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“Circumcised boys can no longer masturbate!

Totally wrong! Circumcised boys can masturbate as well as uncircumcised boys. Most of the time, they just have to change their technique. About every fifth boy in Germany is circumcised. This means that his foreskin was shortened during an operation so that his glans is permanently exposed. The main reason for circumcision for most people was a foreskin narrowing (phimosis), which caused pain when the foreskin was pulled back. Few can be circumcised because they simply like a penis without a foreskin.

Where the rumor comes from:

Most guys masturbate by grasping their penis and pushing the foreskin back and forth. But what if there are no foreskins left to slide back and forth? For some there is obviously only one consequence: Then it doesn’t work anymore with masturbation! Not correct!

The truth is:

Every boy can satisfy himself – whether with or without a foreskin! So that the hand can slide over the sensitive penis shaft even without a foreskin, many boys use some body lotion or lubricant. Since a circumcised boy can no longer irritate the glans by pushing the foreskin back and forth, he performs the stimulating hand movements up to the glans. This is usually a little less sensitive for guys without a foreskin.

One thing is clear: after circumcision, every man has to get to know his little friend again and try out how he reacts to rubbing or petting. So if it doesn’t work as lustily as it did before circumcision – don’t despair! After a circumcision surgery, it may take a few months for you to get used to the new situation. Until then, just try and practice.

Girls masturbate with their fingers in their vagina!

It does not work that way! Sure, you can do that. But if you want to reach orgasm, it doesn’t work that way.

Where the rumor comes from:

Probably because many girls and boys do not know that a woman inside the vagina is not particularly excitable. The pleasure center of the woman is not the vagina, but her clit (the clitoris). And that is not in the vagina, but outside, between the labia – towards the navel – where the inner labia meet!

The truth is:

A woman usually comes to orgasm when she rubs her clit! Trying to masturbate a girl by shoving her finger in her vagina and moving it back and forth may make her feel pleasant – but she doesn’t get to climax this way. But if she stimulates her clit and the area around it, it is much more exciting for her.

Incidentally, it is the same with intercourse. Few women come to orgasm simply through the in-out movements of the penis in the vagina. Most also need to stimulate their clitoris with their hands in order to reach their climax.

Rumor: boys come quickly, girls slowly!

Right, at least mostly! Men often come before women during sex.

Where the “rumor” comes from:

Anyone who has had sex with a partner knows this from their own experience. But men’s previous orgasm has nothing to do with male lust or impatience. And the later orgasm of women is not due to less lust or a messed up sexuality.

The truth is:

Much easier! Men are just more excitable than women. Women need more time to orgasm. There are biological reasons for this. In young men, this is mainly due to the high concentration of sex hormones. Add to that the excitement and the lack of experience of how you can control your arousal yourself. That is why it happens again and again that a boy cums as soon as he touches his penis. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Every man can learn to delay his orgasm a little without effort. Why that makes sense: Because then he can enjoy his lust longer.

But if a girl does not reach climax for a long time or not at all despite exertion, this is usually due to another reason: Then, when she masturbates, she does not or only insufficiently stimulates her pleasure center – the clitoris.

The fact is: everyone can learn to control their arousal themselves! Whether someone comes quickly or takes ages to come depends above all on how well they know their body and its sexual reactions. Who knows where and how he is particularly excitable can quickly get his satisfaction or extend the enjoyment of his excitement as long as possible. This applies to girls as well as boys.

Tip: Sometimes an orgasm takes more than just a few clever manipulations on the penis or vulva. Because as you know, lust arises in the head. If you shoot an exciting love scene with your dream partner in your fantasy while masturbating, this will also fuel your physical pleasure. So you get to the climax faster.

Masturbation is harmful to your health!

Not correct! The opposite is the case: masturbation is good for you as long as you don’t overdo it and injure yourself!

Where the rumor comes from:

Another rumor that only pursues one goal:
Forbid young people from masturbation! And why? Because sex – like that
the Catholic Church still sees it today – have only one goal
should: make children! So one has put evil illnesses in masturbation:
It’s supposed to make you crazy and soften your brain. The body should
leach out and lead to consumption. . . Complete nonsense!

The truth is:

Masturbation is healthy! Masturbation relaxes you emotionally and
physically! Many girls and boys satisfy themselves to stress and excitement
to dismantle and concentrate on one task again. Whoever
regularly satisfied, even prevents various diseases.
Research has even shown that people who are self-satisfied
live longer.

