NYPD Domestic Violent Extremist Imagery Awareness Guide January 2021 Revealed

Recent high-profile mass-casualty attacks in the West have demonstrated the enduring threat posed by a wide range of racially/ethnically motivated violent extremists and conspiracy-driven malicious actors, including those inspired by far-right, neo-Nazi, and white supremacist worldviews. Due to this concerning trend, the NYPD Intelligence Bureau advises law enforcement to maintain awareness of key symbols, icons, and graphics associated with or appropriated by domestic violent extremist movements that- in some cases were observed during the January 6 deadly and destructive riot at the U.S. Capitol. While possession of these symbols is protected under the first amendment and is not alone sufficient grounds for arrest or prosecution, several of these symbols have been used to convey threats in acts of vandalism and harassment. Identification of these graphics may provide members of service critical opportunities for improved officer safety during tense mass gatherings, investigative lead generation, and threat mitigation.