The VENGEFUL Execution Of Irma Grese – The Hyena Of Auschwitz

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Following the end of the Second World War in Europe, the true crimes of the Nazi regime and the Third Reich became unveiled to the world. With each concentration camp that was liberated, the horrors of the Holocaust were revealed to the world. The shocking and dispicable crimes committed under the cover of World War 2 shocked the world, and the world demanded justice. After the war, one of the most high profile trials of the war criminals was the Nuremberg Trial, but many other high ranking members of the SS faced justice. Irma Grese was a young female prison guard who’s crimes at Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen became revealed to the world.

After Bergen-Belsen was liberated, she would be arrested after it was discovered she was a guard. She was only 22 when she was sentenced to death for horrific crimes such as randomly killing prisoners, or brutally beating them. She would also set her dogs on the poor prisoners, but the press when placed on trial would label her ‘The Beautiful Beast,’ or the ‘Hyena of Auschwitz.’ Witnesses would claim and tell of Grese’s cruelty and how she would select prisoners for death based on their looks. She was a truly despicable person, but justice would be administered. In Hamelin Prison, Grese would meet her end at the hands of famous British executioner Albert Pierrepoint, along with a number of other guards who were sentenced to death following the Belsen Trials.

So join us today as we look at ‘The VENGEFUL Execution Of Irma Grese – The Hyena Of Auschwitz.’