David Gilkey and his Afghan interpreter, Zabihullah Tamanna

Dear RSF Members and Friends,

We heard the very sad news on Sunday that veteran NPR photographer and video reporter, David Gilkey, was killed in Afghanistan along with his Afghan interpreter Zabihulla Tamanna. The Humvee they were riding in was hit by rocket-propelled grenades in an apparent ambush, according to NPR. The driver, a soldier from the Afghan National Army, was also killed.

This tragic news highlights again how journalists and photographers risk their lives every day to bring information out of dangerous areas to the listening world. Our lives would be very different if there were not people in the world like David Gilkey.

As RSF mourns another loss in the journalism community, we share this news with you as members and friends of this same community — one that understands the importance of press freedom around the world. Thank you for your support.

The Reporters Without Borders team

Reporters WIthout Borders


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