Kinder-Sexualaufklärung” unter falscher Flagge – “GoMoPa 4 Kids ...

GoMoPa “Sexual Education Website” is now offline

The serial criminal Klaus Maurischat (“GoMoPa”), who has had several criminal records, has his own portal only for children and their “sex education”:
Here, the multiple previous criminal fraudster (AZ: 28 Ls 85/05) explains what “masturbation” and other sexual practices are supposed to be about: “True or false: rumors of masturbation!
If you cannot or do not want to educate your children yourself, you should leave this to GoMoPa.
Crazy stories are still told about masturbation. We’ll tell you what’s right and what is a lie! ” is happy to take care of your offspring.
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The previously convicted fraudster did not answer our press request on the sensitive topic at all, but instead sent a gentleman “Siegfried Siewert” who tried to prevent the appearance of the explosive information with threatening phone calls and emails.

Kinder-Sexualaufklärung” unter falscher Flagge – “GoMoPa 4 Kids ...

Spicy: “Siegfied Siewert” is, as many “GoMoPa” connoisseurs know, a self-chosen pseudonym for Klaus Maurischat.
And: The “GoMoPa” children’s website is hosted exactly where Maurischat’s GoMoPa webpage and numerous cyberstalking ransom pages assigned to it are hosted.
It is also astonishing that Maurischat has repeatedly accused his numerous cyberstalking victims of sex offenses with children – of course there was nothing true about these anonymous allegations.


The “funny uncle and child friend” Klaus – Dieter Maurischat

Maurischat lived and lives in Saõ Martinho do Porto, again and again.