On Thursday, February 18, a Minsk court condemned columnists Darya Chultsova and Katsyaryna Andreyeva from the free TV station Belsat to two years in jail. They were seen as liable of getting sorted out fights, regardless of the way that they were just running a live stream of the meeting being referred to. Columnists from nations around the globe have stood up on the side of these two ladies and common liberties safeguards have proclaimed them political detainees. Meduza relates how the criminal argument against Darya Chultsova and Katsyaryna Andreyeva happened and how their preliminary finished.

Against the setting of fights leading the pack up to the 2020 official decisions the previous summer, the Belarusian specialists completed a heightening crackdown on autonomous media. In June, Interior Minister Yury Karayeu (who was taken out from office only months after the fact) straightforwardly blamed columnists for getting sorted out exhibits — supposedly, journalists were utilizing live streams to organize the fights. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko (Alyaksandr Lukashenka) sponsored up Karayeu’s cases — and furthermore requested that writers working for unfamiliar outlets be removed from the country.

The Belarusian specialists didn’t stop there. Since the beginning of the fights in Belarus writers have been kept roughly multiple times; a large number of them were held in guardianship and thrashed by police (counting Meduza’s own unique reporter, Maxim Solopov). As indicated by the Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ), nine columnists are dealing with criminal indictments.

On February 9, perhaps the most prominent bodies of evidence against Belarusian writers went to preliminary — journalist Katsyaryna Andreyeva and camera administrator Darya Chultsova from Belsat TV had their first of four meetings in court. These two columnists work in announcing and live streaming, and were covering fight rallies.

Katsyaryna Andreyeva is 27 years of age — previously, she teamed up with Radio Svoboda, and was distributed in the autonomous Russian paper Novaya Gazeta. She began working for Belsat TV in the spring of 2017.

Daria Chultsova is four years more youthful — only 23 years of age. She moved on from the Faculty of History and Philology at Mogilev University and filled in as a correspondent prior to turning into a camera administrator. After the August 2020 official political race in Belarus, she moved to Minsk.

On Thursday, February 18, judge Natallya Buhuk saw the two young ladies as liable of “coordinating mass occasions that terribly abuse public request” and condemned every one of them to two years in jail.

A chase for writers

Andreyeva and Chultsova were captured on November 15, 2020. On that day, a remembrance rally was occurring in the Belarusian capital out of appreciation for Raman Bandarenka — a resistance nonconformist killed in Minsk. Individuals assembled close to Bandarenka’s home, in the patio of a private complex known as “Changes Square.” The specialists had closed down versatile Internet totally in Minsk that day, so the proprietors of a loft in a skyscraper sitting above the meeting’s area permitted Andreyeva and Chultsova to communicate a live stream from their home.

Towards night, the security powers brutally scattered the meeting, capturing a large number of its members. Outfitted exceptional powers officials separated the entryway of the condo that the writers were working from and blamed them for participating in the fights and defying security officials — both Andreyeva and Chultsova were condemned to seven days in regulatory confinement.

“Each time Katya [Katsyaryna Andreyeva] went to such an assembly she knew that she probably won’t get back. Adequately, after the 2020 decisions, a genuine chase for writers was proclaimed. Each time she left with a knapsack containing all the necessities if there should arise an occurrence of capture,” Andreyeva’s better half Ihar (Igor) Ilyash told Meduza.

Ilyash also works as a journalist for Belsat and has collaborated with Meduza on more than one occasion. According to him, Andreyeva fell ill after her arrest. She got a headache and then lost consciousness. She was escorted to the hospital and though the doctors didn’t find any serious injuries, they recommended that she see a neurologist and prescribed medications. Instead of being allowed to follow the doctors’ advice, Andreyeva and Chultsova were sent to the Okrestina Street detention center — a Minsk jail that became a symbol of police brutality amid the 2020 protests. 

Their four-person cell held a total of 11 people. The detainees weren’t given blankets or sheets and were forced to sleep on old mattresses.

