ESSAY:”L’ etat, c’est moi!”Overthrow from above: Absolutist megalomania

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The “new normal” of a formed society in ideological lockstep seems to be the real goal of politics – a wet dream of top politicians and string pullers, unabashedly celebrated in public.

Unmistakably, the contemporary utopians (like their Marxist predecessors) think completely in terms of the collective and place its welfare above the individual. (“Common good before self-interest” one could say, as the pandemic fanatics did recently – overlooking out of ignorance that they made Führer’s favorite slogan their own).

Inalienable human rights of the individual are sacrificed to the total transformation and blanket control of society; even pluralism and free debate would only interfere. “Woke Cancel Culture” wants to remove the obstacles, not only the “wrong” words and arguments, but also the opposing people, at least make them politically harmless. (If it were “just” old-fashioned censorship, no one would have had to introduce a new term, or it would not have caught on as a concept).

What is frightening is this: in retrospect, one can effortlessly apply the term to the Nazi regime as well. The Gleichschaltung of the media and the public debate, the control of the citizen down to the smallest detail by block guards and informers (today also electronically), the subordination of individuals in favor of the collective, the exclusion of unpopular groups, the control also of entrepreneurship and industry in favor of political goals – are the parallels not obvious? Also “eugenics” and medical experimentation (towards the superhuman) are very much in fashion again.

Even racism returns: today, too, people are sorted by skin color and origin, only quasi the other way around – back then, gays or “gypsies” were considered pests to be eradicated from the “body of the people”, while today LGBTQ and ethnic “diversity” are promoted and the original majority population is instead scorned. You can call the new fascism “progressive” because of this, congratulations. But the mechanisms (as just listed) are not coincidentally eerily the same; the obsessive fixation on power to the point of criminalizing truly normal, decent citizens literally screams out the concept of totalitarianism.

Those who still adhere to the Marxist legend that Nazis and fascists are as such “right-wing” and that the extreme left is their fiercest opponent should finally read up on Hannah Arendt. A tyranny is not left or right, it is simply a tyranny with this or that ideological cloak. And recent history clearly proves that “leftist” dictatorship is no less inhumane: communism’s murder record exceeds that of the Nazis several times over and continues to grow; one need only look to China or North Korea. The silly slogan “We are leftists and therefore with the good guys” should really have had its day.

Of course, history never repeats itself exactly; today’s totalitarian politics is evolving in massively changed circumstances, for example, with – in buzzwords – the

Internet and computer technology, extreme international division of labor and global actors of a new kind, including in Europe the Brussels technocracy.

In the West as a whole, the massive loss of importance of the Christian churches and the dissolution of traditional values, in connection with the demographic self-sacrifice of the peoples.

Ecologism as a relatively new subject area with today’s climate mania as its culmination.

At the same time the (so far, no longer long lasting) strong increase of the world population, which is deplored in perverse reinterpretation as danger for mankind, against clear empirical facts. (To which for instance Jordan B. Peterson and Elon Musk emphatically point out).

What is unmistakably centrally relevant is the shift of scales to the global, with increasing self-sacrifice of Western nations and dissolution of their borders in favor of global migration.

Self-sacrifice is demanded culturally as well as economically and energy-politically, “for the climate”, underpinned by anti-colonialist and neo-racist folklore: these are explicit goals of left-wing subversive politics.
Superficial, contradictory, stupid and unworldly
The official legends, the morality-soaked lectures from the political-media-pedagogical-civil-social complex on this, however, are just the propagandistic curtain. The ideologems and slogans of the zeitgeist politics presented as “without alternative” are so superficial, contradictory, stupid and unworldly – they can’t be serious, can they? What is really behind it?

German “Energiewende” (and EU-wide “climate neutrality”); pandemic panic politics with lockdowns and “vaccination” fanaticism: more blind irrationality than with these priority topics is hardly conceivable. In both cases: totalitarian absolutized measures, counterproductive and dangerous, but whipped through at any price, since it was a matter of life or death – accompanied by hitherto unthinkable massive (self-)Gleichschaltung of the media and censorship as well as moral disparagement and exclusion of critical voices.

Exactly this “new normal” of a formed society in ideological lockstep seems to be the actual goal of politics – a wet dream of top politicians and string pullers, unabashedly celebrated in public.

