Scandal in Austria: Green ministry and left-wing cultural activists protected pedophile TV star


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In Austria, a pedophile scandal is currently causing horror in the cultural scene. The actor Florian Treichtmeister, who is particularly popular among the left-wing chic scene and has won countless awards, hoarded more than 56,000 (!) pieces of child pornography on various data carriers over the past 15 years. It was only thanks to his ex-girlfriend that this circumstance came to light through her report. Because (green) politics and left-wing cultural workers knew already since 2021 (!) of investigations against the “TV star”. Whether children were also abused by the actor is still unclear.

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The Freedom Party sharply attacks First Lady Doris Schmidauer.

Meanwhile, even Austrian mainstream media are asking themselves the anxious question, “What did Doris Schmidauer know?” the eternally clueless grinning wife of Federal President Van der Bellen.

Schmidauer is a member of the supervisory board of the Burgtheater

Nevertheless, she still did not take action. Now FPÖ Secretary General Christian Hafenecker attacks the Green First Lady:

“Now full transparency should be practiced for once. I would be interested to know whether the left-wing chic protected one of theirs.” (oe24)

Hafenecker continued:

“The Burgtheater has absolute argumentation emergency. Here I would like to know what actually happened. Ms. Schmidauer should also come out of her silence for once and explain what happened.

The second FPÖ secretary general Michael Schnedlitz also demands full clarification:

“Even if Treichtmeister has dismissed the accusations to the Burgtheater as baseless rumors and an act of revenge by an ex-girlfriend: Why wasn’t he suspended until clarification? The Bundestheaterholding was supposedly informed, but was the Burgtheater’s supervisory board also informed? And if so, what did the members, including prominent names like Doris Schmidauer, after all the wife of the Federal President, have to say about it?”

“Child pornography is child abuse”.

“The handling of this scandal in itself is so catastrophic that a transition to the order of the day and the mere conviction of the accused by the judiciary is by far not enough. Child pornography is always a product of child abuse that destroys children’s souls and where no one can look away,” Schnedlitz said.

Just the tip of the iceberg?

As has now become known, investigations into the Treichtmeister case are likely to have been known to both the Green-led Department of Culture under Green State Secretary Andrea Mayer and Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler, who is also Green, as well as left-wing cultural workers at the Burgtheater and the Bundestheater-Holding since September 2021. The pedophile actor was therefore apparently covered by the political side and the cultural scene.

“In the industry, investigations were an open secret”.

  • said a tabloid about the case.

The Burgtheater announced as justification:

“Teichtmeister was confronted with the allegations by the management and has credibly denied them all.”

Allegedly, the actor talked his way out of it with a revenge action by his ex-girlfriend. But the scandal is currently expanding.

Despite investigations, pedophile was allowed to shoot with children!

In the summer of 2021, Teichtmeister even shot another film with children: In “Serviam” he played the father of a twelve-year-old girl! His ex-girlfriend had already filed a complaint with the police at that time. The police file with the accusations reads like a crime script: bodily harm, dangerous threat, continued use of violence, narcotics law.

But the left-wing cultural scene already starts with the usual relativizations. While Techtmeister and his pedophilia are played down in the worst possible way in the left-wing Standard forum, artists do not want to let this scandal drag down the Sisi film “Corsage,” which is currently in the running for an Oscar abroad. And this, although Techtmeister plays the leading role in it.

    110g cocaine as “personal use

    The theory or suspicion that Teichmeister enjoyed a “celebrity bonus” in the prosecution and with the public prosecutors and was/is also presumably part of a larger pedophile network, which reaches into the highest circles, is likely to be substantiated. Because as it became known now, one found with the pedophile actor already in August 2021 with a house search 110 gram cocaine

    But a criminal prosecution was dropped – with the argument, he could make credible that it was “personal use”. A complaint filed by his ex-girlfriend for domestic violence was also not pursued further because the woman was not believed.

    In view of the scandal, the left-wing Standard did not miss the opportunity to publish a “cheering article” on Teichtmeister’s acting performance. And the left-wing writer Elfride Jelinke also said that one must separate “the work from the artist. Of course, leftists don’t care about that when it comes to their historical revisionism, which in a mania of “cancle culture” wants to rename and ban everything and everyone who doesn’t fit into their world view. No “work is separated from the artist” here.

    It further became known that the lawyer of a mother of a child with whom Teichtmeister was filming contacted the director of the film “Serviam” in October 2021 and sued for an injunction against Teichtmeister taking photos of the child. Teichtmeister allegedly photographed children on the film sets and privately captioned those photos with speech bubbles that included phatnasies of violence and rape.

    Austria’s federal government is overflowing with expressions of dismay and calls for stricter punishments and laws following the widening pedophile scandal involving actor Teichtmeister. It was the politicians themselves who helped to cover up the case from the public.

    They now want to extend the sentencing range for possession of child pornography from two years to up to five years. Teichtmeister could even be spared a prison sentence. In the case of left-wing cuddly justice and since he is so far blameless, remorseful and confessed, a suspended sentence would also be possible.

    The defense attorney of the pedophile actor, the lawyer and constitutional judge (!) Michael Rami, is also causing a stir. This described the act of his client as a “pure digital offense”. “This legal opinion is not only morally reprehensible, it is also a mockery of all children to whom cruel, sexualized violence was inflicted in front of a running camera,” Sepp Rothwangl of the platform “Betroffener kirchlicher Gewalt” said of the statements.

    Whether Teichtmeister was or is part of a pedophile network (and into which elite circles these connections went) has strangely been largely left out of the debate so far. And this despite the fact that the amount of seized material (over 56,000 files) clearly indicates this. Teichtmeister claims to have only obtained the child pornography from the darknet since 2008. Without backers or further buyers. But other actors are said to be involved.

    Thus, it is the tip of an iceberg that could shake the entire left-wing cultural scene in Austria. One remembers, for example, the statements of former FPÖ Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache in the so-called Ibiza video, according to which he knew an informant who could prove sexual acts of ex-SPÖ Chancellor Christian Kern with minors in Africa.

    The latest findings in the Techtmeister case leave even experienced observers speechless at the audacity and negligence involved. Thus, the pedophile actor not only filmed with children AFTER the investigations, he was also invited as a guest of honor (!) to the parliament to read texts of victims there in 2016 as part of a state act on child abuse! Already since 2008, Techtmeister is known to have collected child pornography.

    And suddenly, even former colleagues and artists dare to come out of hiding. Actress Valerie Huber, for example, posted the following lines on her Instagram channel under an article on the Techtmeister case:

    “Finally it’s out, finally not everyone is covering up everything. Internally known for a long time and still continue to play at the Burgtheater as if nothing is wrong…”

    In turn, the Exxpress reported that Austria’s media law prevented the medium from mentioning Teichtmeister’s name in connection with the pedophile scandal as early as June 2022. And a whistleblower claims to have revealed to Medium:

    “As with Teichtmeister, everything is to be covered up with this actor so that the film project is not damaged. Again, many people know about the accusations, and again, no one brings this to the public.”