Cryptome – Uncle Fester Decries Copyright Infringement

Uncle Fester Decries Copyright Infringement


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Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 18:55:23 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: uncle fester decries copyright infringement

“Steve Preisler” = Uncle Fester.

I am amazed that his name is public. His personal story is sympathetic personally. But I think his attitude towards “piracy” is biassed because he’s a “content creator”. If you don’t recognize his pseudonym, please read all the way through. His “piracy” opinions are to be excused in the Grand Scheme because of his other saintly behaviors, and also, they’re just his opinion.

Summary: the premiere author of accurate practical clandestine chemistry books does not like Kim Dot Com because the latter supports “theft” of the former’s publications. Overall though Steve Preisler seems brilliant, articulate, and as effective as say Julian or Jim Bell or or Dread Pirate Roberts or even yourself 🙂 as an Army of One cultural destabilization / freedom fighter.

First, enjoy this:

“The worst thing of all about the net is the prevalence of copyright piracy. People have come to expect the right to steal! That is one way to get valid information on controversial topics off the net. Just download a stolen copy of a genuine book on the subject you are interested in. The people who run these download sites are repulsive in every way. Take the example of Mr. Dotcom who ran Megaupload. Fat-assed, pimple-faced and cowardly are just some of his better traits. I would simply love to be locked inside a cage with him for a few weeks. We would have one-on-one counseling sessions as I would teach him about the evils of stealing other people’s work.” –Uncle Fester

Now some background and I suggest that googling “Steve Preisler” will amaze.

He gets pissed at being jailed for applied chemistry so he opens Pandora’s Box. For two decades and some change, the underground writer known as “Uncle Fester” has been writing genuinely influential books. While his name may not come up  in graduate dissertations and intellectual salons, the import of Fester’s oeuvre can be descried in the hand-written labels of sealed evidence bags and in the photo-documented environs of police-cordoned clandestine drug labs all over the globe.

Although they present information that can be gleaned from standard chemistry texts, books like Home Workshop Explosives, Silent Death, and of course, Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture are perennial candidates for state censorship. Indeed, the mere existence of such literature can be enough to disturb the sensibilities of otherwise stalwart defenders of the First Amendment.

It may not help that Fester is a competent ­ and damn entertaining ­ writer who knows his shit and does his homework. A onetime National Merit Finalist who repeatedly aced his SATs, Fester double majored in chemistry and biology at Marquette University, graduating with a BS degree and a bright future. It was around this time that a taste for tweak landed Fester ­ then known as Steve Preisler ­ behind bars, a fateful turn out of which, like Sade and Genet, he would find his true calling, and have his revenge.