The BRUTAL Execution Of Andrey Vlasov – The Soviet TRAITOR Who Fought With The Nazis

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During the Second World War, there were many countries and groups who collaborated with Adolf Hitler, The Nazis and The Third Reich. Some countries were forced to after they were occupied, however there were other people who believed in Hitler’s ideas and they defected.

One such man was Andrey Vlasov, who was considered in the Soviet Union a rather brilliant military general, who earlier on in World War 2 had defiantly led the Red Army against the Nazis during the Siege of Moscow. Andrey Vlasov continued to command large parts of the Red Army, but after the Siege of Leningrad he defected and decided to betray his homeland. He was rejected the opportunity to retreat after his army encountered difficulty, and after this he became embittered against Bolshevism and Stalin. He decided to negotiate with the Nazis during his imprisonment, and convinced Heinrich Himmler to allow him to set up the Russian Liberation Army. This was a group of Nazi-sympathetic Soviet soldiers who fought alongside the Wehrmacht in their own divisions.

So Vlasov was leading a traitorous army for the Germans, however he would be captured. As the war came to a conclusion, he was captured and handed over to the Russians who placed him on trial. Many saw him as a despicable traitor who was once a proud war hero, but he was sentenced to death for treason. Along with a number of other high ranking members of the Russian Liberation Army he was executed in a Russian prison.

So join us today as we look at, ‘The BRUTAL Execution Of Andrey Vlasov – The Soviet TRAITOR Who Fought With The Nazis.’