Either this is quasi (cynically) rationally motivated, because quite other, hidden goals are to be achieved, or the power-drunk autocratic understanding of politics of the ruling elites has meanwhile taken on a life of its own and increased into a nihilistic frenzy, which conjures up the end of the world in order to cheerfully abandon the ideals of the Enlightenment. This is diagnostically the choice between plague and cholera; either way our civilization is at stake – but just not because of the conjured dangers, but because of the politics justified with it!

Every liberal-minded citizen, in whom there is still a spark of genuine Enlightenment thinking and Western respect for the individual, must stand up against it. There is no justification for the abolition of fundamental rights, ever – that is why they are fundamental rights. The same applies to the separation of powers, pluralism and the rule of law, in short: liberal democracy. None of these are luxuries, not just “nice to have,” but the very basis for the community’s ability to innovate, learn and perform, and even more fundamentally, for people’s trust – as sovereigns – in their own country.

For the established avant-gardists of the “Brave New World,” the common people are predominantly an obstacle. Only with patient “nudging” and indoctrination already in kindergarten would it take decades until all “voluntarily” join in. Even more so when some unteachable people stubbornly counter with “misinformation” and “conspiracy theories”.

Hence the installation and acclimation of various straitjackets in recent years; innate fundamental rights become conditioned acts of mercy by the rulers and basic rules of the rule of law become play material: no “Great Transformation” without the shameless bending of formerly inviolable rules. Redeclined, this means:

Freedom of speech: in principle, yes, but not for “hate speech”!

Freedom of trade, movement and assembly: otherwise gladly, but not when a bad cold is going around.

Open democratic competition: sure, but not for “right-wingers”.

Control of politics by the judiciary: only if it does not fundamentally endanger the government line.

The global-technocratic elites, which did not exist in this way half a century ago, for political and technical reasons, are resolutely pushing ahead with their plans, in solidarity both between the “Western” industrialized nations and between politics and the globally active companies with their mega-rich leaders. With a few hundred billion dollars you can buy almost anything, money is power. To state this critically is not anti-capitalism, because the super-rich are also destroying free markets and real (smaller, competitive) entrepreneurship.

Even before (the only extreme rich person to break out of the phalanx) Elon Musk published the “Twitter Files”, it was actually unmistakable that there is lively cooperation between “Big Government” and “Big Tech” (of course also “Big Pharma”) to silence political opponents and make ordinary citizens unquestioningly obedient. Against this backdrop, back to the initial question about the real source of “cancel culture” and political upheaval:

The activist “woke” rank and file are supposed to be the drivers of the action, or university professors with confused theses and ideological set pieces, or the media chatterers, “framing” functionaries and “fact checkers”? Or are these guys from the “chattering sciences” rather useful idiots? Who are not only by chance generously alimented from the coffers of the super-rich as well as the ruling politics?

Sometimes a healthy portion of vulgar Marxism does not result in the worst analysis. So presumably the dog wags its tail, not the other way around. The fact that large industrial corporations buckle when a few dozen Internet activists blow up a “shitstorm” is no counter-evidence: the zeitgeisty foot race is threatening not as such, but because it has real power behind it, from the federal government, the EU technocracy, finance with its increasing “ESG” morality. (What was it Brecht said … “What is breaking into a bank vs. setting up a bank?”)

The climate change protest terrorists are actually ridiculous, but they are sent ahead, tolerated and encouraged by those actually in charge. The “Black Lives Matter” radicals could have been easily controlled, but they have been allowed to trash, loot and torch entire neighborhoods in the US. The “pressure from the street” does not appear to be ordered by chance; the politically choreographed fight against the freedom of the Western societies’ own citizens is thus given emphasis and dressed up as a “grassroots movement.”

Even more ludicrous is the open alliance of the corporate leaders and politicians with the Chinese leaders. Not only are the “Western” actors engaging in dirty, bloody compromises for the benefit of the masters in Beijing, but they are also allowing Chinese interests to have an increasingly direct impact on Western nations. Bill Gates effectively control the WHO, and the WHO decides how to deal with the Corona virus. Anyone who opposes this is blocked on the Internet platforms, and criticism is punished by law as defeatism.

