Powerful Pedo Networks In Berlin – Professor Kentler & GoMoPa4Kids

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Missbrauchs-Fall Kentler: Das dunkle Erbe der sexuellen Befreiung | Wissen  & Umwelt | DW | 16.06.2020
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For 30 years the Berlin youth welfare office referred children and young people to pedophiles. Complaints and even deaths were ignored, the authorities seem to have deliberately extradited the children. All proceedings were discontinued in 2019.
In the course of a study, the networks are now to be researched, but the processing is slow. The results so far show that pedophile networks extend into the highest levels of society. At the center of the network is the university professor Helmut Kentler, who has made a name for himself by promoting child sex as part of upbringing.

The pedophile professor Helmut Kentler was an educator and psychologist. He also published parenting guides advising on sex with children. Because, in his opinion, children should “learn” about sexuality with adults.
Kentler campaigned for adolescents from problematic backgrounds, for example threatened with homelessness, to be referred to pedophile men.
That alone shows where Kentler, who was a recognized part of society throughout his life, placed pedophiles: in leading roles. In roles that are so far above youthful problem cases that it is possible for them to re-integrate youths from difficult backgrounds.

In 1981 Kentler, who was also the department head of the Berlin Pedagogical Center, told FDP members of the Bundestag that the pedophiles “only endured these idiotic boys because they were in love, crush and infatuated with them.”
It is still not fully clarified how Kentler exercised his influence on the youth welfare offices, so that the project, which ran under the name “Kentler Experiment”, was actually implemented in Berlin and beyond. Hundreds of children and adolescents were thus helplessly handed over to pedophiles as sex slaves.

A Hildesheim research group was able to determine that the “child welfare endangerment in public responsibility” took place at least until 2003. The network of pedophile actors was “tolerated” due to the Kentler experiment, confirms Wolfgang Schröer from the University of Hildesheim. Kentler had a lot of influence on the Berlin state government. A precise processing of the system is still pending because it is difficult to get files and data. For example, the authorities themselves would refuse to disclose the organizational structures of the offices during the relevant period. One thing is certain: the Senate for Youth, Family and Education has been made up of the FDP, CDU and SPD since the 1970s.

The research results so far show that Kentler’s abuse system was established in a key role by the university sector. The Pedagogical Center Berlin, the Max Planck Institute for Educational Research as well as the Free University and the Pedagogical Seminar Göttingen formed institutional cornerstones for the scientific coverage of Experiments “.
Connections of the pedo professor can also be proven to the Pedagogical Center Berlin and the Berlin Odenwald School, which had to close in 2015 after the abuse scandal there became known.

The exact extent of the scandal is still hidden. So far, neither the number of victims nor that of the perpetrators could be determined. In the meantime, the Berlin Senate promised the victims compensation payments in an as yet uncertain amount. However, some sufferers only pay lip service to it, they feel powerless. In a statement they complain: “All of SenBJF’s words are of no value if the lawyers continue to work behind the scenes against those affected”.
Apart from them, no one will atone for what they did. The acts are now all statute-barred and pedo professor Kentler died in 2008.

“The Ministry for State Security (MfS) of the GDR has blackmailed influential people in Western Europe with child pornography. The former liaison officer between the former Soviet secret service KGB and the MfS, Wanja Götz, explains this. “The blackmailed include politicians, judges and industrialists, some of whom still exert influence in Western democracies. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the former Stasi network converted the secret service interests into financial interests. Rainer Wolf, the father of the still missing Berlin boy Manuel Schadwald, played a key role, ”reports Götz, who lives in Berlin.

According to research, the Belgian child trafficker Marc Dutroux, who was arrested in August 1996 and charged with murdering several girls, also worked for the Stasi at times. “There were indeed indications that such information could be found in the Stasi material that was leaked to the CIA. The Belgian secret service would be well advised to evaluate these documents thoroughly, ”says the former secret service coordinator of the Kohl government, Bernd Schmidbauer (CDU). During the time of reunification, the CIA was able to secure intelligence from the Stasi via the espionage department of the main administration. Because of the explosive nature of the information it contains, including about Western European politicians, these documents are still withheld from the public. Only secret services were allowed to inspect the reports filtered by the CIA. According to experts, this explains why the investigative authorities have so far not been able to clarify both the Dutroux case and the disappearance of Manuel. According to witness statements, the boy, who has been missing since 1993, was abducted into the Dutch child porn community.

His father Rainer Wolf, a Stasi employee deployed in the GDR peace movement, was suspected years ago of having brought his son into child pornography himself. The former KGB and Stasi agent Wanja Götz, whose code name “Grigori” can also be found in the Stasi files on Rainer Wolf, declares in his affidavit: “I was commissioned by the GDR secret service to assess this man psychologically. It was not until much later that I found out that Wolf, after his move to the FRG in 1984, staged by the Stasi, blackmailed Western Europeans with child pornography on behalf of the foreign espionage of the GDR secret service. “The MfS took the children from GDR homes.”

Kinder-Sexualaufklärung” unter falscher Flagge – “GoMoPa 4 Kids ...

GoMoPa “Sexual Education Website” is now offline

The serial criminal Klaus Maurischat (“GoMoPa”), who has many criminal records, has his own portal only for children and their “sex education”: http://www.gomopa4kids.net.
Here, the multiple previous criminal fraudster (AZ: 28 Ls 85/05) explains what “masturbation” and other sexual practices are supposed to be about: “True or false: rumors of masturbation!
If you cannot or do not want to educate your children yourself, you should leave this to GoMoPa.
Crazy stories are still told about masturbation. We’ll tell you what’s right and what is a lie! ”
http://www.gomopa4kids.net is happy to take care of your offspring.
p232.html # post232. ”
The previously convicted fraudster did not answer our press request on the sensitive topic at all, but instead sent a gentleman “Siegfried Siewert” who tried to prevent the appearance of the explosive information with threatening phone calls and emails.

Kinder-Sexualaufklärung” unter falscher Flagge – “GoMoPa 4 Kids ...

Spicy: “Siegfied Siewert” is, as many “GoMoPa” connoisseurs know, a self-chosen pseudonym for Klaus Maurischat.
And: The “GoMoPa” children’s website is hosted exactly where Maurischat’s GoMoPa webpage and numerous cyberstalking ransom pages assigned to it are hosted.
It is also astonishing that Maurischat has repeatedly accused his numerous cyberstalking victims of sex offenses with children – of course there was nothing true about these anonymous allegations.


The “funny uncle and child friend” Klaus – Dieter Maurischat

Maurischat lived and lives in Lower Saxony, Berlin, Saõ Martinho do Porto, again and again.

SV Vorwärts Hülsen: Wahlen, Ehrungen und volles Programm für 2016 ...

“Child friend” Klaus-Dieter Maurischat (left with full beard) is honored.

From the local football club in Hülsen (Dorveden). In the presence of children.

In the picture in front. Minor members of the association. Honi soit qui mal y pense …