Statement of Magister Bernd Pulch

EANS-News: Statement of Magister Bernd Pulch


My name is Bernd Pulch, I have studied and
acquired the title Master (Magister) according to the academic laws.

Link to my Master´s thesis


I am the heir of the family bible and can therefore represent our
family based on this authority.

My family, my friends and I have be stalked in the internet and real
life, blackmailed and threatened by the serial criminals of “GoMoPa” which is an anonymous company with no real persons responsable and a fake impressum.

Even the name Goldman, Morgenstern & Partners is a fake. These persons have never existed as members of “GoMoPa”, the criminal organisation. All news of them are fakes.

Therefore we have informed the police. The relevant cases are in
Wiesbaden ( ST/0148943/2011), Hamburg (2100 Js 1108 / 10) and Berlin

All activities seem to be in connection with the so called Finance
Agency of “GoMoPa” which has already been sued by many persons and
companies for example by Wirecard and Meridian Capital.

Our family has and had many members who work and worked successfully
as entrepreneurs, secretaries of state, banker, lawyers, farmers,
politicians and also journalists.

We will prevent that our family name is violated.

I will therefore prosecute these criminals with the help of the
police. Magister Bernd Pulch London

end of announcement euro adhoc

Further inquiry note:

Bernd Pulch

General Global Media Ltd



See the press release of me in the media



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