executive Officer, Pictet North America Advisors SA, Switzerland

Juan Carlos Pinzón Bueno

President, ProBogota, Colombia

Nick Pisalyaput

President, Corporate Responsibility & Ethics Association for Thai Enterprise (CREATE), Thailand

Katarzyna Pisarska

Founder and Chairwoman, European Academy of Diplomacy, Poland

Jacques-Philippe Piverger

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Ozone Ventures, USA

Jayne Plunkett

Group Chief Risk Officer, AIA Group Limited – Pan-Asian Life Insurance Company, Hong Kong SAR, China

Juan Jose Pocaterra

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, ViKua, Venezuela

Marion Poetz

Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Austria

Mark Pollock

Explorer and Collaboration Catalyst, Mark Pollock Trust, Ireland

Dee Chu Ying Poon

Managing Director, Brands and Distribution, Esquel Group, Hong Kong SAR, China

Ioana Popescu

Professor of Decision Sciences, INSEAD, United Kingdom

Vikas Pota

Founder, T4, United Kingdom

Dina Powell McCormick

Global Head, Sustainability and Inclusive Growth; Global Head, Sovereign Business, Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC, USA

Cristina Pozzi

Chief Operating Officer and Head, Content, Treccani Futura, Italy

Ameya Prabhu

Managing Director, NAFA Capital, India

Tatiana Prazeres

Senior Fellow, University of International Business and Economics, People’s Republic of China

Shalini Puchalapalli

Category Director, Amazon, India

Lewis Pugh

Founder, Lewis Pugh Foundation, South Africa

Shweta Punj

Deputy Editor, India Today, India

Laetitia Puyfaucher

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Pelham Media SARL, France

Full List Of WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” Exposed – Volle Liste Der WEF “Jungen Globalen Führer” Enthüllt – O

Victor Ochen

Executive Director, African Youth Initiative Network-Uganda, Uganda

Genki Oda

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Remixpoint, Japan

Chinny Ogunro

Chief Executive Officer, WellSpring Health, Nigeria

Tero Ojanpera

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Silo.AI, Finland

Akinwale Ojomo

Chief Engagement Officer, Diaspora Innovation Institute, Nigeria

Fredros Okumu

Director, Science, Ifakara Health Institute (IHI), Tanzania

Jacek Olechowski

Chief Executive Officer, MEDIACAP SA, Poland

Eunice Olsen

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, WomenTalkTV Pte Ltd, Singapore

Claudia Olsson

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Stellar Capacity, Sweden

Mohammad Salem Omaid

Chief Executive Officer, Azizi Bank, Afghanistan

Umra Omar

Founder and Executive Director, Safari Doctors, Kenya

Clare O’Neil

Member of Parliament for Hotham, Parliament of Australia, Australia

Tolu Oni

Professor, School of Public Health and Family Medicine, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Adriana Ortiz

President, National Handcraft Institute (IPA), Paraguay

Juan Carlos Ortiz

President, US Hispanic, Latin America and Spain; Creative Chairman, Americas, DDB Latina, USA

John B. Osborn

Chief Executive Officer, OMD, USA

Taro Otsuka

President, Otsuka Warehouse Co. Ltd, Japan

Jill Otto

Managing Director and Partner, Merrill Private Wealth Management, USA

Olivier Oullier

President, EMOTIV, USA

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim

President, Association for Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad (AFPAT), Chad

Chanthol Oung

Technical Director, The Arbitration Council, Cambodia

Alec Oxenford

Co-Founder and President, letgo, USA

Sputniko! Ozaki

Associate Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan

Obi Ozor

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Kobo360, Nigeria

Burcu Ozturk

Chief Financial Officer, MLP Saglık Hizmetleri A.Ş., Turkey

Full List Of WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” Exposed – Volle Liste Der WEF “Jungen Globalen Führer” Enthüllt – N

Andrej Nabergoj

President, NiceHash, Slovenia

Jaime Nack

President and Founder, Three Squares Inc., USA

Roshni Nadar Malhotra

Chairperson, HCL, India

Ahmad Nader Nadery

Senior Adviser to the President, Office of the President of Afghanistan, Afghanistan

Yoshinobu Nagamine

Senior Manager, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, Switzerland

Subha Nagarajan

Managing Director, Global Capital Advisory, GE Energy Financial Services, USA

Akshay Naheta

Senior Vice-President, SoftBank Group, United Kingdom

Euvin Naidoo

Senior Lecturer, Accounting and Management, Harvard Business School, USA

Kumi Naidoo

Digital Member

Nerissa Naidu

CEO, āxil, USA

Ashwin Naik

Resident Fellow, Ashoka Innovators for the Public, India

Sandeep A. Naik

Managing Director, General Atlantic, India

Erika Najarian

Managing Director; Head, US Banks Equity Research, Global Research Division, Bank of America, USA

Akiko Naka

CEO, Wantedly Inc, Japan

Emi Nakamura

Chancellor‘s Professor of Economics, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Toshihiro Nakamura

Guest Professor, Indonesia

Raju Narisetti

Director, Global Publishing, McKinsey & Company, USA

Alsharif Nasser bin Nasser

Managing Director, Middle East Scientific Institute for Security, Jordan

Jonathan Nathusius

Chief Executive Officer, CEMACO, Guatemala

Henrik Naujoks

Director and Partner, Bain & Company Inc., Hong Kong SAR, China

Mary Nazzal-Batayneh

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, 17 Ventures, Jordan

Lukas Nelson

Band Leader, Promise of The Real, USA

Orzala A. Nemat

Director, Afghanistan Research & Evaluation Unit (AREU), Afghanistan

Nicky Newton-King

Digital Member

Rain Newton-Smith

Chief Economist, Confederation of British Industry (CBI), United Kingdom

Lena Ng

Chairperson, ASEANMINDS CAPITAL, Singapore

Sarah Nicholls

Senior Director and Head, Global Sustainability, Jones Lang LaSalle Limited, Netherlands

Oliver Niedermaier

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, TAU, USA

Yetnebersh Nigussie Molla

President and Co-Founder, Ethiopian Lawyers with Disabilities Association, Ethiopia

Boris Nikolic

Managing Director, Biomatics Capital, USA

Tomomi Nishimoto

Artistic Director and Principal Conductor, The IlluminArt Philharmonic Orchestra, Japan

Kohei Nishiyama

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CUUSOO SYSTEM, Japan

Wawira Njiru

Founder and Executive Director, Food for Education, Kenya

Kojo Oppong Nkrumah

Minister of Information, Ministry of Information and Media Relations of Ghana, Ghana

David Novak

Co-President, Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, United Kingdom

Julia Novy-Hildesley

Professor of the Practice and Executive Director, Stanford University, USA

Maria Soledad Nuñez Mendez

Academic Director, Public Policy Program, UCOM University, United Kingdom

Cherie Nursalim

Vice-Chairman, Giti Group, People’s Republic of China

Faraja Nyalandu

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Shule Direct, Tanzania

Jasandra Nyker

Chief Executive Officer, Nala Renewables, Switzerland

H.R.H. Crown Prince Haakon of Norway

Crown Prince of Norway, The Royal Court, Norway

Full List Of WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” Exposed – Volle Liste Der WEF “Jungen Globalen Führer” Enthüllt – M

Emilia Macarie

Chief financial officer, Allianz, Spain

Lisa MacCallum

Founder, Inspired Companies, Australia

Emmanuel Macron

President of France, Office of the President of the Republic of France, France

CV Madhukar

Managing Director, Omidyar Network, USA

Deepak Madnani

Chief Executive Officer, Paperclip Startup Campus, Hong Kong SAR, China

Larry Madowo

North America Correspondent, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), USA

Marco Magnani

Senior Research Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, USA

Poonam Mahajan

Member of Parliament for Lok Sabha from Mumbai North Central, Maharashtra, Parliament of India, India

Katherine Maher

Chief Executive Officer, Wikimedia Foundation, USA

Chetan Maini

Vice-Chairman, SUN Mobility Pte Ltd, Singapore

Ayla Majid

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Planetive, Pakistan

Tamer Makary

Founder, Ethica Partners, USA

Tumi Makgabo

Founder and Executive Director, AfricaWorldwide Media, South Africa

Jonathan Malagon

Minister of Housing, Cities and Territory, Ministry of Housing, Cities and Territory of Colombia, Colombia

Marlene Malahoo Forte

Senator, Houses of Parliament of Jamaica, Jamaica

Caroline Malcolm

Head, Global Blockchain Policy Centre, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), France

Alejandro Malgor

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Xinca, Argentina

Christian Mandl

Founder, Govio, Slovakia

M. Arsjad Rasjid P. Mangkuningrat

President Director, Indika Energy, Indonesia

Aaron Maniam

Deputy Secretary for Industry and Information, Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) of Singapore, Singapore

Nadia Maqbool

Founding Partner, 23 Degrees North, Oman

Gabriel Marcolongo

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Incluyeme.com, Argentina

Sanna Marin

Prime Minister of Finland, Office of the Prime Minister of Finland, Finland

Anna Marrs

President, Global Commercial Services, American Express Company, United Kingdom

Kevin J. Martin

Vice-President, Mobile and Global Access Policy, Facebook, USA

Richard Martinez

Vice President for Countries, Inter-American Development Bank, USA

Leland Maschmeyer

Chief Creative and Strategy Officer, Chobani, USA

Carlota Mateos

Founder, Rusticae, Spain

Shaffi Mather

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, MUrgency, United Arab Emirates

Nami Matsuko

Engagement Head, Sustainability, OMRON, Japan

Shoukei Matsumoto

Buddhist Monk, Future Buddhism Lab, Japan

Yasukane Matsumoto

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Raksul Co., Ltd, Japan

Misa Matsuzaki

Chief Executive Officer, PeopleWorldwide Co. Ltd, Japan

Nadeen Matthews

Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited, Jamaica

Luiza Mattos

Partner; Head of Healthcare South America, Bain & Company, Brazil

Jessica Mauboy

Artist, Maven Agency, Australia

Barbara Maul (Mulvee)

