MTV: The First Four Hours (12am Saturday, August 1, 1981)


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Publication date 1981-08-01Language English

Note: Tape is edited. Many ad breaks are gone, one video has “”ORIGINAL SEGMENT MISSING”” overlaid, and we come out of a video and Mark names a different video. All spots for The Movie Channel seem to have the same video roll issue.

Also, report segments seem to be missing their voiceovers


0:00:00 colorbars

0:00:04 Bump: Apollo launch moon landing (long logo jingle)

0:01:12 Video: Video Killed The Radio Star – Buggles (video noise in first few seconds)

0:04:43 Bump: “”In the beginning there was music””

0:05:43 Video: You Better Run – Pat Benatar

0:08:46 VJ intros: Alan Hunter, Martha Quinn, JJ Jackson, Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman

0:10:15 Ad: The Bulk 3-ring binder

0:10:44 Ad: Superman II movie Now Playing Everywhere

0:11:14 Ad: Dolby Noise Reduction (video dropouts)

0:11:45 VJ spot with Mark

0:12:00 Video: She Won’t Dance With Me – Rod Stewart

0:14:20 Bump: Vast Wasteland

0:14:30 Video: You Better You Bet – The Who

0:18:15 VJ spot with Mark; Announcing the “”MTV Dial Position Sticker””

0:19:03 Ad: Mountain Dew: Give Me A Dew! (innertubes) (video dropouts)

0:19:32 Ad: Interfaith Hunger Appeal

0:20:02 Bump: REO in Concert! Sat, Aug 8

0:20:14 Video: Little Susie’s On The Up – PH.D.

0:23:19 Video: We Don’t Talk Anymore – Cliff Richard

0:27:18 Video: Brass in Pocket – Pretenders

0:30:15 Bump: Flag on Moon with Mark voiceover

0:30:25 Video: Time Heals – Todd Rundgren

0:33:47 Video: Take It On The Run – REO Speedwagon (interrupted by some error?)

0:33:59 black screen with tone (tape stops?)

0:34:15 VJ Spot: Mark with “”Dial Sticker”” (cut?)

0:34:55 Ad: Chewels gum

0:35:37 Video: Rockin’ Paradise – Styx

0:40:18 Ad: Andron fragrances

0:40:48 Ad: Atari 2600

0:41:18 Video: When Things Go Wrong – Robin Lane & The Chartbusters (video dropout)

0:44:33 Bump: Apollo rocket interspersed with music video shots

0:44:43 VJ: Mark introduces report segment on The Ramones homecoming

0:45:16 Report: The Ramones homecoming

0:46:10 VJ: Mark “”call your cable company”” to ask for MTV

0:46:35 Ad: The Movie Channel (video rolling, dropout)

0:47:05 Bump: Don’t Watch That, Watch This

0:47:35 Video: History Never Repeats – Split Enz

0:50:28 Video: Hold On Loosely – 38 Special

0:55:04 Bump: Apollo launch moon landing – Mark voiceover

0:55:40 Video: Just Between You & Me – April Wine

0:59:32 Video: Sailing – Rod Stewart

1:03:55 VJ: Mark: Stevie Nicks involved in heavy metal?

1:04:16 Ad: Dolby Nouse Reduction (video dopout)

1:04:52 VJ: Mark: introduces “”Inside Line”” edition 1: Heavy Metal film soundtrack; Elvis Costello goes country?; On Tour;

1:06:40 Video: Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden

1:10:36 Ad: The Movie Channel (video rolls)

1:11:06 Bump: REO in Concert!

1:11:16 Video: Keep On Loving You – REO Speedwagon

1:14:33 VJ: Mark teases trip contest

1:14:46 Ad: Nickelodeon – Follow the Silver Ball

1:15:17 Bump: “”Before MTV””

1:15:58 Video: Bluer Than Blue – Michael Johnson (no title overlays)

1:18:47 Video: Message of Love – Pretenders (audio blown out)

1:22:08 Video: Mr. Briefcase – Lee Ritenour (video dropouts)

1:25:35 Bump: Flag on moon – Mark voiceover

1:25:45 Video: Double Life – The Cars

1:29:39 Video: In The Air Tonight – Phil Collins

1:34:18 VJ: Mark teases how record collecting could be worth more than baseball cards

1:34:31 Bump: “”if you’re not listening in stereo, you’re only getting half the picture””

1:35:00 VJ: Mark introduces report on rock memorabilia collecting

1:35:21 Report: Rock memorabilia collecting (montage of clips to What A Wonderful World by Sam Cooke. Any voiceover is not present.)

