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THE FUHRER GIVES THE JEWS A CITY – Life in Theresienstadt Camp

This film is about a concentrated place in a Czechoslovakian city named Theresienstadt, given to the Jews for preparations to deport them to either Israel or Madagascar.


This is not a Hollywood back-lot. This is not a ‘reenactment’ from false testimony. This is the real thing.

Adolph Hitler had signed an agreement with the Zionists in 1933, to transport the Jews (Khazars) of Europe to Israel. Along with their wealth. On German ships (flying the swastika flag) and trains. This was called the “Transfer Agreement.” (Documentary available on Internet Archive.

“The Theresienstadt (camp) City Orchestra” (from

“The City Band of Theresienstadt was led by Peter Deutsch, former conductor of the Royal Danish Orchestra. …. “Isn’t it all miraculous?”, wrote Willi Mahler, a music-lover, describing his impressions of the Great Holiday Concert of 25 June 1944 in his diary. “The German soldier is losing the struggle for his existence in the West, South and in Eastern Europe, and the Jews, sealed off in the … atmosphere of Theresienstadt, are allowed to listen to promenade concerts and have their own band, at the order of the German administration of our own settlement” (p. 225). Upon the approach of the Red Army, the lyrics of the Czech musical numbers got even cheekier: “… in the end, we’ll all laugh when everybody shits on Germany” (p. 292).

In the 1970’s, the stories passed down about the WW-2 German prison camps were welded together into a narrative we now call “the Holocaust” – meaning “the burnt offering.” Through telling and re-telling, the Holocaust has grown to a multi-million dollar industry, and has changed to mean something particular to Jewish history. It has been used to found a nation (Israel), and to justify many exceptions to morality.

Investigations of physical evidence and original documentation, however, have cast doubts on the Holocaust narrative that has been formed. For example, areas claimed to be mass graves, have been found with modern investigative technology to contain no human remains. Testimonies of accused perpetrators show evidence of outright fabrication, or were obtained through torture. Many of the supposed eyewitnesses have provided stories riddled by inconsistencies, describe physically impossible events, or were even total frauds who were never actually in the camps.

If the Holocaust narrative is false, the ramifications are far reaching. Ethnic Germans have been slandered for decades on the basis of the Holocaust. Terrorism used in the founding of Israel was justified through it. It was even used to justify the slaughter, rape, and murder of millions of ethnic Germans after World War 2.

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