US Secret Service Visits Cryptome


7:30PM, June 18, 2013. Guccifer Bush Family Contact List Removed In Response to Two US Secret Service Agents Visit to Cryptome at Request of Bush Family. More Information Available at New York Office of the US Secret Service: 718-840-1000.

Original source of Cryptome’s mirror of Guccifer Bush Family Contact List remains online at 6:50AM 6/19/13 (and at 7:00AM 6/20/13):

An account of the visit provided to Gawker for its interview of Cryptome:

Young and Nastios emailed this account of the visit:

Two USSS agents appeared at our door about 7:30PM, June 18, 2013 showed ID and badges.

They asked are you John Young of Cryptome holding up a NY motor vehicle photo.

We said yes that’s us.

They showed a Guccifer file listing Bush Family contacts said do you recognize this.

We said yes.

They said we are here at the request of the Bush Family to ask you to remove the Guccifer file, posting it is not illegal, “freedom of information,” it contains nothing secret, the family is concerned, some live in New York City, we are politely asking for its removal.

We asked what would happen if the file was not removed.

They said we don’t know, will report your response up the line.

We said we see what you are saying.

They asked if we had met or knew Guccifer.

We said no no.

They said he’s pretty active.

We said she or he.

They asked how did you get the file.

We said anonymously.

They asked by email?

We said cant tell.

They said understood.

We asked to see their IDs again.

They said you are not going to publish our names are you we know you do that.

We said yes we do and will.

They showed their badges while covering their photos and names.

They said this is not being recorded is it.

We said no lifted our shirt offered to drop our sweats.

They said not necessary this is not an NSA thing.

We said the NSA thing’s a hoot.

They said yes yes.

They said thank you for courtesy.

They said call NY Secret Service to vet us then departed.

We got NY SS number online made the call.

NY SS said we cannot answer questions call this number in DC.

We called DC got a number disconnected message with a number to call and called that number.

DC SS answered White House Operations Center.

We said NY SS told us to call you to vet agent visit.

DC SS said that makes no sense call NY SS again.

We called NY SS again and said what DC SS said.

NY SS went away for several minutes then asked are you at this NY address.

We said yes.

NY SS said we confirm two SS agents visited you.


Cryptome removed the document, though a link to a copy hosted by a third-party remains prominently displayed on their website.

Another account:

In an email to Examiner, John Young said, “Cryptome has a gaggle of responses to removal requests and demands. Nothing is ever fully removed, not by us, not by the Net. The USSS acknowledged that, implying with a grimace that the Bush Family knows that too.”