The RUTHLESS Execution Of Mata Hari – The Exotic Dancer Shot During WW1

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During the First World War, different countries used spies and espionage to gain the upper hand on their enemies. One of the most famous spies of World War One was Mata Hari, an exotic dancer who made a name for herself in Paris. She became famous across the world for her work, and thousands would flock to see her dance in shows. Mata Hari had a difficult earlier life, but her fame was almost overnight. However as her career came to an end, she was approached by first the French to spy, however ended up becoming a spy for the Germans. She did not pass on quality information to the German Army, and because of this she was then outed as a spy, and the French then arrested her. They placed her on trial accusing her of passing important secrets to the Germans during the war, and they blamed 50,000 soldiers deaths at the fact she passed over intel.

However whether Mata Hari passed information of worth is debatable, and many deem her to infact have been innocent. Regardless she was sentenced to death, and was shortly after the verdict taken to her place of execution. She faced a firing squad made up of French soldiers and officers who were armed with rifles. As they aimed their guns at Mata Hari, she allegedly blew them a kiss before she was shot dead.

So join us today as we look at, ‘The RUTHLESS Execution Of Mata Hari – The Exotic Dancer Shot During WW1.’