Glenn Greenwald, Associate of Edward Snowden, talked to “MK” about his revelatory book

By Andrew Yashlavsky

Former CIA technical officer and U.S. National Security Agency Edward Snowden disclosed secrets of U.S. intelligence, now famous in the whole world. Glenn Greenwald is known to a narrow circle of people. But it is precisely this American blogger and journalist and Guardian columnist who published Snowden’s information. “MK” contacted Greenwald and asked him a few questions.

Glenn Greenwald is going to publish a book based on the revelations of Snowden and warns those who may wish to silence the “whistleblower”: “He has already distributed thousands of documents and made sure that different people around the world have the full archive. If anything happens to him, these documents will be made public. This is his insurance. The U.S. government should daily pray on their knees no harm happens to Snowden. Because if that happens, all of this information will be released and it will be the worst nightmare for the United States.”

And Snowden, according to Greenwald, “has enough information that in just one minute could cause more damage to the U.S. government than anyone else has ever done in the history of the United States.”

– Glenn, you’re going to write and publish a book dedicated to exposing the activities of U.S. intelligence on the basis of materials disclosed by Snowden. Is it possible to know more detail about this? – “MK” asked the American journalist.

– In this book I tell the story of how I started working with Edward Snowden as my source of information about the large-scale secret spy program, which was created by the United States government, and then turned on its own citizens and the rest of the world. In my book, I will also explore reasons why such a system threatens fundamental freedoms and privacy.

– Are not you afraid for your own safety, after all, in the book you’re going to touch on sensitive issues for the U.S. government. Would not you, too, like Snowden, be pursued by the U.S. government?

– A couple of prominent American leaders have called for me to be arrested. But, fortunately, the Constitution of the United States guarantees freedom of the press. Of course, over the last decade-plus, the U.S. government has repeatedly argued that it is re-examining some legal or constitutional framework. However, since I live in Brazil, it will be very difficult for the American authorities to prevent the emergence of a book I’m writing.

– You are now in contact with Edward Snowden?

– I have been in contact with him, but Mr. Snowden is now very focused on fulfilling the conditions that required by the Russian government so that he could stay in Russia. And as a result, our communication is reduced to a discussion of his general condition and the response of the United States and around the world to texts written by me.

– In general, what do you think about his decision to seek asylum in Russia? In your opinion, is the right place for people like Snowden?

– I think a refuge from political persecution is an extremely important right in the international legal system. There is no doubt that the United States pursues “whistleblowers”: anyone who exposes serious violations of the law, fraud and corruption of U.S. officials. That is exactly what Mr. Snowden did. Around the world there are few countries in which there is both an opportunity and a desire to use the above-mentioned whistleblower law, instead of suggestions to capitulate to the U.S. Russia is one of those countries. So it’s understandable why he decided to seek asylum there …

Glenn Greenwald did not respond when asked about his means of communication with Snowden.