What masturbation is good for:
With masturbation you learn your body, its sensitivity and yours
know sexual preferences. Only when you know where you are particularly excitable
and you know your body and your sexual preferences well, you can too
show your partner which tenderness excites you and which tend to excite you
turn off. This is a prerequisite for having good and satisfying sex
to have.

Masturbation is immoral!

Whether that’s right or wrong, that is
Matter of opinion. Because morals are different. We say:
Masturbation is absolutely not immoral!

Where the rumor comes from:

Every time has its moral ideas. That would still be in the early 19th century
Dr. Sommer team has been beheaded for his info pages for masturbation.
Even in the middle of the 20th century there would have been jail for this. And still
30 years ago, issues of youth magazines were censored because there
Masturbation has been described as normal and morally harmless!

The truth is:

Whether masturbation is moral or immoral is a matter of opinion! In
In a pluralistic society like ours there are different ones
Opinions about whether something is morally acceptable or immoral.

Depending on who you ask, you will get different answers. Almost all
Educators, psychologists, doctors and scientists keep masturbation
today for a perfectly normal part of a healthy sex life. On the other hand
Masturbation is still considered in some religious contexts
sentenced immorally. That’s the way it is in a democracy.

But the fact is: almost all people
satisfy yourself! Some more, some less. And even those
those who don’t are perfectly fine! Masturbation is part of healthy sexual development
to. This is the only way you can know the sexual reactions of your body
learn and recognize what is good for you and what is not!

So you have to find out for yourself
what attitude you want to take for masturbation. The best way is
if you just try it out for yourself. You don’t need yourself for that
to be ashamed.

Too much masturbation can be addictive!

No! But some can after
Relaxation and the addiction to happiness become addictive, which is the masturbation

Where the rumor comes from:

People can be addicted to many things: addicted to love, to television
or computer games, after cigarettes, alcohol, tablets or illegal
Drugs, addicted to work, recognition, or jealous. Clear,
that you can become addicted to masturbation. But that’s the way it is
it’s not easy. It is worth taking a closer look. . .

When are you addicted to?
Masturbation? If you do it every day? Or at least three times
Day? Or more often? It is not the frequency that is decisive, but the frequency
Intent that is associated with masturbation.

Do you do it all the time because you avoid all stress and problems
want, it becomes a problem in the long run. Then you use masturbation,
to run away from your everyday problems. It can become a kind of addiction.

But do you do it because you enjoy the feeling and SB makes your life happier and
makes you more relaxed, then it has nothing to do with addiction. Not even if
you do it several times a day for a while.

The truth is:

Masturbation makes you happy in the short term! This is because the
Masturbation in the body happiness hormones that are released
Provide special well-being and relaxation at short notice.

Sure, you always want that. Especially when this pleasure
is still quite new. Then it may well happen that someone happens several times a day
masturbated to get the quick feeling of happiness.

But: the happiness hormones for the
quick kick are also distributed when someone falls in love or a
has a special sense of achievement. And most quickly realize that they are
to get that good feeling in a different way. That is why the danger is through
becoming addicted to too much masturbation, very little.

Sexuality is a basic need!
Sexuality is one of the basic human needs, such as eating and drinking
or sleeping. That is why it is natural when someone wants to have sex
or has masturbation.

That is why the desire for sex is particularly special among young people
great because sex is something new for them that arouses their special curiosity.
Obviously you want to do it as often as possible.

In addition, the production of
Sex hormones are particularly high during puberty. That means: That
The desire for lustful activity is stronger in adolescents than in
Adult. But since most still don’t have a sex partner, they keep them busy
yourself all the more intensely with yourself. This is completely normal. That also has
Don’t look for anything to do.

Masturbation is especially the boys!

Not correct!

That has changed a long time ago! Our survey on at more than
16,000 girls and almost 14,000 boys resulted in: 96% of the boys and 82% of the
Girls satisfy themselves.

At the latest since the beginning of the emancipation movement in the late 1960s
In the past century, many realized what has long been a matter of course
is: Women also have sexuality! And regardless of the

Where the rumor comes from:

It may sound strange today. But for a long time, the sexuality of women
determined by men’s sexual needs. This also resulted in
that women hardly cared for their own bodies sexually.

Only gradually did women discover their own sexual needs and
learned that they feel lust even without intercourse with a man

In fact, a survey in the mid-1960s found that there were only about
every fifth woman (20%) has satisfied herself. The more confident
Women learned to deal with their sexuality, the more interest developed
she also at masturbation.

