NSW Premier: Unvaccinated Io Participate In Freedoms By December 1

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NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has touted December 1 as the date the unvaccinated will be able to participate without restrictions. It comes as the premier unveiled the state government’s three stage reopening plan on Monday – marked by the 70, 80 and 90 per cent double dose vaccination thresholds. Ms Berejiklian said the 70 per cent stage had already been announced, with October 11 the date envisaged to see an easing of restrictions for the fully vaccinated. “At 80 per cent you will be able to go anywhere freely in New South Wales, you will be able to stand up and have a drink at a pub, you will be able to obviously consider international travel and other things at that number. “The third stage of reopening will happen on 1 December – that is at least four or five weeks after we hit the 80 per cent double dose – we envisage we will have at least 90 per cent of our adult population vaccinated by then. “On the 1st of December is when unvaccinated people will be able to participate in particular events and that’s when the two square-metre rule kicks in as well. “Now the only exception is that for places of worship at 80 per cent double dose unvaccinated people will be able to attend places of worship – but that is it.” Ms Berejiklian said not to look at this as a freedom day, but as a staged reopening of getting back to normal.