“I have worked with two Russians as a cameraman on documentaries about perfecting these vaccines. The project manager was Charles Lieber, a world expert in biocybernetics and head of the Department of Biochemistry at Harvard University. The company was called Profusa financed by the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and DARPA. We worked through DARPA and the project was based on the deployment of various biosensors, mortar parts of SARS and parts of fetal cells from pigs, cattle, green guinea pigs and human embryos.

They injected this suspension into the bodies of patients – paid volunteers who, of course, did not know what was inside of them. They were told to receive medically safe, experimental vaccines to boost the immune system to fight the flu. Unfortunately for Lieber, the rejection rate was 98 percent at the time and 98 out of 100 volunteers received an absolute MIS within two weeks. 68 of them died in the most severe agony within 6 months, without connecting it with the received vaccine. If it weren’t for this, they would have done the same with Swine flu in 2009 as they are doing with Covid today.

In the meantime, they have increased the effects of hydrogel to only 50 percent of rejection, and it is present in all vaccines, regardless of where the vaccine is made. Just like Coca-Cola, the only difference is whether it is classic or zero. The recipe is the same all around the world.

Charles Lieber failed to make a good vaccine without side effects despite having unlimited resources. He was recently arrested for a short time as a last warning and now he has been given a second chance. However, Josef Mengele of our time failed to develop the wanted vaccine. Due to the percentage of rejection, the occurrence of MIS and other side effects(the most difficult is blood clotting and platelet adhesion, which results in strokes and heart attacks), it is necessary to constantly vaccinate each individual. So they they will keep changing the type and mutations until everyone gets enough doses within the next three years. The dose is completely individual and replaces natural immunity with genetically mutated artificial T-cells depending on the strength and condition of the organism of each individual.

When the copy paste is completed, it will result with the replacement of the human immune system. By the time the immunity of 95% of the world’s population is completely under control and the deimmunization is completed, the second phase of the project begins. Both Russian scientists of Jewish origin were killed in traffic accidents until 2015. One in England the other in Russia, both in a car overturning. I barely survived a serious traffic accident near Čačak in Serbia. So I’m the only one alive from that team.

The numerical marking was changed and transmitted by LiEber’s associate Shi Zhang Li. Lieber accepted that after consulting with the Chiefs. The original name of the CoViD project – COMpositis VIverum Diabolus – was modified for the media and the public to Corona VIrus Disease. In the first contingent of vaccines and inside the second one for revaccination, there will be no biosensor material, just to clear up any suspicion of presence of Jadarite crystals nanoparticles in case any independent laboratory comes into possession of the vaccine fluid and starts checking its content.

The current vaccines serve exclusively for the radical elimination of natural immunity by replacing natural T-cells with genetically modified surrogates causing the complete psychological unrest of the population.

Injection of mRNA suspension has a dramatic impact on immune mechanisms and leads to one of the main symptoms of autoimmune disease AIDS as well as the so-called MIS, multi inflammatory syndrome or multiple bacterial infections throughout the human body.

Thus, the first phase of the global project is the complete deimmunization of the world population, not depopulation. Only after the fourth, fifth or sixth dose of vaccination, when the majority of the world’s population loses all natural immunity and loses the ability to reject and eliminate foreign bodies, the second phase of the project will begin by implementing photosensitive optical sensors and liquid crystal particles through the Vaccine. Practically it means that the whole human organism will function as a biochip.  

Percez les mystères de la kryptonite, le minerai capable ...

So the global project of both programs, SPACE X by Musk and BACILLUSES GAMES by Gates, is based on 150 million tons of Jadarite ore in the Loznica district and the media spun fabricated stories about its processing into obsolete lithium. Hence the accelerated and relentless pumping of EU funds for the construction of highways and railways from Loznica through Nis and Pristina to the port of Durres, (the true reason for “mini Schengen”) so that trucks with Jadarite do not remain at the borders, hence the new cargo centers for emergency deliveries of Jadarite, via Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade and Adem Jashari in Prishtina. “