TOP-SECRET – NSA Cybercom Running Anonymous Operations

A sends:”NSA Cybercom Running Anonymous Operations”

reads very… confusing. especially with Anonymous being capitalized. could you maybe rephrase, “operations run anonymously” or alike?

Cryptome: NSA Cybercom is cloaking its anonymous covert operations with Anonymous spoofing, a common practice of multiple TLAs, to hide, to divert, to smear, to create suspicion and paranoia, and to justify attacks and counter attacks. The purpose of the file title is to call attention to the practice. The FBI has been doing it more openly and with sockpuppetry. As has France, Great Britain, Israel, Iran, China, NATO, and a slew of other anonymizing entities, governmental, commercial, educational, NGOs, individuals and … umm, your ideas are likely better than mine.

Please share them for the debate about Anonymous and other forms of online and offline spoofing and exposure has hardly begun.

27 July 2012

NSA Cybercom Running Anonymous Operations

General Alexander, who rarely speaks publicly, did not say how many attacks had occurred in that period. But he said that he thought the increase was unrelated to the release two years ago of a computer worm known as Stuxet, which was aimed at taking down Iran’s uranium enrichment plant at Natanz.

When the worm inadvertently became public, many United States officials and outside experts expressed concern that it could be reverse-engineered and used against American targets. General Alexander said he saw no evidence of that.

General Alexander, as head of the N.S.A., was a crucial player in a covert American program called Olympic Games that targeted the Iranian program. But under questioning from Pete Williams of NBC News at a security conference here, he declined to say whether Stuxnet was American in origin; the Obama administration has never acknowledged using cyberweapons. …

General Alexander spoke in a 75-minute interview at the Aspen Security Forum at the Aspen Institute here. The New York Times is a media sponsor of the four-day conference.


Cryptome: Alexander, contrary to previous DIRNSAs, is speaking quite often to gin cyber-aggression as dual-use head of NSA and Cybercom, first for defense second for offense, both now ordered to expound open cyber-threat propaganda to parallel long-standing covert information operations.

Among a slew of commercial initiatives drumming cyber conflict, the Aspen Security Forum aims to be the premier war-bloviation platform, heavily empaneled by former USG officials now shilling for the national security industry. NY Times sponsorship is indicative of the perdurable wartime financial benefits for the media in conjunction with financial markets. Bloviation blows ill winds, the storm front gaining force during presidential campaigns.

Cyber attacks on the US, do not forget them, they are legion, expect them, thanks to NSA/Cyber Command Anonymous operations.