Interview with Edward Snowden in ARD

“USA operate industrial espionage”

In the world’s first television interview of former U.S. intelligence official Edward Snowden he has reiterated his belief that the United States spied on foreign business enterprises.

In conversation with the NDR journalist Hubert Seipel, Snowden said that he did not want to pre-empt future publications by journalists and could – in his view, but there should be no question how the United States behaved. U.S. intelligence agencies spied not only politicians and other citizens: “If there is information about Siemens that benefits the national interest of the United States, but have nothing to do with national security, they take this information anyway,” he said. Snowden has been granted initial asylum in Russia.

A few days ago an NSA spokeswoman stressed that the intelligence agencies were not involved in industrial espionage. Background to this was a report in the “New York Times” that the U.S. intelligence could implant computers with radio bugs.

Previously German politicians had called for a possible no-Spy Agreement with the United States that should also include a waiver of industrial espionage.

Snowden emphasized to ARD that he himself was no longer in possession of explosive material, but he had passed it to selected journalists and therefore to the public. He will have no influence on possible publication. The show today at 20.00 clock is a first cut from the interview. The interview was produced in collaboration with the North German broadcasting and production company Cinecentrum.

The first showing of the entire interview today of essential excerpts in the ARD interview broadcast ” Günther Jauch ” at 21.45 clock and following at 23.05 clock in full length also a first.