SKY – Meghan Markle Is A ‘Menace To Free Speech’: Bolt

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Sky News host Andrew Bolt says Meghan Markle and some of her defenders in the media are a “menace to free speech”. According to Mr Bolt, last week Britain’s media watchdog Ofcom defended presenter Piers Morgan’s right to call Markle “unbelievable, untrustworthy, someone who makes stuff up” following her interview with Oprah Winfrey. “The thing is, Meghan Markle does indeed tell the most unbelievable stories about what a victim she is and how terrible the Royal Family is and woe is me,” he said.

“Even if you do believe Meghan Markle, surely a journalist, a presenter is entitled to question her claims, that’s free speech. “But the scary thing about that is not even Morgan’s bosses at ITV believe in free speech anymore, in the right to doubt Meghan Markle.” Mr Bolt said ITV’s decision to dump Morgan following thousands of complaints – including from the Duchess of Sussex herself – was a “sin against journalism, and now Britain’s media policeman Ofcom has suggested exactly that”.