‘Political Pressure’ May Be Seen In Lawsuit Against Prince Andrew

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Sky News Washington correspondent Annelise Nielsen says there’s going to be some “political pressure” in the lawsuit between Australian resident Virginia Giuffre and Prince Andrew, who’s close to the royal family.

The lawsuit will be held under the Child Victims Act and will commence at the Manhattan federal court. “How do you enforce this internationally, there’s going to be some political pressure enacted as you can imagine given that this is so close to the royal family and that is going to be a key issue,” “But it’s likely they will be able to force at least some kind of response out of Prince Andrew, they’ll be a summons and that’s going to be the critical issue here.

“And likely there’s going to be some kind of push for a reciprocation as well between the two countries because they are allies, they do have a number of different pieces of legislation that require them to share this information on critical issues.”