Managing Director, Credit Suisse AG, USA

Billy Mawasha

Chief Executive Officer, Kolobe Nala Investment Company, South Africa

Marissa Mayer

Co-Founder, Lumi Labs, USA

Lindiwe Mazibuko

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Apolitical Foundation, South Africa

Rhea Mazumdar Singhal

Chief Executive Officer, Ecoware Solutions Private Limited, India

M. Yasmina McCarty

Chief Executive Officer, New Growth Innovation Network, USA

Francesca McDonagh

Chief Executive Officer, Bank of Ireland Group, Ireland

Lucy McRae

Science Fiction Artist, Body Architect, Film Maker, Lucy McRae, Australia

Patrick McWhinney

Chief Executive Officer, Insight Partners, Switzerland

Sonia Medina

Executive Director, Climate Change, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), United Kingdom

Nadeem Meghji

Senior Managing Director, Blackstone Group, USA

Amit Mehra

Managing Director, Growth, Strategy, Innovation, Accenture, United Kingdom

Swapan Mehra

Chief Executive Officer, Iora Ecological Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India

Gaurav Mehta

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dharma Life, India

Souad Mekhennet

Staff Reporter, The Washington Post, USA

Maickel Melamed

Chief Executive Officer, DAR Consulting, Venezuela

Lorenzo A. Mendoza

Chief Executive Officer, Empresas Polar, Venezuela

Patricia Menendez Cambo

Deputy General Counsel, SoftBank Group International, USA

Nikhil Meswani

Executive Director, Reliance Industries, India

H.R.H. Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway

Crown Princess of Norway, The Royal Court, Norway

Wenjuan Mi

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, VIPKID, People’s Republic of China

Erwann Michel-Kerjan

Partner, McKinsey & Company, USA

Denis B. Minev

Chief Executive Officer, Bemol e Fogas, Brazil

Rebeca Minguela

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Clarity, USA

Haruo Miyagi

President, ETIC (Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities), Japan

Kapil Mohabir

Founding Managing Partner, Plympton Farms, Guyana

Mohamed Faizal Mohamed Abdul Kadir

Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Attorney-General’s Chambers, Singapore

Hamdullah Mohib

National Security Adviser, Afghanistan Government, Afghanistan

Carlos Moncayo

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Inspectorio Belarus, USA

Pedro Moneo Lain

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Entrepreneur Capital S.L., Spain

Andy Moon

Entrepreneur, USA

Alisha Moopen

Deputy Managing Director, Aster DM Healthcare, United Arab Emirates

Jesse Moore

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, M-KOPA Solar, Kenya

Mike Moradi

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sensulin, USA

Stephan Morais

Managing General Partner, Indico Capital Partners, Portugal

Angela Morelli

Co-Founder, InfoDesignLab, Norway

Jamie Morin

Executive Director, Center for Space Policy and Strategy, The Aerospace Corporation, USA

Denis Morozov

President, Russia & CIS, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Russian Federation

Nate Morris

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Rubicon, USA

Mashrafe Bin Mortaza

Captain, Bangladesh Cricket Team, Bangladesh

Gemma Mortensen

Co-Founder and Member of the Board, More In Common, United Kingdom

Karabo Morule

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Amara Strategic Investments (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

Henry Motte-Muñoz

Founder & Executive Chairman, Edukasyon.ph, Philippines

Zhivko Mukaetov

Chief Executive Officer and President, Management Board, Alkaloid, Republic of North Macedonia

Sucharita Mukherjee

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Kaleidofin, India

Carolina Müller-Möhl

President, Müller-Möhl Group, Switzerland

Kala Mulqueeny

Senior Adviser, Ocean Geographic, Australia

Christian Mumenthaler

Group Chief Executive Officer, Swiss Re, Switzerland

David Munro

CEO, Liberty Holdings Ltd, South Africa

Kaila Murnain

General Secretary, New South Wales Branch, Australian Labor Party, Australia

Monica Katebe Musonda

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Java Foods Limited, Zambia

Demet Mutlu

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Trendyol.com, Turkey

Kanini Mutooni

Managing Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Toniic, United Kingdom

Vinati Mutreja

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Vinati Organics Limited, India

James Mwangi

Executive Director, Dalberg Advisors, Kenya

Griffin R. Myers

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Oak Street Health, USA

Full List Of WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” Exposed – Volle Liste Der WEF “Jungen Globalen Führer” Enthüllt – L

Stéphanie Lacour

Professor, Bertarelli Foundation Chair in Neuroprosthetic Technology, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland

Peter Lacy

Chief Responsibility Officer & Global Sustainability Services Lead, Accenture, United Kingdom

Sanae Lahlou

Director of the African Business Unit, Mazars Morocco, Morocco

Siddhartha Lal

Managing Director, Eicher Motors Limited, India

Ronald Lamola

Minister of Justice and Correctional Services of the Republic of South Africa, Ministry of Justice and Correctional Services of the Republic of South Africa, South Africa

Tamás Landesz

Director, Administration and Finance, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), France

Lily Lapenna

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Block for Impact, USA

Juan Pablo Larenas

Executive Director, B Lab, Chile

Avid Larizadeh Duggan

Non-Executive Director, Barclays, United Kingdom

Corinna E. Lathan

Chair of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, AnthroTronix Inc., USA

Farhan Latif

President, El-Hibri Foundation, USA

Tan Le

Chief Executive Officer, EMOTIV, USA

Tristan Lecomte

Chief Executive Officer, Pur Projet, France

Andrew Lee

Member of the Board of Directors, National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution, USA

Ellana Lee

Senior Vice-President and Managing Editor, CNN International, Hong Kong SAR, China

James R. Lee

Chairman and Managing Partner, Lee & Partners, Denmark

Sam Lee

Independent Consultant, USA

Seung Gun Lee

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Viva Republica (Toss), Republic of Korea

Julianne Lee Jihyun

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Julianne Lee & Co., Republic of Korea

Lee Joo-Sung

Senior Executive Vice-President, SeAH Steel, Republic of Korea

Lee Xiaodong

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Fuxi Institution, People’s Republic of China

Michael Lefenfeld

President and Chief Executive Officer, Cyanco, Inc., USA

Guillaume Lefevre

Managing Director, New Ventures and Business Development, Zurich Insurance Group, Switzerland

Moritz Lehmkuhl

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, ClimatePartner GmbH, Germany

Courtney Leimkuhler

Founding Partner, Springbank Collective, USA

Eduardo Leite

Governor of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Government of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Achankeng Leke

Senior Partner; Chairman, Africa; Leader, Private Equity and Principal Investors, Africa; Member, McKinsey Global Institute Council, McKinsey & Company, South Africa

Olivia Leland

Founder and Chief Executive, Co-Impact, United Kingdom

Thomas Trikasih Lembong

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner, Quvat Management, Singapore

Ronaldo Lemos

Chief Scientific Officer, Institute for Technology & Society (ITS), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Catherine Lenson

Managing Partner, SoftBank Investment Advisers (UK) Limited, United Kingdom

Dana Leong

Chief Executive Officer, Grammy Winning Musician, TEKTONIKmusic.org, USA

Naisula Lesuuda

Member of Parliament, Kenyan Parliament, Kenya

Tim Levene

Founder and CEO, Augmentum Fintech PLC, United Kingdom

Katrin Ley

Managing Director, Fashion for Good, Netherlands

Yifan Li

Chief Executive Officer, Hesai Technology, People’s Republic of China

Torsten Lichtenau

Senior Partner, Bain & Company Inc., United Kingdom

Li Jia

Artificial Intelligence Fellow, Adjunct Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine, USA

Veronika Linardi

Chief Executive Officer, PT. Qareer Harapan Asia, Indonesia

Li Ni

Vice-Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, Bilibili Inc., People’s Republic of China

Carol Li Rafferty

Managing Director, Yale University Beijing, People’s Republic of China

Li Sixuan

Anchor, China Central Television (CCTV), People’s Republic of China

Gary Liu

Chief Executive Officer, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong SAR, China

Ida Liu

Managing Director; Head, North America, Citi Private Bank, USA

Max Liu

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, EMQ Inc., Taiwan, China

Peggy Liu

Chairperson, Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy (JUCCCE), People’s Republic of China

Liu Qian

Managing Director, The Economist Group, China, People’s Republic of China

Liu Xiao

Chief Partner, Beijing Vanke, People’s Republic of China

Bill Liu Zihong

Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Royole Corporation, People’s Republic of China

Jason Li Yat-Sen

Senate Fellow, University of Sydney, Australia

Stephanie Lo

Managing Director, Shui On Investment Company Limited, Hong Kong SAR, China

Tina Y. Lo

Chairman, O-Bank, Taiwan, China

Clare Lockhart

Chief Executive Officer, ISE, USA

André Loesekrug-Pietri

Chairman, Joint European Disruptive Initiative (JEDI), France, Metropolitan

Christopher Logan

Managing Director; Lead, Freight and Logistics, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Accenture, Singapore

Lokesh Nara

Member, Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council, India

Elisha London

Chief Executive Officer, United for Global Mental Health (United GMH), United Kingdom

Jessica Long

Managing Director and Chief Strategy Officer, Closed Loop Partners, USA

Lynn Loo

Director, Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment; Theodora D. 78 and William H. Walton III 74 Professor in Engineering, Princeton University, USA

Christina K. Lopes

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, The One Health Company, USA

Brie Loskota

Executive Director, Center for Religion and Civic Culture, University of Southern California, USA

Grace Natalie Louisa

Co-Founder and Chairwoman, Partai Solidaritas Indonesia – PSI (Indonesian Solidarity Party), Indonesia

Martin Lousteau

Senator for the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina State, Argentina

Haley Lowry

Global Sustainability Director, Dow, USA

Jeffrey Lu

CEO and Co-Founder, Engine Biosciences Pte Ltd, Singapore

Kevin Lu

Chairman of Asia, Partners Group Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore

