49 journalists were killed, 389 are currently in prison and 57 are being held hostage in 2019

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Here is the report about 49 journalists who were killed this year 2019 just for doing their job, 389 are currently in prison and 57 are being held hostage.

Currently I am on a top spot globally for the next assassination as I am the only one who dares to publish the KGB/FSB/GRU and STASI lists worldwide since more than 10 years.

I was nearly killed this year and also last year by poison – assassinated  twice for publishing the KGB/FSB/GRU and STASI Agent lists – not to mention all financial and reputation losses – orchestered by Putin’s henchmen.

I am not connected to any organisation neither intelligence or media or otherwise. This would bring me into even bigger danger.

I  was extremely lucky. Others not.

So I expect from you, dear readers, pr “journalists” and slimy editors of main stream media,  old “friends”, or former business partners, NOTHING  – as my experience taught me and I don’t blame you at all.

You are mostly WEAK and/or CORRUPT.

You will only eventually show some crocodile’s tears for my dead friends and surely no action at all and use them as an alibi for your “courageous work”.

Consequently I think your state of mind is pretty vacant.

You need a holiday in Cambodia.

I do it MY WAY.


Here is the list