How long do supposedly democratic and free politicians in Western countries want to participate in this shabby game? How will they justify it? Well, they no longer need to justify themselves by now. Together, they are powerful enough to simply block out and bludgeon down dissent from their remaining, not yet sufficiently “convinced” citizens, verbally or in real terms. The action of German police forces against “covidiot” demonstrators was not a slip, but exactly as politically intended. “De-escalated” is only for leftist chaots and “Antifa”.

So that everything runs a bit smoother, the gullible among the media consumers are littered with zeitgeist narratives. “We all have to save the planet in global solidarity, accept our responsibility as colonial masters and bear consequences …” The baseless pseudo-scientific stupidities and slogans, brazen lies, ideological set pieces and the disgusting moral excess of the whole propaganda: a huge demagogic stultification of the citizens, whom one no longer imagines as “responsible”, but whose governesses one makes oneself.

All the mind muck from the state media and from the academically conceited water carriers of the rulers … one can basically no longer even take it seriously, argue against it, thus undeservedly valorize it. It is only scenery, diversionary maneuvers, obfuscation machines. Ridiculous – and yet dangerous, because the phrasemongering “superstructure” obscures what is really behind the decline of the West and civil liberties.

An international “elite” in absolutist megalomania has set out to really rule the world now. Their instruments, which are now under the control of the “right” functionaries and activists: the oligopolies of “Big Tech”, the big investment houses as controllers of industry and the state power apparatuses: they can – as just practiced – put bourgeois society into straitjackets with emergency decrees, synchronously worldwide; above all, they can distribute money practically without limit, with willing central banks also simply generate it.

Never has so much money been redistributed so quickly from small to large as with the pandemic policy: hundreds of billions of dollars or euros worldwide. Even with “energy transition” and “net zero” hundreds of millions become poorer (until starvation or freezing to death) and a few become immeasurably rich, not least dictators from Caracas to Riyadh to Beijing. How long will the populations of the “free West” put up with this? This question has been settled for the totalitarian-technocratic elites:

The free citizen as sovereign, “client” and controller of governments is practically disempowered. For the people can exercise this function only at the national level, where there is a common language – which is meant not only linguistically, but also in the sense of a predominantly common cultural heritage, well-rehearsed rules of coexistence. Of course: cultural diversity and tolerance are part of every modern industrial society. But diversity (pluralism) must also exist on the macro level, with different policy approaches of culturally diverse nations.

Instead, the global-technocratic “elite” is installing a unity regime, because supposedly the big problems can only be solved together and in step. The EU is the pet project of these circles, and its undemocratic behavior – not to mention blatant corruption – is now obvious. In the past, “subsidiarity” was occasionally insisted on, at least in Sunday speeches. Today, it is not even enough for a minimum of respect for, say, the Hungarians, who have once again rightfully and legitimately chosen their own government. Aberwitzig:

A marionette-like Commission president, who was not elected for this function by any citizen, claims together with her quasi-ministers, who have been concocted in back rooms, and a Kafkaesque civil service apparatus, a morally superior position to a national head of government who, as a person and in recognition of his concrete actions so far, has been emphatically confirmed in office by his people.

How are German citizens, with only the occasional vote, supposed to have any influence at all on what is agreed upon by the powerful at the European or even global level? Where is there still a control of power by the people? Where is real democracy? International law is upheld where it fits, but the peoples themselves become extras of a world government and its regional governors who are not really responsible to anyone. Already Brussels is far too far away from the peoples.

And what do the globally united powers now want “in terms of content”? To save the world by destroying the western nations by “net zero” and de-industrialization? By starving the world population, as “successfully” demonstrated in Sri Lanka? By abolishing all diseases with mRNA “vaccination” campaigns? By transformation of free citizens into all-time controllable (and lethally eliminable) consumer slaves as in China?

But the real self-appointed new world rulers can only implement their program by force: by not asking the peoples and the citizens anymore, or at most pro forma. Censorship, intimidation and total control of the public are inevitably part of this.

The confusion of the ordinary citizen by “woke” activists and their absurd campaigns is a useful distraction in this, and besides, one can put out of circulation the recalcitrants who still hold on to tradition, enlightenment and self-determination, for using wrong words – criminalized as “hate speech”.

We are sliding into a new absolutism, but not by God’s grace, but by the autocrats’ own perfection: pathological Caesar mania behind a facade of pseudo-rationality. Colloquially: dangerous lunatics. Perhaps the citizens should start talking again like at the regulars’ table. All together, and very publicly.


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