Lu Chaoyang

Professor of Physics, University of Science and Technology of China, People’s Republic of China

Igor Luksic

Director, Public Sector, South-East Europe, PwC, Montenegro

Mariana Luz

Chief Executive Officer, Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal Foundation, Brazil

Mette Lykke

Chief Executive Officer, Too Good To Go, Denmark

Full List Of WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” Exposed – Volle Liste Der WEF “Jungen Globalen Führer” Enthüllt – K

Soulaymane Kachani

Vice-Provost for Teaching and Learning; Senior Vice-Dean; Professor, Columbia University, USA

Sébastien Kadio-Morokro

Chief Executive Officer, Petro Ivoire S.A., Côte d’Ivoire

Nik Kafka

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Teach a Man to Fish, United Kingdom

Rosebell Kagumire

Curator and Editor, African Feminism, Ethiopia

Wanuri Kahiu

Filmmaker, AFROBUBBLEGUM, Kenya

Nari Kahle

Head of Program Management & Operational Excellence at CARIAD / Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen Group, Germany

Angellah Jasmine Mbelwa Kairuki

Former Cabinet Minister of Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, Tanzania

Vimbayi Kajese

Founder, #Adtags, USA

Daria Kaleniuk

Executive Director, Anti-Corruption Action Centre, Ukraine

Faten Kallel

Politician, Independent, Tunisia

Gazal Kalra

Co-founder, Rivigo, India

Gadeer Kamal-Mreeh

Member of the Knesset, Knesset, Israel

Ahd Kamel

Director and Actress, Odd Camel, Saudi Arabia

Unathi Kamlana

Head, Policy, Statistics and Industry Department, Prudential Authority, South African Reserve Bank (SARB), South Africa

Aminata Kane Ndiaye

Chief Executive Officer, Orange Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone

Kang So-Young

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Gnowbe Pte Ltd, Singapore

Madhu Kannan

Chief Business Officer, India and Emerging Markets, Uber India Systems, India

Elsie S. Kanza

Head of the Regional Agenda, Africa; Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum, Switzerland

Paul Kapelus

Director, Synergy Global Consulting Ltd, South Africa

Shira Kaplan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cyverse, Switzerland

Kola Karim

Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Shoreline Natural Resources, Nigeria

Karen Karniol-Tambour

Co-Chief Investment Officer of Sustainability, Bridgewater Associates, USA

Dennis Karpes

Co-Founder and Creative Director, Justdiggit Foundation, Netherlands

Neema Kaseje

Surgeon, Médecins Sans Frontières, Switzerland

Sam Kass

Partner, Acre Venture Partners, USA

Manuella Kaster

Professor, Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil

Felipe Kast Sommerhoff

Congressman, Congress of Chile, Chile

Drue Kataoka

Founder, Drue Kataoka Studios, USA

Kentaro Katayama

Director, Ministry of Finance of Japan, Japan

Brian Kaufmann

Head of Private Investments and Portfolio Manager – Management Committee Member, Viking Global Investors, USA

Piia-Noora Kauppi

Managing Director, Finance Finland, Finland

Tunde Kehinde

Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Lidya Holdings, Inc, Nigeria

Manish Kejriwal

Managing Partner, Kedaara Capital, India

Valerie Keller

Co-Founder, Imagine, United Kingdom

Conrod Kelly

Executive Director, Health Equity, Merck & Co., Inc, USA

Ibram X Kendi

Director of the Center for Antiracist Research, Boston University, USA

Bogolo Joy Kenewendo

Member of Parliament, The National Assembly of the Republic of Botswana, Botswana

Joseph P. Kennedy III

Teresa K. Kennedy

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Power Living Enterprises, USA

Niki Kerameus

Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs of Greece, Greece

Georges Kern

Chief Executive Officer, Breitling SA, Switzerland

Nora Khaldi

Founder and Chief Science Officer, Nuritas, Ireland

Deeyah Khan

Documentary Filmmaker and Chief Executive Officer, Fuuse AS, United Kingdom

Faisal Khan

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Peshawar 2.0, Pakistan

Omezzine Khelifa

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mobdiun – Creative Youth, Tunisia

Uday H. Khemka

Vice-Chairman, SUN Group, United Kingdom

Shreevar Kheruka

Managing Director, Borosil Ltd., India

Reem Khouri

Founder and Partner, Kaamen, Jordan

Tigran Khudaverdian

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Yandex, Russian Federation

Marc Kielburger

Co-Founder, Free the Children, Canada

Dong-Kwan Kim

President of Hanwha Solutions / Strategy Division, Hanwha Solutions, Republic of Korea

Elaine Kim

Co-Founder, Trehaus, Singapore

Sophie Seula Kim

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Kurly, Republic of Korea

Sebastián Kind

CEO & Chairman, Green Map, Belgium

Adam Kinzinger

Congressman from Illinois (R), 16th District, United States House of Representatives, USA

Emily Kirsch

Founder and Managing Partner, Powerhouse Ventures, USA

Akira Kirton

Vice-President, Global Acetyls, bp, United Kingdom

Insa Klasing

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, TheNextWe, Germany

Daniel Klier

Group Head, Strategy, HSBC Holdings, United Kingdom

Sean Klimczak

Global Head of Infrastructure & Senior Managing Director, Blackstone Group, USA

Alan Knott-Craig

Executive Chairman, HeroTel, South Africa

Vera Kobalia

AsiaGlobal Fellow, University of Hong Kong, Canada

Fumiaki Kobayashi

Member,House of Representatives, The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, Japan

Lin Kobayashi

Founder and Chairwoman, UWC ISAK Japan, Japan

Kathryn Koch

Managing Director, Global Head of Client Portfolio Management and Business Strategy, Goldman Sachs, USA

Silvana Koch-Mehrin

President, Women Political Leaders Global Forum, Belgium

Andrey Kolodyuk

Founder and Managing Partner, AVentures Capital, Ukraine

Masami Komatsu

President and Chief Executive Officer, Music Securities Inc., Japan

Terrence Kommal

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Medical Expert Consulting Group, South Africa

James M. Kondo

Chairman, International House of Japan, Japan

Rajamanohar Somasundaram

Chief Executive Officer, Coastal Aquaculture Research Institute Private Limited, India

Joseph Konzelmann

Partner; Global Head of the Client and Capital Formation Group, TPG, USA

Jonathan Korngold

Senior Managing Director and Head of Growth Equity Investing, Blackstone Group, USA

Naomi Koshi

Partner, Miura&Partners, Japan

Johann O. Koss

Founder, Right To Play International, Canada

Michael Kratsios

Frank Krings

Chief Executive Officer Western Europe, Deutsche Bank Luxembourg S.A., France

Christian Kroll

Scientific Co-Director, SDG Index, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Germany

Alok Kshirsagar

Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company, India

Kimathi Kuenyehia Sr

Managing Partner, Kimathi & Partners, Corporate Attorneys, Ghana

Maria Teresa Kumar

President and Chief Executive Officer, Voto Latino, USA

Umit Kumcuoglu

Chief Executive Officer, Nyssa Finansal Danismanlik Ltd., Turkey

Andrew Kuper

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, LeapFrog Investment Group, Ltd., Australia

Rina Gee Kupferschmid-Rojas

Group Head, Sustainable Finance, UBS (USA) Inc., USA

Stefanie Kurniadi

Founder, PT. Citarasa Prima Indonesia Berjaya, Indonesia

Maja Kuzmanovic

President, FoAM, Belgium

Full List Of WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” Exposed – Volle Liste Der WEF “Jungen Globalen Führer” Enthüllt – J

Ramzi Jaber

Co-Founder, Visualizing Impact (VI), Canada

Jessica Jackson

Chief Advocacy Officer, Reform Alliance, USA

Badr Jafar

Chief Executive Officer, Crescent Enterprises, United Arab Emirates

Majid Jafar

Chief Executive Officer, Crescent Petroleum, United Arab Emirates

Munizae Jahangir

Anchor and Executive Producer, Aaj TV, Pakistan

Ankur Jain

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Kairos, USA

Pooja Jain

Managing Director, Luxor Writing Instruments Pvt. Ltd, India

Mariéme Jamme

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, iamtheCODE, United Kingdom

Bhairavi Jani

Executive Director, SCA Group of Companies, India

Livia Járóka

Member of the European Parliament, European Parliament, Belgium

Yasar Jarrar

Professor of Business and Global Society, Hult International Business School, United Kingdom

Wyclef Jean

Ambassador-at-Large of the Republic of Haiti, USA

Nina Jensen

Chief Executive Officer, REV Ocean AS, Norway

Vuk Jeremic

President, Center for International Relations and Sustainable Development (CIRSD), Serbia

Jiang Ying

Professor, Peking University, People’s Republic of China

Jia Ping

Chief Executive Director and Founder, Health Governance Initiative, People’s Republic of China

Bayartsetseg Jigmiddash

Prevention Lead, Independent Integrity Unit, Green Climate Fund, Republic of Korea

Lars Jannick Johansen

Founder and Managing Partner, Den Sociale Kapitalfond, Denmark

David Jones

Founder, One Young World, USA

Hannah Jones

Founder, President Nike Valiant Labs, Nike, USA

Sandrine Joseph

Head, Programme Management Office, Digital Transformation, Orange, France

Mohit Joshi

President, Infosys, United Kingdom

Dana Juffali

Board Member, Juffali and Brothers, Saudi Arabia

Full List Of WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” Exposed – Volle Liste Der WEF “Jungen Globalen Führer” Enthüllt – I

Roberto Ibarra

Chief Technology Officer, Expediente Azul, Mexico

Kentaro Ichiki

Founder, UNIVERSITY of CREATIVITY, Hakuhodo Inc., Japan

Khaled Igué

Founder and President, Club 2030 Afrique, France

David Ikkersheim

Partner, KPMG, Netherlands

Ipek Ilicak Kayaalp

Chairperson, Ronesans Holding, Turkey

Paula Ingabire

Minister of Information Communication Technology and Innovation, Ministry of Information Communication Technology and Innovation of Rwanda, Rwanda

