WEF’s Chinese Connection – Klaus Schwab – Alain Mérieux – Xi – THE AXIS OF WORLD DOMINATION

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Chinese President awarded friendship medals to ten foreigners – Kalersangbad

December 18, 2018: In this picture we recognize Alain Mérieux, the older man right, at that time still CEO of bioMérieux and next to him our … “We can still learn a lot from China” – Klaus during the award of the “Reform Friendship” Award “to Alain Mérieuxin the presence of Xi Jinping in the Great Hall of Peoples in Bejing. Not really questionable for me. Hanging out with Klaus – you can do it, but you don’t have to.

I was puzzled when I wanted to find out how to get hold of this prestige award and lo and behold … Alain Mérieux visited Schwab’s dream home China as early as 1978, where he decided on a comprehensive and permanent cooperation with Beijing.
The cooperation should focus on the following areas: tuberculosis prevention, infection control, and the prevention and control of new infectious diseases – the “new infectious diseases” will sound very exciting until then.
But it will be even more exciting, because Alain Mérieux not only promoted medical cooperation between China and France for decades, but also built production facilities for research and development as well as high-level biosafety laboratories in China.
With his help, research in biomedicine and the prevention and control of infectious diseases could be improved. – I wonder, could she really do that?
In October 2004 the “Sino-French cooperation agreement for the prevention and control of emerging infectious diseases” was signed by China and France.
In March 2014, during a state visit to France, China’s President Xi Jinping visited the Mérieux Research Center for Life Sciences.
At this point I would like to briefly mention the Mérieux Foundation … a quick look at the source will certainly not hurt – Horizon 2020 and Bill Gates send their regards in addition to Health Minister Professor Chen Zhu, Alain Mérieux was also Co-President of the Franco-Chinese Committee for Emerging Infectious Diseases. In this role, Alain Mérieux played a key role in setting up the P4 high-security laboratory … which opened in Wuhan in 2014. – Yep, the very same lab that hasn’t had really positive headlines lately.
During the construction of the P4 high security laboratory in Wuhan, the potential BSL-4 laboratory workers were sent to France, the United States or Australia for BSL-4 training –

Here the question arises: Why to Australia?
By the way, the reason why Alain Mérieux received this award is because in China he is considered a pioneer in supporting Chinese medical cooperation with the whole world. – So a little “thank you” from China.

SOURCE: https://twitter.com/CarettiFabio/status/1443131214831960072/photo/1