Is Candidate Baerbock A Lobbyist? 50 Million EUROS In Subsidies For Hubbie’s Project “StreetScooter” – Financial Disaster

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PR professional, “Greens Kloppo”, soon to be a full-time father? This is  Annalena Baerbock's husband – Pledge Times
“Young Global Leader” Baerbock and her hubby Holefleisch

Annalena Baerbock was according to her official biography 2013-2017 “climate policy spokeswoman” for the German Greens. She is currently a deputy member of the Bundestag Committee for Economic Affairs and Energy and a member of the parliamentary advisory board of the German Renewable Energy Association (BEE).

This means that she is in a leading position in an association that was associated with her husband Daniel Holefleisch’s employer, the Deutsche Post DHL Group.

According to Linkedin, Holefleisch was Oct. 2004 – Feb. 2017 “Head of Division Corporate Contacts / Fundraising” for the “Greens”. At the same time as the new Merkel government took office in 2017, he got a position as “Senior Expert Corporate Affairs” at the quasi-state Deutsche Post DHL Group, which at the time decided to undertake a massive restructuring towards “climate neutrality” – with millions of own funds and has sunk this funding since then. The Deutsche Post DHL Group is 20.5% owned by the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, i.e. the federal government.

One can assume that the green political lobbyist Holefleisch was brought into the Post Group to promote “climate projects”, writes the Rheinische Post, a German newspaper from Nordrhine Westfalia, the region where Armin Laschet candidate for the conservative CDU is in charge.

“As a long-time employee of the green party headquarters, Holefleisch was able to provide the best contacts. And since May it has been clear that this could possibly include the Chancellery. Holefleisch’s wife Annalena Baerbock has been candidate for Chancellor of the eco party since then. “

Swiss Post’s flagship project in terms of climate was the purchase of the electric car manufacturer “StreetScooter” in 2014, which, despite many millions of euros in government subsidies, turned into a debacle. Since 2019, the Post has been trying to sell the high-deficit company without success. StreetScooter is expected to cease production in 2022. The switch from a manufacturer to a pure fleet operator will cost around 300–400 million euros, according to Deutsche Post boss Frank Appel.

StreetScooter has received more than 50 million euros in subsidies from federal funds since 2012, according to a small inquiry from the FDP 2020. According to WirtschaftsWoche in 2020, the company received around 35.3 million euros from funding programs from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Federal Ministries for the Environment, Transport and Research alone.

Part of this funding even went directly to Deutsche Post AG, according to the Federal Government’s response to the FDP: As part of the ‘Renewable Mobile’ funding program of the Ministry of the Environment, “StreetScooter GmbH has been with 3.1 million euros since 2012 and Deutsche Post AG funded with 19.9 million euros. “

In addition, the federal government subsidizes the sales of the StreetScooter with an environmental bonus, through which buyers can have part of the purchase price reimbursed. According to the StreetScooter website, this is up to 12,000 euros in funding per vehicle.

“The federal government subsidized StreetScooter buyers with a total of 20.2 million euros. Most of this should have gone to Deutsche Post DHL, which took over the start-up in 2014 and now has more than 11,000 StreetScooters in its own fleet, ”said WirtschaftsWoche 2020. There are now more than 15,000.

Spicy: StreetScooter GmbH was a member of the “Bundesverband E-Mobility” (BEM), which is still listed as a member on its website. According to a BEM spokeswoman, StreetScooter “left the association after the restructuring”. The spokeswoman could not give a specific date for this exit “for reasons of data protection law”.

The Federal Association for E-Mobility is in turn a member of the Federal Association for Renewable Energy (BEE), of which Annalena Baerbock is a member of the Parliamentary Advisory Board. The BEE advertises on its website “the largest electric fleet in Germany”, the Deutsche Post DHL Group with the “self-developed StreetScooter”.

According to a BEE spokesman, however, the Deutsche Post DHL Group is “neither a member of the BEE nor involved in the BEE in any way”.

In other words: Annalena Baerbock’s husband Daniel Holefleisch worked as a company fundraiser for the Greens for 13 years before he switched to the quasi-state Deutsche Post AG as a lobbyist – with no apparent experience in the field of transport and logistics – in order to promote an area which, at least in the case of StreetScooter GmbH, turned into a financial catastrophe despite massive state subsidies. Baerbock is, in turn, an advisory board member in the lobby association, of which Deutsche Post’s StreetScooter was a member until recently.

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