Delfina Irazusta

Founder and Executive Director, Asociacion Civil Red de Innovacion Local (Local Innovation Network), Argentina

Clarisse Iribagiza

Chief Executive Officer, HeHe, Rwanda

Dalal Saeb Iriqat

Vice President for International Relations, Arab American University-Palestine, Palestinian Territories

Ayman Ismail

Associate Professor and Abdul Latif Jameel Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship, American University in Cairo, Egypt

Lisa Ivers

Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), USA

Alexander Ivlev

Managing Partner, CIS, EY LLC, Russian Federation

Daisuke Iwase

Group Chief Digital Officer, AIA Group Limited – Pan-Asian Life Insurance Company, Hong Kong SAR, China

Funmi Iyanda

Creative Director, Oya Media, United Kingdom

Mitsuru Izumo

President, euglena Co. Ltd, Japan

Full List Of WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” Exposed – Volle Liste Der WEF “Jungen Globalen Führer” Enthüllt – H

Cyrus Habib

Lieutenant Governor of Washington, Washington State Department of Natural Resources, USA

Habib Haddad

Managing Partner, E14 Fund, USA

Camilla Hagen Sørli

Member of the Board, Canica, Norway

Fatemeh Haghighatjoo

Chief Executive Officer, Nonviolent Initiative for Democracy, USA

Yalda Hakim

Anchor, International Correspondent, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), United Kingdom

Avril Halstead

Consultant, International Monetary Fund (IMF), USA

Ted Halstead

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Climate Leadership Council, USA

Mona Hammami

Senior Director, Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Kate Hampton

Chief Executive Officer, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), United Kingdom

Dave Hanley

Chief Executive Officer, Tomorrow, USA

Sarah Hanson-Young

Senator for South Australia, Australian Parliament, Australia

Nathaniel Harding

Managing Partner, Cortado Ventures, USA

Assaf Harlap

Co-Founder and Board Member, MEET, Israel

Niel Harper

Chief Information Security Officer, United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), Denmark

Jonathan Harris

Artist, Number 27, USA

John Harthorne

Managing Director, Two Lanterns Venture Partners, USA

Atsumi Hasegawa

Chief Executive Officer, Litalico Inc., Japan

Sahar Hashemi

Entrepreneur and Author, United Kingdom

He Zhengyu

Principal Scientist, Ant Group, People’s Republic of China

Jeremy Heimans

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Purpose Campaigns PBC, USA

Bettina Hein

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Juli AG, Switzerland

He Jin

Co-Founder and Vice-President, Maimai, People’s Republic of China

Rebecca M. Heller

Executive Director, International Refugee Assistance Project, USA

Brad Henderson

Chief Executive Officer, P33, USA

Cal Henderson

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Slack, USA

Christian Hernandez Gallardo

Angel Investor, United Kingdom

Roberto Herrera

Country Manager and Chief, InterEnergy Holdings, Dominican Republic

David Hertz

Founder and President, Gastromotiva, Brazil

Celine Herweijer

Young Global Leader Alumni, United Kingdom

Christel Heydemann

Executive Vice-President, Operations, Schneider Electric France, France

Lisa Heydlauff

Chief Executive Officer, Going to School, India

Sheri Hickok

Chief Executive Officer – Onshore Wind Asia Pacific & China, GE, USA

Solveigh Hieronimus

Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company, Germany

Katie Hill

Global Director, Power and Strategy, Liquid Telecom, Kenya

Pekka Himanen

Co-Founder, Global Dignity, Finland

Shaurya Veer Himatsingka

Deputy Managing Director, India Carbon Limited, India

Lars Hinrichs

Chief Executive Officer, Cinco Capital GmbH, Germany

Aroon Hirdaramani

Director, Hirdaramani Group, Sri Lanka

Kent Ho

Founder and General Partner, S28 Capital, Hong Kong SAR, China

Brent Hoberman

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Founders Factory, United Kingdom

Florian Hoffmann

Founder, The DO School Innovation Lab GmbH, Germany

Dirk Carsten Hoke

Chief Executive Officer, Airbus Defence and Space, Germany

Kurt Holle

Country Representative, WWF Peru, Peru

Rodney Hood

Chairman, National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), USA

Ho Ren Hua

Chief Executive Officer, Thai Wah Public Company Limited, Thailand

Lama Hourani

Founder and Creative Director, Lama Hourani Creations, France

Brett House

Deputy Chief Economist, Scotiabank, Canada

Jeremy Howard

Founding Researcher, fast.ai, USA

Catherine Howarth

Chief Executive, ShareAction, United Kingdom

Ken Howery

Co-Founder and Partner, Founders Fund, USA

Halla Hrund Logadottir

Co-Founder, Arctic Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, USA

Christine Hsu

Managing Director, Co-Head of Financial Sponsors Group, Asia-Pacific, UBS AG, Hong Kong SAR, China

Jacob Hsu

Chief Executive Officer, Catalyte, USA

Jukay Hsu

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Pursuit, USA

Mei Mei Hu

Chief Executive Officer, Vaxxinity, USA

Huang Dinglong

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Malong Technologies, People’s Republic of China

Rodrigo Hübner Mendes

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Instituto Rodrigo Mendes, Brazil

Lydie Hudson

Chief Executive Officer, Sustainability, Research and Investment Solutions, Credit Suisse, Switzerland

Hu Ge

Actor, Hu Ge Studio, People’s Republic of China

Gordon Hughes

Founder and Managing Director, Rhythmscape Publishing, Australia

Tom Hulme

General Partner, Google Ventures, United Kingdom

Rory Hunter

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Song Saa Collective, Hong Kong SAR, China

Chad Hurley

Founder, AVOS, USA

Forsan Hussein

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Zaitoun Ventures, Israel

Kamel A. Husseini

Chief Strategic Engagements and Investor Relations Officer, Bank of Palestine, Palestinian Territories

Rebeca Hwang Eun Young

General Partner, Kalei Ventures, USA

Full List Of WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” Exposed – Volle Liste Der WEF “Jungen Globalen Führer” Enthüllt – G

Tulsi Gabbard

Congresswoman from Hawaii (D), 2nd District, United States House of Representatives, USA

Lord Gadhia of Northwood

Member of the House of Lords, House of Lords of the United Kingdom, United Kingdom

Jean-François Gagné

VP AI, Canada

Kate Gallego

Mayor of Phoenix, Arizona, City of Phoenix, USA

Alessandra Galloni

Editor-in-Chief, Thomson Reuters, Canada

Chao (Amy) Gao

Founder, Shanghai May Foundation, People’s Republic of China

Javier Garcia-Martinez

Professor, University of Alicante, Spain

Angela Daniella Garcia Moreno

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Elemental School, Bolivia

Facundo Garreton

Congressman from Tucumán, National Congress of Argentina, Argentina

Katherine Garrett-Cox

Chief Executive Officer, Gulf International Bank (UK), United Kingdom

Katharine Garvey

Co-Founder, Project Everyone, United Kingdom

Joe Gebbia

Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Airbnb, USA

Alexander Geiser

CEO & Managing Partner, Finsbury Glover Hering, Germany

Jared Genser

Managing Director, Perseus Strategies LLC, USA

Banafsheh Geretzki

Head of Division, European Central Bank, Germany

Laura Gersch

Member of the Board of Management, Corporate Pensions, Allianz Lebensversicherungs-AG, Germany

Golriz Ghahraman

Member of Parliament, New Zealand Parliament, New Zealand

James Gifford

Head, Impact Advisory, Credit Suisse AG, Singapore

Nili Gilbert

Chairwoman of the Investment Committee, David Rockefeller Fund, USA

Garlin Gilchrist II

Lieutenant Governor, State of Michigan, USA

Mack Gill

Chief Operating Officer and Board Member, Torstone Technology, United Kingdom

Sadiq Gillani

Senior Vice-President, Emirates Group, United Arab Emirates

Liliana Gil Valletta

Chief Executive Officer, CIEN+, USA

Keisuke Goda

Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of Tokyo, Japan

Ayla Göksel

Chief Executive Officer, Ozyegin Social Investments, Turkey

Elissa Golberg

Assistant Deputy Minister for Strategic Policy, Global Affairs Canada, Canada

Yair Goldfinger

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, AppCard Inc., USA

Neal Goldman

Managing Member, Idyllwild Ventures LLC, Spain

Benjamin Goldsmith

Chief Executive Officer, Menhaden Capital Plc, United Kingdom

Ellen Gonda

Communications Adviser, EDG Consulting, USA

Gong Yingying

Founder and Chairwoman, Yidu Tech, People’s Republic of China

Charmian Gooch

Co-Founder and Co-Director, Global Witness, United Kingdom

Suhas Gopinath

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Globals Inc., India

Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty

Senior Vice-President, Delivery, Uber Technologies Inc., Netherlands

Karina Gould

Minister of International Development, Global Affairs Canada, Canada

Soulaima Gourani

Co-Founder, Women Reignite Inc., USA

Chido Govera

Founder and Director, The Future of Hope Foundation, Zimbabwe

Ashish Goyal

Portfolio Manager, Balyasny Asset Management L.P., United Kingdom

Vandana Goyal

Member of the Board of Directors, Akanksha Foundation, India

Christine Graeff

Director General, DG Communications, European Central Bank, Germany

Felix R. Graf

Chief Executive Officer, NZZ Medien-Gruppe, Switzerland

Sanni Grahn-Laasonen

Member of Parliament, Parliament of Finland (Eduskunta), Finland

Adam Grant

Saul P. Steinberg Professor of Management and Psychology, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Megan Greenfield

Partner, McKinsey & Company, USA

Julia R. Greer

Professor, Materials Science, Mechanics and Medical Engineering, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), USA

