MYTH: The Iran nuclear deal is working as expected.

MYTH: The Iran nuclear deal is working as expected.


Prof. Mohammed Nuruzzaman of the Gulf University for Science and Technology in Kuwaitnoted that the JCPOA has not produced the change in behavior Obama anticipated. “Washington, to its deep frustration, has noticed that it simply made a series of unfounded calculations about Iran,” he said. “Just three months after the deal was concluded, Khamenei closed the door to U.S.-Iranian cooperation by imposing an outright ban on further negotiations with the United States.” Nuruzzaman added that Khamenei also ruled out cooperation with the “Great Satan” on regional issues.768

Iran has only received a fraction of the $150 billion windfall expected when sanctions are eased and assets released, but it is already creating greater chaos in the region. Iran has increased its involvement in backing the Syrian regime, has intervened in the civil was in Yemen against forces supported by Saudi Arabia, and fuels the ambition and arsenal of Hezbollah terrorists in preparation for a future conflict with Israel.

More seriously, as many opponents of the deal predicted, Iran is already cheating on the nuclear deal. Thanks to a leak from German intelligence, we know there have been extensive Iranian attempts to acquire illicit materials, especially goods that can be used in the field of nuclear technology.769

This revelation was followed by the disclosure of a part of the nuclear deal that was never revealed to the public. Instead of Iran being precluded from engaging in nuclear activities for 15 years, we now know that after 11 years, Iran can start replacing its current centrifuges with more advanced ones. As a result, instead of Iran having a one-year breakout time (which, absurdly, was considered a great achievement as opposed to destroying Iran’s capability altogether) to six months or less.770 The Obama administration had this information but failed to disclose it to the American people.

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FBI – Iranian Cyber Actors Targeting Defense Contractors, Schools and Energy Sector

FBI – Iranian Cyber Actors Targeting Defense Contractors, Schools and Energy Sector

The following document was obtained from the website of the Marshfield, Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce.


FBI Liaison Alert System #M-000045-TT

  • 10 pages
  • December 5, 2014


The FBI is providing the following information with HIGH confidence:

A group of cyber actors utilizing infrastructure located in Iran have been conducting computer network exploitation activity against public and private U.S. organizations, including Cleared Defense Contractors (CDCs), academic institutions, and energy sector companies. The actors typically utilize common computer intrusion techniques such as the use of TOR, open source reconnaissance, exploitation via SQL injection and web shells, and open source tools for further network penetration and persistence. Internet-facing infrastructures, such as web servers, are typical targets for this group. Once the actors penetrate a victim network, the actors exfiltrate network design information and legitimate user credentials for the victim network. Often times, the actors are able to harvest administrative user credentials and use the credentials to move laterally through a network.

According to public network registration information, IP addresses previously utilized by this group were assigned to “Tarh Andishan.” The group primarily utilized two Iran-based IP addresses to conduct its activity, and There has been no recent activity from these IP addresses since early 2014; however, the group now primarily utilizes a series of proxy or midpoint infrastructure in support of their computer network operations. The most recent midpoint infrastructure used by this group was located in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Tools: The following tools have been known to be utilized by the cyber actors.
Cain and Abel
Jasus.exe size: 118,272 MD5: 53841511791E4CAC6F0768A9EB5DEF8A Type: ARP POISON TOOL
NBrute Force
Privesc.exe size: 51,200 MD5: DABF638EB53070CDC7B10BFA5E4E8142
Putty Link
SQL Manager
U.exe size: 60,928 MD5: DDA3E5629A0E8FB63A3E19027AE45458

IP Addresses: The following IP addresses have been observed to be utilized by the cyber actors.

Identify creation of users and databases named “haha”.

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SECRET – U.S. Military PSYOP Leaflets from Iraq and Afghanistan

SECRET – U.S. Military PSYOP Leaflets from Iraq and Afghanistan

The following are psychological operations (PSYOP) leaflets dropped over Afghanistan and Iraq during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  The leaflets are taken from a booklet released commercially by Giovanni Carmine and Christoph Büchel in 2006.  The leaflets are written in Arabic, Dari and Pashto.  Accurate translations are welcome.

Video – The Inevitable Global Spread of Islam: How long before Sharia Law reaches our shores?

Video – The Inevitable Global Spread of Islam: How long before Sharia Law reaches our shores?



Video – The Inevitable Global Spread of Islam: How long before Sharia Law reaches our shores?


A sobering analysis and news reports documenting the inevitable spread of Islam across Europe and the United States. Hear the Muslim bitter and vengeful perspective of Western society and imperialism, and the inevitable desire for Sharia Law in Europe.