The VENGEFUL Execution Of Karl-Otto Koch – The Beast Of Buchenwald

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During the Second World War, the Nazi’s established a huge network of concentration camps across Germany and other occupied territory. Inside these camps, and behind the barbed wire the worst evils in the world would take place, with prisoners being treated horrifically. Following the Second World War there were many different war crimes trials that aimed to put on trial World War 2’s biggest war criminals. However one of the Commandants of one of the largest concentration camps was not placed on trial after.

Karl-Otto Koch was executed before the end of World War 2, and he was executed inside the walls of the camp that he oversaw. Inside Buchenwald he inflicted great suffering along with his wife Ilse Koch, and they oversaw a camp that claimed the lives of dozens of thousands of innocent people, many sent to the gas chambers or worked to death. He was an experienced Commandant inside of the camps, having also worked at Sachsenhausen, but he was a very corrupt man also. He was accused of bringing shame onto the evil SS, and he spent huge amounts of money on his living quarters, whilst people were starving next door. He was found guilty of bringing the SS into disrepute and bringing shame onto the organisation, and for this he was sentenced to death. In a twist of irony, he was brought back to Buchenwald and was executed within the walls of the camp he inflicted so much suffering within.

So join us today as we look at, ‘The VENGEFUL Execution Of Karl-Otto Koch – The Beast Of Buchenwald.’