Samuel Gregory

Programme Director, WITNESS, USA

Kristin Groos Richmond

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Revolution Foods, USA

Fernando Grostein Andrade

Filmmaker, USA

Anne-Sophie Grouchka

Member of the Executive Board, France; Chief Customer Officer, Allianz, France

Marga Gual Soler

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SciDipGLOBAL, Spain

Carlalberto Guglielminotti

Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, ENGIE EPS S.A., France

Matthew Guilford

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Common Health, Malaysia

Mina Guli

Founder and Chief Water Advocate, Thirst, Hong Kong SAR, China

Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir

Director, Writer and Filmmaker, Krád Consulting, Iceland

Sanjay Gupta

Managing Partner and Founder, LinkedCap, USA

Eyal Gura

Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board, Zebra Medical Vision, Israel

Sergei Guriev

Professor of Economics, Institut d’études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), France

Andrey A. Guryev

Chief Executive Officer, PhosAgro, Russian Federation

Martín Guzmán

Minister of Economy, Ministry of Economy of Argentina, Argentina

Full List Of WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” Exposed – Volle Liste Der WEF “Jungen Globalen Führer” Enthüllt – E

Sophal Ear

Council Member, Crescenta Valley Town Council, USA

Salimah Yvette Ebrahim

Co-Founder, Artery, USA

Jamil Edmond Anderlini

Asia Editor, The Financial Times, Hong Kong SAR, China

Suzanne Ehlers

Chief Executive Officer, Malala Fund, USA

Hassan El Houry

Chief Executive Officer, National Aviation Services (NAS), Kuwait

Samuel Elia

Programme Officer, Edmond J. Safra Foundation, Switzerland

Olafur Eliasson

Artist, Studio Olafur Eliasson GmbH, Germany

Jennifer Elisseeff

Professor, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Rana El Kaliouby

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Affectiva, USA

Hisham El-Khazindar

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Qalaa Holdings, Egypt

Brooke Ellison

Associate Professor, Stony Brook University, USA

Nima Elmi

Member of the Board, Give Legacy, USA

Abasi Ene-Obong

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, 54gene, USA

Paula Escobar Chavarría

Opinion Columnist, La Tercera, Chile

Marcela Escobari

Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution, USA

Julio Estrada

Director, Desarrollos Palo Blanco, Guatemala

Darys Estrella

Vice-President, Corporate Sustainability, INICIA, Dominican Republic

Full List Of WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” Exposed – Volle Liste Der WEF “Jungen Globalen Führer” Enthüllt – D

Nighat Dad

Founder and Executive Director, Digital Rights Foundation, Pakistan

Komal Dadlani

Chief Executive Officer, Lab4U, Chile

Sofana Rabea Dahlan

Founder and Managing Partner, Sofana Rabea Dahlan Law Firm, Saudi Arabia

Mehmet Gürcan Daimagüler

Special Adviser, Tropical General Investments Group, Germany

Rose Damen

Managing Director, Damen Yachting, Netherlands

Akim Daouda

Chief Investment Officer, Gabonese Sovereign Wealth Fund (FGIS), Gabon

Bernice Dapaah

Chief Executive Officer, Ghana Bamboo Bikes, Ghana

Lucy d’Arville

Partner, Bain International Inc., Australia

Patricia Ellen da Silva

Secretary of Economic Development, Government of the State of São Paulo, Brazil

Vera Daves de Sousa

Minister of Finance, Ministry of Finance of Angola, Angola

Martyn Davies

Managing Director, Emerging Markets and Africa, Deloitte & Touche, South Africa

Geoff Davis

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner, Cicero Impact Capital, USA

Eric Dayton

Co-Founder & CEO, Askov Finlayson, USA

Alberto de Belaunde

Congressman, Congress of Peru, Peru

Daniel de Boer

Chief Executive Officer, ProQR Therapeutics N.V., Netherlands

H.R.H. Prince Jaime de Bourbon de Parme

Senior Adviser, Private Sector Partnerships, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Switzerland

Alexander de Carvalho

Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Public Group International Limited, United Kingdom

Anne-Laure de Chammard

Group Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, ENGIE Group, France

Alexander De Croo

Prime Minister of Belgium, Office of the Prime Minister of Belgium, Belgium

FX de de Mallmann

Chairman, Investment Banking Division, Goldman Sachs International, United Kingdom

Carlos de Hart

Chief Executive Officer, Agroince, Colombia

Sangu Delle

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Africa Health Holdings, Ghana

Deshal De Mel

Economic Adviser to the Minister of Finance, Ministry of Finance Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka

M. Bilge Demirkoz

Professor, Department of Physics, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Alfa Demmellash

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Rising Tide Capital, USA

Amélie de Montchalin

Minister of Public Sector Transformation and the Civil Service, Ministry of Public Sector Transformation and the Civil Service, France

Gila Demri Gamliel

Minister of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Environmental Protection of Israel, Israel

Aslihan Denizkurdu

Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer of Risk Management, Citigroup, USA

Ozlem Denizmen

Head, Social Investments, Dogus Group, Turkey

David de Rothschild

Founder, The Lost Explorer LTD, USA… 24 25 26 … 104

Matias De Tezanos

CEO, PeopleFund, USA

Leslie Dewan

Founder, Criticality Capital, USA

Rajeeb Dey

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Learnerbly, United Kingdom

Eva Dichand

Editor, Heute, Austria

Diskul Dispanadda

Chief Executive Officer, Doi Tung Development Project, Thailand

Kirill Dmitriev

Chief Executive Officer, Russian Direct Investment Fund, Russian Federation

Nobuo Domae

Senior Managing Director, Ryohin Keikaku Co. Ltd, Japan

Ugyen Dorji

Minister of Labour and Human Resources, Ministry of Labour and Human Resources of Bhutan, Bhutan

Ismail Douiri

Co-Chief Executive Officer, Attijariwafa Bank, Morocco

Kathryn Dovey

Executive Director, Open For Business, France

Michael Drexler

Chief Strategy Officer, Brightstar Capital Partners, USA

Dave Duarte

Founder, Treeshake, South Africa

Tanya Dubash

Executive Director and Chief Brand Officer, Godrej Industries, India

Miroslava Duma

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Future Tech Lab, Russian Federation

Imani Duncan-Price

Chief of Staff, Office of the Opposition Leader, Jamaica

Joy Dunn

Head, Manufacturing, Commonwealth Fusion Systems, USA

Niall Dunne

Chief Executive Officer, polymateria, United Kingdom

Anton du Plessis

Executive Director, Institute for Security Studies (ISS), South Africa

Xavier Duportet

Chief Executive Officer, Eligo Bioscience, France

John Dutton

Head, Uplink; Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum, Switzerland

Full List Of WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” Exposed – Volle Liste Der WEF “Jungen Globalen Führer” Enthüllt – C

Ángel Cabrera

President, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), USA

David Wayne Callaway

Chief Medical Officer, Team Rubicon, USA

Kamissa Camara

Minister of Digital Economy and Forecasting, Ministry of Digital Economy, Information and Communication of Mali, Mali

Cristiano Câmara

Founding Partner, Vitis Capital Asset Management, Brazil

Luis Camargo

Founder and Director, Organizacion para la Educacion y Proteccion Ambiental (OpEPA), Colombia

Ailish Campbell

Ambassador of Canada to the European Union, Global Affairs Canada, Canada

Niko Canner

Founder, Incandescent, USA

Ron Cao

Founder and Managing Director, Sky9 Capital, People’s Republic of China

Alfredo Capote

Co-Chief Executive Officer, Promecap (Fondo de Inversión Promotora Mexicana de Capitales), Mexico

Lisa Caputo

Executive Vice-President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, The Travelers Companies Inc., USA

Benedict Carandang

Vice-President, First Circle Growth Finance, Philippines

Adriana Cargill

Independent Radio Journalist, USA

Matthew Caruana Galizia

Director, Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation, Malta

Wences Casares

Chief Executive Officer, Xapo Holdings Limited, USA

Caroline Casey

Founder and Director, The Valuable 500, Ireland

Valerie Casey

Head of Design, Walmart, USA

Sercan Celebi

Co-Founder and President, Oy ve Otesi, Turkey

Jesús Cepeda

Founder and Executive Director, Onesmart Technology SA de CV, Mexico

Luis Felipe Cervantes Legorreta

Managing Director and Head of Mexico Office, General Atlantic, Mexico

Navin Chaddha

Managing Director, Mayfield, USA

Merieme Chadid

Explorer and Astronomer, Antarctica Research Station, France

Matthew Chamberlain

Chief Executive Officer, London Metal Exchange, United Kingdom

Cham Krasna

Chief Executive Officer, SOMA Group, Cambodia

François-Philippe Champagne

Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, Canada

Arvan Chan

Regional Vice-President, International and Corporate Operations, Centene, USA

Juliana Chan

Chief Executive Officer, Wildtype Media Group, Singapore

Pamela Chan

Global Head, BlackRock Alternative Solutions; Chief Investment Officer, BlackRock, USA

Subhashini Chandran

Managing Director, Xynteo Ltd, India

Suranga Chandratillake

General Partner, Balderton Capital, United Kingdom

Chang Seung-Joon

Chief Executive Officer, Maekyung Media Group, Republic of Korea

Patrick Chappatte

Editorial Cartoonist and Founder, Globe Cartoon, Switzerland

Jules Chappell

Chief Executive Officer, NM Impact, United Kingdom

Sandeep Chatterjee

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Experantis, USA

James Chau

Host, The China Current, Hong Kong SAR, China

Nirvana Chaudhary

Managing Director, Chaudhary Group, Nepal

Valeri Chekheria

Chief Executive Officer, Adjara Group Hospitality, Georgia

Jane Marie Chen

Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer, Embrace Innovations, USA

Sarah Chen

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, The Billion Dollar Fund for Women, USA

Timothy Chen

CEO, VIA China; Head of Business Development VIA/HTC, HTC, Taiwan, China

Calvin Cheng

Chairman, Retech Technology Co., Singapore

Cheng Ming Yu

Professor of Economics; Director, Institute of Management and Leadership Development; Director, Division of Community and International Networking, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia

