WORLD EXCLUSIVE – The Chinese WEF Connection – Oliver Schwab &amp His Chinese Wife

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“China is on a mission for better engagement in the world economy. At last year’s Davos forum, President Xi Jinping emphasized that in the era of globalization, nations are more linked to each other and it’s vital for international partners to coordinate their development. How can the Davos forum help in repairing a fractured world? Olivier Schwab, managing director and head of the business engagement of the World Economic Forum, tries to answer this question.” End of CGTN citation. CGTN is a Chinese State financed media.

Fact: Klaus Schwab has been married to Hilde Schwab from Schaffhausen since 1971. The couple live in Switzerland and have two grown children, Nicole Schwab, co-founder of the Gender Equality Project in 2009, and Olivier Schwab, who is married to a Chinese woman and heads the WEF office in Beijing.