The truth is:

Today almost as many girls (82%) masturbate as boys (96%)! One and only
Difference: Boys do it more often than girls on average.

And: don’t masturbate
only teenagers! Other surveys among adults conclude:
At least 90% of all men and about 75-80% of all women satisfy themselves

After 1,000 shots it’s over!

Not correct!

Behind this hoax is the idea that a boy is in the
Puberty, when the testicles start producing sperm, once with sperm cells
“fully fueled”. From then on, he must keep his sperm supply
organize. Because that is supposedly only enough for about 1,000 ejaculations. This is
of course nonsense! The male body produces sperm for life!

Some guys already have ejaculations after one or two
two years. If the rumor was true they would be 15 or older
16 unable to produce. So all nonsense!
Feedback geben

Where the rumor comes from:

The rumor started at the beginning of the 19th century
of industrialization. People should focus on their work
and do not waste their power unnecessarily during sex. Therefore sit down
Scientists, churchmen and doctors rumor in the world that everyone
Ejaculation irretrievable energy to the body


So masturbation became more valuable as a senseless squandering
branded physical energy that must be prevented by all means.
Although this is nonsense, this rumor has spread to the population in some places
kept until today.

The Truth About Ejaculation:

The sperm never go out! The testicles take them at the beginning of puberty
Production of sperm. From this point on, the
Testes produced up to 1000 sperm cells per second. That is almost 900
Millions of sperm cells a day. With every effusion only about 80 to flow
200 million sperm cells. A daily production is enough for many

But: if you have a longer one
Periods of masturbation several times a day are the sperm cells in the epididymis
and sometime empty in the seminal vesicles because more is “used up”
is being reproduced as can.

This causes the sperm content in your semen to decrease.
You can recognize this by the fact that your effusion is then more transparent and somewhat overall
becomes less. This goes on until you take a masturbation break. Within
from 4 to 5 days the camps are packed again.

In contrast to women, where the production of egg cells in the menopause
stops, a healthy man produces sperm for life. So you go
never out.

You get pimples from masturbation!

Not correct! That is also one
False report of the worst variety that has only one purpose: youngsters from
Stop masturbating!

The common thing about this rumor: It
holds! Many still believe in it. Because many young people who
masturbate, actually have pimples. But they come from somewhere else.

Where the rumor comes from:

Until the 1980s, the claim was that there was
a connection between acne and masturbation, particularly common.

This is why generations of young people were doubly ashamed:
On the one hand for their blemished skin, on the other hand for the fact that the pimples are said to be
was the visible evidence of their “dirty” lifestyle. That
The rumor has persisted with some grandparents, parents and their children to this day
has, is that masturbation is still an issue for many today
Is a taboo subject. That means: Hardly anyone talks about it!

The truth is:

You don’t get pimples from masturbating! They are a result of hormone changes
of the body in puberty. At the beginning of puberty sets in boys and girls
the production of sex hormones. As a result of the hormone change comes
in many adolescents there is cornification and inflammation of the skin pores.
The result: pimples develop. That with the start of production of sex hormones
most teenagers also feel like masturbation
nothing to do with the development of pimples and acne.

Wanking makes the penis crooked!

Not correct! Have curvatures of the penis
nothing to do with masturbation.

Where the rumor comes from:

Rubbing your penis to orgasm every day, sometimes even a few times
in a row – that must leave traces! There are many of them
Young people are convinced. Because – so many believe – there is a penis
usually straight. That’s not true!

The truth is:

No penis gets crooked from too much masturbation! Whether limp or stiff:
No penis is straight! No matter whether your stiff penis is left or
right, curved up or down. Or whether he was having an erection
above, below or something to the side shows: All of these are neither malformations nor
the consequences of excessive masturbation. These are normal variations of the
Nature. You do not need to be ashamed of it and can easily have sex with it
to have.

Where penile curvatures come from:

For the stiffening of the penis there are three erectile tissues running in parallel
responsible. Two of them run on the top of the penis, the third –
which also surrounds the urethra – in the middle of the bottom.

When aroused, the erectile tissue fills with blood and stiffens it
Penis. Is one of the erectile tissue a little shorter than the others – what
is often the case – then the penis bends slightly during an erection
this direction. This way you can bend in all possible directions
occurrence. It has nothing to do with masturbation!

Only singles do masturbation!

Not correct! Masturbation is one
very own form of sexuality, which you never quite through partner sex
can replace.

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