Serene Chen Huijing

Managing Director, Deutsche Bank, Singapore

Chen Man

Founder, Beijing Man Xiang Ya Tian Advertising Ltd, People’s Republic of China

Chew-Seow Chien

Partner, Bain & Company, Singapore

Chew Shou Zi

Chief Financial Officer, ByteDance, Cayman Islands

Chheang Vannarith

President, Asian Vision Institute (AVI), Cambodia

Francesca Chia

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, GoGet, Malaysia

Calvin Chin

Managing Partner, E14 Fund, USA

Geraldine Chin Moody

Director and Co-Founder, 5HVC Capital, Australia

James Chin Moody

Chief Executive Officer, Sendle LLC, Australia

Mitsuru Claire Chino

President and Chief Executive Officer, Itochu International Inc., USA

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

Chief Executive Officer, SOC Films, Pakistan

Cassandra Chiu

Founder and Psychotherapist, The Safe Harbour Counselling Centre, Singapore

H. S. Cho

Vice Chairman, Hyosung Group, Republic of Korea

Calvin Choi

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, AMTD, Hong Kong SAR, China

Rohit Chopra

Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission, USA

Tejpreet Singh Chopra

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bharat Light & Power (BLP), India

Sangeet Paul Choudary

Founder, Platformation Labs, Singapore

David Chubak

Head, Global Retail Bank and Consumer Lending, Citibank NA, USA

Ganhuyag Chuluun Hutagt

Chief Executive Officer, Ard Holdings, Mongolia

Nami Chung

Director, Asan Nanum Foundation, Republic of Korea

Abdourahmane Cissé

Secretary General in the Presidency, Office of the President of Côte d’Ivoire, Côte d’Ivoire

Roksana Ciurysek-Gedir

Founder, PossibleX, United Kingdom

Marcelo Claure

Chief Executive Officer, SoftBank Group International, USA

Patricia Cobian

Chief Financial Officer, Telefónica UK, United Kingdom

Andrew Cohen

Executive Chairman, J.P. Morgan Global Wealth Management, United Kingdom

Jared Cohen

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jigsaw, USA

Francesca Colombo

Managing and Cultural Park Director, Coima – Fondazione Riccardo Catella, Italy

Veronica Colondam

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, YCAB Foundation, Indonesia

Arturo Condo

President, EARTH University, Costa Rica

Silvia Console Battilana

Visiting Scholar, Stanford University, USA

Lucy Cooper

Managing Director / Head of Innovation, Europe, Accenture, United Kingdom

Jennifer Corriero

Co-Founder and Executive Director, TakingITGlobal, Canada

Clayton Cosgrove

Director, Cosgrove & Partners Ltd, New Zealand

Hilary Cottam

Social Entrepreneur, Centre for the Fifth Social Revolution, United Kingdom

Thomas Crampton

Head, Corporate Affairs, Greenlight Biosciences Inc, USA

Molly Crockett

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Yale University, USA

Alexis Crow

Global Head, Geopolitical Investing, PwC, USA

Thomas Crowther

Assistant Professor of Global Ecosystem Ecology, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Idalia Cruz Garza

Director, Strategy, Media, TV Azteca S.A.B de C.V., Mexico

Full List Of WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” Exposed – Volle Liste Der WEF “Jungen Globalen Führer” Enthüllt – B

Gina Badenoch

Founder, Ojos que Sienten AC & Capaxia UK, Capaxia UK, United Kingdom

Zulfikar Ali Bader

Chief Executive Officer, Jehangir Bader Institute of Vision and Leadership (JBIVL), Pakistan

Annalena Baerbock

Party Co-Leader, Alliance 90/The Greens, Germany, Alliance 90/The Greens, Germany

Rodrigo Baggio

President and Founder, RECODE, Brazil

Vincent W. Bagiire

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, Uganda Government, Uganda

Zubaida Bai

Managing Director, CARE Social Ventures, USA

Priyanka Bakaya

N, Renew Oceans, USA

Angela Baker

Head, Corporate Responsibility, Qualcomm, USA

Mamuka Bakhtadze

Prime Minister of Georgia (2018 – 2019), Office of the Prime Minister of Georgia, Georgia

Loulwa Bakr

Senior Partner, Chrome Advisory, Saudi Arabia

Miranda A. Ballentine

CEO, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance, USA

Daniella Ballou-Aares

Chief Executive Officer, Leadership Now Project, USA

H.R.H. Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al-Saud

Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States, Embassy of Saudi Arabia, USA

Kingsley Bangwell

Founder, Youngstars Foundation, Nigeria

Jean-Jacques Barbéris

Member of the Executive Committee; Co-Head, Institutional Clients Coverage, Amundi Asset Management, France

Rye Barcott

Co-Founder and CEO, With Honor, USA

Elena Barmakova

Chairman of the Board, Fontvieille Capital Inc., USA

Pablo Alberto Barrera Lopez

Executive Vice-President, Strategy and Communications, Yara International, Norway

Maria Bartiromo

Anchor and Global Markets Editor, Fox Business Network, USA

Katinka Barysch

Senior Strategist, Allianz, Germany

Ruzwana Bashir

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Peek.com, USA

Andrew Bastawrous

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Peek Vision, United Kingdom

Anies Rasyid Baswedan

Governor of Jakarta, Jakarta Capital City Government, Indonesia

Zolzaya Batkhuyag

Co-Founder, Advisor and Board, Women for Change, Mongolia

Candice Beaumont

Chief Investment Officer, L Investments, USA

Christophe Beck

Chief Executive Officer, Ecolab, USA

Terry Beech

Member of Parliament; Parliamentary Secretary, Department of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, Parliament of Canada, Canada

Eli Beer

Founder and President, United Hatzalah of Israel, Israel

Brian Behlendorf

Executive Director, Hyperledger, Linux Foundation, USA

Georgie Benardete

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Align17, USA

Dan Berelowitz

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Spring Impact, USA

Barbara Ann Bernard

Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Wincrest Capital Ltd, Bahamas

Mohamed Alami Berrada

General Manager, Yasmine Orfèvres de l’immobilier, Morocco

Caroline Berube

Managing Partner, HJM Asia Law and Co. LLC, Singapore

Katharina Beumelburg

Senior Vice-President, Transmission Services, Siemens Energy, Siemens, Germany

Danae Bezantakou

Chief Executive Officer, Navigator Shipping Consultants Ltd, Greece

Neeraj Bharadwaj

Managing Director, Carlyle India Advisors Pvt. Ltd, India

Rwitwika Bhattacharya-Agarwal

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Swaniti Initiative, India

Salvador Biguria

Managing Partner, Grupo IDC, Guatemala

Syed Saddiq bin Syed Abdul Rahman

Member of Parliament, Parliament of Malaysia, Malaysia

Noura Al Kaabi

Minister of Culture and Youth, United Arab Emirates Government, United Arab Emirates

Sarah bint Yousif Al-Amiri

Minister of State for Advanced Technology, Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology of the United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates

Adam C. Bird

Director, McKinsey & Company, Germany

Peter Bisanz

Adviser, GHR Foundation, USA

Cristina Bitar

Senior Partner and President, Azerta, Chile

Oana Bizgan-Gayral

Member of Parliament, Parliament of Romania, Romania

Thor Björgolfsson

Chairman, Novator Partners LLP, United Kingdom

Jimena Blázquez Abascal

Director, NMAC Foundation, Spain

David J. Blumer

Senior Managing Director, Head of Europe, Middle East and Africa, BlackRock Investment Managment UK Ltd, United Kingdom

Giulio Boccaletti

Chief Strategy Officer, The Nature Conservancy, United Kingdom

Ketevan Bochorishvili

Chief Executive Officer, JSC Anaklia City, Georgia

Jesmane Boggenpoel

Director, ETG Holdings, Export Trading Group (ETG), South Africa

Zachary Bogue

Managing Partner, Data Collective, USA

Bunty Bohra

Chief Executive Officer, b101ogic, Singapore

Maleeka Bokhari

Parliamentary Secretary for Law and Justice, Ministry of Law and Justice of Pakistan, Pakistan

Srikanth Bolla

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Bollant Industries Pvt Ltd, India

Julie Bonamy

CEO, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, Saint-Gobain (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Alexis Bonte

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, eRepublik Labs Ltd, Spain

Claire Boonstra

Founder, Operation Education, Netherlands

Roongchat Boonyarat

Director, Chief Executive & Operating Officer, Malee Group PCL, Thailand

Katharina Borchert

YGL Alumna, USA

Ruba Borno

Senior Vice President / General Manager, CX Centers and Managed Services, Cisco, USA

Christoph Bornschein

Chief Executive Officer, TLGG, Germany

Caroline Boudreaux

Founder, The Miracle Foundation, USA

Geoffrey Bouquot

Group Vice-President, Corporate Strategy and External Relations, Valeo, France

danah boyd

Partner Researcher, Microsoft Research, United Kingdom

Kieron Boyle

Chief Executive, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity, United Kingdom

Anu Bradford

Professor of Law, Columbia Law School, USA

Andrew Bragg

Senator for New South Wales, Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, Australia

Kate Brandt

Sustainability Officer, Google, USA

Alejandro Brenes

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Enertiva, Costa Rica

Scott Brison

Vice-Chair, Investment & Corporate Banking, BMO Financial Group, Canada

Martin Bruncko

Chief Executive Officer, Lacaze Ltd, United Kingdom

Thomas Buberl

Chief Executive Officer, AXA, France

Kelly Buchanan

Senior Vice-President, M&A Integration Executive, Mastercard Europe Service Ltd, United Kingdom

Agnes Budzyn

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, SFI, USA

Yana Buhrer Tavanier

Founder and Director, Fine Acts, Bulgaria

Nilda Bullain

Vice-President, Operations, International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL), USA

