SKY – UK’s Energy Crisis ‘Speaks To One Of The Biggest Problems Of Our Time’

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Spiked Online Chief Political Writer Brendan O’Neill says the energy crisis is “far more serious” in the United Kingdom after they had to fire up the last two coal fired power stations because there was not enough wind power. “This really speaks to one of the biggest problems of our time which is that for some reason we’ve stopped seeing energy as something that has to be reliable and secure and provided cheaply to people who need it,” Mr O’Neill told Sky News host Chris Kenny. “And we’ve started talking about it as something that has to be sustainable, eco-friendly, lets turn to wind power and other renewables rather than nuclear, rather than coal. “This is the kind of outlook that has gripped significant sections of western Europe, including the UK, over the past few years; what we’re now seeing is that these renewables are not reliable.”