The BRUTAL Execution Of Ernst Roehm – The Leader Of The SA/Stormtroopers

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As Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party rose to power in Germany, there was a group of thugs who helped instil a reign of terror over many German towns and cities. The SA or the Sturmabteilung were also known as The Brownshirts, and they would go around violently disrupting political meetings and targeting those who they needed to be the enemies of Hitler’s state. They were led by Ernst Roehm, a man who would become too powerful for the Nazi Party. As time went on the SA and Rohm became too powerful, with the SA’s numbers rising to around 3 million.

Hitler who was former best friends with Ernst Roehm then began to fear him and he believed he could oust him from power and overthrow him in a coup using the SA. Friction did emerge between the two friends, but Hitler decided if he wanted to legitimately seize control of Germany he didn’t need the SA spoiling him image. For this he ordered a purge, called the Night of the Long Knives. With this Ernst Roehm was arrested and he was then taken straight to prison. Whilst in prison he was visited by two armed men, and he was given the option of taking his own life or to be murdered by the two SS guards. After 10 minutes of deliberation the decision was made for him, and Roehm was executed inside Stadelheim Prison.

So join us today as we look at, ‘The BRUTAL Execution Of Ernst Rohm – The Leader of The SA/Brownshirts’