A criminal case was opened against Andreyeva and Chultsova while they were still serving time in administrative detention — even though the court’s ruling on the administrative charges noted that there was no evidence of a crime in their actions. Andreyeva and Chultsova stood accused of “organizing and preparing actions that grossly violate public order.” State investigators claimed that the journalists had used the live streat to “gather the protesters” on “Changes Square,” which, in turn, disrupted public transit. The damage to “Minsktrans” was estimated at 11,526 Belarusian rubles (about $4,440).

The two women were transferred to a prison in Zhodino (a city located 50 kilometers, or 30 miles, from Minsk), which held many of the protesters arrested during the opposition demonstrations. Katsyaryna Andreyeva and Darya Chultsova pleaded not guilty to the charges. Belarusian human rights activists declared them political prisoners. The Belarusian Association of Journalists spoke out in their defense, as did the European Federation of Journalists. A number of Russian public figures also made personal appeals to Alexander Lukashenko demanding their release. 

On January 20, 2021, Ihar Ilyash published an open letter to the investigators handling the case against Katsyaryna Andreyeva and Darya Chultsova. “You’re slipping into complete absurdity — you’re [looking] Katsyaryna’s relatives in the eyes and saying that she supposedly isn’t a journalist, that she wasn’t fulfilling any professional duties on ‘Changes Square.’ Not only is this a blatant lie, but it also makes no sense: it’s as if a non-journalist can be illegally imprisoned,” he wrote.

Despite being arrested and charged, the two girls remained optimistic, their family members said. According to Ilyash, Katsyaryna often emphasized in her letters that she didn’t regret anything. Darya Chultsova’s mother Natallya also noted that her daughter never doubted her decision to become a journalist.

In total, there were four sessions in the trial of Katsyaryna Andreyeva and Darya Chultsova. The first took place on February 9 and the last on the morning of February 18.

Before the trial began Katsyaryna Andreyeva made an appeal. “My case is fabricated from beginning to end, and fabricated very ineptly. I consider this the revenge of the special forces for professional journalistic activity. On November 15, I was detained on a criminal order. On that day, the security forces told me: ‘You won’t conduct your live streams ever again!’ Then another criminal order was issued and they put me in jail,” said her statement, as read out by her husband Ihar Ilyash during a special press conference. 

According to Ilyash, the process itself was very strange. For example, only journalists from state media were allowed to attend the hearings. Ilyash is convinced that this was intended to draw international attention away from the trial, because it was covered by Le MondeBBCDeutsche Welleand many other international outlets.

Ilyash himself, who was also detained amid the protests and then placed in administrative detention, appeared in court as a witness. “They asked me about some details that had nothing to do with Katsyaryna and Darya. For example, do I have a marriage contract, what my salary is, and so on,” he told Meduza. 

In total seven witnesses were questioned in court. According to the defense, they weren’t able to say anything specific about the defendants’ alleged guilty. For example, when they questioned Nikolai Skorin, a pensioner who lives on “Changes Square,” he said that on November 15 he stood at his window for three hours and saw that the number 18 bus had stopped running. He also noticed a car in the courtyard which, in his opinion, could have “coordinated the protesters” and reported it to the police. That said, he didn’t see any journalists.

The owners of the apartment where the journalists ran their live stream also spoke in court — they emphasized that they didn’t hear any calls to participate in the rally from them. A “Minsktrans” employee by the name of Raman Pranovich was also called to the stand — he said that the disruptions to public transport were caused by protesters who blocked the road. The journalists’ relatives paid compensation to Minsktrans for the damages, after which the enterprise withdrew a separate claim against Andreyeva and Chultsova. 

The defense argued that the court hadn’t investigated what exactly had stopped the buses from running — perhaps it was the actions of the security forces, who themselves blocked roads in order to detain protesters. 