Jessica Burgner-Kahrs

Associate Professor, University of Toronto Mississauga, Canada

Sinéad Burke

Chief Executive Officer, Tilting The Lens, Ireland

Jane Burston

Executive Director, Clean Air Fund, United Kingdom

Eugenio Burzaco

Secretary of Security, Ministry of Security of Argentina, Argentina

Peter Buttigieg

Secretary of Transportation, US Department of Transportation, USA

Full List Of WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” Exposed – Volle Liste Der WEF “Jungen Globalen Führer” Enthüllt – A

Jamila Abass

Head of Growth, Wefarm, United Kingdom

Faisal Abbas

Editor-in-Chief, Arab News, Saudi Arabia

Minoush Abdel-Meguid

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Union Capital, Egypt

Tolkunbek Abdygulov

Governor, National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic, Kyrgyz Republic

Asanga Abeyagoonasekera

Director-General, Institute of National Security Studies, Sri Lanka

Penny Abeywardena

Commissioner for International Affairs, Mayor’s Office, City of New York, USA

Hafsat Abiola-Costello

President and Chief Executive Officer, Women in Africa Initiative, France

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji

General Partner, Future Africa, Nigeria

Reuben Abraham

Chief Executive Officer and Senior Fellow, IDFC Institute, India

Tony Abrahams

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ai-Media, Canada

Muna AbuSulayman

Founder, NIYA, Saudi Arabia

Tendayi Achiume

Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Racism, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Zambia

Niklas Adalberth

Founder and Executive Chairman, Norrsken Foundation, Sweden

Joseph Adelegan

President, Global Network for Environment and Economic Development Research, Nigeria

Yonatan Adiri

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Healthy.io, Israel

Ali Adnan Ibrahim

Global Head, Social & Sustainable Finance, Al Baraka Banking Group, Bahrain

Daniel Ahn

Managing Director, Chief U.S. Economist, Head of Markets 360 – North America, BNP Paribas, USA

David Aikman

Chief Representative Officer, China; Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum Beijing, People’s Republic of China

Peter Biar Ajak

Visiting Fellow and Adjunct Faculty, Africa Center for Strategic Studies, USA


Venture Partner Europe, Middle East and Africa, Sagana, United Kingdom

Shaharzad Akbar

Chairperson, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, Afghanistan

Vikram K. Akula

Chairperson, Vaya Trust 5, India

Rafat Al-Akhali

Fellow of Practice, Strategic Projects, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Malak Jehad Al Akiely

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Golden Wheat for Grain Trading Ltd, Jordan

Nabeel M. Al-Amudi

President, Olayan Financing Group, Saudi Arabia

Nesreen M. Al Barwari

Country Representative, Adviser and Consultant, Friends of Waldorf Education, Iraq

Esraa Al-Buti

Partner, EY, Saudi Arabia

Alberto Alemanno

Founder and Director, The Good Lobby AISBL, France

Samuel Alemayehu

Managing Director, Cambridge Industries, USA

Erica Alessandri

Member of the Board, Technogym, Italy

Laura Alfaro

Professor, Business, Government and International Economy Unit, Harvard Business School, USA

Omar K. Alghanim

Board Member, Gulf Bank, Kuwait

Lamya AlHaj

Associate Professor, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

Ahmed Ali Al-Hammadi

Head, Active Investments, Qatar Investment Authority, Qatar

Mohamed Al Hashemi

Country Head, Majid Al Futtaim, United Arab Emirates

Imtiaz Ali

Researcher, Analyst and Fellow, Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU), USA

Saleem Ali

Distinguished Professor of Energy and the Environment, University of Delaware, USA

Samar Ali

President and Chief Executive Officer, Millions of Conversations, USA

Faisal Alibrahim

Vice-Minister, Ministry of Economy and Planning of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia

Osayi Alile

Chief Executive Officer, Aspire Coronation Trust (ACT) Foundation, Nigeria

Tunku Ali Redhauddin Tuanku Muhriz

Chairman and Founding Trustee, Teach For Malaysia, Malaysia

Eyad Alkassar

Chief Executive Officer, Rocket Internet ME, United Arab Emirates

Shaikh Mohammed Bin Essa Al Khalifa

Adviser for Political and Economic Affairs, Court of the Crown Prince of Bahrain, Bahrain

Khalid Alkhudair

Executive Vice-President, Riyad Bank, Saudi Arabia

Gassan Al-Kibsi

Chairman and Managing Partner, Middle East, McKinsey & Company LME Limited, United Arab Emirates

Natalia Allen

Founder and CEO, Natalia Inc., Spain

Patrick Allen

Vice-President; International Managing Editor, CNBC, United Kingdom

Omar Al-Madhi

Senior Managing Director and Member of the Board, Abdul Latif Jameel Investments, Saudi Arabia

Ibrahim AlMojel

Chief Executive Officer, Saudi Industrial Development Fund, Saudi Arabia

Razan Al Mubarak

Managing Director, Mohamed Bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, United Arab Emirates

Naif Al Mutawa

Chief Executive Officer, The 99, Kuwait

Victoria Alonsoperez

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Chipsafer, Uruguay

Mina Al-Oraibi

Editor-in-Chief, The National, United Arab Emirates

Suren Aloyan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dasaran EdTech Company, Armenia

Elham Al Qasim

Chief Executive Officer, Digital14, United Arab Emirates

Bodour Al Qasimi

Chairperson, Sharjah Investment and Development Authority – Shurooq, United Arab Emirates

Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi

Founder, Barjeel Art Foundation, United Arab Emirates

Fahd Al-Rasheed

Chief Executive Officer, Royal Commission for Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia

Khaled Al Sabawi

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Open Screenplay, Canada

Sarah Al Suhaimi

Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul), Saudi Arabia

Abdulla Bin Ali Al Thani

Managing Director; Member of the Board of Directors, Qatar Leadership Centre, Qatar

Alanoud Bint Hamad Al Thani

Managing Director, Business Development, Qatar Financial Centre (QFC), Qatar

Carlos Alvarado Quesada

President of Costa Rica, Costa Rica Government, Costa Rica

Heba Aly

CEO, The New Humanitarian, Switzerland

Thani Ahmed Al Zeyoudi

Minister of State for Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates

Salim Amin

Chairman, Camerapix, Kenya

Shauna Aminath

Policy Secretary to the President of Maldives, Office of the President of Maldives, Maldives

Renato Amorim

Digital Member

Eric Anderson

Chairman, Planetary Holdings, USA

Matthew Anderson

Strategic Advisor, Lupa Systems, USA

Matthew Anestis

Managing Director; Global Head, Investment Performance for Alternatives, BlackRock, USA

Kalin Anev Janse

Member of the Management Board; Chief Financial Officer, European Stability Mechanism, Luxembourg

Bernise Ang

Chief Alchemist, Zeroth Labs, Singapore

Nikolina Angelkova

Member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria, National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria, Bulgaria

Irina Anghel-Enescu

Managing Director, South Eastern European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, Romania

Eleni Antoniadou

Researcher, NASA FDL, Singapore

Akudo Anyanwu

Vice President of Development, Texas Biomedical Research Institute, USA

Paolo Benigno Aquino IV

Co-Founder and President, Hapinoy, Philippines

Nathalia Arcuri

Founder/CEO, Me Poupe! Conteudo e Servicos Financeiros Eireli, Brazil

Jacinda Ardern

Prime Minister of New Zealand, New Zealand Government, New Zealand

Yara Argueta

Member of the Board, Mergers and Acquisitions and Expansion, Grupo Solid SA, Guatemala

Marisol Argueta de Barillas

Head of the Regional Agenda, Latin America; Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum, USA

Riad Armanious

Chief Executive Officer, Eva Pharma, Egypt

Steve Arora

Chief Executive Officer, Axis Re Ltd, Switzerland

Pablo Arosemena

President, Chamber of Commerce of Guayaquil, Ecuador

Tewodros Ashenafi

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Southwest Holdings, Ethiopia

Iwao Aso

Group Chairman, ASO Corporation, Japan

Martin Aspillaga

Managing Director, Sociedad Gestora de Fondos de Inversión Salkantay Capital Partners, Peru

Solomon Assefa

Vice-President, IBM Research Africa, South Africa

Rima Assi

Managing Partner, Abu Dhabi; Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company LME Limited, United Arab Emirates

Bernardo Asuaje

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Grupo Attia (Colombia), Colombia

Christopher Ategeka

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Startup Playbook, USA

Cherrie Atilano

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Agrea, Philippines

Lera Auerbach

Artist, Austria

Ida Auken

Member of Parliament, Parliament of Denmark (Folketinget), Denmark

Lois Auta

Founder and Executive Director, Cedar Seed Foundation, Nigeria

Aditi Avasthi

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Embibe, India

Gwenaelle Avice-Huet

Senior Vice President, Transformational Project, Global Strategy, Schneider Electric, USA

Ronit Avni

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Localized, USA

Abayomi Awobokun

Chief Executive Officer, Enyo Retail & Supply, Nigeria

Asli Ay

Chief Investment Officer, Lioness Capital, USA

Nick Ayers

Managing Partner, Ayers Neugebauer & Co., USA

Dilek Ayhan

Special Adviser to the President and Management, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway

Dawood Azami

Editor, Multimedia, BBC World Service, United Kingdom

Muhammad Hammad Azhar

Minister for Energy, Ministry of Energy of Pakistan, Pakistan

Shiho Azuma

Chief Executive Officer, Lily MedTech Inc., Japan

Fatoumata Ba

Founder and Executive Chair, Janngo, Côte d’Ivoire

Reprise – WEF Commercial “By 2030 You’ll Own Nothing And You’ll Be Happy” – Uncensored

Might Be Taken Down By You Tube Soon – The Commercial was on this site https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/11/8-predictions-for-the-world-in-2030/
It has been deleted there already…

Check Out The Video For the Aims of the WEF. Its ALL shown in the Video by the WEF ITSELF…

It is suspected that the German politicians especially the former FDJ secretary Angela Merkel and possibly also “Manchurian Candidate” A. Baerbock (nominated as “Junge Führerin”, Young Leader by the WEF, as previously Merkel and Jens Spahn, Minister of Health, are following these “suggestions”. The German Supreme Court was filled with Merkel’s men in the last 16 years of her rule.

