SKY – Milley Acted ‘Responsibly’ In Calling China Twice

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The Australian Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan says he thinks US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Milley had acted “responsibly” after it was reported he called China twice. Mr Milley reportedly twice called his counterpart in the Chinese dictatorship, General Li Zuocheng to assure him of the ‘stabilisation’ of the American government and claimed he would tell him if America was ever going to attack. “If Trump ordered an attack on China, and Milley said ‘no, I’m in the chain of command, you can’t do that’, Trump could sack Milley, Milley would be sacked, Trump could restate the order and the order would be carried out,” Mr Sheridan told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“So, the most that Milley could do is delay things for maybe 24 hours. “Milley may not be the greatest bloke in the world, but I think for him simply to say ‘the President seems very unstable, if there’s an order for a military action, it has to go through me as the top soldier’, I’m glad that he did that.”