In addition, according to Ihar Ilyash, during the trial it became known that the investigators and the prosecutor’s office didn’t take issue with the entire multi-hour-long live stream, but rather with 12 short clips from the broadcast, in which Katsyaryna Andreyeva describes the actions of the protester and the security forces. The four specialists who provided linguistics analysis for the case agreed that the report didn’t contain any “signs of organizing” or inciting the actions of the protesters. 

In conversation with Meduza, Katsyaryna Andreyeva’s lawyer Syarhei Zikratsky also underscored that the prosecution didn’t provide any evidence that a crime was committed at all. In turn, Darya Chultsova’s lawyer Alyaksandr Khayetsky noted that investigators obtained many of the case materials in violation of the criminal procedure code. For example, they conducted searches of the journalists’ apartments without the necessary authorization.

In addition, Khaetsky pointed out that because mobile Internet was turned off in Minsk on November 15, it wasn’t even theoretically possible to use the live stream to direct the protesters’ actions.

Regardless, state prosecutor Alina Kasyanchyk reached the conclusion that the journalists’ had been proven guilty and asked the judge to sentence them to two years in prison.

“I haven’t committed any illegal actions. All of the materials point to my innocence. I hope for an honest and fair acquittal,” said Darya Chultsova in her final statement in court.

Katsyaryna Andreyeva spoke in detail about the working conditions for journalists in Belarus: “Each time I went to work I risked my health and my life. Nevertheless, I went to the epicenter of the events. I managed to hide from shooting with rubber bullets, explosions from stun grenades, and blows from truncheons. My colleagues were much less fortunate…on November 15 people came out to ‘Changes Square.’ I showed these events on a live broadcast. For this I was thrown in jail on a made-up charge.”

On February 18, the judge sided with the state prosecutor and sentenced each of the journalists to two years in prison. Lawyer Syarhei Zikratksy told Meduza that the defendants took the verdict calmly and are now planning to make an appeal.

Numerous journalists and politicians have already expressed their support for Katsyaryna Andreyeva and Darya Chultsova. Polish President Andrzej Duda demanded their release and called on the entire European Union to show solidarity and “to respond consistently and decisively to the ongoing suppression of fundamental rights and freedoms” in Belarus.

In conversation with Meduza, Ihar Ilyash told Meduza that Katsyaryna Andreyeva was prepared for any outcome: “We will survive all of these special services and prisons anyway. Our love is stronger than Lukashenko’s regime and certainly more durable than it.” Darya Chultsova’s sister Anastasia said that she was prepared for the worst, but still hoped for a fair trial.

“Katya and Dasha’s sentence isn’t just repression. It’s an act of terrorism aimed at intimidating the journalistic community. Let’s call it like it is: a war is being waged against us. They [the authorities] have declared war on us, because they’re terribly afraid of the truth, they’re afraid of facts. This means we should have a single response: even more truth and even more facts,” Ilyash underscored after the verdict.

