Russel Brand – “You Will Own Nothing, And You Will Be Happy”? | The Great Reset

Elites are taking over! Our only hope is to form our own. To learn more join my cartel here​ and get weekly bulletins too incendiary for anything but your private inbox. *not a euphemism My Audible Original, ‘Revelation’, is released on 25 March US:​ UK:​ AU:​ CA:​ This week, the World Economic Forum reprised its annual meeting, albeit virtually, organised around “The Great Reset,” its effort to rethink the global economy. How do we separate the various conspiracy theories associated with the WEF from the genuinely dangerous ideas lurking beneath its stated agenda? Listen to my Under The Skin podcast here:​ Subscribe to my channel here:​ (make sure to hit the BELL icon to be notified of new videos!) Get my book “Recovery” here:​ Get my book “Mentors” here (and as an audiobook!):​ Instagram:​ Twitter:​ Produced by Gareth Roy