Anti-Vaxxers Disrupt WEF’s Baerbock Chancellor Campaign Event In Stuttgart

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Anti-vaccination protesters interfered with Green Party chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock’s campaign event in Stuttgart, on Tuesday. With whistles, trumpets, loudspeakers, and megaphones, the protesters tried to drown out the politician’s speech at Marienplatz. Protesters were holding up signs reading ‘Hands off our children’ and ‘Basic rights instead of privileges’ and chanted ‘Baerbock has to go’ at the stage during the whole speech. Some protesters were wearing yellow armbands labelled ‘unvaccinated’ comparing the vaccination process and its regulations to the Nazi rule. Baerbock addressed the protest and offered to answer their questions after the event. “You only have to be patient for 20 minutes, just like at school, and I’ll be happy to answer your questions,” she said. The Green cancidate is currently on a campaign tour for the German federal elections set for September 26. Her next stops will be Wurzburg, Erlangen, and Munich on September 22.

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