The Secret List of Transgender, Gay and Lesbian Sport Stars unveiled

The Secret List of Transgender, Gay and Lesbian Sport Stars unveiled

Basketball player Jason Collins

Volleyball player J. P. Calderon

Tennis player Billie Jean King

Track and field athlete Andreas Krieger

Tennis player Hana Mandlíková

Swimmer Dominik Koll

Ice hockey player Charline Labonté

Handball player Katja Nyberg

Alpine skier Anja Pärson

American football player Michael Sam

Rugby player Gareth Thomas

Swimmer Ian Thorpe

Rugby player Louisa Wall

Professional wrestler Darren Young

Name Lifetime[1] Nationality Sport Sexual Orientation and/or Gender Identity [2]
Brian Anderson b. 1976  American Skateboarding Gay[3]
Helena Åberg b. 1971  Swedish Swimming Lesbian[4]
Graham Ackerman b. 1983  American Gymnastics Gay[5]
Nicola Adams b. 1982  English Boxing Bisexual[6]
Marilyn Agliotti b. 1979  Dutch Field hockey Lesbian[7]
Jenny Allard b. ?  American Softball Lesbian[8]
Kye Allums b. 1989  American Basketball Transgender[9]
John Amaechi b. 1970  English Basketball Gay[10]
Eric Anderson b. 1968  American Coach Gay[11]
Rhyian Anderson-Morley b. 1990  Australian Australian rules football Gay[12]
Nadine Angerer b. 1978  German Association football Bisexual[13]
Alyson Annan b. 1973  Australian Field hockey Lesbian[14]
Jen Armbruster b. 1975  American Goalball [15]
Rebekka Armstrong b. 1967  American Professional bodybuilding Bisexual[16]
Judith Arndt b. 1976  German Cycling Lesbian[17]
Seimone Augustus b. 1984  American Basketball Lesbian[18]
Ramona Bachmann b. 1990   Swiss Association football Lesbian[19]
Mianne Bagger b. 1966  Danish Golf Transgender[20]
Clare Balding b. 1971  English Jockey Lesbian[21]
Jason Ball b. 1988  Australian Australian rules football Gay[22]
Shawnacy Barber b. 1994  Canadian Track and field Gay[23]
Nicole Bass-Fuchs 1964–2017  American Professional bodybuilding Bisexual[24]
Betty Baxter b. 1952  Canadian Volleyball Lesbian[25]
Billy Bean b. 1964  American Baseball Gay[26]
Shelley Beattie 1967–2008  American Professional bodybuilding Bisexual[27]
Mack Beggs b. 1999  American Wrestling Transgender[28]
Kajsa Bergqvist b. 1976  Swedish Track and field Bisexual[29]
Thomas Berling b. 1979  Norwegian Association football Gay[30]
Mark Bingham 1970–2001  American Rugby Gay[31]
Sue Bird b. 1980  American Basketball Lesbian[32]
Alex Blackwell b. 1983  Australian Cricket Lesbian[33][34]
John Blankenstein 1949–2006  Dutch Association football Gay[35]
Brian Boitano b. 1963  American Figure skating Gay[36]
Tom Bosworth b. 1990  British Race walker Gay[37]
Yvette Bova b. 1962  American Professional bodybuilding Bisexual[38]
Brittany Bowe b. 1988  American Speed skater Lesbian[39]
Sabine Braun b. 1965  German Track and field Lesbian[40]
Ashleigh Brazill b. 1989  Australian Netball Lesbian[41]
Linda Bresonik b. 1983  German Association football Lesbian[42]
Belle Brockhoff b. 1993  Australian Snowboard Lesbian[43]
Giorgia Bronzini b. 1983  Italian Cycling Lesbian[44]
Harrison Browne b. 1993  Canadian Ice hockey Transgender[45]
Chantal de Bruijn b. 1976  Dutch Field hockey Lesbian[46]
Steve Buckley b. 1956  American Journalist Gay[47]
Karin Büttner-Janz b. 1952  German Gymnast Lesbian[48]
Anastasia Bucsis b. 1989  Canadian Speed skating Lesbian[49]
Brendan Burke 1988–2010  American Ice hockey Gay[50]