Es wird vermutet, dass die deutschen Politiker, insbesondere die ehemalige FDJ-Sekretärin Angela Merkel und möglicherweise auch die „Mandschurische Kandidatin“ A. Baerbock (vom WEF als „Junge Führerin“ nominiert, wie zuvor Merkel und Gesundheitsminister Jens Spahn, diesen „Vorschlägen“ folgen. Der Oberste Deutsche Gerichtshof wurde in den letzten 16 Jahren ihrer Herrschaft mit Merkels Auswahl besetzt.

Prof. Josef Franz Lindner (54), Verfassungsrechtler an der Universität Augsburg: „Mit Corona und Klima werden Freiheitsbeschränkungen zum Narrativ der deutschen Politik.“
Prof. Josef Franz Lindner (54), constitutional lawyer at the University of Augsburg: "With Corona and the climate, restrictions on freedom are becoming a narrative in German politics."

Idi Amin:. “There is freedom of speech, but I cannot guarantee freedom after speech.”

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive” – C.S. Lewis

Europa Gemeinsam Verenden – Freudscher Versprecher

Europe Ending Together - Freudian slip of the tongue

“FIVE FREEDOMS”: Model Bill 1: Vaccine Passport/Vaccine Discrimination Prohibition Bill

‘MODEL BILL AGAINST VACCINE PASSPORTS/DISCRIMINATION.’‘How to use this model bill:1/ Cut and Paste or Screenshot this model bill to your desktop.2/ Find your state rep HERE3/ Send the model bill in an email or as an attachment to your state representative with a request that he/she sponsor it in your state.4/ If you want us to count your outreach and add your name to a list of citizen advocates around Five Freedoms, bcc Info@dailyclout.Thank you for defending liberty!’

It is the policy of the State of __________ to safeguard medical privacy and liberty, which includes protecting the public from coercive COVID-19 vaccination.  It is the policy of the State of __________ to prohibit all forms of wrongful discrimination.  This section is intended to further these policies.  The State of __________ and all of its government entities and business affiliations are prohibited from requiring any person to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or to possess a COVID-19 immunity passport, immunity pass, or other evidence certifying vaccination or immunity status.  The persons and entities subject to this section are prohibited from discriminating against any person based on non-receipt of the COVID-19 vaccine or failure to possess a COVID-19 immunity passport, immunity pass, or other evidence certifying vaccination or immunity status.

  1. Definitions.

(a) “Governmental entity” means any unit of state or local government including, but not limited to, the governor, state agencies, counties, cities, towns, political subdivisions, boards, departments, commissions, and special districts and includes all agents, contractors, and employees of any government entity.

(b) “Business affiliation” means any company contracting with or doing business with the State of __________ or a government entity or receiving public funds through any means including contracts, grants, loans, or other disbursements of taxpayer money from the State of __________ or a government entity and includes all agents, contractors, and employees of any company.

(c) “Company” means any corporation, limited liability corporation, nonprofit corporation, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, business trust, joint venture, domestic or foreign sole proprietorship, other domestic or foreign entity or business association, or any other business organization and includes any subsidiary or parent company of any business organization.

(d) “Discrimination” means a government entity or business affiliation subjecting any person to refusal to hire, failure to promote, reassignment with significantly different responsibilities, reduction in pay, significant change in benefits, or employment termination and also means refusal to allow any person to enter or patronize a government establishment or an establishment of a business affiliation on the basis of such person’s vaccination or immunity status or failure to prove vaccination or immunity status or because the person declined to be vaccinated against COVID-19 for religious, philosophical, medical, or other reason or as a matter of individual medical privacy.

(e) “Direct threat” means a significant risk of substantial harm to the health or safety of the individual or others that cannot be eliminated or reduced by reasonable accommodation. The determination that an individual poses a direct threat shall be based on an individualized assessment of the individual’s present ability to safely perform the essential functions of the job. This assessment shall be based on a reasonable medical judgment that relies on the most current medical knowledge and/or on the best available objective evidence. In determining whether an individual would pose a direct threat, the factors to be considered include: (1) The duration of the risk; (2) The nature and severity of the potential harm; (3) The likelihood that the potential harm will occur; and (4) The imminence of the potential harm.

  1. Applicability.

(a) The State of __________ and all of its government entities and business affiliations may not require any person to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or to possess a COVID-19 immunity passport, immunity pass, or other evidence certifying vaccination or immunity status and further may not discriminate against any person based on non-receipt of the COVID-19 vaccine or failure to possess a COVID-19 immunity passport, immunity pass, or other evidence certifying vaccination or immunity status.

(b) The State of __________ and all of its government entities may not enter into a contract or give a loan, grant, or any other disbursement of taxpayer money to a business affiliation that requires a person to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or to possess a COVID-19 immunity passport, immunity pass, or other evidence certifying vaccination or immunity status.

(c) A business affiliation that violates this section materially breaches its contract with the State of __________ or government entity, rendering the contract voidable by the State of __________ or government entity.

  1. Exemption. Professional healthcare facilities treating COVID-19 patients may be exempt from this section where a direct threat exists that cannot be eliminated or reduced by reasonable accommodation.

4. Construction and severability. The provisions of this section shall be construed liberally to accomplish the policies expressed herein. The provisions of this section are severable. If any provision of this section or the application thereof is held invalid, the invalidity does not affect other provisions or applications of the section, which remain enforceable.

Sky News – Rowan Dean Sports ‘Danistan’s’ Latest ‘Specially Patented Protection Outfit’

Sky News host Rowan Dean has modelled the “latest specially patented Dan Andrews COVID protection outfit” designed to keep people 100 per cent safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier in the week an individual from a Melbourne quarantine facility wore a garbage bag during their transfer to the Pullman Hotel in Albert Park in a bid to avoid being identified, the Victorian Premier claimed at a press conference. Mr Dean said the Aussie black bin liner had many other uses which Mr Andrews might find useful such as packaging for federal Labor’s entire policy bundle. He also suggested it could be used to toss out millions of dollars-worth of lobsters which had to be tossed out due to Victoria’s snap five-day lockdown.

Sky News – Rowan Dean Touts Successful Outsider Action Against Great Reset Propaganda

Sky News host Rowan Dean has thanked faithful Outsiders viewers who took action against the ‘Ready to Reset’ online event hosted by the “once-respected” Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. Mr Dean said he was delighted to report “the event was a fizzer” due to Outsiders who made the effort to complain to the institute directly or to their local member. A chartered accountant who attended the online event said Mr Dean had “scared the Great Reset into oblivion” and Mr Frydenberg’s speech steered clear of climate change. “The only way we can stand up to this creeping woke garbage is calling it out and exposing it whenever and wherever we can,” me Dean said.

Sky News – The fight back against ‘lockdown lunacy’ has begun in London: Rowan Dean

“When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

Sky News host Rita Panahi says there are many throughout the UK who have been left “voiceless” throughout the harsh lockdowns, but there’s now a “fight back” against the lockdown lunacy. Thousands took to the streets in London to protest against the harsh lockdowns still in place throughout the country, despite high vaccination levels. Ms Panahi said the protesters simply want “their freedoms reinstated”. “You’ve had Boris Johnson’s government and Labour very much pro-lockdown, you’ve had the media be pro-lockdowns, there’s a lot of people who felt they’ve been voiceless throughout this pandemic,” she said. Sky News host Rowan Dean said the peaceful protests have shown the “fight back has begun against lockdown lunacy”.

Russel Brand – “You Will Own Nothing, And You Will Be Happy”? | The Great Reset

Elites are taking over! Our only hope is to form our own. To learn more join my cartel here https://www.russellbrand.com/join/​ and get weekly bulletins too incendiary for anything but your private inbox. *not a euphemism My Audible Original, ‘Revelation’, is released on 25 March US: http://adbl.co/revelation​ UK: http://adbl.co/revelationuk​ AU: http://adbl.co/revelationau​ CA: http://adbl.co/revelationca​ This week, the World Economic Forum reprised its annual meeting, albeit virtually, organised around “The Great Reset,” its effort to rethink the global economy. How do we separate the various conspiracy theories associated with the WEF from the genuinely dangerous ideas lurking beneath its stated agenda? Listen to my Under The Skin podcast here: http://luminary.link/russell​ Subscribe to my channel here: http://tinyurl.com/opragcg​ (make sure to hit the BELL icon to be notified of new videos!) Get my book “Recovery” here: https://amzn.to/2R7c810​ Get my book “Mentors” here (and as an audiobook!): https://amzn.to/2t0Zu9U​ Instagram: http://instagram.com/russellbrand/​ Twitter: http://twitter.com/rustyrockets​ Produced by Gareth Roy

Sky News – “You Will Own Nothing, And You Will Be Happy”: Warnings Of ‘Orwellian’ Great Reset

A terrifying coalition of big business and big tech are so confident and brazen they are promising the public “you will own nothing, and you will be happy” in an advertising campaign for a global reset, according to Sky News host Rowan Dean.

“What they should have added is ‘we the very rich will own everything and be even happier’,” he said. The Great Reset is a proposal set out by the World Economic Forum for a new globalised fiscal system which would allow the world to effectively tackle the so-called climate crisis.

Mr Dean said the plan intends to use the “tools of oppression” implemented during the pandemic, such as lockdowns and forced business closures as well as other measures destroying private property rights, to combat the coronavirus to achieve climate outcomes.

“I’ve spoken before about the insidious phrase Build Back Better which sounds like common sense but is in fact just one of several slogans for the Great reset, another being the Orwellian phrase the fourth industrial revolution”.

“This is as serious and as dangerous a threat to our prosperity and freedom as we have faced in decades.” Mr Dean warned viewers to think again if they believed this was just “crazy old Rowan with his conspiracy theories”.

“This garbage is already deeply embedded into our state and federal governments.”