1:36:23 VJ: Mark talks about upcoming tour dates

1:36:51 Video: Looking For Clues – Robert Palmer

1:40:28 Bump: Vast Wasteland

1:40:47 Video: Tool Late – Shoes

1:43:26 VJ: Mark says call your cable company

1:43:45 Video: Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around – Stevie Nicks

1:47:42 black screen with audio from Da Ya Think I’m Sexy by Rod Stewart

1:48:06 Video: Surface Tension – Rupert Hine (Has overlay note “”ORIGINAL SEGMENT MISSING”” and says this video was taken from a rebroadcast)

1:51:38 Video: One Step Ahead – Split Enz

1:54:24 Video: Baker Street – Gerry Rafferty

1:58:49 VJ: Mark: teases “”bugging of John Lennon’s control room””

1:59:02 Bump: “”Music as it was meant to be seen””

1:59:32 VJ: Mark: “”Inside Line”” segment on bugging of Lennon’s control room; Discusses Talking Heads solo acts; Mentions Journey tour

2:01:21 Bump: Space launch faring jettison, “”somthing new for planet Earth””

2:01:36 cut into Video: I’m Gonna Follow You – Pat Benatar (no title overlays)

2:05:41 Bump: “”Something new for planet Earth””

2:05:52 Video: Savannah Nights – Tom Johnston

2:09:35 VJ: Mark: teases REO in Concert event

2:10:01 Ad: The Movie Channel (video rolls)

2:10:30 Ad: The Leukemia Society of America with cast of MASH “”Only a matter of time””

2:11:00 Bump: “”In the beginning””

2:12:00 Video: Lucille – Rockestra (unusual title overlay at start)

2:14:59 Video: The Best Of Times – Styx

2:19:12 Bump: Spaceman and flag – Mark voiceover

2:19:25 audio left over from edit?

2:19:33 Video: Vengeance – Carly Simon

2:23:41 Video: Wrathchild – Iron Maiden

2:26:36 VJ: Mark: teases story about the people who do “”one of the toughest jobs in rock and roll””

2:26:47 Ad: Dolby Noise Reduction (with video dropout again)

2:27:17 VJ: Mark: introduces report about “”The Life of a Roadie”” by Joanne Green (sp?)

2:27:42 Report: The Life of a Roadie by Joanne Green (sp?) (tape playback issues. no voices, only music.)

2:28:43 VJ: Mark: French dentist invents musical toothbrush

2:29:13 Video: I Wanna Be A Lifeguard – Blotto

2:32:58 Bump: “”giant step into the future””

2:33:09 Video: Passion – Rod Stewart

2:38:38 VJ: Mark: “”the latest music form created by artists – video music”” here on MTV

2:38:52 Video: Oliver’s Army – Elvis Costello

2:41:53 Video: Don’t Let Him Go – REO Speedwagon (no title. audio is quiet.)

2:45:52 Video: Remote Control – The Silencers (no title. quiet audio.)

2:49:46 Bump: Apollo launch moon landing with Mark voiceover “”rocketing into our fourth hour””

2:50:22 Video: Angel Of The Morning – Juice Newton (video dropouts and jitter)

2:54:12 Video: Little Sister – Rock Pile

2:57:56 VJ: Mark: teases spot “”should this album be rated PG or X – the unknown?””

2:58:12 Bump: “”don’t watch that! Watch this!””

2:58:42 VJ: Mark: “”Inside line”” segment on push for ratings on records; The Clash appearing in Martin Scrosese’s “”King of Comedy””; Island Records producing documentary about Bob Marley; concert tour news; Maryland man Larry McCurdy invents “”Stereo Eyephones”” (like earphones)

3:00:43 Video: Hold On To The Night – Bootcamp

3:03:57 Video: Dreaming – Cliff Richard

3:07:38 Bump: “”Celebrate the arrival of MTV””

3:07:50 Video: Is It You – Lee Ritenour

3:11:36 VJ: Mark: Get our MTV poster before everyone else!

3:12:07 Ad: Nancy Reagan on the Foster Grandparent program (video dropout at start)

3:13:06 Video: Tusk – Fleetwood Mac

3:16:20 Bump: REO Speedwagon in Concert

3:16:38 Video: He Can’t Love You – Michael Stanley

3:20:08 Bump: Flag logo with Mark voiceover

3:20:19 Video: Tough Guys – REO Speedwagon

3:23:59 Video: Rapture – Blondie

3:28:48 VJ: Mark

3:29:04 Bump: “”Before MTV, people had to work hard to entertain themselves””

3:29:35 VJ: Mark: introduces report by Alex Bennet about Gary U.S. Bonds at the Hollywood Bowl

3:29:47 Report: Gary U.S. Bonds at the Hollywood Bowl (can’t hear voiceover over the music)

3:30:44 VJ: Mark: concert info

3:31:10 Video: Don’t Let Go The Coat – The Who

3:34:37 Bump: “”vast wasteland””

3:34:48 Video: Ain’t Love A Bitch – Rod Stewart

3:39:09 VJ: Mark

3:39:19 Video: Talk Of The Town – Pretenders

3:42:32 Video: Can’t Happen Here – Rainbow

3:46:35 Video: Thank You For Being A Friend – Andrew Gold

3:51:14 Bump: Apollo launch moon landing – Mark voiceover about the next hour.

3:51:51 END


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