Glenn Burke 1952–1995  American Baseball Gay[51]
Kris Burley b. 1974  Canadian Gymnast Gay[52]
Balian Buschbaum b. 1980  German Track and field Transgender[53]
Ivan Bussens 1960–2007  English Water polo Gay[54]
Jeffrey Buttle b. 1982  Canadian Figure skating Gay[55]
Latasha Byears b. 1973  American Basketball Lesbian[56]
Caitlin Cahow b. 1985  American Ice hockey Lesbian[57]
J. P. Calderon b. 1975  American Volleyball Gay[58]
Liz Carmouche b. 1984  American MMA Lesbian[59]
Betty Carstairs 1900–1993  English Motor racing Lesbian[60]
Isadora Cerullo b. 1991  American
Rugby Lesbian[61]
Parinya Charoenphol b. 1981  Thai Boxing Transgender[62]
Julie Chu b.1982  American Ice hockey [63]
Laura Clemesha b. 1992  Australian Netball Lesbian[64]
Jason Collins b. 1978  American Basketball Gay[65]
Sean Conroy b. 1992  American Baseball Gay[66]
Natalie Cook b. 1975  Australian Beach volleyball Lesbian[67]
Rose Cossar b. 1991  Canadian Gymnastics Lesbian[68]
Roberta Cowell 1918–2011  British Motor racing Transgender[69]
Gottfried von Cramm 1909–1976  German Tennis Bisexual[70]
Scott Cranham b. 1954  Canadian Diver Gay[71]
Toller Cranston 1949–2015  Canadian Figure skating Bisexual[72]
Lisa Cross b. 1978  English Professional bodybuilding Bisexual[73]
Orlando Cruz b. 1981  Puerto Rican Boxing Gay[74]
John Curry 1949–1994  English Figure skating Gay[75]
Donal Óg Cusack b. 1977  Irish Hurling Gay[76]
Lisa Dahlkvist b. 1987  Swedish Association football Lesbian[77]
Tom Daley b. 1994  British Diving Gay[78]
Steven Davies b. 1986  English Cricket Gay[79]
Liam Davis b. 1990  English Association football Gay[80]
Wade Davis b. 1977  American American football Gay[81]
Casey Dellacqua b. 1985  Australian Tennis Lesbian[82]
Elena Delle Donne b. 1989  American Basketball Lesbian[83]
David Denson b. 1995  American Baseball Gay[84]
Sonya Deville b. 1993  American Professional wrestling Lesbian[85]
Chris Dickerson b. 1939  American Professional bodybuilding Gay[86]
Carlien Dirkse van den Heuvel b. 1987  Dutch Field hockey Lesbian[87]
Michael Dos Santos b. 1983  Brazilian Volleyball Gay[88]
Robert Dover b. 1956  American Equestrian Gay[89]
Nancy Drolet b. 1973  Canadian Ice hockey Lesbian[90]
Michelle Duff b. 1939  Canadian Motor racing Transgender[91]
Christian Duffy b. 1961  American Professional bodybuilding Bisexual[92]
Michelle Dumaresq b. 1971  Canadian Mountain biking Transgender[93]
Abby Dunkin b. 1995  American Wheelchair basketball Lesbian[94]
Simon Dunn b. 1987  Australian Bobsled Gay[95]
Imke Duplitzer b. 1975  German Fencing Lesbian[96]
Pascal Erlachner b.1980   Swiss Association Footballreferee Gay[97]
Matt Evers b. 1976  American Figure skating Gay[98]
Emilia Fahlin b. 1988  Swedish Cycling Lesbian[44]
Janelly Farías b. 1990  Mexican Association football Lesbian[99]
Justin Fashanu 1961–1998  English Association football Gay[100]
Freda du Faur 1882–1935  Australian Mountaineering Lesbian[101]
John Fennell b. 1995  Canadian Luge Gay[102]
Gigi Fernández b. 1964  Puerto Rican Tennis Lesbian[103]
Nilla Fischer b. 1984  Swedish Association football Lesbian[104]
Amini Fonua b. 1989  Tongan
 New Zealander
Swimming Gay[105]
Mark Foster b. 1970  English Swimming Gay[106]
Fallon Fox b. 1975  American MMA Transgender[107]
Larissa Franca b. 1982  Brazilian Beach volleyball Lesbian[108]
