The VENGEFUL Execution Of Heinrich Schwarz – The FORGOTTEN Commandant Of Auschwitz

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One of the greatest crimes in History was the Holocaust, in which millions of people were persecuted by the Nazis during the Second World War. The Germans would focus on exterminating the Jews from Europe, and one of the biggest extermination centres and concentration camps was Auschwitz. Auschwitz would develop over a number of years into a huge site and within it over a million people would be brutally murdered by the Nazi regime. One Commandant and Commander of Auschwitz who is sometimes forgotten was Heinrich Schwarz, a man who oversaw Auschwitz II Monowitz camp inside the concentration camp.

Schwarz was in charge of the IG Farben labour camp was in charge of forcing prisoners to work in horrific conditions. Schwarz was obsessed in making the factory as productive as possible, and it’s estimated that he oversaw the deaths of 35,000 prisoners who were worked too hard, or were executed for refusing to work. He also implemented the ‘Final Solution,’ for those prisoners who were not fit enough to work, and he was involved in the deaths of thousands. However Schwarz was eventually captured. He was captured by the Allied forces after the left Auschwitz to become the Commandant of Natzweiler Concentration Camp, and he was imprisoned for two years before being found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. He was then executed for his involvement in the Holocaust by a firing squad inside of a forest.

So join us today as we look at, ‘The Vengeful Execution Of Heinrich Schwarz – The Forgotten Commandant Of Auschwitz.’