KLA TV – Increase In Deaths Reported After So-Called Corona Vaccinations Of 24,000% For Germany And 9,200% In The U.S.

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15-year-old died after the second Biontech vaccination ...

“These shocking official figures show an increase of no less than 24,000% compared to the annual average of 9.8 deaths before the start of Corona vaccinations!
Why is the PEI still not sounding the alarm here?

The CDC’s shocking 9-month record. Compared to the average annual reporting rate before Corona vaccinations began of 235 deaths, this is a 9,200% increase!
Accordingly, a worldwide historic vaccination crime against all of humanity is taking place before our eyes, which is still being criminally hushed up by all mainstream media.

The “Corona vaccination debate” is currently experiencing a breathtaking development:

  • Saxony is the first state to introduce a comprehensive 2G rule indoors in restaurants and at events, thus excluding the unvaccinated from much of social life!
  • National soccer player Joshua Kimmich voices concerns about Corona vaccination and is subsequently treated “like a felon.” Former soccer world champion Paul Breitner would no longer let him play.
  • Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder even demands that a compulsory vaccination for all citizens should finally be discussed.
    On the other hand, hardly anyone in the so-called leading media is allowed to report on deaths and serious side effects that have occurred in connection with the “Corona vaccinations” administered – let alone discuss them publicly.
    Already in April 2021, after the first 3 months of vaccination practice, kla.tv documented in its broadcast “Urgent wake-up call: thousands die after Corona vaccination” a shocking Corona vaccination record in the practice check:
  1. 324 seniors die in German nursing homes promptly after the “Corona vaccination”!
  2. 3,298 seniors become infected with Corona in German old people’s homes promptly after the “Corona vaccination”!
  3. high-ranking authorities, like the German Paul-Ehrlich-Institute – short PEI -, the European Medicines Agency EMA as well as the top US health protection agency CDC published since the beginning of the so-called Corona vaccinations an extent of shocking deaths and serious side effects never known in the history of vaccination!

People have taken a very keen interest in this public discussion of harm from “Corona vaccines,” which has been categorically blocked by the leading media until now. This is shown by the response to the April wake-up call:
Through active redistribution, well over 2.75 million people have already seen the wake-up call. Through a single eagerly distributing kla.tv viewer, approximately 400,000 people could be reached in Japan alone. This may have been one of the reasons why the Corona vaccination campaign was stopped in Japan for the time being!
Today, using the much more comprehensive data after 9 months of “Corona vaccinations”, we are conducting another practice check: What are the current concrete consequences of Corona vaccination?

  1. deaths and corona infections in nursing homes do not stop despite vaccination!
    Despite complete vaccination: 13 residents died of Corona, more than 100 people infected!
    Of 76 nursing home residents, 60 were infected – only 3 were not vaccinated! Later 6 residents died!
    44 residents infected despite high vaccination coverage! 10 women and 1 man died!

Bad Doberan:
Massive Corona outbreak: 66 of 83 home residents infected despite over 90% vaccination rate, 6 residents die!
3 seniors have to be resuscitated 3 days after 3rd vaccination! One of these persons dies!
Although almost 100% of the seniors have already received the “booster vaccination”, 28 residents fall ill with corona!
These few examples are at best the “tip of the iceberg” and raise the urgent question: do the 2 or 3 “vaccinations” protect against Corona at all? Even the PEI itself seems to have considerable doubts here, because it had to change the efficacy description of the Covid-19 vaccines three times in the last weeks:
August 15, 2021: “COVID-19 vaccines protect against infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.”
September 7, 2021: “COVID-19 vaccines protect against severe course of infection with SARS-CoV-2 virus.”
September 23, 2021: “COVID-19 vaccines are indicated for active immunization to prevent COVID-19 disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus.”
So all that is left of the original promise of protection against Corona infection is a vague hope that the so-called “vaccines” might have a preventive effect!
Even the RKI now no longer dares to speak of a protective effect of the so-called “Corona vaccine,” as it removed the following wording from its homepage on November 2, 2021:

“Vaccination has a high protective effect of at least 80% against severe COVID-19, regardless of the vaccine used.” Similarly, the assessment that “vaccinated persons do not play a significant role in epidemiology” was deleted. So exactly what was previously the basis for the privileges of the vaccinated that has now been deleted!
This is a declaration of bankruptcy and shows that the vaccinated people were deceived. The protective effect was only faked!
Obviously PEI and RKI try to pull their head out of the noose by these changes, because the vaccination practice with the rapidly rising Covid illnesses of already several times vaccinated makes the missing protective effect obvious!