Travon Free b. 1984/1985  American Basketball Bisexual[109]
Tadd Fujikawa b. 1991  American Golf Gay[110]
Tracy Gahan b. 1980  American Basketball Lesbian[111]
Edward Gal b. 1970  Dutch Equestrian Gay[112]
Rudy Galindo b. 1969  American Figure skating Gay[113]
Vicky Galindo b. 1983  American Softball Bisexual[114]
Ed Gallagher 1958–2005  American American football Gay[115]
Melanie Garside-Wight b. 1979  English Association football Lesbian[116]
Terry Garvin 1937-1998  Canadian Professional wrestling Gay[117]
Jane Geddes b. 1960  American Golf Lesbian[118]
Alan Gendreau b. 1989  American American football Gay[119]
Derrick Gordon b. 1991  American Basketball Gay[120]
Inka Grings b. 1978  German Association football Bisexual[121]
Bobby Goldsmith 1946–1983  Australian Swimming Gay[122]
Andrew Goldstein b. 1983  American Lacrosse Gay[123]
LZ Granderson b. 1972  American Journalist Gay[124]
Emile Griffith 1938–2013  American Boxing Bisexual[125]
Brittney Griner b. 1990  American Basketball Lesbian[126]
Joan Guetschow b. 1966  American Biathlon Lesbian[127]
Peter Häggström b. 1976  Swedish Track and field Gay[128]
Matthew Hall b. 1970  Canadian Figure skating Gay[129]
Gro Hammerseng b. 1980  Norwegian Handball Lesbian[130]
Alan Hansford b. 1968  English Cricket Gay[131]
Kwame Harris b. 1982  American American football Gay[132]
Todd Harrity b. 1990  American Squash Gay[133][134]
Kyle Hawkins b. 1970  American Lacrosse Gay[135]
Bruce Hayes b. 1963  American Swimming Gay[136]
Sandra Haynie b. 1943  American Golf Lesbian[137]
Hurley Haywood b. 1948  American Motor racing Gay[138]
Jayna Hefford b. 1977  Canadian Ice hockey Lesbian[139]
Mathew Helm b. 1980  Australian Diving Gay[140]
Jorik Hendrickx b. 1992  Belgian Figure skating Gay[141]
Bianca Henninger b. 1990  Mexican Association football Lesbian[142]
Isabell Herlovsen b. 1988  Norwegian Association football Lesbian[143]
Carl Hester b. 1967  British Equestrian Gay[144]
Keegan Hirst b. 1988  British Rugby Gay[145]
Thomas Hitzlsperger b. 1982  German Association football Gay[146]
Edel Therese Høiseth b. 1966  Norwegian Speed skating Lesbian[147]
Ursula Holl b. 1982  German Association football Lesbian[148]
Erika Holst b. 1979  Swedish Ice hockey Lesbian[149]
Laurel Hubbard b. 1978  New Zealander Weightlifting Transgender[150]
Karen Hultzer b. 1965  South African Archery Lesbian[151]
Mia Hundvin b. 1977  Norwegian Handball Bisexual[152]
Anton Hysén b. 1990  Swedish Association football Gay[153]
Daniela Iraschko-Stolz b. 1983  Austrian Ski jumper Lesbian[154]
George Ives 1867–1950  English Cricket Gay[155][156]
Helen Jacobs 1908–1997  American Tennis Lesbian[157]
Colin Jackson b. 1967  Welsh Hurdling Gay[158]
Angela James b. 1964  Canadian Ice hockey Lesbian[159]
Patrick Jeffrey b. 1965  American Diving Gay[160]
Brianne Jenner b.1991  Canadian Ice hockey Lesbian[161]
Dorte Dalum Jensen b. 1978  Danish Association football Lesbian[162]
Barbara Jezeršek b. 1986  Slovenian Cross-country skiing Lesbian[163]
Xu Jingsen b. ?  Chinese Surfing Gay[164]
Glory Johnson b. 1990  American Basketball Lesbian[165]
Gus Johnston b. 1979  Australian Field hockey Gay[166]
Rosie Jones b. 1959  American Golf Lesbian[167]
Steffi Jones b. 1972  American
Association football Lesbian[168]
Orlando Jordan b. 1974  American Professional wrestling Bisexual[169]