2 The shocking 9-month balance of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute
Within 21 years, from 2000 – 2020, a total of 206 deaths in adults after vaccination were reported to the PEI. This represents an average of 9.8 deaths per year.
In our wake-up call, “Thousands die after Corona vaccination,” we have already shown 407 deaths after Corona vaccination for the first quarter of 2021, according to PEI.
As of 9/30/2021, the PEI now reported already 1,802 deaths after administered Corona vaccination! Extrapolated to the full year 2021, this corresponds to 2,402 deaths. These shocking official figures show an increase of no less than 24,000% compared to the annual average of 9.8 deaths before the start of Corona vaccinations!
Why is the PEI still not sounding the alarm on this? Instead, the PEI even deleted the bullet point “deaths” in the overview of its so-called safety reports and cleverly hid the deaths in the text section. In view of such facts, must one not assume an inconceivable irresponsibility and even a criminal approach in this authority?

  1. the shocking 9-month balance of the CDC

Prior to the start of “Corona Vaccinations,” the CDC reported an annual average of 235 deaths from 2010 – 2020 following administration of vaccinations of all types. On March 29, 2021, CDC reported 2509 deaths after only about 3 months of Corona vaccinations. After about 9 months, the CDC now reports an incredible 17,128 deaths as of October 15, 2021.
Extrapolated to the entire year 2021, this would be 21,635 deaths! Compared to the average annual reporting rate before Corona vaccinations began of 235 deaths, this is a 9,200% increase!
The kla.tv program “USA: More deaths from Covid vaccination than Covid deaths” even shows that in the USA very likely more people died after the vaccination than from the Corona disease itself!

  1. other facts that have come to light since the 1st wake-up call in April, which require an immediate vaccination stop.
  2. pathologists prove on the basis of autopsies in 30 – 40% of the cases the causal death by the vaccination!
  3. physicians prove serious impurities in the so-called “Corona vaccines”! Japan stops the vaccination campaign because of “impurities” in the “Covid vaccine”!
  4. miscarriages increase dramatically after Covid-19 vaccination!
  5. contrary to all protestations of the mass media more vaccinated than unvaccinated people have to be admitted to hospitals because of Covid-19!
  6. a British mortician testifies that since the beginning of the Covid vaccination program an unprecedented mortality wave has started. Covid case fatality figures, on the other hand, have been massively skewed upward!

TOTAL CONCLUSION of the practice check after 9 months of vaccination practice:
The shocking public figures of the highest authorities such as the PEI and the CDC have again exploded dramatically compared to the kla.tv wake-up call in April! Accordingly, a worldwide historic vaccination crime against the entire humanity is taking place before our eyes, which is still criminally hushed up by all mainstream media. Our wake-up call today is therefore more urgent than ever!

  1. the great deception of the population by synchronized mass media
    The exorbitant vaccination side effects documented in this broadcast up to thousands and thousands of deaths in close temporal connection to the administered Covid injection stand in glaring contrast to the daily vaccination propaganda of coercively financed monopoly media. How is it possible that all mainstream media, in an almost irresponsible manner, keep silent about this “vaccination catastrophe” in front of the people and categorically block any public discourse?
    The well-known virologist Christian Drosten even said recently: “Our reality is what the media reflect to us.”
    In this way, the mainstream media, quasi as a “pharmaceutical advertising agency”, suggest to the people a completely safe Corona vaccination as reality. The practice check after 9 months Corona vaccination brings however a bare vaccination disaster to light. Obviously the mainstream media have disinformed and deceived the population in a highly criminal way!

Urgent wake-up call to all citizens!
Dear viewers,
our urgent wake-up call is therefore addressed to all citizens: help to stop the vaccination crime documented in this video immediately. This can only be done by the people – i.e. by the supreme sovereign.
Therefore, also call responsible politicians and health department heads as well as doctors to account for the shocking facts documented in this video and demand a statement! In this way, an urgently needed public discourse can be initiated!
Do not leave any longer criminal media associations the information sovereignty. Use rather their personal wire to many valuable humans, who are still to a large extent clueless regarding this vaccination disaster. Since even social platforms, like e.g. Youtube, deletes each vaccination-critical voice usually within short after switching on, this urgent wake-up call can be passed on only on personal way, thus from humans to humans.
Therefore, forward this informative video NOW to as many of your friends, colleagues and relatives as possible via the link provided. Use all avenues available to you, e.g. Mail, WhatsApp, Twitter, Vimeo, Telegram or simply post the video on Facebook. Help to ensure that this urgent wake-up call reaches as many citizens as possible!”



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