Natasha Kai b. 1983  American Association football Lesbian[96]
Chris Kanyon 1970–2010  American Professional wrestling Gay[170]
Maud Kaptheijns b. 1994  Dutch Cyclocross Lesbian[171]
Peter Karlsson 1966–1995  Swedish Ice hockey Gay[172]
Kathleen Kauth b. 1979  American Ice hockey Lesbian[173]
Johan Kenkhuis b. 1980  Dutch Swimming Gay[174]
Gus Kenworthy b. 1991  American Freestyle skiing Gay[175]
Isabel Kerschowski b. 1988  German Association football Lesbian[176]
Sanne van Kerkhof b. 1987  Dutch Speed skating Lesbian[177]
Lotte Kiærskou b. 1975  Danish Handball Lesbian[178]
Billie Jean King b. 1943  American Tennis Lesbian[179]
Sandra Kirby b. 1949  Canadian Rowing Lesbian[180]
Stine Brun Kjeldaas b. 1975  Norwegian Snowboard Lesbian[181]
Ilana Kloss b. 1956  American Tennis Lesbian[182]
Dominik Koll b. 1984  Austrian Swimming Gay[183]
David Kopay b. 1942  American American football Gay[184]
Daniel Kowalski b. 1975  Australian Swimming Gay[185]
Katja Kraus b. 1970  German Association football Lesbian[186]
Andreas Krieger b. 1966  German Track and field Transgender[187]
Janae Marie Kroc b. 1972  American Powerlifting Transgenderbisexual[188]
Kim Kulig b. 1990  German Association football Lesbian[189]
Charline Labonté b. 1982  Canadian Ice hockey Lesbian[190]
Alexandra Lacrabère b. 1987  French Handball Lesbian[191]
Kim Lammers b. 1981  Dutch Field hockey Lesbian[192]
Jessica Landström b. 1984  Swedish Association football Lesbian[193]
Lauren Lappin b. 1984  American Softball Lesbian[194]
Mark Leduc 1962–2009  Canadian Boxing Gay[195]
Mapi León b. 1995  Spanish Association football Lesbian[196]
Hedvig Lindahl b. 1983  Swedish Association football Lesbian[197]
Ylva Lindberg b. 1976  Swedish Ice hockey Lesbian[149]
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Matthew Lister b. 1992  British Canoeing Gay[199]
Ari-Pekka Liukkonen b. 1989  Finnish Swimming Gay[200]
Joanna Lohman b. 1982  American Association football Lesbian[201]
Lella Lombardi 1941-1992  Italian Motor Racing Lesbian[202]
Greg Louganis b. 1960  American Diving Gay[203]
Cheryl Maas b. 1984  Dutch Snowboard Lesbian[181]
Yusaf Mack b. 1980  American Boxing Gay[204]
Liliane Maestrini b. 1987  Brazilian Beach volleyball Lesbian[108]
Hana Mandlíková b. 1962  Czech Australian Tennis Lesbian[205]
Robbie Manson b. 1989  New Zealand Rowing Gay[206]
Brian Marshall b. 1965  Canadian High jump Gay[207]
Christy Martin b. 1968  American Boxing Lesbian[208]
Amélie Mauresmo b. 1979  French Tennis Lesbian[209]
Collin Martin b. 1994  American Association football Gay[210]
Stephany Mayor b. 1991  Mexican Association football Bisexual[211]
Marnie McBean b. 1968  Canadian Rowing Lesbian[212]
Robert McCall 1958–1991  Canadian Figure skating Gay[213]
Ray McDonald 1944–1993  American American football Gay[214]
Lindsy McLean b. 1938  American American football Gay[215]
Erin McLeod b. 1983  Canadian Association football Lesbian[216]
Linda Medalen b. 1965  Norwegian Association football Lesbian[217]
Simona Meiler b. 1989   Swiss Snowboard Lesbian[218]
Conner Mertens b. 1994/1995  American American football Bisexual[219]
Kim Meylemans b. 1996  Belgian Skeleton Lesbian[220][221]
Harriet Metcalf b. 1958  American Rowing Lesbian[222]
Theresa Michalak b. 1992  German Swimming Lesbian[223]
Linda Mienzer b. 1965  Bermudian Cricket Lesbian[224]
Hans Peter Minderhoud b. 1973  Dutch Equestrian Gay[112]
Matthew Mitcham b. 1988  Australian Diving Gay[225]
Eric Mitchell b. 1992  Canadian Ski jumping Gay[226]
Chris Morgan b. 1973  English Powerlifting Gay[227]
Jim Morris 1936–2016  American Professional bodybuilding Gay[228]
Chris Mosier b. 1980  American Triathlete Transgender[229]
Valerie Mulcahy b. 1983  Irish Gaelic football Lesbian[230]
Nadine Müller b. 1985  German Discus throwing Lesbian[231]
Nina Müller b. 1980  German Handball Lesbian[232]
Susann Müller b. 1988  German Handball Lesbian[233]
Martina Navratilova b. 1956  Czech
Tennis Lesbian[234]
Ondrej Nepela 1951–1989  Slovakian Figure skating Gay[72]
Robert Newton b. 1981  English Track and field Gay[235]
Bente Nordby b. 1974  Norwegian Association football Lesbian[162]
Scott Norton b. 1982  American Bowling Gay[236]
Jana Novotná b. 1968  Czech Tennis Lesbian
Diana Nyad b. 1949  American Swimming Lesbian[237]
Katja Nyberg b. 1979  Swedish Handball Lesbian[238]
Graeme Obree b. 1965  Scottish Cycling Gay[239]
Ryan O’Callaghan b. 1983  American American football Gay[240]
Ryan O’Meara b. 1984  American Ice dancing Gay[241]
Brian Orser b. 1961  Canadian Figure skating Gay[242]
Caroline Ouellette b.1979  Canadian Ice hockey [243]
Nigel Owens b. 1971  Welsh Rugby referee Gay[244]
Robert Páez b. 1994  Venezuelan Diving Gay[245]
Šárka Pančochová b. 1990  Czech Snowboard Lesbian[246]
Bob Paris b. 1959  Canadian
Professional bodybuilding Gay[247]
Sandy Parker b. 1952  Canadian Professional wrestling Lesbian[248]
Lily Parr 1905–1978  English Association football Lesbian[249]
Anja Pärson b. 1981  Swedish Downhill skiing Lesbian[250]
Pat Patterson b. 1941  Canadian Professional wrestling Gay[251]
Maartje Paumen b. 1985  Dutch Field hockey Lesbian[87]
Lee Pearson b. 1974  English Equestrian Gay[252]
Otto Peltzer 1900–1970  German Track and field Gay[253]
Mike Penner 1957–2009  American Journalist Transgender[254]
Beate Peters b. 1959  German Track and field Lesbian[40]
Erin Phillips b. 1985  Australian BasketballAustralian rules football Lesbian[111]
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Aslie Pitter b. 1960  English Association football Gay[257]
Brian Pockar 1959–1992  Canadian Figure skating Gay[213]
Hope Powell b. 1966  English Association football Lesbian[258]
Lauren Powers b. 1961  American Professional bodybuilding Bisexual[259]
Eric Radford b. 1985  Canadian Figure skating Gay[260]
Megan Rapinoe b. 1985  American Association football Lesbian[261]
Lisa Raymond b. 1973  American Tennis Lesbian[262]
Stephen Rhodes b. 1984  American Motor racing Gay[263]
Renée Richards b. 1934  American Tennis Transgender[264]
Helen Richardson-Walsh b. 1981  British Field hockey Lesbian[46]
Kate Richardson-Walsh b. 1980  British Field hockey Lesbian[46]
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Lucia Rijker b. 1967  Dutch Kickboxing Bisexual[266]
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Anderson Cooper about the notorious Russian Agents and their US Election Involvement

Anderson Cooper about the notorious Russian Agents and their US Election Involvement


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The Secret Network of Google Founder Larry Page Unveiled

The Secret Network of Google Founder Larry Page Unveiled

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